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The Forex Customer Support Challenge: ICM Capital

May 22 2013

It's another day of the customer support challenge and today we talk to ICM Capital, a broker that we have a good opinion of. 

Kim, ICM Capital's rep that I talked to, did quite well but at this point I don't have any expectations any more so I might be wrong. One thing is sure, though: I am still waiting for the customer support agent that will dazzle me by being chillaxed, funny, helpful and knowledgeable. 
*** Hannah joined the chat ***
*** Mayur joined the chat ***
*** Kim joined the chat ***

Kim: Hi, welcome to our live chat, how can I help you?
Mayur: hi 

Hannah: Hi. Wow, two people to answer my questions, that's pretty cool! It must be a slow day? 

Kim: lol Actually we have tons of stuff to do, but clients are important to us, but how can we help?

Hannah: Sweet :) 
Hannah: I want to start trading but I have a few questions first. I see that you offer MT4 trading platform. Can you tell me what happens if I accidentally close it? Do i lose my trades? I often close things by mistake... 

Kim: You can only close your trades if you opt to close your trades or you have set a stop loss 
Kim: if you close the application itself, your trades will still be open

Hannah: Oh, that's good – I'll only have to remember to close my trades then.
Hannah: What's the minimum deposit with you guys? How much money do i need to start? 

Kim: $100 is the minimum required to deposit

Hannah: Oh, that's not too much. If i deposit $1,000 tho, how many trades can i open? I think I'm gonna trade gold

Kim: That would be dependent on the leverage you select.

Hannah: What are my options for leverage? 

Kim: 1:100, 1:200 or 1:400

Hannah: Which one would you choose? I'm a beginner and don't know which one is the best leverage. 

Kim: Please visit our website [link]
Kim: I would also suggest that you can see our education centre on our website
Kim: our leverages only apply if you wish to trade forex 

Hannah: I will, for sure – but still, if you had to decide, what leverage would you choose? I read somewhere that high leverage is bad but there was another article that said with high leverage you make more money...

Kim: Sorry, I am not in a position to advise 

Hannah: Ok. I'll do some more reading and i'll decide. You said leverage is only for forex, what else can i trade with you? Is gold forex? 

Kim: gold is not forex 
Kim: Please visit our products page to view our complete list of contract specifications [link]

Hannah: So there's no leverage for gold?

Kim: the leverage for gold is 1:100 by default

Hannah: Do you guys also sell gold? Like, actual gold bars? 

Kim: no we don't offer tangible goods

Hannah: Bummer. It would be cool to buy a gold bar – although I don't know where would i keep it.  If i had a backyard, I could have buried it there lol.
Hannah: One last question: if i trade on my phone and someone calls me when I'm making a trade, what will happen? 

Kim: The platform will still run
Kim: as long as you have placed the trade, then the trade will go through
Kim: if someone calls you and you didn't confirm your trade then your trade wouldn't have gone through

Hannah: Yeah, but what would happen to my phone call? Do I hang up? 

Kim: you can choose whether to answer your call or not

Hannah: Awesome. Thanks for answering my questions, Kim! pleasure talking to you! 

Kim: You're welcome
Kim: is there anything else i can help you with?

Hannah: That's all for now
Hannah: Bye! 

*** Hannah left the chat ***

The Sentence

Response time:
Accuracy of the answers:
Personal attitude:
Sense of humor:
Overall score: 19/25
Overall impression: Kim was quick to answer my question – I only had to wait at one occasion and I am guessing she was checking for the answer so I didn't deduct any points for response time. The answers I got were indeed accurate, however she could have explained to me the pros and cons of high leverage without actually advising. 
Even though she said that customers are important for the broker, she failed to convey any personal attitude. “I want to trade gold” - “Good choice! Keep in mind that we also offer this and that” would have been a complete game changer. 
She was also very patient which is something great for a beginner with a crapload of silly questions. All in all – good job, Kim! 
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