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How Will the Tobin Tax Change the European Forex Landscape

Jan 25 2013 10:29:24 in Brokers

Over 4 decades ago the US economist and Nobel prize winner James Tobin suggested that a tax should be imposed on spot currency conversions in order to manage exchange rate volatility. Read more

Alpari Transfers Cyprus Operations to the UK

Dec 27 2012 16:24:12 in Brokers

Earlier today it was announced that Alpari, the Russian forex broker operating out of a number of locations around the world, is shutting down its Cyprus branch, Alpari Financial Services Ltd (AFS). Read more

2012 In Review: FxPro

Dec 27 2012 09:59:50 in Brokers

FxPro is on of those brokers that keeps quiet when it comes to itself – you would rarely see something about it in the news, but you would also see no customers complaining about it. At the end of the day, FxPro manages to stay out of the spot light while delivering outstanding services. Read more

FSA Fines Plus500 For Lack of Compliance - More Than A Year Later

Oct 25 2012 07:35:24 in Brokers

UPDATE: PLUS500 OFFICIAL POSITION   During June 2010 until November 2011 there were some technical issues which caused positions to be reported incorrectly. Read more

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