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Italy Consumer Morale falls in Aug to 86

Aug 29 2012 10:01:03 in Market

Italian consumer morale index fell to 86 in Aug from 86.5 in July. Italian consumer morale fell in Aug after rising the month before as the consumers were downbeat about the economic outlook and family finances Italy's retail sales in June were down an unadjusted 0. Read more

Italy June Retail Sales up 0.4 Pct M/m,

Aug 29 2012 09:01:02 in Market

Italian retail sales rose a sea/adj 0.4 pct in June from a month earlier, and were down an unadjusted 0.5 pct y/y ISTAT revised May's data to +0.1 m/m and -1.7 pct y/y from an originally reported -0.2 pct m/m and -2.0 pct y/y. The consumer price inflation stood at +3. Read more

Italy Strongly Attacks Bundesbank Comments on ECB Bond Buys

Aug 20 2012 13:31:04 in Market

Italian Industry Minister strongly attacked Bundesbank criticism of ECB plans for intervention in bond markets. Corrado Passera said Bundesbank criticism of ECB plans for bond buying "does not honour those who make them. Read more

Research: Italy Looks Perilously Close to Losing Market Access

Aug 20 2012 12:31:04 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -Italy looks perilously close to losing market access and finding itself on an unsustainable debt trajectory. Italy desperately needs to find a way to lower its debt servicing costs. Read more

Italy Public Debt Hits Record High in June, Deficit Also Advances Despite Austerity Measures

Aug 13 2012 12:01:03 in Market

 News Italy's Public debt at the end of June rose 6.6 bln euros to 1.973 bln euros Italy's benchmark bond yields remain close to 6 pct despite tough austerity measures BoI reported that annual budget deficit at 47.7 bln euros, was 1. Read more

Italy Posts Trade Surplus of ?? 2.517 Billion in June -Istat

Aug 09 2012 09:01:03 in Market

Italy posted a global trade surplus of 2.517 billion euros in June, compared with a deficit of 1. Read more

Italy Pm Monti Wins Confidence Vote on to Cut Extra 4.5 Billion Euros in 2012

Aug 07 2012 12:31:04 in Market

Italy's Monti won a confidence vote to cut extra 4.5 billion euros this year to rein in the deficit and delay a planned increase in sales tax. Italy's Chamber of Deputies voted 403 to 86 to back Monti and paveed the way for a final vote to convert the bill into law in the afternoon. Read more

Italy Sinks Deep Into Recession In Q2

Aug 07 2012 12:01:02 in Market

The Italian economy remained stuck in recession in the second quarter as austerity measures weighed heavily on economic activity. The fourth successive contraction has raised concerns about the ability of the government to bring order to its public finances. Gross domestic product dropped 0. Read more

Italy June Industry Output slips 1.4 Pct, Augurs Badly for Q2 Gdp

Aug 07 2012 09:01:23 in Market

Italian industrial output dropped 1.4 pct and pointing to a fourth consecutive quarterly drop in GDP Over the whole of the Q2 output was down 1.7 pct from the previous three months, compared with a 2.3 pct contraction in the Q1 On a work-day adjusted year-on-year basis,output in June was down 8. Read more

Italy Services Pmi Drops for 14th Consecutive Month in July As New Business Declines

Aug 03 2012 08:31:02 in Market

The Markit/ADACI PMI edged lower to 43.0 in July from June's 43.1 The sub index measuring the 12-month outlook for business activity turned negative for the first time in the more than 14-year history of the index, falling to 49.8 from 54.6 in June. Read more

Monti - Italy Unlikely to Seek Help to Lower Yields

Aug 02 2012 17:01:02 in Market

Italy's prime Minister Monti said he is not sure if Italy would seek EU help to lower borrowing costs after ECB's step in. Read more

Spain, Italy Jointly Call for Swift Action on Eu Summit Measures

Aug 02 2012 16:31:03 in Market

Spain and Italy said in a joint statement that decisions of EU summit should be put in place as soon as possible The statement was released following a joint press conference with Spain's PM Mariano Rajoy and his Italian equivalent Mario Monti. Read more

Spain and Italy in a Joint Statement Calls for a Swift Implementation of Eu Summit Decisions

Aug 02 2012 16:01:03 in Market

Spain's PM Rajoy said that after a meeting with Italy's premier Monti that both countries called for the swift implementation of EU summit decisions Quotes  "We talked about a banking union, a fiscal union... Read more

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