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Euro Stoxx 50 Volatility Index Hits 5-Month Low, Plunge 4.3 Pct ahead of Italy Bond Auction

Jan 13 2012 09:31:03 in Market

News Euro STOXX 50 volatility index dropped 4.3 pct , hitting a five-month low ahead of a Italy's latest bondauction.  The VSTOXX fell to 27.3, a level not seen since early Aug, signals that investors' risk appetite is improving. Read more

Euro Steadies As ECB Pauses, Italy Gets Reprieve From Bond Markets

Jan 12 2012 14:31:08 in Market

The euro clawed back from a 16-month low versus the dollar on Thursday, supported by some relatively encouraging short-term debt auctions in Italy and Spain. Read more

Spain, Italy Witness Successful Debt Sales

Jan 12 2012 13:01:04 in Market

Spain and Italy kicked off this year's debt issuance with successful auctions, raising nearly EUR 22 billion on Thursday, indicating some improvement in investor sentiment. An auction of 2015 and 2016 bonds or Bonos saw Spain raising EUR 9. Read more

Research: Italy Should be Able to Withstand Yields in Excess of 7% for Some Time

Jan 12 2012 12:31:22 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -Given the reasonably long debt duration, particularly of its externally held debt, Italy should be able to withstand yields in excess of 7% for some time, and more so than Portugal. Read more

Italy 1-year Borrowing Costs Plummet

Jan 12 2012 11:01:28 in Market

Italy's borrowing costs for 12-month funds tumbled at an auction on Thursday. The Italian Treasury sold EUR 8.5 billion of 1-year Treasury bills or BOTs, matching target. The yield fell to 2.735 percent from 5.952 percent in the previous sale on December 13. The agency also placed EUR 3. Read more

Italy Monti Believes Its Borrowing Cost Will fall on Tough Austerity Reforms

Jan 11 2012 14:31:20 in Market

News Italy PM Monti said that he hoped that Italy's high borrowing costs would come down as markets began to appreciate the tough austerity reforms He aslo said it would take time for the budget reforms to be effectiveand to lead to more growth. Read more

Italy Monti : Europe Must Recognize Italians Support for Austerity

Jan 11 2012 14:31:20 in Market

News Italian PM Monti saidthat Europe must recognize the way in which the Italian public had agreed to painful austerity measures to cut its debt. He reiterated that hasItalyhas made multiple sacrifices as it can and Europe must now take actionto help it combat the euro zone debt crisis. Read more

Italy Bank Deposits Fell for a Second Consecutive Month in November

Jan 11 2012 10:31:04 in Market

News: Private sector deposits at Italian banks fell for a second straight month in November, shrinking by 0.7 pct y/y after a 0.6 pct fall in Oct The growth of loans to the private sector fell to 3.5 pct from 4. Read more

Italy Budget Deficit Drops To 2.7% Of GDP In Q3

Jan 11 2012 09:31:04 in Market

Italy's public spending deficit decreased from last year in the third quarter, data released by statistical office Istat showed Wednesday. Net borrowing fell to 2.7 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in the third quarter form 3.5 percent a year earlier. Read more

Significant Chance of Rating Downgrade for Italy : Fitch

Jan 10 2012 10:31:26 in Market

News Fitch has put Italy under credit watch negative,as Italy holds a significant chance to be downgraded  Italy should move out from theliquidity crisis as soon as possible in order to refrain from the rating downgrade, head of global sovereign ratings said   Quotes "At the mom... Read more

Italy Manufacturing PMI Ticks Up Unexpectedly

Jan 02 2012 09:31:04 in Market

The Italian purchasing managers' index, that measures the health of the country's manufacturing sector, increased unexpectedly in December, the latest survey result from Markit Economics showed Monday. However, the PMI reading of 44. Read more

Italy Manufacturing Pmi Contracts for 5th Month in Dec –pmi

Jan 02 2012 09:31:04 in Market

News: Italy Markit/ADACI Purchasing Managers Index edged up to 44.3 in December from 44. Read more

Euro Falls Further As Italy Struggles To Sell Longer-term Debt

Dec 29 2011 15:01:24 in Market

The euro remained in free-fall versus the dollar and yen on Thursday, extending steep recent losses amid lingering concerns about government debt and the health of the European banking system. Read more

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