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XtraderFX Review - is it scam or safe?

XtraderFX review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 38 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz XtraderFX
XtraderFX is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Scammed by XtraderFX? Click here!

XtraderFX is a CFD broker, focused on the crypto currency market, which on first glance can even be mistaken for a crypto exchange.

Account type Min. deposit Max. leverage Spreads
Standard Account n/a n/a n/a

We should note, however, that there is a fundamental difference between buying an asset like a crypto coin – you can do that on a cryptop exchange - and making a bet with a Contract for Difference - the kind of trade XtraderFX is offering. For more information on the subject you may check our article:


>>Bitcoin Forex Brokers compared to Bitcoin Exchanges<<


XtraderFX Advantages:


Bitcoin accepted as payment


With XtraderFX you can fund your account with Bitcoins as well as fiat currencies. Payment methods include  major credit cards like VISA and MasterCard, as well as wire transfer. However we miss popular e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal so here you may check our list of brokers, where you can pay with Skrill:


>>Skrill Forex brokers<<


CryptoEU Disadvantages:


Lack of regulation


XtraderFX is operated by GPAY Ltd., which claims to be registered in the UK. All financial intermediaries, operating in UK, should be regulated by the local Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We diligently checked the FCA registers, but unfortunately there was no sign of XtraderFX or GPAY Ltd. either.


Keep in mind that investing with unregulated brokers involves an implicit risk of loosing your money to scammers, so our best advise is to trade with properly licensed brokers only.


Well respected financial institutions such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and even the Bulgarian FSC require all licensed brokers to maintain certain level of operational capital, as well as to keep all clients funds in a segregated, protected form creditors account.  In some cases brokers are even obliged to insure traders money.


FCA and CySEC brokers for example have to participate in client compensation schemes. Under the FCA backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme traders can receive back up to 50 000 GBP of their capital in case their broker goes insolvent, while under a similar insurance mechanism, traders with CySEC brokers can receive back up to 20 000 EUR. Here you can check our list of brokers licensed by CySEC:


>>Forex brokers in Cyprus<<


XtraderFX poses as a crypto exchange



In its presentation XtraderFX says “it is the latest and most cutting-edge service delivering trading in crypto currencies”. However, in our view they are the latest of a series of unregulated CFD brokers, posing as a crypto exchange to take advantage of the huge interest toward the crypto markets since late 2017. Here you can check our list of brokers also offering Bitcoin CFDs:


>>Bitcoin Forex Brokers<<


No demo account available


Unfortunately we were not able to open a Demo account with  XtraderFX and as they give no information about their trading conditions – spreads and leverage, here you may want to check our list of brokers, offering tighter spreads:


>> Lowest spread forex brokers<<


Unusual withdrawal conditions


On XtraderFX website in the Terms and Conditions section we read that in order to withdraw your funds, you will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of: the bonus you received, times the leverage, times 40 (Bonus x Leverage x 40) and that in our view is highly unusual. Have a look:



No information about the minimum deposit requirement



Unfortunately there is no information in the presentation about the minimum deposit requirement to open an account with XtraderFX. Have in mind that with most brokers you can start trading with less than 250 USD, while some big names like FBS and IG does not have a minimum deposit requirement at all.




XtraderFX is an unregulated broker, attempting to attract customer while posing as a crypto exchange. As we already discussed, investing funds with unregulated entities comes with a significant risk of loosing your money to scammers.

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Australia, Cyprus ASIC, CySEC MT4, MT5,
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Cyprus, UK, South Africa, UAE CySec, FCA, FSCA, DFSA MT4, MT5, Web $5 Review Website
Cyprus, UK CySEC, FCA MT4, MT5 $1 Review Website
UK FCA MT5 $5 Review Website
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for Mac
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Australia, UK ASIC, FCA MT4, MT5,
$200 Review Website

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I cannot withdraw back my 250 dollars

I've deposited 250 dollars to withdraw my funds and now they want 1100 dollars more to make an exchange so that I can get all funds due to me. Are this people legal? I cannot withdraw back my 250 dollars

Busisiwe 07/24/2019


Hej är det någon som vet något om XtraderFX ? Kommer vi få några pengar tillbaka? Kan vi göra något ?

Translated by Google:

Hi there is anyone who knows anything about XtraderFX? Will we get any money back? Can we do something?

Mikael 05/17/2019

XtraderFX - help

Lost alot of money. Very much.
And agree on most of the comments below.
Any suggestion what to do?

Peter 05/13/2019

XtraderFX - Hjälp

Hej kommer jag få tillbaka mina €5000 EURO är det någon som vet hör av er tacksam för all hjälp

Translated by Google:


Hello, I will get back my € 5000 EURO it is someone who knows hear thank you for all the help

Mikael 05/08/2019

Is there any organisation that can help to get funds back

Scam all the way. Wanted bank details for more money to invest, he even asked if i was lazy because i didn't give them out. I then sent the paperwork necessary to get deposit returned have heard nothing. It was only a £300 investment but too much for me to lose.

Does anyone know if the email address below is legitimate?

Philomena Maria 04/24/2019

XtraderFx closed down

This Company is closed down, and the leadership is in custody. is searching victims for XtraderFx. They are probably waiting for a trial.

Krister 04/20/2019

Missing funds

Everything looked rosy at the beginning. Then my contact was changed, who has since left the company, then another contact was given to me, but I have not heard from them for over a month.
Have I been conned?

Ivor Lethbridge 04/08/2019

Hej kommer man få tillbaka mina pengar? Är det någon som vet något hör av er mvh Mikael

Translated by Google:

Hi will you get my money back? Is there anyone who knows something belongs to you, Mikael

Mikael 04/03/2019

I have 28000 missing

I have 28000 missing through xtrader

Colin Harrison 03/30/2019

XtraderFx Scam, Estafa, Betrug

The scam XtraderFx is closed down and there is an ongoing class action against them by EFRI. Some other of those Bulgarian-Israeli websites are as well included in the cation.

austin 03/26/2019

What is happening?

I want to know that what is happening concerning with funds i was deposited and open position until now it is to difficult to see that what is happening . my account when I want to open is not allowed which means we are dealing with scams.

Do something to notify people that what is going on , and how can we get our funds back in to this scam people in this company . Do you mean that is going to be easy again to invest our funds in to this companies? if they treat us like this ? how can we know that we are dealing with scams when you receive a call or emails which on is good or not?

Gloria Mbambela 03/26/2019


Hej kommer man få tillbaka mina pengar? Är det någon som vet hör av er

Translated by Google:

Hi will you get my money back? Is anyone knowing to hear from you

Mikael levins 03/22/2019

ripped off

Opened an account,deposited money,started trading and making a profit and now i cant get hold of them or access my account

Wes Ash 03/20/2019


They took my 1500 EUR and then gave the wrong signal. This is their trick so tell you something but trade in the house against you. This way they put your hard-earned money into their bloody dirty pocket!
I have already reported to FCA ( which is the UK Authority. Please do the same because RIGHT NOW Authorities are investigating this fraudulent company for scam and fraud. Their website is down and only a message can be seen.
I'm urging you to report whatever happened to you and what they have done to your money so that either we can get our money back or ban this company from scamming others.


soshiyant 03/09/2019

x trader fx scam

Invested some money with xtraderfx and lost it all.
Firstly they were a dot com site then shut down and re opened as a dot net site , shut down again now I cant get them.

I was suspicious so only invested a small amount.

They were constantly on the phone daily trying to get me to invest more.

I did try and withdraw what money I had left but they didn't let me coming up with lame excuses..

Stay away from them , scam artists and rip off merchants.

thomas beveridge 03/08/2019

Scam company

I am telling to everyone please please don't trade in this company it's scam and fraud they took all my money £3000
and they changed my password, I couldn't login and this company now disappeared and I couldn't claim my money back because this company is in authorized.

Jamila Ismael 03/05/2019

XtraderFX site is down

I lost my money by this company.The site is off line.

Dear Customer,

Currently we are experiencing a technical issue on the system. We also regret to inform you that our company is in the process of ceasing its operations. This is due to new license and regulatory requirements.

Please direct any questions and/or claims to the relevant department using the following email address:

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

You will be contacted in due course,

Kind regards

Xtraderfx Support Department

Anita 03/05/2019

Very, very pushy and they managed to help me loose all my money

I invested £50 with these guys - I had a lot of pressure to invest more -£2000 to £3000. They asked me to open an app that effectively gave them control of my screen ( but they did not initially tell me this) and then the broker who was advising me on investments typed in £2500 to the 'add funds ' box - luckily my bank blocked this.

He got quite aggressive on the phone when I refused to invest more - I said asked him to show me how the investing worked as I had not invested previously but he did not ever answer any of my questions, just kept pressuring me to invest more.

With his advice I managed to loose £150 in my first investment, I did not use the account for 30 days as was very busy over Christmas and also had a few family emergencies. Due to this £100 was removed from my account - and now I can't get onto the site at all but reading this I don't think I will be able to get any money back at all.

Leave these nasty guys alone!

sarah chapman 03/05/2019


komme seit heute nicht mehr auf deren seite. hättet ihr eine mailadresse ?

Translated by Google:

Do not come on their site since today. do you have an e-mail address?

Benjamin Schick 03/04/2019

Scam emails

Scammed last year and have been unable to recover my initial deposit. This morning I received 2 emails. Is this legit?

Brokers Community received complaints from traders about XtraderFX
which prompted investigating this platform.

Sequel to this, I am assigned by the Brokers Community to reach you
and offer you a one-time opportunity to take back your deposit
you made to XtraderFX, using our "Take Back Your Deposit" Program.

Objectives of the "Take Back Your Deposit" program:

1. As the name implies, you take back 100% of the Deposit you made.
2. Geared towards giving members of the trading community 100% access
to their funds in the financial market.
3. Believes in investment and capital is to yield profits.

Get enroll now by replying to this email with your contact phone number
and your own story about XtraderFX.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any question.

Pauline Lawton 03/01/2019

Another Scam

definate bunch of crooks. lost £5k didnt even trade just asked for money back within two weeks which was untouched.

Colin Ross 02/28/2019

Scammers - steer clear

I recently deposited £300 into my so called trading account with XTRADERFX, i was dealing with a guy of the name of Mike Zoss, supposedly a senior trader.

I had a suspicion that this was a scam when i was required to submit my personal details such as a copy of my bank account details, proof of address and picture id in order to make a withdrawal but obviously it was to late by then as i had already made the deposit and in order to try and retreave my £300 back i had to submit these personal items.

So now they have not only conned me out of £300 but they have now got all my personal details which they will now most definitely use for there fraudulent purposes.

I have had to inform my bank and close my account, informed the police and wil inform the fraud department. people must be warned to steer clear of these scammers at all costs.

Stuart Powell 01/20/2019

Xscammed Trading

I'd singed to XtraderFX then the my account manger had a short talk on the phone to encourage me to make deposit to start on trading Xtrader platform the he taught me to select XRPEUR to hate an open trade he'd name is Nicholas Shepherd the had asked me to put 50 on volume in lot the suddenly, my initial deposit of 300 Euro, 250 Euro gone in a flash, i'd emailed the support service to ask the why my deposit was suddenly had disappeared. they'd had failed to give a good answer, I had realized that my account manager is thief, who have the only and responsible to my account, the next day Nick had asked to deposit again, then i had presumed it would loss again if i have to deposit again to filled my account. after that, i'd never heard again of Nick again. my membership was allowed me to visit the trading platform so often to make my self familiar with trading market with 1.20 EURO on the panel dormant. Then another senior had asked to deposit, after our long talk on the phone. then their site become unreachable...

Arielle B. Cruz 01/17/2019

new customer

I am still linked to this site and have shown a slight profit although they have just changed the domain address this morning

I have not yet tried to withdraw funds but the facility is there

Are you advising this is definitely a scam

David Llewellyn 01/15/2019

XTraderFX is a scam,

Don't use this company, Ben Walsh called me everyday telling me we were making big money, I put in US$20,000 and can't get anything back.
I was promised $2000 a month into my bank account, this has been nothing but lies.
Should I go to their office in Slough and talk with Ben Walsh?

David Werz 12/18/2018

Xtraderfx is a fraud company - my story

300 Euro deposited

1. broker call (a woman) on gasoline bet, she explains to me how I can bet 50 euros, which I then also did.
Tread independently Tread with approx. 50 euro loss aborted.

250 Euro to be paid out. Nothing happens because my account wasn't set up yet.
On the 28.11. E mail from you that everything is now clear.
250 euro cancelled for payment and again instructed. again nothing happens.

2. broker call he tells me what about Opec, he would have to access my account, I so stupid and read it. Suddenly he does something and puts without my agreement approx. 173 euros on Eurtry, had no idea what that is. I thought he wants to do something because of my payment.

There I was already stinke Sauer. I then immediately instructed me the remaining 75 euros to pay out.

3. broker on 6 Dec. witness my partner.
A Mr. Joshua Hoffmann calls me, Broker No. 2 has made a mistake, he wants to transfer me 300 euros back to my account, for that the Tread must be closed. He needs access to my PC, I again so stupid and leave it, he breaks off the thread and sets my account to almost 0 euros. I then sent my cancellation to you.

4th Broker on 10.12 I let me call back because I thought there is finally something doing, he tells me that I have made I loss (which I know), then I tell him my story how it came to it, suddenly was in it withendrin the conversation away. There was also no recall.

Message from 14.12. it was a demo account

I'll never see that money again.
!!!!!!!! This is a fraud company !!!!!!!!!!

Andrea L. from Germany 12/18/2018


Philippe van der Berg called me on Sunday 2nd December asking me to deposit more funds so that he may generate a bigger return,,, I said no but was willing to put in another £250 after taking my card details he emptied my account and has little or no contact since. Once it was discovered he said that he would put it back but I'm still waiting and he sent an email saying I was in big profits but have no access to my account ??

William g taylor 12/10/2018

scammed Friday 30Nov

I am usually very careful with my money, but I sussed this company when it was too late and only 2 hours after opening the account. Within that 2 hours I was bombarded with phone calls which I ignored and blocked. I do not like pressurised sales. Its the 5th day since I opened and I see my account is still showing the original investment after requesting a withdrawal and closing the account. You are unable to withdraw the funds without supplying all your personal details and photos of your credit card, utility bills and driving licence. This company smells of a rat! Unfortunately I wish I had done more research before i invested!

Robert Brooks 12/04/2018

A Big Scam

They got my card details and went out buying clothes. They should be closed down. Write to them. They never reply something should be done to stop them advertising they also keep calling you from a London number keep pestering you initially then you find out they have spent your money on luxury goods.
Make sure you change your Bank details straight away especially the card you used they are Scum

Jennifer 12/02/2018

XtraderFX SCAM

I got to the XtraderFX website via a link from a Daily Mirror net article which linked them to the Dragons Den Bitcoin episode. I decided to try this mainly because I had seen the programme and was fascinated, so decided to try. Clearly this is a fraudulant article.

People must understand that if you depoit funds (300 Euros), before trading you must send the following:

Colour passport style photo, Utility bill showing home address, colour photo of your debit card with first six and last four numbers visible, and the opposite side with your signature showing and CVC code blanked out.
Well, I will not give out that much personal information.

I had a conversation with someone from a London number, asking for a refund to the card I payed with. He claimed he wanted to help to avoid getting bad reviews and agreed to a refund. Except that to get the refund I had to send all those details!! He said this was necessary to avoid an accusation of money laundering. The company uses GPAY which is not regulated in the UK.
So that is the end of my research.

David Martin 11/20/2018

XtraderFX is absolute con

These people take your money claim to be investment advisors and get you to buy a position when the market is about to turn the other way, thereby creating a loss so the only way to get back is to invest more and they will give you credits but it is just a way to get you to invest more and loose more. If any one has made a profit using these people then let us know as far as I can see all they do is take your funds and when you have lost all they will then look for some other person to take money from. They say they are in the UK but that is just a billing address and you do not know where they are calling from. Be very aware about this company and do not invest with them. Be warned

Murray Keith 11/20/2018

Ask you bank for charge back

If you paid any money to this scamming company by either debit card or credit card ask your card supplier to claim your money back from Visa or Mastercard. This appears to be the only way you will ever get your money back. If you paid by bank transfer or wire ask your bank to claim your money back.

Ailsa Craig 11/20/2018

Taking money from my bank without my permission

I have been trying to contact this company to get my money back as they took money from my bank without my permission. Can someone please help me?
Maureen Morley

maureen morley 11/13/2018


I have tried to cancel right from the start.have tried phoning and emailing to no avail .I have contacted my bank and they are investigating them they took money without my permission I wish I could get my hands on these scamming BARSTARDS.My loss is £350 .I am absolutely disgusted with this company
R kilgour

Robert Kilgour 11/12/2018


I found out that they are not lisence trader i only know i started 300EUR with them but they took onother 2,000EUR on the same day in my credit account . Now they won’t listen when i told them I’m quiting. Can i get any help?

Teresita Hosaka 11/01/2018

Keep away from XtraderFX - it's a scam

Originally taken in by the Peter Jones/Dragons Den advert and signed up with CryptoPoint. Initially invested £300 which turned a profit in a matter of hours, so thinking this to be good I invested £5000 which also turned a profit. After a further £1500 was put in to recover a £3000 loss my account showed a balance of £7165.73. That's when I stopped, realising that I could not take out any funds or remove any of my original stake. It's the old poker school scam - let you win the first hand and then suck you in with a promise of greater gains! An interesting experience that has cost me £6800 and nothing to show for it. KEEP AWAY - IT's A SCAM!!!!!!!!

Martin Edwards 10/31/2018

Take them to the small claims court

The business is owned by Mr Georg Komisarov. He trades under the name of GPAY Ltd but , although his office is in Slough the business is in Bulgaria where he lives. I was taken in also by the Peter Jones advert and lost my money overnight so , when they would not respond to my e mails I reported them to the fraud department and also sent a report to the FCA. I then took out a summons against them for £300 plus £25 costs and I won the case. They have now been ordered by the court to pay me £325 forthwith, If they do not pay within 30 days I will ask the court to send in the bailiffs. I urge you all to do the same 3t4dwv

James Hope 10/28/2018

Liars and thieves

Would not let me have funds refund during cooling off period, rang consistently asking me to trade, wanted all my persoal details (i have had identity stolen before) so would not give, after all i did not have to give them when they accepted my money originaly. The pricks stopped me trading then shut me out of account altogether. Then lo and behold rang for more money to get the deal of a lifetime, they have not rang sinse

geoffrey stonehouse 10/26/2018

Scammed again

LOST $300

If this happened in a street by a pickpocket what action would a police take.
Why you can't touch some online scammers.

Shame on you. Hypocrites. Too big for British useless investigators.

Kourosh BAVARSAGH 10/22/2018

shut down?

Why cant this site be shut down . I find it bizzare that it is still allowed to trade online . iam I missing something

Carmel Bolton 10/21/2018

XtraderFX Losr £300

Beware of these Scammers! Cant believe I was taken in. Cannot access the account and don't answer emails. Have asked for refund but say to cancel I have to give more personel details. Not likely.
I have cancelled my debit card with my bank, as XtraderFX have the card number and 3 digit security code

if it sounds too good to be true it is!!!!!!!!

Janet 10/19/2018

I lost £300

I have been called by people from XtraderFX but when I mention I want to withdraw my money, they can't help. they just say you can do it online. Now if I could find the log in, then I would. The log in facility has disappeared. I feel very stupid for falling for it. I should have researched before giving my money to them. Lesson learned, the hard way.

Bella 10/17/2018

Worried about XtraderFX

I was worried at the outset and am more worried now as they are trying to get me to invest in the European Market and my current USA portfolio is performing badly

Glenn Stagg 10/15/2018

XtraderFX abzocke

probiere seit drei wochen meinen "accountmanager" zu erreichen. UNMÖGLICH !
nur wenn er die güte hat mit dir zu sprechen ruft er dich an.
fragen , welche man über die mainpage stellt, werden NICHT weitergeleitet. oder einfach gesagt, ins leere geschrieben
habe 15 mails an meinen manager geschrieben, 20 hilfemail über homepage verfasst und warte noch immer auf eine antwort oder kontakt.
man ist dem manager völlig ausgeliefert !!!!!!


Translated by Google:

try for three weeks to reach my "account manager". IMPOSSIBLE !
only if he has the goodness to talk to you he calls you.
ask which one puts over the mainpage, are NOT forwarded. or simply put in the blank
wrote 15 mails to my manager, wrote 20 help email on homepage and still waiting for an answer or contact.
one is completely delivered to the manager !!!!!!


Hanspeter Sutter 10/09/2018

I want my money back

I am unable to verify my account due to the fact that the original amount deposited was on a card that has been superseded with different numbers , although the account remains the same. I want my money back, they are refusing without me giving a whole load of details'. I WILL NOT TALK to the pushy cretins that call me. I can't even log into my account, I will probably have to write off 319 euro which they took which was more than I agreed.
They use sharp practise, I would avoid you if I had known. I want my money returning. I want a cheque to my house

Andrew Garnett 10/08/2018

XtraderFX - Finger weg davon

Habe mich zu einer 300€ Testeinzahlung verleiten lassen. Danach ging der Telefonterror los. Zum Schluss wollte man mich aller Gewalt am Telefon überreden eine Einzahlung von 5.000 bis 10.000 zu machen. Nur dann wird das Konto gemanagt und es werden einem Gewinnen von mind. 10% pro Monat versprochen. Als ich das nicht wollte hat sich in das Gespräch ein Senior Account Manager eingeschaltet und wollte mich noch häret puschen. Da ein NEIN nicht akzeptiert wurde habe ich einfach aufgelegt. Mein Geld habe ich angefordert und nach etlichen Mails und 10 Tage Wartezeit wurden mir nur 275€ wieder gutgeschrieben. Für was die 25€ Gebühr sein sollen ??? Lasst blos die Finger davon. Mein Senior Account Manager hatte einen starken slavischen Akzent und hieß Peter Brown !!! Da hätten ich schon auf meine Alarmglocken reagieren sollen.

Translated by Google:

I let myself be tempted to a 300 € test deposit. Then the telephone terror started. Finally, I wanted to persuade me all violence on the phone to make a deposit of 5,000 to 10,000. Only then will the account be managed and a reward of at least 10% per month will be promised. When I did not want to have in the conversation turned on a senior account manager and wanted to push me even harder. Since a NO was not accepted, I just hung up. I have requested my money and after several mails and 10 days waiting time, only 275 € have been credited back to me. For what the 25 € fee should be? Just keep your hands off it. My senior account manager had a strong Slavic accent and was named Peter Brown !!! Since I should have responded to my alarm bells.

Marian K 10/04/2018

XTraderFX a scam

Had an account with xtraderfx. On 16 September 2018 they just changed my trading account login password without informing me. Thus I couldnt access my trading account. At that point a had a live active trade. They then forwarded me the link to access. Guess what...I couldnt access the link. I complained again. They only told me....sorry for the inconvenience, they are busy with maintenace on their site/platform. Its the 21st today....still no access to my tradinh account. I most probably lost my funds because my trade are now going the oppisite direction. Thank you xtraderfx for being dishonest caniving thieves.

Andries Jooste 09/25/2018

my 300.oo

I would like my 300.00 back from your company if you could ring me on01246450222 to sort this out

ianadams adams 09/24/2018

Getting money back

300 pay in ,now account blocked on web site

Tim Nott 09/21/2018

It's scam

It's a scam .... After watching Dragons den invested £300 Asked for refund told I had to invest a further £1000 before they can refund !!!!! Don't think so.

Anthony Billson 09/19/2018

XtraderFX Account Access

I can't seem to access my account which currently has £700+ in it. I am still awaiting a response from their support team and also the guy that initially called me.

When I try to log in it states my email does not exist and when I try to re register it tells me my email is already in use. I have not changed either my email or password!

I feel sick as I may have lost my money/

Beverley Dawson 09/18/2018

site malfunction

the site cannot be found anymore , for now anyway! the minimum is 300gbp,I know because thats just what i paid a week ago, does anyone know anything about this site malfunction?

L Johnson 09/17/2018

scammed by XFX

l was taken in by the Dragons Den interview advertised on facebook to the sum of £500.

Robert Peter Baines 09/17/2018

XtraderFX abzocke

habe knapp 5.000 einbezahlt und komme seit 3 tagen nicht in mein konto
anscheinend "Absturz" meldete meine account managerin
Hände weg !!!!!

Translated by Google:

have paid almost 5,000 and come for 3 days not in my account
apparently "crash" reported my account manager
Hands off !!!!!

Sutter 09/17/2018

Login failed

Login doesn't work anymore, password restore neither
Money is away, nobody is answering my emails or calls...
Hands off!

Peter 09/17/2018

Xtraderfx - definitely scammers

Been appointed my fourth account manager they still won't return my money after they admit my first manager Victor Peterman misused my account. A bunch of scammers

Mr Alva Norman 08/27/2018

Scam - I wish I would have read this

I wish I would have read this review two weeks ago it would have saved me £300 pounds . When I signed up a woman from xtraders tried to get me to take a loan out for £25.000 by taking over my computer and filling in a loan requests.. I had to phone the bank and cancell the loan .. and now she phones me MST days and I don’t answer the phone ...

David cross 08/26/2018

I have been robbed

Hi, I don;t know how you lucky people are earning the 2 people who were dealing with my money they have taken away nearly £7000.00 and in ths world no one can imagine how depressed I am, so stressed. first time I had lost £ nearly 6000.00 and then this gentleman had been ringing me for 3 months, and at last convinced me that if I add more £1000.00 then he will get me my all £7000 and plus i will start earning the profit as well, MAY GOD HELP ME, wish I can get my money back, and not even 3 days and he has suspended my account as well. No one knows how badly I have been praying to GOD for my money. I am deeply sad, stressed and very bad level of depressed, GOD is watching, i am an elderly woman that monet was from my small pension pot, I wish someone can imagine and if they can suggest me to get my own money back, it's my own money not begging from anyone, I told him I am not earning these money are for bills. These people are very very cruel, actually more that cruel, they just want to fool vulnerable people. I am just thinking now its time that May GOD take me away because this is quite a big blow. But you pople are in good hands. Thanks to GOD. Wish I had known this before. I wouldn't have fallen into this trap.

Sam 08/19/2018

XtraderFX conditions for withdrawal

Deposited £400 using credit card,
Next day,not poss to activate acc??
Was puzzled,so rang number,was informed an assigned manager
Would activate it,he rang me,said would take around 40 mins to explain how it works and what sort of income I would be looking for,unfortunately never had time as at work-during that day after reading info about withdrawing,decided to withdraw my money.started live chat-and was told due to strict guidelines I had to send colour photos,driving licence,
Utility bill,credit card used(leaving out 4 numbers and Cvv number on back-would this be normal procedures???
Kind regards

Anthony ragusa 08/18/2018

Lost £4850, XtraderFX still asking more

I am so confused keep receiving calls from them and keep asking for more & more money, now I have been asked to deposit £1000.00 more and that's minimum. They say they will give my money back, but what's the guarantee then? So, confused

Nafisa Khambati 08/15/2018


I opened an account with £500. Instantly deluged with phone calls to urge me to lodge more funds. Decided quickly to withdraw all funds. This took 12 days and cost me £25. Chat desk very helpful though. I would not touch this site with a bargepole.

David Dunlop 08/14/2018

xtraderfx is scam

very bad lost my $2000 in one week, requested to sell crypto coin and it was automatically sold at lower price than I choose, they are cheater, not able to withdraw my $100 to close my account ,even account manager was frequently calling to put more money in my account. Account is not safe.
Never use this platform

j 08/13/2018

Too good to be true

I think I've been scammed to the tune of £300
I thought it was to good to be true and it was

Stuart van den Hoek 08/13/2018

consistent lose

why is it always when i fund my accound come back empty handed.and lost my fund.

Maxwel 08/11/2018

XtraderFX = CryptoPoint

Formerly cryptopoint. they are a total scam.
After some months I managed to get back my 3,000.00 euros.
Then due to a management decision they have disabled my account and kept the 700 euros that I had made.
Previous to this when I said that I was going to close the account 900 euros were deducted from my account without any explanation.
Don't invest with these crooks!

michael stone 08/08/2018

Avoid XtraderFX!

Not impressed. I signed up on the internet. Had a phone call straight away. Got talked into putting £300 into account. I got held up with family issues so I couldn’t do any trading or anything. I wanted to take my money back from my account. I had to verify my account
Now I have verified I STILL cannot take my money out of my account although I haven’t actually done anything with it yet
Keep getting phone calls every day from Switzerland. Probably 6 a day.
I just want my money back !

Sara 08/01/2018


Scam, will not repay any funds, claims to have an issue with their payment provider but can take more funds from you

Matthew Savage 07/31/2018

XtraderFX - Withdrawal of funds

$250us deposited after being talked into the deducting ss my bank would not allow transaction
Decided to withdraw on the 7/7/18 still have not seen funds even though I have contacted them
Now 18/7/18 still no funds returned even though the sight says funds returned
Not holding my breath and yes they are still ringing me to reinvest
Do not invest
A true trading company would have returned funds and yes many hurdles to cross to ensure your identity
They may still refund but a scam it is looking more likely

Mark Wilson 07/18/2018

Scam Scam

This type of Trading is a Big Big SCAM, they are not licensed and it is like throwing your money to the pigs. I lost my money investment here and its a bad experienced.

Bart 07/17/2018


I think I’ve been scammed by xtraderfx out of 4000euro. I can’t get any reply from any of the contact details & the phone numbers I have tried all come up as disconnected.

Adrian Zerna 07/06/2018

XtraderFX formerly Cryptopoint

Money went missing from my account when i said that i was going to close it down.
in may 2018 when i made my withdraw request for 1,700.00 they rejected the amount and put a new request for 1,000.00.
when i questioned this i was told that i was mistaken i was the only person that could change the amount.
a couple of weeks went past making calls every day, my account manager went missing to then be told my account had been suspended...but they could not tell me why.
fobbed off until they said that there was a problem with making the payment to the call they had previously made to?
requested bank details to make the swift payment...not that swift!
has now been 10 days since they received and still being fobbed off!
This is a total scam stay well clear of these con artists!

michael stone 07/05/2018

XtraderFX is Awful

Do not invest or put your money here, your initial advisers will stop offering advice as soon as you refuse to put more money on your account, at that point you will be moved onto another one etc etc you can guess the scam.

The bonus conditions make it virtually impossible to withdrawal funds without receiving a penalty.

Matthew Savage 07/02/2018
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