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Italy 10-Yr Bond Yields rise 60 Bps Form Previous Auction After Ratings Downgrade

Apr 27 2012 10:31:10 in Market

 News Italian 10-year borrowing costs climbed to 5.84 pct at a key auction on the day Italy sold 5.95 billion euros of bonds, near the top of a planned issue range of between 3.75 billion and 6.25 billion euros. Italy offered new tranches of its May 2017 and September 2022 bonds. Read more

Italy Retail Sales Advances 0.6 Pct M/m in Feb, up 0.1 Pct Y/y -Istat

Apr 27 2012 09:01:05 in Market

News Italy Feb retail sales advanced 0.6 pct seas adj m/m (jan +1.1 pct), +0.1 pct unadj y/y ISTAT revised up Jan's monthly figure from an originally reported +0.7 pct, and was revised down to -1.1 pct y/y from -0.8 pct. The retail sales were down 0.6 pct m/m in Feb and up 0. Read more

Italy February Retail Sales Rise Unexpectedly

Apr 27 2012 09:01:04 in Market

Italy's retail trade increased from the previous month in February, contrary to economists expectations for a decline, data released by statistical office Istat showed Friday. Retail sales increased a seasonally adjusted 0. Read more

Italy 6-month T-Bill Yield Rises

Apr 26 2012 12:01:04 in Market

Italy's six-month borrowing costs increased at an auction on Thursday despite some improvement in demand. The Italian Treasury raised the target amount of EUR 8.5 billion from the sale of its treasury bills, which attracted bids totaling EUR 14.533 billion. Read more

Italy 2-year Bond Yield Rises

Apr 24 2012 11:31:07 in Market

Italian borrowing costs increased at a debt auction on Tuesday as investor confidence remained under pressure owing to troubles elsewhere in the single currency bloc. The Italian Treasury sold EUR 2.5 billion of its January 2014 zero coupon bond or CTZ at an average yield of 3. Read more

Italy Non-EU Trade Balance Turns To Surplus In March

Apr 23 2012 11:01:11 in Market

The balance from Italy's merchandise trade with countries outside the European Union (EU) turned to a surplus in March from a deficit last year, preliminary data released by statistical office Istat showed Monday. The non-EU trade balance was a surplus of EUR495 million, compared to the EUR3. Read more

Italy April Consumer Sentiment Weakens Sharply

Apr 23 2012 09:31:15 in Market

Italy's consumer confidence deteriorated notably in April, hurt mainly by increased pessimism among households about the future climate, data from a survey by statistical office Istat showed Monday. The consumer confidence index dropped sharply to 89 in April from 96.3 in March. Read more

Italy Industry Orders down 2.5 Pct M/m in Feb on Domestic Demand - Istat

Apr 19 2012 09:01:03 in Market

News Italian sea/adj industrial orders fell 2.5 pct m/m in Feb as domestic demand declined, compared with a 7.7 pct drop in Jan Italian Industrial sales rose a sea/adj 2.3 pct m/m in Feb after a fall of 4.9 pct in Jan, and were down a work-day adjusted 1. Read more

"must" Remain Calm on Spain says Bank if Italy Chief

Apr 19 2012 07:31:05 in Market

News Spain should not be a cause of concern although country is passing through tough times said head of Bank of Italy in a interview He also said that Europe must be well equipped to intervene in Spain if requires On Italian situation he said that of country will be able to ... Read more

Italy Focuses on Growth, Puts Halt on Austerity

Apr 18 2012 16:31:18 in Market

 News Italian PM Monti said that reviving economic growth now had to take priority over austerity drive PM Monti said Italy will have 2013 "structural" budget surplus Italy's new forecasts raise the 2012 deficit target marginally to 1.7 pct of GDP from 1. Read more

Italy Raises 2013 Budget Deficit Forecast To 0.5%

Apr 18 2012 15:01:05 in Market

Italy's government increased the budget deficit forecast for 2013 to 0.5 percent of gross domestic product from 0.1 percent previously. The Cabinet led by Prime Minister Mario Monti announced in a statement on Wednesday that the structural budget surplus of the country would be 0. Read more

Italy to Miss Target in 2012 and 13, Public Debt to rise Despite of Austerity Measures - Imf

Apr 17 2012 16:31:08 in Market

News Italy's deficit would fall this year to 2.4 pct of output and would decline to 1.5 pct in 2013 - IMF Fiscal Monitor report Govt will publish its own updated economic forecasts on Wednesday, which are expected to sharply cut its current forecast. The tax burden will jump to 48. Read more

Excellent if Italy Nears to Its 2013 balanced Budget - Bank of Italy Deputy

Apr 17 2012 16:01:08 in Market

News Bank of Italy deputy governorsaid that it would be an excellent result if Italy even gets close to its target of a balanced budget in 2013 He said that any deficit below 1 pct of GDP should be considered close to balance. Read more

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