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Eu Cannot Alter agreed Rules Despite Voters' Rejection- Germany

May 14 2012 12:31:29 in Market

Germany's finance minister saidthat EU cannot amend agreed rules on tighter fiscal disciplinea nd added Hollande will understand this Hollande wants a growth pact to complement the fiscal pact, which requires member states to balance their budgets. Read more

Greece Gets Warning from Germany Foreign Minister, Receptive on Hollande's Growth Pact

May 11 2012 08:31:09 in Market

Germany's foreign minister backs European "growth pact" but said Greece must stick to its reform commitments if it wanted to receive further aid and remain in the euro zone. Read more

Ez Retail Sales rise Unexpectedly in March on increased Demand from France and Germany

May 04 2012 10:01:14 in Market

EZ retail sales rose 0.3 pct in March from Feb, beating expectations as demand from France and Germany offset falls in Spain and Belgium In France, retail sales rose 0.9 pct, and in Germany, sales climbed 0.8 pct. Retail sales fell 0. Read more

Germany Mfg Pmi slips at Fastest Pace in April to 46.2 on Declining Export Orders -Pmi

May 02 2012 09:01:05 in Market

News Germany Mfg PMI fell to 46.2 from 48.4 in March slightly below an original flash reading of 46.3 The PMI's output sub-index slipped below the 50 mark in April for the first time this year, hitting 47.3. Read more

Germany Schaeuble - Eu's Focus on Austerity Should Continue Despite Growth Talks

Apr 30 2012 15:31:08 in Market

News German Finance Minister Schaeuble said Europe's focus on austerity should continued despite of growth talks He added that EU leaders will meet over next weeks and will discuss ways to trigger growth Quotes  "Not only do we need fiscal consolidation but we need it for something, to ge... Read more

Germany Retains 2012 Growth Outlook

Apr 25 2012 12:31:26 in Market

The German government on Wednesday confirmed 2012 economic growth projection at 0.7 percent. For 2013, growth is seen at 1.6 percent, unchanged from autumn forecast. Economy Minister Philipp Roesler said the economy is back on track. Read more

Germany Sells EUR 2.4 Bln New 30-year Bond

Apr 25 2012 12:01:10 in Market

Germany raised EUR 2.405 billion from the sale of its new 30-year bond, data from the Bundesbank showed Wednesday. The auction of the 2.50 percent July 2044 bond attracted bids totaling EUR 2.747 billion, which was less than the EUR 3 billion target set for the sale. Read more

Germany Says Will Achieve 0.5% Deficit Goal In 2012

Apr 19 2012 04:31:02 in Market

Germany expects its structural budget deficit to attain the medium-term budget goal of 0.5 percent of gross domestic product this year, according to a report from the Finance Ministry. Read more

Germany Pays Record Low Yield For 2-year Debt

Apr 18 2012 11:31:04 in Market

Germany's two-year borrowing costs fell to a record low in an auction on Wednesday in a sign of rising concerns over Spain. The country sold EUR 4.206 billion of 0.25 percent March 2014 Federal Treasury Notes at 0.14 percent yield, Bundesbank said. The yield in the first sale in February was 0. Read more

Germany Aims to Balance Budget from 2014, Reduce Public Debt - Gov't Paper

Apr 18 2012 10:01:02 in Market

News Germany aims to achieve a structurally balanced budget from 2014 and reduce its public debt to 73 pct of GDP in 2016 from 82 pct in 2012 - govt paper seen by Reuters Accroding to paper "The cabinet agreed today the actualization of the German stability program ... Read more

Research: Risk-Off in Germany Again

Apr 16 2012 09:01:09 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -With the eurozone crisis now back at the top of the list of market concerns, the Dax has fallen 7% from the high reached on 16 March. Read more

Germany Expresses Regret Over Mkt Treatment for Spanish Debt

Apr 11 2012 11:01:08 in Market

News German Fin ministry expressed regrets over market treatment for Spanish debt and said that it totally ignores efforts made by Spanish govt. Read more

Germany February Trade Surplus Exceeds Forecast

Apr 10 2012 07:01:03 in Market

Germany's merchandise trade surplus increased more than economists expected in February, data released by the Federal Statistical Office showed Tuesday. The trade surplus increased to EUR14.7 billion in February from EUR11.9 billion a year earlier. Read more

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