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Australia's Best Forex Trader on ZuluTrade: The Secret-FX

After giving you Storied Seller, Russia's best capitalized signal provider, and then Newwave, America's most accomplished and current number one on the network, we move on today down to Australia in a search for its finest trader specimen. With population well over 22 million, we find it a bit strange that not many Australians have been drawn to ZuluTrade. There are a mere 190 people streaming signals out of the country up to date and even less followers, 170, of which just 92 happen to be live ones. But no matter how small the numbers above, we managed to find one particular signal provider that caught our attention. Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Secret-FX who's been on ZuluTrade for as little as 13 days, has already generated 2,750 pips in profit and runs close to $200,000 – a sum unrivaled by any other Australian trader.

In terms of ranking, The Secret-FX does not hold the highest position among his fellow countrymen, though. That one belongs to another, an SP that goes by Price Action Tornado, but given that he has no live followers and consequently no tangible assets to trade with, it'll make little sense to extend to him the title of Australia's best. Perhaps it's not entirely fair to grant it to The Secret-FX either because he's yet to prove himself but there's no denying that the system has been doing pretty great so far. 
And here's what we mean by great. In just over two weeks, he's executed 25 trades of which 14 turned out profitable, bringing a total gain of 2,750 pips with 110 pips on average per transaction. Now, don't gasp at that last figure. It'll surely get a lot lower as The Secret-FX's trading activity progresses and the number of deals increases. Maximum drawdown currently stands at 389 pips or 14 percent which is good and certainly doesn't come anywhere near the 1,200-pip ceiling described in the trader's strategy description. Max open positions, 12, are also just as many as The Secret-FX has specified in advance so no discrepancies here between what's been promised and what your signal provider actually does.
Photo Credit: ZuluTrade
So The Secret-FX? One can't help but wonder about the meaning of the name and no, it's not just a name. There is a secret to doing forex successfully according to this trader and it's very simple – learn to lose. The inability to accept losses, says The Secret-FX, is the reason why many traders fail in this enterprise so whenever a position goes south, leave it, don't look back and obsess over how you could have done it right. Simply move on to the next trade. Another valuable advice he gives to fellow forex enthusiasts is to always predefine their stop loss and take profit and never make any changes in their trading plan in the middle of an open deal. Strategy modifications should only be made when you've detected a consistent pattern over a longer time period. For further reading on The Secret-FX trading psychology, follow this link to ZuluTrade's forum. There you can also find a detailed description of the logic behind all the trades executed by the system thus far.
These are varied, in fact, using ten different currency pairs, including USDCHF, EURUSD, CADCHF and others, but with no clear preference for a specific cross. Such diversification proves, in The Secret-FX's words, that he didn't just get lucky, building on top of a single trading opportunity to get as many pips as possible. Instead, each position was carefully researched and thought through. We see how that can be true and will be glad if he manages to keep up with the current pace. Of course, in all honesty, The Secret-FX admits the past two weeks were truly great for him but followers should not delude themselves that he'll be making the same profits for weeks on end. Plunging to the 1,200-pip drawdown that the system allows for is always a possibility that needs to be kept in mind.
The truth, though, is that The Secret-FX only has one live follower for the moment, registered with Alpari who's put into his hands close to $200,000. That person has already gotten $229 dollars richer. Not bad. Those of you who'd like to follow suit should prepare themselves at least $171 as prescribed by ZuluTrade and still, we suggest you loosen your wallet a bit more to allow yourself room for adequate trading. The Saved-FX recommends that followers allocate to his signals one microlot per every $250 in their accounts.
Overall, we love this signal provider's attitude towards people that entrust him with their money. He takes the time to talk to them, give advice, explain the system's moves, the reasons for its winnings or alternatively the reasons for its losses etc. Nothing of the condescending tone that Ambush Trader has adopted for example: “Now, Everyone , you have no idea what I look at to place a trade. This is my trading plan . You don't like it, think you can do better , then please leave and trade your own account. I have a specific strategy and am a successful trader. I'm not looking for opinions or open to suggestions especially when there is a 99.9% likely hood the live account holders here using signal providers are not profitable traders.“ Now, that's the kind of arrogance no one should tolerate, especially when you're the person paying this signal provider's monthly commissions.
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