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Caesar Expert Advisor: It Came, It Traded, It Profited

Today we are undertaking a very interesting review – we'll be looking at the Caesar expert advisor, which as you see has a well-known name. Even if you've never been interested in the history of Rome or philosophy, you must have heard the phrase “Veni. Vidi. Vici.” Given that the trading system is one of the most discussed on Myfxbook, as well as its solid performance results, I had no choice but to explore it in detail. I'll shoot straight away by confessing that the challenge for me is huge, as the EA shows serious achievements in terms of profits but yet I have my concerns regarding the trading methodology and the authenticity of the account.


We start with some preliminary remarks. Firstly, we'll be looking at the Caesar 400% EURUSD system, as it is amid the most commented on Myfxbook. This is a real account, which, however, is not verified and that casts a shadow of doubt over the results. In case you're amid the people that necessarily need a verified Myfxbook account, then perhaps you'd want to take a look at this one, on which the robot has also been applied: but pay attention to the custom start date. 





The Caesar EA trades with the EUR/USD pair, opening a series of positions in tune with a trend. They all form a group and all of the positions in a group are closed simultaneously once a take-profit or stop-loss level is reached. Most often, however, the robot does not close the group of trades, it simply opens more positions to compensate for the losses. And this is where the main risks for the trading of this bot come from – the great number of positions kept open simultaneously, their number often exceeds 20. Unless you pick some very small trade contract size, your account may be doomed. 


The trader using Caesar EA is smart enough to work with fixed trade contract size of one micro lot (0.01 of the standard lot) and to regularly withdraw profits. When it comes to dangerous EAs, you should use tricks like these.





I already mentioned that the profits of this EA are great. Since the launch of the account on August 13, 2013, it has accumulated gains of 414%, totally vindicating the name of the strategy. 


Photo credit: Myfxbook.


You can see how the curve rises and this is one of the most consistent and solid profit lines we've seen. (We hope that the account gets verified and this profit curve is proven to be actually this good.) In addition, after 8 months of trading and in the face of the risky trading method, the robot has managed to keep the relative drawdown rather low at 26%. As a result, the return-to-drawdown ratio is at 16, which promises some significant returns in exchange for anything invested. 


The average pips per trade are at 5 – an acceptable level, especially when it comes to trading with EUR/USD. In case you pick a Forex broker that offers low spreads, you should not feel the impact of these spreads on your profits. 




You cannot buy Caesar EA as a standalone piece of software. You can subscribe to signals from master accounts. For Caesar 2.1, you can subscribe at this page – the price is quite lump at EUR 77 (USD 107) per month, by the way. Regarding the signals of Caesar 400% EURUSD, you should contact the trader who owns the account here.




Any opinions and statements in this article are strictly subjective and should not be treated as investment advice. and all of its authors are not affiliates of any of the discussed signal providers, expert advisors and their vendors.


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