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Spain Govt Awaits Audit Results to Signal Its Position on need of Aid - Deputy Pm

Jun 08 2012 14:31:12 in Market

The Spanish govt would signal its position on international aid for banks once it has the results of an independent audit of the sector - Deputy PM The Deputy PM said IMF and auditors are working on figure for bank rescue and govt must respect those timelines She added that Spain has support f... Read more

Germany Will Not Pressure Spain to Seek International Bailout - Merkel

Jun 08 2012 13:01:16 in Market

Germany will not pressure Spain to seek bailout - Merkel She said that EZ had put in place a "bundle of measures" that could be called upon in such a case Merkel said she wanted Greece to remain a member of the euro zone and added that it must stick to MoU agreed with international lenders. Read more

Eu Is Ready to Help Spain if Request Is Made - Executive

Jun 08 2012 12:01:06 in Market

EU is ready with instruments to help Spain if it asks for it, but there is no request form Spain till now - Altafaj Quotes  "If such a request were to be made, the instruments are there, ready to be used, in agreement with the guidelines agreed in the past, in 2011. Read more

Spain Should Give Priority to Restore Confidence - Cbank

Jun 08 2012 12:01:05 in Market

Bank of Spain governor Ordonezsaid that severe financial problems would be extremely dangerous in the medium term He admitted that mistakes may have been made, but decisions had always been taken in a professional manner The material has been provided by Instaforex Company - instaforex. Read more

Research: Prospect of a Bank Bailout in Spain Should Remove a Significant Source of Uncertainty

Jun 08 2012 12:01:04 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -The prospect of a bank bailout should remove a significant source of uncertainty. Read more

Fitch Downgrades Spain To 'BBB'; Outlook Negative

Jun 08 2012 01:31:01 in Market

Fitch Ratings said Thursday that it has downgraded Spain's Long-term foreign and local currency Issuer Default Ratings to 'BBB' from 'A'. The Outlook on the Long-term IDRs is Negative. Read more

Rajoy : Spain to Continue Talks With Europe After Looking Into Audit Report

Jun 07 2012 17:31:03 in Market

Spain PM said he would look into the results of independent audits of Spain's banking system before talking with Europe He said depending on the report he will talk to leaders over the best course of action to recapitalize the banking system. Read more

Imf : Spain Needs 40 Bln Euros to Recapitalize Banks

Jun 07 2012 13:01:04 in Market

Spain's troubled banks need about 40 billion euros to recapitalize - IMFreporton Spanish banks The report, due to be published next Monday, will outline overall needs of 90 billioneurosto clean up Spain's entire banking sector The material has been provided by Instaforex Company - instaforex. Read more

Spain Debt Auction Exceeds Target, Yield Rise

Jun 07 2012 10:31:04 in Market

Spain raised EUR 2.07 billion from bond auction on Thursday, exceeding the EUR 2 billion maximum target, but borrowing costs increased notably. The treasury on Thursday said it sold EUR 611 million from the issue of bonds maturing on January 2022 at a yield of 6.044 percent. Read more

Spain Should Decide About the need of Efsf Aid - German Govt Spox

Jun 06 2012 12:31:13 in Market

German govt spox said that It is up to govts to decide whether to seek help from EFSF rescue fund Commenting on pain's reluctance to tap funds that come with heavy conditions he added that Spanish govt must decide what it wants to do He also said that Spain deserves respect for efforts to cla... Read more

Spain Needs Results of Bank Audits Before Any Intervention - De Guindos

Jun 06 2012 10:31:13 in Market

Spanish Economy Minister Guindos said that there were no immediate plans to request a bailout of Spain's banks He said Spain was waiting for the results of an IMF report into the banking sector, due on June 11, and then further reports from independent auditors. Read more

G7 Takes No Concrete Action; Spain Seeks Help For Banks

Jun 06 2012 04:31:06 in Market

The leaders of the seven industrialized nations discussed the situation in Eurozone at an emergency meeting called on Tuesday but announced no joint action to alleviate the situation. Read more

G7 to Work Together on Spain, Greece - Japan Fin Min

Jun 05 2012 14:31:03 in Market

G7 finance ministers agreed in a call to work closely to tackle the problems in Spain and Greece - Japan's Azumi He told his G7 counterparts that Japan was concerned about the impact on the domestic economy of the yen's fluctuations He also urged the G7 to reaffirm its agreement made last Sep... Read more

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