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Review of ZuluTrade's Forexzone [Sys-M3]: Could It Be All About the Commission?

Apr 05 2013 14:33:40 S.Ninov in Signals

An often discussed flaw in ZuluTrade's signal provider policy is the way the network calculates monthly commissions. Instead of paying per follower, as is the case of eToro's OpenBook, here traders are remunerated based on the number of executed transactions. Read more

Review of ZuluTrade's FX Master 2.0: Beware the Drawdown

Apr 04 2013 12:06:49 S.Ninov in Signals

One of the main characteristics that followers seek in a signal provider is stability and so does ZuluTrade's ranking system. Read more

eToro's Third Most Trusted Guru: AnasSleiman Review

Apr 03 2013 11:36:36 S.Ninov in Signals

We continue our series of reviews of eToro's top traders with the next in line, third most copied Guru – AnasSleiman. The network's gradual switch from nicknames to real identities will matter little to this trader because he streams forex signals, using his actual name. Read more


Review of ZuluTrade's ForexAnomaly: Forex Sleep Mode Dethroned

Apr 02 2013 15:33:26 S.Ninov in Signals

OK, with Caraj51's review from earlier today we might have given you the impression that there won't be any ZuluTrade reports for a while but we've got an exclusive piece of news that couldn't go unmentioned. ZuluRank has appointed the next king of the network. That's right. Read more

Review of eToro's Caraj51: The Network's Second Most Copied Guru

Apr 02 2013 11:42:04 S.Ninov in Signals

We've paid way too much attention lately to ZuluTrade's top ranking signal providers so it'd be only fair to give the due credit to eToro's best Gurus as well. Today's reviewee is OpenBook's second most copied trader Caraj51, operating out of India. Read more

Review of ZuluTrade's Youron: A Lone Live Among Demos

Apr 01 2013 15:09:45 S.Ninov in Signals

A luxury that ZuluTrade's signal providers can enjoy and eToro's Gurus are not entitled to is the ability to stream forex signals via a demo account. Read more


Amidst the Cyprus Bailout Crisis: eToro's Gurus Register Profit Increase

Mar 29 2013 13:03:58 S.Ninov in Signals

Amidst the Cyprus bailout crisis of last week which resulted in huge market volatility and serious market gaps, eToro reports that its Gurus have nonetheless managed to register a positive copy invested amount (CIA) gain at +3.34%. Read more

Review of ZuluTrade's Azar Consulting: Success Comes One Step at a Time

Mar 29 2013 12:35:09 S.Ninov in Signals

A lot of signal providers on ZuluTrade have been accused of being too risky and unreliable because they employ various gambling techniques, like martingale or grid trading, just to generate quick profit and shoot to the top of the network's ranking system. Read more

Review of ZuluTrade's For333: Consistency is Key

Mar 28 2013 13:04:07 S.Ninov in Signals

Being a forex signal provider can be a job like any other and just like any other job, it requires time and dedication. Not very many traders on ZuluTrade stick around long enough to build an adequate track record, but the guy we're going to review today sure is among the exceptions. Read more

eToro's Shift to Real Identities: A Month Later

Mar 26 2013 14:13:24 S.Ninov in Signals

Exactly a month ago, Cyprus-based brokerage eToro announced that it's begun a gradual process of shifting to real identities. Read more

Zulutrade's New Number One Trader: Review of Forex Sleep Mode

Mar 26 2013 10:46:04 S.Ninov in Signals

Sometimes it is the unexpected, one-time successes in our lives that catapult us to the top. They might be short-lived but what does it matter – victory is victory and planned or accidental, it all tastes just as good. Read more

eToro's Top 5 Most Copied Gurus in March

Mar 25 2013 14:51:47 S.Ninov in Signals

It's been more than a month since we last examined eToro's most copied Gurus and the later developments call for an amendment of our article. Read more

ZuluTrade's Top 5 in a New Configuration

Mar 22 2013 15:16:22 S.Ninov in Signals

It's been a while since we last looked into ZuluTrade's crew of most capitalized traders and in the true spirit of a wildly dynamic social trading network, nothing we wrote back then is any longer the case. Read more

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$100 Review Website
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$0 Review Website
UK, Australia FCA, ASIC MT4, Trading
$50 Review Website
UK, Cyprus FCA, CySec MT4, MT5 $5 Review Website
UK, Cyprus FCA, CySEC MT4, MT5, FxPro
$100 Review Website
Belize IFSC MT4, MT5 $100 Review Website
Cyprus CySec MT4, Web, Gwasy $100 Review Website
Belize IFSC MT4, MT5, Web $1 Review Website
Seychelles FinaCom MT4 $10 Review Website
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