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Tag: FXCM Australia

FXCM Now Offers Micro CFDs

Mar 03 2014 05:57:01 in Brokers

FXCM Australia, the subsidiary of global Forex broker FXCM, has just announced an exciting addition to the lineup of its trading instruments: micro CFDs. Read more

FXCM Australia Is the Broker With the Happiest Customers Down Under

Mar 20 2013 13:18:45 in Brokers

FXCM is doing good – it has been growing steadily, doing well both in its institutional and retail divisions. And company growth doesn't happen without happy customers, now, does it? (C'mmon, it's a rhetorical question, it obviously doesn't). Read more

FXCM Cuts Spreads Worldwide

Oct 16 2012 14:28:12 in Brokers

FXCM, the world’s largest forex broker, is launching Dealing Desk execution for its customers in the US. Read more

FXCM Introduces Dealing Desk Forex Trading to the UK Market

Oct 09 2012 16:05:08 in Brokers

Back in August this year FXCM, a forex broker notorious for its excellent No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution, introduced Dealing Desk trading to its customers from Australia. Read more

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