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The Forex Customer Support Challenge: FXCM

Today's star in the customer support challenge is one of the largest brokers online – FXCM. What I need you to know is that I use the term “star” very loosely here. 

So far I have noticed that the bigger the broker, the worse and less personal the customer support. Of course, this makes sense: small brokerages have less customers, they usually also have tiny customer support teams that are easy to oversee, and they have more to lose – therefore their customer care teams simply care more.  
Giants like FXCM, on the other hand, probably get gazillions of live chat requests every minute so they have less of an opportunity to really connect with each and every client. I have considered that when rating mu chat with FXCM but I have done so with the disappointment of someone who really expected more. 
You are now chatting with 'FXCM - Greg'
FXCM - Greg: Welcome to FXCM's Live Chat Support.  Please give me a moment to review your first question.

Hannah: Hi, I want to start trading forex but I have no clue where to start - can you maybe help me with that?

FXCM - GregHello Hannah
FXCM - GregI can help you with that
FXCM - Greg: have a look at this site
FXCM – Greg: [link to FXCM's DailyFX educational resources site]

Hannah: Is that a legit site? they're not gonna scam me, are they?
Hannah: Greg? Are you still here?

FXCM - Greg: Yes Iam still here
FXCM - Greg: this link I sent you is just for training resources it is our Research website

Hannah: Oh, ok
Hannah: I saw that it has quizzes, i really like quizzes. Are there any prizes?

FXCM - Greg: sorry to say there are not at the moment any prizes or contests
FXCM - Greg: have you opened a demo account already?

Hannah: No, not yet. Sshould i go ahead and do it?

FXCM - Greg: it is the best way to get to know the platform
FXCM - Greg: what is your email address I will send you a demo account login

Hannah: No worries, I'll download it.
Hannah: I have a question about the platform though: it's metatrader 4, right?

FXCM - Greg: there is meta trader 4 and our tradingstation 2 platform
FXCM - Greg: do you have experience with MT4?

Hannah: No... it's stupid but... both 2 and 4 are very unlucky numbers for me and I'm afraid that trading with platforms which have a 2 or 4 in their name will cause me to lose a lot of money on the markets. Do you think that's possible?

FXCM - Greg: We will not be able to do that

Hannah: So no way to rename, huh... bummer.
Hannah: If i deposit $1,000, how many trades can i do with this money? I want to trade gold. 

FXCM - Greg: why dont you concentrate on learning about trading from the link I posted and when you have done that come back on and we will discuss opening an account for you and the details surrounding your trading
FXCM - Greg: I hope to hear from you soon Hannah
FXCM - Greg: Looking for ways to identify potential trades or support/resistance levels? The Trading Signals and Technical Analyzer provide trade ideas based on real-time technical analysis. Live account holders can use their account login and password to get free, unlimited access to DailyFX PLUS. Visit the site below to learn more.

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

The Sentence

Response time:
Accuracy of the answers:
Personal attitude:
Sense of humor:
Overall score: 8/25
Overall impression: I was not impressed. At all. Greg's was super slow answering, and I even had to ask him if he was still there – that's how long it took him to reply. His general attitude made me think he really hates his job, which I can understand (imagine talking to people all day long, answering stupid questions like the ones I did) – but I don't excuse him.  
His “why dont you concentrate on learning before you set an account” was plain condescending and I did not appreciate it. Maybe he was trying to keep me from making a deposit and losing all my money before I figure out the whole trading thing but a bit more careful phrasing could have helped him convey that. 
Sorry, Greg, but you don't get my stamp of approval.


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