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PastorPro Forex Trader Review - Is it scam or good forex system?

We recently introduced you to a relatively new automated system, called the Forex Cyborg Robot. As we stated in its review, it is easy to feel like you have missed out on the majority of a system’s gains, unless you get on board early on. We would like to present another system which has traded for a fairly short period of time – the PastorPro Froex Robot. 


Although past performance is never a guarantee for future results, we must reiterate, this system’s track record is extremely short. This means you should take everything with a grain of salt.




There is no information on the strategy used by the PastorPro Forex Robot. Looking at the historical performance, we believe it involves a lot of averaging down i.e. continuing to add to periodically add to a loosing position, with the hope of it turning positive. To put it in other words, this is very likely a grid trader, which is a dangerous type of EA


Our theory comes from comparing the system’s performance to a chart of the instruments it trades most often. They are the EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs.

Here is a simple comparison of the system’s biggest loosing period and the EUR/USD daily chart:


The system experiencing serious drawdown (the image above)

The zone highlighted in red is the one where the drawdon occurs.


As you can clearly see, PastorPro experiences severe drawdown as the market moves strongly in one direction. The losses are then recovered, as the market retraces. One of the ways this can be achieved is via adding new short positions as the market continues to move higher and higher. 


Contrarian trading, in itself can lead to serious profits, if executed properly. On the other hand once, you put it in an automated system, things can go out of hand quickly. The forex market can experience substantial moves, without any retracement, in the case of major economic/political news. This is often the nemesis of such strategies.


Historical Performance


As we reviewed in the chart above, the PastorPro Forex Robot’s track record is being kept at the FxBlue (a service similar to myfxbook). The EA has returns of around 35% in a month and a half. This may seem impressive, but it is not that unusual for similar highly risky systems. 



The Pastor Pro has experienced an aproximately 41% drawdown. We must note, FxBlue only provides drawdon statistics based on closed positions. This can be very misleading, as it is in this case. We came to the 41% after our own calculations, based on the equity to balance chart (displayed in the Strategy section of this review).



The average pips per trade value of this system is really low – 0.3. This makes the strategy borderline useless, despite its recent gains. To explain briefly, the pips/trades value is the system’s expectancy per trade, meaning this is how much you should expect the EA to make for every trade it places. We consider anything under 5 pips hard to recommend, with values under 3 pips being outright bad. This is due to the fact factors, such as the spread and slippage become even more important for your bottom line with such levels. In contrast, the Harmonics Trader EA scores an impressive 58.1 pips/trade.




The Pastor Pro is available through a single payment per license model. The cost of connecting a single MT4 account with the system is $139. If you decide to get 2 licenses, a discount will be applied, reducing the cost to $249 (instead of $278). 


Bottom line


The Pastor Pro Forex Robot appears to be a grid-based system, although the developers have not provided any information on its strategy. The average pips per trade value of this EA is almost nonexistent, at 0.3. The robot has experienced a 40% drawdown within several weeks of the start of record-keeping. Overall, this is not a system we would recommend.


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