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Italy to Sell Sace, Fintecna, Simest for 10 Bln Euros to Reduce Debt Gap - Grilli

Jun 15 2012 14:31:04 in Market

Grilli said that Italy will sell three companies , Sace, Fintecna,Simest, held by the Economy Ministry for bring in 10 billion euros that will help reduce debt The income from the sale can be used to buy back sovereign bonds, and to pay the state's outstanding bills to companies, Grilli said. Read more

Italy Cabinet Passes Asset Sale Plan - Monti

Jun 15 2012 13:31:07 in Market

The Italian Cabinet on Friday approved legislation to sell state property and streamline the structure and staff levels at the economy ministry - Monti Monti said the government's so-called "growth decree" included measures to dispose assets and reduce "the structure of the state". Read more

Italy Considering Limiting Non-Eu Petrol Imports to Help Domestic Refiners

Jun 15 2012 12:31:05 in Market

Italy's govt is considering legislation to limit petrol imports from outside the EU to help domestic refiners - draft decree seen by Reuters. Read more

Italy April Trade Deficit Narrows Sharply

Jun 15 2012 09:31:05 in Market

Italy's external trade deficit for April narrowed sharply from the same month last year driven by the decline in imports, data released by the statistical office ISTAT revealed Friday. The unadjusted trade deficit was EUR 202 million, down from EUR 2.824 billion in the same month last year. Read more

Italy Posts Much Smaller Trade Deficit in may on Declining Imports

Jun 15 2012 09:01:05 in Market

Italy posted a trade deficit of 202 million euros with rest of the world in April, from a deficit of 2. Read more

Italy Cabinet to Approve Package aimed at Growth on Friday

Jun 14 2012 15:31:09 in Market

The Italian Govt will approve package of measures to stimulate growth in country on Friday The final version of the decree is expected to be too modest to have much impact on an economy, which has been the most sluggish in the euro zone over the last decade. Read more

Italy 3-year Bond Yield Jumps; Spain 10-year Yield At Record 7%

Jun 14 2012 10:31:04 in Market

Italy raised the targeted maximum amount at a debt auction on Thursday, but the yield on its three-year bond surged as investors remained worried that the country may be the next to seek a bailout after a EUR 100 billion rescue of Spanish banks failed to calm concerns. Read more

Schaeuble Optimistic About Italy, says Italy Will Recover if Sticks to Reforms

Jun 13 2012 17:31:03 in Market

Germany is confident that Italy will recover next year if it sticks to agreed reforms - Schaeuble He said that he is convinced that while Italy's economy may contract in 2012 ,but it will recover next year if sticks to structural reforms Quotes  "If the plans that are currently in the pip... Read more

Italy Borrowing Costs Surge As Spain Bailout Fails To Ease Concerns

Jun 13 2012 13:01:05 in Market

Italy paid more to borrow for a year than it did last month at a debt auction on Wednesday as a EUR 100 billion rescue for Spain's banking system failed to calm concerns that the country may be the next in line to seek a bailout. Read more

Italy Borrowing Costs Jump At T-Bill Auction

Jun 13 2012 12:31:06 in Market

Italy's borrowing costs surged at a sale of its one-year treasury bills on Wednesday after a EUR 100 billion Spanish bank rescue failed to calm concerns that Rome may be the next to seek a bailout. The Italian Treasury raised the targeted EUR 6.5 billion from the sale of its 12-month bills. Read more

Italy 1-Yr Debt Costs Soars to 3.97 Pct at Auction

Jun 13 2012 10:31:05 in Market

Italy's one-year borrowing costs rose from a month earlier at auction marking a six-month high at 3.972 pct from 2.34 pct a month ago Italy sold the planned 6.5 billion euros in one-year bills, with bids totaling 1.7 times that amount The Treasury offered fewer bills than the 9. Read more

Italy Pm Monti - Eu Growth Plan needed to Stop Spillover

Jun 13 2012 09:31:17 in Market

Italian Monti said that the EU leaders must plan for growth, including greater investments and eventually euro bonds to stem the spread of eurozone debt crisis. Read more

Italy Eu-harmonized Cpi confirmed at +3.5 Pct Y/y in May

Jun 13 2012 09:01:04 in Market

Italian EU HICP remained flat month on month in May and up 3.5 pct y/y -ISTAT Core inflation stood at 2.2 pct y/y on the NIC index in May, down from 2.3 pct in April. The material has been provided by Instaforex Company - instaforex. Read more

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