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Review of Euronis EA: Successfully Managing Your Money

May 15 2013 14:22:15 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

We haven't posted a review for about a week and some of you have started to complain (thank you!), so today we're back and we'll take a look at a special expert advisor (EA) – it's called Euronis and is more of an investment tool rather than a standalone software that you can purchase a... Read more

Five Tips on How to Tame a Dangerous FX Robot

May 09 2013 13:22:32 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

After our last article on gambling, which was rather critical, the lovers of hazard in trading may feel somewhat left out. I guess that at least some of you like to use riskier expert advisors (EAs), even when it's just for the love of the game. Read more

Review of Night Channel Trader EA: Fantastic, Bombastic, Ecstatic

May 09 2013 09:35:49 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll explore the Night Channel Trader (NCT) - an expert advisor (EA) that has stayed away from the attention of the majority of fans of automated trading. A possible reason is the popularity of the NumberOne EA, a profitable scalper also built by the SteadyOnFX team. Read more

Review of Hyper EA Pro: Night Fever

Apr 29 2013 14:10:00 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll focus on the Hyper Expert Advisor Pro, and, as the title of this review suggests, it's a bit of a night bird – it usually trades during a narrow time window just before the onset of the Asian session and sometimes within it. Read more

Review of Forex Real Profit EA: The Name Says it All

Apr 24 2013 13:17:47 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

In the previous review, I warned you that I'm kind of bored with scalpers but today we'll be dealing with one again and this is because the Forex Real Profit EA is not a random scalper but a very successful one. Read more

Review of Volatility Master EA: Hurricane Trading

Apr 23 2013 14:13:27 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

I don't know about you, fellow traders, but after the reviews of several scalpers in a row, despite the fact that some of these robots are quite successful, I'm sort of bored of this strategy. Read more


Review of Iris FX: This Scalper Reaps Profits

Apr 22 2013 14:53:41 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll deal with an expert advisor (EA) with a surprisingly beautiful name – Iris FX, a product of the EM Innovations Team. But do not be fooled by the innocent flowery name, this EA is a scalper that works ruthlessly to take advantage of market trends and thus increase your profits. Read more

Review of FX Flash EA: The Superhero among FX Robots

Apr 19 2013 13:13:54 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll focus on the FX Flash expert advisor (EA), a robot that since its recent launch has shown some pretty robust results and I must tell you from the onset that I like it.    This EA is on sale for $86. Read more

Review of FE Trend Scalper EA: Drawdown Pains

Apr 18 2013 13:53:06 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

We haven't reviewed a forex robot that uses a scalping strategy for several days – the last one we explored is the NumberOne, and I have personally started to miss scalpers. Read more

The Forex Warrior EA Creator on Martingale, Grid, and the Future of Robots

Apr 17 2013 14:18:56 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Not long ago several readers contacted us asking for a review of the Forex Warrior EA and we have done one. There was also a request to make an interview of the team behind this interesting forex robot and today we respond to this request too. Read more

Review of NeoTradEx EA: Drowning in Drawdown

Apr 15 2013 09:17:41 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

We haven't reviewed an expert advisor (EA) based on neural networks for quite some time – it has been more than a month since the review of 3Way2Win EA and even more time has elapsed since the review of the TFOT EA. Read more

Review of Wallbreaker EA: Nice but Very Expensive

Apr 12 2013 10:39:40 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we focus on the Wallbreaker expert advisor (EA), whose developers present it as a forex robot that does breakout trading on the Metatrader 4 (MT4). We haven't reviewed a breakout bot since the Quant Strategy EA, so it's high time to present you with a review of such an EA. Read more

Review of NumberOne EA: Speedy Scalper

Apr 11 2013 13:43:38 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll have a look at the NumberOne expert advisor (EA), which is an aggressive scalper – and we have not reviewed one since the Million Dollar Pips (MDP) robot. In what follows, we'll try to check whether this robot vindicates its ambitious name. Read more

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