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Japan Govt Official to Closely Monitor Economic Impact of Yen, Europe Situation

Dec 09 2011 02:31:17 in Market

News: A senior Japan govt official said on Friday that the govt is closely watching the economic impact of a strong yen, Europe's debt woes and floods in Thailand Quotes: "It is hard to determine how the yen's strength since July has impacted companies' attitudes on spending," Hiros... Read more

Net Foreign Investment in Uk falls to Its Lowest in Six Years dragged by Low Investment from Europe

Dec 08 2011 12:31:08 in Market

News Net Foreign Investment in British companies fell to 32.8 bln pounds , in 2010, a six- year low, dragged by net flows from Europe as they fell to to 1.8 bln pounds in 2010 from 32.1 bln pounds in 2009. In contrast, investment from the Americas rose to 28.2 bln pounds in 2010 from 16. Read more

Japan Firms Expect prolonged Recession in Europe, See Global Stagnation on Euro Crisis – Reuters Poll

Dec 07 2011 04:31:03 in Market

News: Reuters poll showed that majority of Japanese big firms expect the global economy to stagnate in H1 of 2012 Many big firms expect the European crisis to continue for a prolonged period and said that the global economy would stagnate on euro crisis About 2/3 of Japan big firms say euro cu... Read more

Dollar Little Changed As Europe Stays In Focus

Dec 06 2011 19:31:02 in Market

Currency markets were quiet on Tuesday despite more rumblings from Europe, where officials were scrambling to craft reforms after S&P warned about the creditworthiness the euro zone. Read more

Polish Pm Wants 2012 Deficit Below 3 Pct of Gdp Despite Economic Slowdown in Europe

Dec 06 2011 14:31:04 in Market

News Polish PM Tusk said that govt. wants to bring down deficit below 3 pct of GDP as per the target set His budget for the country projected GDP growth of 2. Read more

Bank Of Canada Maintains 1% Interest Rate Despite Worries Over Europe

Dec 06 2011 14:31:03 in Market

The Bank of Canada on Tuesday announced that it is maintaining its benchmark interest rate at one percent, taking a wait-and-see approach despite Europe's mounting sovereign debt crisis. Read more

Europe Shares Set to Halt a 1-1/2 Year Rally After S&p's Downgrade Warning

Dec 06 2011 07:31:03 in Market

News: European indices are expected to halt a 1 ½ week rally after S&P warned it may downgrade 15 euro zone countries Britain's FTSE 100 is expected to open as much as 1 pct lower, Germany's DAX lower by 1.1 pct, and France's CAC-40 to slip as much as 0. Read more

Europe Nov. Monster Employment Index Remains Stable

Dec 02 2011 05:31:02 in Market

The employment index for Europe remained unchanged in November, Monster Worldwide said Friday. The indicator held steady at 139 in November, but climbed 14 percent from a year ago. Germany was the only nation to log a strong annual growth of 30 percent, followed by improvement in the U.K. Read more

Japan's Fm Azumi Pledges Support to a 'credible' Solution in Europe

Dec 02 2011 01:31:06 in Market

News: Japan's FM Jun Azumi said on Friday Japan is ready to offer support once a credible scheme is established to tackle the Europe crisis Azumi said that Japanese banks have no problems in securing dollar funds The FM also vowed to take decisive steps against speculative move... Read more

Europe Must Utilize Its Own Resources to the Fullest Before Taking Help from Imf - Canadian Flaherty

Nov 30 2011 15:31:02 in Market

News: Euro zone should put its own resources on the line first before asking for help from IMF and other countries to deal with its financial crisis, said Canadian FinMin Flaherty  , adding that the IMF's first responsibility in the world was "to poorer countries. Read more

Situation In Europe Worsened Significantly Over Last Few Weeks: ECB's Noyer

Nov 30 2011 07:31:02 in Market

The situation in Europe worsened significantly over the past few weeks, European Central Bank Governing Council member Christian Noyer reportedly said Wednesday. At a conference in Singapore, Noyer said that Europe is going through a true financial crisis. Read more

Boj's Nishimura says No Quick Way to Resolve Europe Woes

Nov 30 2011 03:32:14 in Market

News: BOJ Deputy Governor Kiyohiko Nishimura said on Wednesday that there was no quick fix for Europe's debt woes Nishimura also stressed on the need to be cautious of the risk of sudden global turmoil if worries about the U.S. Read more

China Wealth Fund Urges U.s., Europe to Increase Infrastructure Investment to Drive Recovery

Nov 29 2011 05:34:49 in Market

News: China Investment Corp Chairman and Chief Executive Lou Jiwei urged Europe and the United States to increase infrastructure investment to drive a global economic recovery Jiwei said that China should not be regarded as the sole engine of global economic growth because domestic consumption ... Read more

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