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Italy Plans Fair Reform of the Pension System, Targets Labour Market - Minister

Dec 01 2011 12:31:03 in Market

News Italy's Govt is planning for incisive, fair reform of the pension system-welfare and labour minister Elsa Fornerosaid  Fornero added that the Govt would fully implement existing austerity measures and strengthen them. Read more

Italy Likely to Slip Into Recession says Industry Minister

Dec 01 2011 12:31:03 in Market

News Italy is likely to fall into recession as like of 2008 without its own fault said Italy's Ind. Read more

Italy Inflation Eases In November

Nov 30 2011 10:31:19 in Market

Inflation in Italy, as measured by the harmonized index of consumer prices, or HICP, slowed to 3.7 percent in November from 3.8 percent in October. Economists expected the rate to remain steady at the October level. On a monthly basis, the HICP declined 0. Read more

Italy Unemployment Rate Rises In October

Nov 30 2011 09:31:02 in Market

Unemployment rate in Italy increased in October, data from the statistical office Istat showed Wednesday. The jobless rate was 8.5 percent in October, up from September's 8.3 percent. Economists expected the rate to stay unchanged from the previous month. Read more

Italy Issues EUR 7.5 Bln Bonds, Yields Exceed 7%

Nov 29 2011 13:01:02 in Market

Italy's borrowing cost surged at its EUR 7.5 billion bond auction, the Treasury said Tuesday. The treasury sold EUR 3.5 billion of 3-year bonds, with the demand reaching 1.5 times of the amount allotted. The treasury paid 7.89 percent yield on the 3-year bonds. The EUR 2. Read more

Italy Pays Record Yields at 3-Year Auction

Nov 29 2011 11:31:17 in Market

News: Yields at Italy's 7.5 bln euros 3-year auction rise to record levels, at 7.89 pct, a euro lifetime high The level is seen driving Italy's debt burden out of control if sustained over time The yield on a 10-year BTP bond due in March 2022 rose to 7. Read more

Lagrade : Haven't received Funding Requests from Italy and Spain

Nov 28 2011 18:31:03 in Market

News: IMF has not received any fund requests from Italy and Spain to tackle its crisis -Christine Lagarde She emphasized that the IMF can only make loans when governments ask for them and added that an IMF inspection team would visit Italy in the coming days The material has been provided by In... Read more

Research: Italy Also Likely to need An External Financial Shield

Nov 28 2011 11:32:04 in Market

Quotes from Barclays Capital:-We recently argued that Italian policy reforms alone, important as they would be, would not suffice to bring Italy out of the crisis.-The country is also likely to need an external financial 'shield' to protect itself from destabilizing market dynamics. Read more

Research: a Eur 500-800bn Financial Shield to Protect Market Access Would be Necessary for Italy and Spain

Nov 28 2011 11:32:04 in Market

Quotes from Barclays Capital:-We also believe an Italian event would be unlikely to leave the Spanish sovereign unscathed, and hence we estimate the funding for both countries. This amounts to a range of EUR500-800bn for Italy and Spain combined. Read more

IMF Says Not In Talks With Italy Over Financial Aid: Reports

Nov 28 2011 08:02:01 in Market

The International Monetary Fund on Monday reportedly denied news that discussions are underway between the Fund and the Italian government over a EUR 600 billion loan to the euro member. Read more

Asian Shares rise in Early Trade on Reports of Possible Imf Aid to Italy

Nov 28 2011 06:02:49 in Market

News:Asian shares remain buoyed on hopes of concrete steps towards activating a crucial euro zone bail-out fund and reports that the IMF is considering helping ItalyNikkei and MSCI index rose around 2 pct, while the euro rose as high as near $1.3330 from $1. Read more

Japan's Top Mutual Fund, Kokusai Removes Italy, Spain, Belgium from Its Portfolio

Nov 28 2011 06:02:45 in Market

News:Japan's top mutual fund, Kokusai Asset Management has dropped bonds of Italy, Spain and Belgium from its portfolioKokusai fund's weighting in euro-zone slips to 15.9 pct, as of Nov. Read more

Italy beyond redemption

Nov 26 2011 10:49:08 in Market

The Berlusconi bounce was short-lived to say the least. As we talked about earlier today, whoever is in charge, the numbers remain the same and this morning they are even worse. The Italian 10yr bond has reached 7%, the yield curve is nearly inverted with 2yr paper yielding more than 10yr paper. Read more

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