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Collector Items: eToro's OpenBook Badges

Feb 27 2013 10:40:49 S.Ninov in Signals

For anyone using eToro's OpenBook, an undisputed giant in the world of social trading, the Foursquare-style badge system they introduced a few years back is hardly any news. Read more

ZuluTrade: Xiaolidao Loses $2,000,000 in Capital

Feb 25 2013 15:54:24 S.Ninov in Signals

As we recently reported, the performance of ZuluTrade's fourth-ranking signal provider, xiaolidao, has steadily declined by almost every indicator. From more than $4,000,000 in early February, he now runs a little over $2,000,000. Read more

Shoot for the Sky: Kama-spot Hits $10,000,000 Again

Feb 25 2013 09:03:18 S.Ninov in Signals

Yes, ZuluTrade's number one is back on track. Despite the tiny slip from a few days back where he lost about $3,000,000 in followers' money, Kama-spot has successfully recovered and crossed the 10-million barrier again. Read more

Top 10 Forex Traders' Blogs

Feb 21 2013 11:03:15 Miloslava Dimova in Signals

When entering into any new venture, I've always thought it best to get my information not from theories and empty words, but from practitioners – those who are right where the action is and know what it's about. Read more

ZuluTrade: Who's Climbed the Ladder and Who's Fallen Off It

Feb 21 2013 10:57:22 S.Ninov in Signals

We're pleased to report that one of ZuluTrade's signal providers that we often mention in this column, f8, has graciously passed the leadership position in terms of capital to Russian-based trader Kama-spot. Well, not really. In fact, he lost it. Read more

OpenBook's Top 5 Most Copied Gurus

Feb 21 2013 07:57:06 S.Ninov in Signals

With all the attention recently paid to ZuluTrade's signal providers, we wouldn't want to mislead you into believing that there aren't equally good or just as terrible traders on other networks of the kind. Read more


ZuluTrade vs eToro's OpenBook: How Followers See It

Feb 19 2013 12:18:53 S.Ninov in Signals

The other day we took two of the major social trading networks – ZuluTrade and eToro – and compared them from a signal provider's point of view. It is now time for another comparison between the two platforms, this time for the benefit of traders copying signals. Read more

ZuluTrade vs eToro's OpenBook: An SP Perspective

Feb 18 2013 12:47:07 S.Ninov in Signals

If you're familiar with the forex market, being a signal provider is the ideal way to share your expertise with others and quickly spin all that knowledge into cash. But then comes the question of which platform to choose and naturally we all look for the best. Read more

ZuluTrade: Kama-spot On the Rise

Feb 13 2013 15:19:16 S.Ninov in Signals

Following all the negativity from yesterday, we now feel it's time to soften the tone a little bit and look on the flip side. As you can imagine, not all signal providers on ZuluTrade are bad or incompetent. Read more

Joker EA: Can You Spot a Trickster?

Feb 12 2013 14:57:39 Stanimir Zhelev in Signals

Among the archetypes that psychologist Carl Jung depicts is the one of the trickster. The trickster is a magician, a clown, a villain who puts others into ridiculous situations that ultimately cause them discomfort. The trickster, however, always stays unscathed. Read more

Careful Not to Maloma Yourself: Meet One of ZuluTrade's Worst Signal Providers

Feb 12 2013 10:05:34 S.Ninov in Signals

Today we focus on one of ZuluTrade's most daring signal providers, a guy who fears neither loss nor drawdown, a model case of dauntless forex trading. But as admirable as such bravery is, there's a fine line between being a risk-taker and being a flat-out idiot. Meet Mr. Read more

Don't Forget the Simple Folk: ZuluTrade's Top 3 Followers

Feb 11 2013 15:22:28 S.Ninov in Signals

Lately, as part of our newest column dedicated to social trading, we've been busy discussing ZuluTrade's best-ranking signal providers, both in terms of capital and based on overall performance. Read more

ZuluTrade's Top Traders' Reaction to Yesterday's Collapse of the Euro

Feb 08 2013 16:08:24 S.Ninov in Signals

The President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, managed to confuse everyone with his comments about the Euro at a news conference in Frankfurt yesterday. Was he being positive about the Eurozone's immediate future or just the opposite? There's no clear answer to this question. Read more

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