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ECB's Draghi Says Europe In "Grave" Situation

Jan 17 2012 05:31:03 in Market

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi on Monday warned that Europe is in a "very grave state of affairs" and called on the governments to swiftly implement the recommendations by European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) on macro-prudential mandates. Read more

Boj Gov and Pm Noda Discuss Europe Crisis and Financial Market Developments at Meeting –jiji

Jan 17 2012 05:31:03 in Market

News BOJ Gov Masaaki Shirakawa and Japan's PM Yoshihiko Noda discussed about Europe debt crisis and its impact on Japanese financial markets - Jiji news reported Shirakawa was also quoted as saying that Japan's economy is resilient on reconstruction demand following the March 11 disaster The ma... Read more

Ecb's Draghi worried About very Grave " Satiation in Europe,

Jan 17 2012 01:31:27 in Market

News ECB's Draghi today termed European situation as very grave while testifying to the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs as head of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) He also said that Regulators in EU should learn to act without help of Ra... Read more

Europe Should Focus On Policies To Address Crisis, Says IMF's Lipton

Jan 16 2012 08:31:16 in Market

The pace of global economic activity is weakening and the risks for Europe and the world are high, David Lipton, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund said Monday. Read more

Imf Executive Lipton Calls for Swift Action to Restore Confidence in Europe

Jan 16 2012 06:31:04 in Market

News IMF executive David Lipton warned of downward spiral of collapsing confidence, stagnant growth and fewer jobs in Europe if swift action is not taken Lipton said that he expects Asia to grow larger than G7 by 2020 and added that he expects Asia to assume a bigger role in IMF Lipton said ... Read more

Finland Pm Wants Europe Wide Tobin Tax, Against Leaving Sweden and Uk Out of It

Jan 12 2012 12:31:21 in Market

News Finland's PM wants afinancial transaction tax to be applied to the whole Europe Union  Britain and Swedenare against the tax, fearing it would harm their financial sectors.   Quotes  "It should cover the whole Europe. Read more

Nikkei Average Drops 0.7 Pct, Wary ahead of Europe Debt Auctions

Jan 12 2012 07:31:36 in Market

News: The Nikkei dropped 0.7 pct to 8,385.59 points, belowits 25-day moving average near 8,483 The broader Topix index eased 0.9 pct to close at 727. Read more

Dollar Gains Amid Worries About Europe

Jan 11 2012 22:01:06 in Market

The U.S. dollar advanced against the euro and pound on Wednesday. Worries about the euro-zone debt crisis and trepidation about the U.K. economy inspired investors to move into the U.S. currency. Read more

Italy Monti : Europe Must Recognize Italians Support for Austerity

Jan 11 2012 14:31:20 in Market

News Italian PM Monti saidthat Europe must recognize the way in which the Italian public had agreed to painful austerity measures to cut its debt. He reiterated that hasItalyhas made multiple sacrifices as it can and Europe must now take actionto help it combat the euro zone debt crisis. Read more

Dollar Drifts Slightly Lower On Hopes For Soft Landing In China, Europe

Jan 10 2012 20:31:08 in Market

The dollar was slightly weaker versus major rivals on Tuesday, but steadied in afternoon dealing amid lingering worries that Europe is not moving fast enough to quell its prolonged sovereign debt crisis. Read more

Lagarde Upbeat About Europe Prospects to Avoid Recession This Year – Business Day

Jan 09 2012 07:31:04 in Market

News: IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde was optimistic that Europe could avoid recession this year - Business Day newspaper Lagarde said that there were reasons to be more upbeat about prospects for the region and that the scene has changed massively over the last 18 months The material h... Read more

ECB's Orphanides Urges Europe To Reverse Greek Debt Haircut Plan

Jan 06 2012 09:01:03 in Market

European Central Bank Governing Council member Athanasios Orphanides urged European leaders to reverse the policy of haircut on Greek debt in order to restore investor confidence. Read more

Europe Stock Index Futures Point to a mixed Open for European Stocks

Jan 05 2012 08:31:04 in Market

News: Futures for Euro STOXX 50 were down 0.1 pct, for Germany's DAX down 0.2 pct and for France's CAC were up 0. Read more

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