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Forex Real Profit EA Review - Is it scam or good forex system?

You may have heard about Forex Real Profit EA and decided to get more info on them. In this review we will give our honest opinion of their system, their results and most importantly whether we would recommend dealing with the company. 



The strategy applied by Forex Real Profit EA is rather risky in hour opinion. They describe it as six separate robots, with tow of them scalping during the Asian Session, 2 scalping on trends, throughout the day and two breakout strategies. This may appear to be a diversified approach, but in this case we believe looks to be deceiving. Take a look at the hourly breakdown of their trading results:
Moat of the trades, by far, a done during the Asian session, when liquidity is relatively low. This approach can be quite dangerous in the long run. The risks come primarily from the broker – often times such scalping systems are being spotted and slightly worse executions are being assigned to the respective account. Keep in mind, with such a system, even the slightest increase in slippage, can have a great impact on the net results. 
The risks involved with this system are not of an account blow-up, but of a steady decline if the market execution is not ideal.

Historical Performance

Lets take a look at the historical performance of the Forex Real Profit EA system. The main account has been running on myfxbook.com since 2013, on an IC Markets account. The net absolute gains are 98.26% at the time of writing of this review. To put it simply the system has almost doubled the initial investment in about four years.
One of the most important things we must mention is that the system’s record on myfxbook is not verified. As you may know, this is one of the signs of a fake account with the tracking website. This fact lowers the credibility of the EA provider.
On the other hand, drawdown rarely moved above 15% since 2013, with the exception of an early spike. This is generally a good sign, as the system will most likely not blow up an entire account in the future. 
Now lest take a look at the biggest problem, in hour opinion, the average pips per trade. They amount to the uninspiring value of 1.9. We do not recommend using systems which have an expectancy of under 3 pips, with 5 being a more stringent minimum. For instance the iQuantFX system has a pips per trade value of 9.87, which is much better.


The Forex Real Profit EA system is being sold at $199 per year. This may seem like a lot to somebody who is willing to experiment with automated trading systems. A 30-day money back guarantee is also being offered.

Bottom line

Forex Real Profit EA offers what is essentially a “night scalper” EA. These systems are very broker-sensitive. The myfxbook account for the system doesn’t have a verified track record. Most importantly, the system is a scalper, making only 1.9 pips per trade. The combination of all of these factors leads us to give Forex Real Profit EA a negative review. You are not likely to lose a lot of money with this EA, but you are also not likely to make decent returns. 
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