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Italy 1-year Borrowing Costs Tumble

Jul 12 2012 13:01:02 in Market

Italy's cost of borrowing for one-year funds declined sharply at a debt auction on Thursday, indicating that investor sentiment improved after the latest EU summit and the announcement of Spain's new austerity package. The Italian Treasury raised the targeted EUR 7. Read more

Italy 1-year Borrowing Costs Decline At Auction

Jul 12 2012 11:01:03 in Market

Italy paid less to borrow funds for a year at a debt auction on Thursday. The Italian Treasury raised the targeted EUR 7.5 billion from the sale of its 12-month bills or BoTs. The auction attracted bids totaling EUR 11.595 billion. The yield on the one-year paper fell significantly to 2. Read more

Italy Approves 4.5bln-Euro Spending Cuts In 2012 To Delay Tax Hike

Jul 06 2012 04:31:02 in Market

The Italian government late Thursday approved 4.5 billion euros in spending cuts for this year, with an aim to reduce the size of the public sector and to delay an increase in sales tax until the first half of 2013. In a statement, the government said it also plans to save 10. Read more

Italy Budget Deficit more skewed in Q1 at 8 Pct of Gdp, Highest Since Q1-2009

Jul 04 2012 09:31:02 in Market

Italy reported more skewed numbers for budget deficit ratio at 8.0 pct of GDP It was mainly caused by 1.0 pct. annual fall in revenues and a 1. Read more

Italy Services Activity Contracts for 13th Month Running in June on Disappointing Employment Data

Jul 04 2012 08:31:07 in Market

The Markit/ADACI Business Activity Index edged up to 43.1 in June from May's 42.8 The employment sub-index of the services PMI dipped to 47.1 from 48.1 in May, signaling an accelerated fall in staffing numbers across the sector. Read more

Italy Pm Expects 2012 Spending Cuts Beyond expected 4.2 Bln Euros - Source

Jul 03 2012 11:01:03 in Market

Italian Monti expects the savings from spending cuts in 2012 to be "much higher" than expected 4. Read more

Italy H1 Cash Budget Deficit Falls By 15 Bln Euros

Jul 03 2012 05:01:03 in Market

Italy's cash budget deficit fell by 15 billion euros in the fist six months of 2012, the Ministry of Economy and Finance said in a statement on Tuesday. The cash budget deficit fell to 29.1 billion euros in the first six months of 2012 from 43.9 billion in the same period last year. Read more

Italy Public Finances Improve in June, Posts Surplus of 5.8 Bln Euros

Jul 02 2012 19:31:02 in Market

Italy posted a state sector budget surplus of around 5.8 billion euros in June, from a surplus of 1.0 bln euros in the year ago period June traditionally register a budget surplus due to mid-year tax deadlines. In the first six months of the year, the cumulative budget deficit was around 29. Read more

Italy Union Ready to Hold General Strike Against Indiscriminate Spending Cuts

Jul 02 2012 12:31:03 in Market

Italy's labour union Cisl said it was ready to hold a nationwide general strike, if a planned Govt spending review produces indiscriminate cuts to the public administration. Read more

Ewg Discussing Finland's Proposal of Primary Mkt Help, covered Bonds in Italy, Spain - Officials

Jun 28 2012 19:31:07 in Market

European Working Group discussing Finland's proposal for Spain and Italy to issue covered bonds to make their debt issues more attractive and allow ESM to bid at primary auctions of the two countries "The EWG is discussing the Finnish proposal on covered bonds and their role in primary market s... Read more

Eu Leaders to Discuss Primary Market Support for Italy, Spain -Official

Jun 28 2012 14:31:02 in Market

EU leaders are likely to discuss the possibility of the eurozone's bailout funds intervening to buy Spanish and Italian bonds, EU officials said. Read more

Italy President Expresses Concern Over Growing Conflicts Among Parties Backing Monti

Jun 28 2012 12:31:04 in Market

Italian President Napolitano said he was worried by the increasing tensions among the parties backing Monti's Govt Napolitano said in a statement that he welcomed the fact that Monti had broad parliamentary backing to negotiate in EU Summit "However it is worrying that at the same time the di... Read more

Italy 10-year Borrowing Cost At 6-month High

Jun 28 2012 12:01:02 in Market

Italy borrowed 10-year funds at the highest yield since December as investors looked forward to a crucial European Union summit aimed at finding permanent solutions to the sovereign debt crisis that has engulfed the euro area. Read more

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