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Germany Hopes to Meet balanced Budget for 2016, First Time in more Than 50 Years -Draft

Jun 22 2012 15:31:08 in Market

Germany expects to meet the requirements of its debt brake law in 2013 The country will also have a balanced budget for the first time in more than 50 years in 2016 - govt draft Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet will approve the 2013 budget draft next Wednesday, and there will also be a para... Read more

Germany, France, Italy and Spain Wants Euro to Stay - Monti

Jun 22 2012 15:31:05 in Market

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said that Germany, France, Italy and Spain want the conclusions of the EU summit to be more solid and credible The leaders of the G4 countries wants clear medium- and long-term vision for greater integration" in the EZ, he said. Read more

Research: Germany Will Register a Surprisingly Weak Quarter in Q2

Jun 21 2012 11:31:05 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -The most notable feature of this month's euroarea PMI readings is the increasing sense that the slowdown is spreading to Germany. Hence the German manufacturing PMI declined again, falling for a fifth consecutive month to 44.7. Read more

Germany - Ruling and Opposition Parties Agree to Impose Transaction Tax on All Instruments

Jun 21 2012 11:31:03 in Market

Germans Govt and opposition have agreed to introduce a transaction tax on all financial instruments - according to agreement seen by Reuters The German leaders expect the EU Commission to give highest priority to this and to complete the legislative process by the end of 2012   Quot... Read more

Germany says Not the Time for Change in Bailout Terms for Greece

Jun 18 2012 11:01:04 in Market

Germany does not believe the time is right for granting Greece any leeway or additional time on its reform commitments under the international bailout deal Quotes   "It's decisive now for the troika to be convinced that Greece will stick to its agreements and fully implement the agreed r... Read more

Merkel Wants Discussion on Growing Economic Differences Between France and Germany

Jun 15 2012 10:31:09 in Market

Germany's Merkel told a gathering of German entrepreneurs that Europe must discuss the growing differences in economic strength between France and Germany The remarks were directed at Hollande's attempts to deviate from policies agrees while Sarcozy was in power and alienate Germany on vario... Read more

Research: Core Inflation in Germany Is Rising, But at a very Gradual Pace

Jun 13 2012 11:31:07 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -Final figures confirmed that German inflation declined 0.3pp to 1.9% yoy on the national index, but on the harmonized index (HICP) for Germany inflation was unchanged at 2.2% yoy (up 0.1% from the flash estimate). Read more

Asmussen : Germany Should Ratify Fiscal Pact at the Earliest

Jun 12 2012 16:31:03 in Market

ECB Asmussen on Tuesday said Germany should approve region's new fiscal compact swiftly to send a strong signal to its partners.  Quotes   "It is important that the ESM is approved quickly so that we are prepared for the worst case scenario, which hopefully will not come about. Read more

Germany 6-month Bubill Yield Falls

Jun 11 2012 11:31:06 in Market

Germany's six-month borrowing costs declined at an auction on Monday in the first debt sale by a euro area nation after the region's governments agreed on a bailout for Spain's banking sector. The country raised EUR 3. Read more

Germany Will Not Pressure Spain to Seek International Bailout - Merkel

Jun 08 2012 13:01:16 in Market

Germany will not pressure Spain to seek bailout - Merkel She said that EZ had put in place a "bundle of measures" that could be called upon in such a case Merkel said she wanted Greece to remain a member of the euro zone and added that it must stick to MoU agreed with international lenders. Read more

Merkel: Germany Is Ready to Use Existing Euro Zone Tools to Combat Crisis

Jun 07 2012 14:31:02 in Market

Merkel said that Germany is ready to use the existing instruments of the region to combat the debt crisis She added that it is a clear expression of political will to keep the euro zone stable, so that the euro zone can make its contribution to global economic growth She also stressed the need... Read more

Research: Germany Almost Certainly Will Not Repeat Its Stellar Q1 Performance

Jun 06 2012 12:01:03 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -Following on from Tuesday's factory orders data, German industrial production also took a bath in April, falling 2.2% m/m. Read more

Research: Domestic Demand in Germany Looks Set to Deliver Reasonably Healthy Growth Over the Next Months

Jun 05 2012 12:31:08 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -For the first time since last summer, domestic orders growth rate in Germany came in positive territory (0.6% in May on a 3m/3m basis). Read more

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