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RoboForex Cancels Deposit Requirements for ECN Accounts

Jun 03 2013 09:20:06 in Brokers

Summer is coming and everyone is, more or less, getting ready to have a good time. Even Forex brokers are starting to get into the spirit of things, trying to attract our money and attention with special offers and new conditions. Read more

This Summer: 30% Lower Commissions at RoboForex

May 30 2013 15:33:22 in Brokers

While some places around the world are still waiting, hoping and praying for summer (yep, Germany, talking to you), other spots are already in full summer swing. Read more

Alpari Offers Commission-Free ECN Accounts

May 07 2013 08:20:16 in Brokers

Russia-based FX broker Alpari has sped up its efforts to lure more customers with various promotions over the past months: in the beginning of February, the company launched the “Goodbye to Swaps” offer, which allowed traders to free themselves from paying fees for keeping their tra... Read more

35% up to $10,000 for Liberty Reserve Depositors at RoboForex

Apr 15 2013 13:34:09 in Brokers

Offering bonuses to promote a specific payment option is a common practice amongst forex brokers – and RoboForex is no exception. For a month between today and May 15, 2013, the broker offers Liberty Reserve depositors a special reload bonus of up to 35%. Read more

RoboForex Launches cTrader: 1:200 Leverage and 0-pip Spreads

Mar 07 2013 09:34:44 in Brokers

Approximately a month and a half ago, we reported that New Zealand broker RoboForex is shutting down operation of its PowerTrader ECN trading platform. At that time, all we knew was that PowerTrader would eventually be replaced... Read more

LMAX Exchange: It Would Make Sense to Have Businesses in the US and Eastern Europe

Feb 18 2013 09:57:29 in Software

A couple of months ago we reported on the management buyout (MBO) of LMAX Exchange. Read more

BNY Mellon Acquires Partial Ownership in FastMatch ECN

Feb 12 2013 14:02:43 in Brokers

The global investment management company BNY Mellon has just announced that its forex customers can now have their orders filled via the FastMatch ECN system. BNY Mellon has acquired a partial ownership of the system, thus joining FXCM and Credit Suisse in the venture. Read more

RoboForex: Our High-Quality Services Meet The Needs of Any Trader

Jan 24 2013 10:00:12 in Brokers

RoboForex, an online broker operating out of New Zealand, recently reduced its ECN accounts spreads and announced that it is canceling its PowerTrader platform. Read more

RoboForex Says Goodbye to Power Trader

Jan 15 2013 14:59:13 in Brokers

RoboForex has just announced that it is discontinuing its Power Trader ECN accounts. The explanation for this somewhat surprising move is that the broker is soon launching a brand new ECN trading platform that will replace Power Trader. Read more

ThinkForex Offers the Trade Manager MAM Applicaion

Jan 15 2013 12:42:57 in Brokers

After it announced its plans to expand to Europe and cut its spreads at the end of last year, ThinkForex is stepping into 2013 with a new tool to enhance its customers' trading: the Trade Manager. Read more

2012 In Review: FxPro

Dec 27 2012 09:59:50 in Brokers

FxPro is on of those brokers that keeps quiet when it comes to itself – you would rarely see something about it in the news, but you would also see no customers complaining about it. At the end of the day, FxPro manages to stay out of the spot light while delivering outstanding services. Read more

RoboForex Gets Licensed in New Zealand and Discontinues CFD Offering

Dec 04 2012 14:25:02 in Brokers

It has never been a better time to sign up with RoboForex: the New Zealand broker has just registered with the Financial Service Provider Register, and is offering a 25% first deposit bonus.   Up until now, RoboForex was operating as a member of Financial Services Complaints Ltd. Read more

cTrader Adds Two More Market Depth Tools

Nov 23 2012 14:33:52 in Software

Just as we are mentally preparing for the weekend, the forex software provider Spotware Systems has rolled out an exciting upgrade to its cTrader platform: two new tools indicating market depth. Read more

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