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Italy Govt. Takes Measures to Cut Bureaucracy to Help Boost Growth

Jan 27 2012 20:31:13 in Market

News Italy govt on Friday announce measures to reduce bureaucracy to help boost productivity and economic growth. Read more

Fitch Cuts Six Ez Sovereigns Including Italy, Spain

Jan 27 2012 19:31:03 in Market

 News: Fitch cuts sovereign ratings for Italy, Spain, Belgium Slovenia and Cyprus and indicating 1-in-2 chances of further downgrade in next two years Fitch said in a statement that these countries have near-term vulnerability to monetary and financial shocks. Read more

Fitch Downgrades Spain, Italy And 3 Other Eurozone Nations

Jan 27 2012 19:31:02 in Market

Fitch Ratings said Friday that it has downgraded the long-term Issuer Default Ratings of Spain, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus and Slovenia, and affirmed the long-term Issuer Default Ratings of Ireland. Read more

Italy Raises Maximum EUR 11 Bln At T-Bill Auction

Jan 27 2012 12:01:30 in Market

Italy successfully issued EUR 11 billion of treasury bills on Friday, meeting the maximum target. The Treasury raised EUR 8 billion 182-day bills at a lower cost. The yields dropped sharply to 1.969 percent from 3.251 percent logged at a similar auction conducted on December 28. Read more

European Economics Preview: German Import Prices, Italy Debt Issue Due

Jan 27 2012 07:31:12 in Market

Import price data from Germany is due on Friday, headlining a light day for the European economic news. The Italian government is expected to re-enter the debt market today with a treasury bill auction. At 2. Read more

Italy Hourly Wages Remain Unchanged For Third Month

Jan 26 2012 13:01:08 in Market

Hourly wages of Italian employees remained unchanged for the third month in a row in December, data released by statistical office Istat showed Thursday. The hourly wage index remained unchanged month-on-month in December. The index has remained flat for the third consecutive month. Read more

Italy Raises Maximum Amount At Bond Auction

Jan 26 2012 12:01:14 in Market

Italy raised the maximum amount it targeted at a bond auction on Thursday that witnessed strong demand. The Italian Treasury sold EUR 5 billion from the combined sale of zero coupon bond (CTZ) and inflation linked treasury bonds (BTPei). The agency placed EUR 4. Read more

Italy Raises 5 Bln Euros at a Bond Auction Meeting the Targets

Jan 26 2012 11:31:18 in Market

 News Italy topped the planned amount of 5 bln Euros at a bond auction, meeting target ahead of a crucial sale of five- and 10-year paper on Monday.  Italy 2 year zero coupon bond yields fell to 3.76 pct compared with an auction level of 4.85 pct at Dec end  Italy sold 4. Read more

Italy Jan. Consumer Confidence Stable

Jan 26 2012 09:31:03 in Market

Italian consumer confidence remained stable for a second straight month in January, data from the statistical office Istat showed Thursday. The index stood unchanged at 91.6 in January, while economists had forecast an increase to 92. The indicator for short term expectations decreased to 78. Read more

Italy Strategy to take Into Account Demand for Short-Term Debt - Dep Econ Min

Jan 25 2012 16:31:02 in Market

News Italy's debt management strategyconsiders to take into account demand for short and medium term instruments - Vittorio Grilli Grilli also expressed confidence that the recent decline in Italian bond spreads will continue He said that the markets are more interested in policies rather tha... Read more

Italy Non-EU Trade Balance Turns To Surplus In December

Jan 24 2012 10:31:09 in Market

The balance of Italy's trade with countries outside the European Union (EU) turned to a surplus in December, preliminary data released by statistical office Istat showed Tuesday. The trade balance was a surplus of EUR1.999 billion in December, compared to a deficit of EUR1. Read more

Italy sees No Impact on Its Economy from Sanctions imposed on Iran

Jan 23 2012 18:31:02 in Market

News Italy's Foreign Minister said on Monday that there would be no impact on country's economy from sanctions imposed by EU on Iran EU banned imports of Iranian oil and imposed a number of other sanctions in a new round of measures aimed at deflecting Iran's nuclear development programme. Read more

Research: 5-Year Yields Sharply down Since Ltro for Italy and Spain

Jan 23 2012 10:31:06 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -Change in the head of ECB had a direct positive impact on peripheral bonds. -Although 5-year yields for Italy and Spain are far from reaching the levels of German yields, the gap has narrowed further since LTRO was announced. Read more

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