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Italy 3-year Bond Yield Jumps; Spain 10-year Yield At Record 7%

Jun 14 2012 10:31:04 in Market

Italy raised the targeted maximum amount at a debt auction on Thursday, but the yield on its three-year bond surged as investors remained worried that the country may be the next to seek a bailout after a EUR 100 billion rescue of Spanish banks failed to calm concerns. Read more

Moody's Cuts Spain, Cyprus Ratings

Jun 14 2012 04:31:02 in Market

In yet another blow to Europe's efforts to contain the deepening debt crisis, Moody's Investors Service on Wednesday downgraded two euro area members, Spain and Cyprus, and placed their bond ratings on review for further possible downgrade. Read more

Spain Should Clarify Doubts About Usage of Ez Loans at G20 Summit says Mexican Fin Min

Jun 14 2012 02:01:05 in Market

Mexican Fin Min Jose Antonio Meade, host of upcoming G-20, said that groupexpect Spaniards to clarify  doubts around usage of € 100 bln it received for banking sector Markets have not responded in the way they were expected after EZ decideded to shore up wobbling banking secto... Read more

Egan-Jones Cuts Spain Rating to Ccc-Plus from B

Jun 13 2012 20:31:03 in Market

Rating agency Egan-Jones on Wednesday downgraded Spain's sovereign rating to CCC-plus from B The agency put the country's debt deep into speculative territory as the stressed banking system continues to weigh. Read more

Eu's Almunia - Spain Might need to Drop a Bank oriented Towards Liquidation

Jun 13 2012 17:31:03 in Market

Almunia said Spain may need to wind down one of its bailed-out banks and added that liquidation of a bank is preferable if the costs of rescuing it are too high for taxpayers. Read more

Italy Borrowing Costs Surge As Spain Bailout Fails To Ease Concerns

Jun 13 2012 13:01:05 in Market

Italy paid more to borrow for a year than it did last month at a debt auction on Wednesday as a EUR 100 billion rescue for Spain's banking system failed to calm concerns that the country may be the next in line to seek a bailout. Read more

Spain May Inflation Confirmed At 1.9%

Jun 13 2012 08:01:06 in Market

Spain's annual inflation slowed as initially estimated in May, the statistical office INE showed Wednesday. EU harmonized inflation fell to 1.9 percent, in line with flash estimate, from 2 percent a month ago. Month-on-month, the harmonized index dropped 0.2 percent. Read more

Spain may Final Cpi up 1.9 Pct Y/y V/s 2.1 Pct April -Ine

Jun 13 2012 08:01:06 in Market

Spanish national consumer prices rose 1.9 pct y/y in May compared to 2.1 pct in April and in line with the estimates Spanish European Union harmonized prices rose 1.9 pct y/y down from 2.0 pct in April The core inflation was 1. Read more

Ecb - Spain Austerity Measure Will Help Stabilize Economy

Jun 12 2012 16:31:04 in Market

ECB in its twice-annual report said that the Spanish bank bailout will help stabilize the country ECB suggested forming a banking union to make the euro zone more resilient. Read more

Research: improved Sentiment Following the Eurogroup's Bank Bailout Offer to Spain proved Short-Lived

Jun 12 2012 10:31:04 in Market

Quotes from Standard Chartered: -Improved sentiment following the Eurogroup's EUR 100bn bank bailout offer to Spain proved short-lived in the face of ongoing tensions ahead of Greece???s 17 June elections. Read more

There are Factors Beyond ??100 Bln in Bank Rescue While Rating Spain says Fitch

Jun 12 2012 10:01:04 in Market

Spain's 100 billion euro bank rescue is just one factor in determining the country's sovereign debt rating, Fitch director said Spain's negative outlook signals further downgrade in coming months, Fitch added Quotes  "The package that we've now seen can help stabilize ratings at the current... Read more

Brent Crude Settles Lower As Spain Rally Flounders

Jun 11 2012 20:31:05 in Market

Brent crude futures settles lower for third straight sessions, as a rally floundered And Saudi Arabia's call for an increase in the cartel's output target, despite the recent fall in oil prices ICE Brent crude for July delivery settled at $98 a barrel, by dropping $1. Read more

Eu's Rehn - No New Fiscal Targets on Spain in Return for Aid

Jun 11 2012 19:31:05 in Market

Rehn on Monday said for Spain there will be no additional fiscal targets or need for new structural reforms in return for receiving financial aid He said "Policy conditionality will focus on the financial and banking sector" Rehn also called for the possibility of direct recapitalization of b... Read more

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