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Wise Banc Review - is it scam or safe?

Wise Banc Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 63 REVIEWS Wise Banc
Wise Banc is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Basic $250 1:400 7 pips
Bronze Unspecified 1:400 6 pips
Silver Unspecified 1:400 5 pips
Gold Unspecified 1:400 4 pips
Platinum Unspecified 1:400 3 pips
Diamond Unspecified 1:400 2 pips


While Wise Banc’s website gives some details about their trading offer, its presentation on trading conditions is definitely unpolished. There are 6 account types, but the broker has announced only the minimum investment level of the Basic one, as well as the spreads. That being said, there are more uncertainties regarding Wise Banc. Read the whole review for further information.



Wise Banc Advantages



Many financial instruments

Actually, there aren’t many strong sides of this broker’s offer. One of the few things we like about Wise Banc is that it offers trading in many currency pairs, and various CFDs, including on indices, commodities, stocks, as well as cryptocurrencies. The latter are the newest instrument on financial markets and are very popular lately. Wise Banc offers the most popular coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash, which are traded against USD, AUD and EUR.


However, we would advise you to choose a well-regulated crypto broker, as Wise Banc is not licensed.



>> Regulated Bitcoin brokers <<



Islamic accounts available
Another possible advantage of Wise Banc is the support for swap free accounts. This is a rather common feature among forex brokers, who target Muslim investors.


High leverage levels

Leverage is a controversial, yet inseparable element of forex trading. Although high leverage ratios involve greater risk, they are appreciated by many traders because of the opportunity they provide for opening larger positions.



Wise Banc Disadvantages


Not regulated

Wise Banc is allegedly owned and operated by Orion Service EOOD, a company based in Bulgaria that says it has branches in Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. However, the company is not licensed by Bulgaria’s financial markets and service providers’ regulator, the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), nor by any other governmental agency. This is a major red flag that basically means that Wise Banc is not a reliable broker.


High fixed spreads

When we opened Wise Banc’s web-based platform, we found the spread on the most liquid pair, EUR/USD, fixed at 3 pips. The spread announced on the broker's website for the basic account type is even higher - 7 pips for this pair.



Considering the current state of the forex market, these are very wide spreads. The majority of fixed-spread brokers provide 2 pips spread for this pair, and variable ones are usually lower. For further information and comparison, check the below link.



>> Compare the spreads of top forex brokers <<



MT4 platform not available

Instead of the renown MetaTrader 4 (MT4), Wise Banc offers its services via a web-based trading platform, which is too simplified. It has no technical analysis tools, no stop loss or take profit orders for proper risk management, and no automated trading strategies.



This platform cannot be compared to the industry leading MT4, which is loved and praised by many traders for its reliability and professional functionalities.



>> A list of MT4 brokers <<



Different account types not mentioned clearly

As we mentioned in the beginning, trading conditions on different account types at Wise Banc are not specified clearly on the broker’s website. This is obviously a weak side, as possibly different accounts have different maximum leverage levels, minimum trade sizes, and minimum investment requirements.

Opening an account not easy

We tried to sign up with Wise Banc to test its services, but failed to do so. A message saying “We do not accept leads from specified country” kept popping out, no matter which country is selected.


Negative user reviews

As we did our research on Wise Banc for the purposes of this review, we came across a number of negative reviews. Most people claimed they have been scammed by the broker, and given the overall impression we got, this might be true.





Wise Banc offers nothing special in the world of forex: trading in currency pairs and wide range of CFDs on some web platform, high fixed spreads, and a lot of uncertainty regarding the company behind it. The latter is the most disturbing of all. We keep reiterating in our reviews that the legal status of a forex broker is the most important element to look for when choosing with which company to invest.


The biggest risk for those who decide to trade with a broker that is not regulated is that the latter might simply disappear with their money.  That being said, you’d better take a look at the link below and choose among forex companies operating legally in the UK – one of the most popular forex destinations globally.

>> FCA-licensed forex brokers <<



Here is a summary of this review


Pros Cons
Many financial instruments Not regulated
Up to 1:400 in leverage High fixed spreads
Islamic account No MT4
  Different account types not mentioned clearly
  Opening an account not easy
  Negative comments


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message to doubt

Close your bank account immediately, although its probably too late, these scum are ruthless and rob you blind.

c s hirst 01/18/2019


I was approached by a woman who said she was calling from London. I suspect soon everything I did not deposit. however I gave in my data and debit card number. am I at risk for having given this data?

Liliana 01/17/2019

A Scam

I initially invested $500 US dollars in Wisebanc as I was looking for a company to trade in commodities for me, I was advised that my funds were insufficient to allow them to trade on my behalf, I was then asked to invest a further $2000 us which I unfortunately did, after further phone calls I discovered that the minimum required to have them trade for you is $5000 us dollars, by now I was starting to get suspicious of this company and asked for my money back, this is when things got nasty, l was advised by my account manager that I needed to make a minimum of 5 trades before I can receive a refund, as I was in the dark As to how to trade we opened up the trading platform and the account manager gave me advise as I traded. The 1st trade I made a profit of about 100us dollars, Approx 1 week later we traded again making 2 trades, on checking my account the next day all but 49us dollars was left in my account making a loss of $2451 US dollars, unfortunately that was the last I heard from my account manager and any atempts to contact him was blocked. I have not given up trying retrieve my money and will continue to advise anyone who wants to deal with these scumbags to stay well clear. P.S.does anyone not if it is legal to force a trader to trade to get there money back. Your feedback would be appreciated, Thank You.

Evan Gwilliam 01/11/2019

I think I’ve be scammed

I deposited £250 into our wisebanc account and called Vathroom next day asking to give them access to my computer to show me how to trade! I told them I don’t think so and to give some time to investigate the company, he said that’s fine and said he would send me an email to verify my account to Provide two forms of ID and the credit card that are used to open the account which I’ve not sent yet out of fear I’ll be losing more then £250 which I’ve tried to withdraw the funds only to find out you can’t, When I asked him why he told me that I could’ve use some illegal funds to open this account and that’s why they need to verify who I am and where the funds came from catch 22 anyway I don’t know what to do and I’m just asking friends or whether or where I can get help to try and get my money back at least and I won’t be doing this again

Darrel 01/08/2019


They started nicely explaining and slowly took 3000 dollars from me with lots of promises although i meant to make some money to help for proceeding my serious operation for a liver transplantation..but nothing and now they even do not reply to me..

Hosam Elhanafy 01/07/2019

Scam stay faaaaar away!!!!

This company is not registred broker . Forget about get back your deposit. They inform you it takes 12 days means ( never ) SCAM SCAM

Tomasz 01/04/2019

Not to be trusted

I invested £250 on the basis of advertising which said I would be trading on a Bitcoin platform.

They attempted to draw more funds off the card I used without my authority
Have traded with my funds despite my demand to stop and close the account
Make a diferent excuse in reply to each email as to why my money cant be refunded yet

Don't go near them

Martin Sandilands 12/30/2018

WiseBank is a scam operation

I received an email promoting an opportunity to get access to iproinvestors for 2 months for FREE. After which I would be given an option of a lifetime membership for a one-off payment of $2,997USD. I opened an account with iproinvestors which gave me access to their website. Upon entering my account on their website I was advised that my Broker was WiseBanc and to fund the account. I funded the WiseBank Broker account with the minimum accepted amount of $250USD. Within minutes I received a phone-call from Manchester UK from a person claiming to be 'Jonathon' who advised me to invest $250USD with them because WiseBank charged fees of up to 70% of the total of any withdrawals. Jonathen told me to hurry and invest $250USD with him and in the meantime he would approach WiseBanc and secure a 100% refund of my $250USD deposit with them which would be returned to my bank account via Visa Card within a few hours. I immediately 'smelt a rat' and informed Jonathon that I had insufficient funds available on my Visa Card and I would have to wait until the withdrawall of $250USD from WiseBanc arrived in my Visa Card account. Jonathon immediately pressured me to use another Visa or MasterCard account to deposit $250USD with him which I refused. Jonathon then told me to go to my account on the WiseBanc site and withdraw my $250USD myself. When I attempted to make the withdrawall it became obvious that a withdrawall wasn't possible and these scammers had stolen $250USD from me. I did some research and found that WiseBanc and iproinvestors originated in Bulgaria in September 2018. They were operating out of Manchester UK using a cellphone and Melbourne Australia using a local phone number. It is a well organised SCAM operation involving several individuals. Because their websites are well presented and the phone scripts used on victims are so slick and believable hundreds if not thousands more unwary victims will be robbed before these 'low-life' menaces to society get locked-up and their websites are BLACKLISTED.

Ben 12/24/2018

Professional thieves

They are organised with many sites in Italy, seems to be everything the beginning, the never give you back money, they call you many times just to bother you.
Fortunaly only 250 but I'll cancel my credit card
they have also my id, I'm scared of what they can do

Max 12/22/2018

bad broker

wisebanc are fcking scammers ,they keep collecting money from you without given you nothing. please run for your lifes

douglas 12/17/2018

Can't withdraw money

I am cheated . Can't withdraw my money .they are compelling to trade .

Sarin pakkan 12/13/2018

I won't say until I get a call or email from Wisebank

I won't say just now how I feel.
However, if I DO NOT GET A RESPONSE WITHINN 24 hours I will contact the Grain dept of New Zealand police and write the most scathing report about this outfit.
Tony m

Tony Marink 12/10/2018

Terrible experience ....Scammers

These people cannot process a withdrawal.

I've been trying to get my money out since mid-March.
I've given them all my banking information: routing number, acct number... and they cannot manage to produce the withdrawal.
I would not trust them at all. They seem dishonest.
I kept getting messages saying they are working on it, but it never came until I had to seek the help of admin @ options refund,com
I am forever grateful to these guys .

Mary 12/07/2018

WiseBanc is a fraud!! You will never get it back! Don't do it!

It's easy to make an account, and its easy to deposit 250$ Immediately you can recon it for lost. Then they will ask you for more and you can never make a withdrawal without speaking to a senior adviser. He will never speak to you about the withdrawal,- only about depositing more money. There is no way that they will make a withdrawal for you. This is a on-way money deposit, and it's nothing but a fraud. I'm sorry. Don't spend time on WISEBANC, and by all means don't invest money. Give them rather to a humanitarian organisation that at least will do some good with it. Invest money in your own hometown bank. They will help you, and your money will be yours all the way.

Stig Pedersen 12/07/2018

Additional deposit required

I was persuaded to deposit $500.00 and later another $500.00 to earn a profit. Yes! I was told that if I do not deposit the additional $500.00, I would lose the first $500.00 I had deposited.

Joseph Sweeting 12/06/2018

Wisebanc - High pressure phone calls

High pressure salesperson phoned. Seems they had set up an account in my name and want me to fund it. went online and confirmed a "silver" account had been set up. Scam comes to mind...

David Bamford 12/03/2018

Wise banc - credit card scan

We paid our $250 Usd and were immediately contacted to scan our credit both sided, and also send a scan of drivers licence. I then realised that these scans could be used to steal my identity and did not wish to go any further. Since October unwise banc have phoned me about 25 times.I have told them repeatedly that I want my money back,only to be informed that I had to verify my account first.That means I need to email to them scans of the two documents.

This would mean they could print off another card to use my funds themselves..

They phone I think from Bulgaria, and their calls come from local (New Zealand) numbers,after I blocked those numbers they now are calling on seemingly British numbers.

I first discovered their advertisement on Facebook, they are using TV Celebrities and promoting them trying to trade and being successful this is very sneaky as the celebs have not conceited to it, and it makes their product look good.I needed to cancel my credit card to safeguard ,
Karen Hunter

Karen 11/30/2018

Good..scary. Thanks

I just signed up with wisebanc.250 us
They said they dont use metatrader4..correct and mentioned that i can lose my money investing manually and suggested am seeing you said they have no proper automation system?but hiw do you know this if you couldnt get to investigate them.Also is it customary for brokers to invest persons money or rather trade for them? This is scary info you sent..Thank you so much.

Catruna 11/25/2018

Wisebanc ist ein riesiger Betrug!

Aktuell bekomme ich von der WiseBanc noch mehr als 51.000,00 €.
Seit mehr als 3 Monaten zahlt die angebliche Bank jedoch nicht aus.
Wenn Sie bei dieser Bank mit Trading tatsächlich gewinnen, wird einfach nicht ausgezahlt. Die meisten werden sowieso verlieren. Wenn nicht hilft diese Bank sogar nach. Das ist meine selbst erlebte Erfahrung.

Translated by Google:

Wisebanc is a huge scam!

Currently I get from the WiseBanc even more than 51,000.00 €.
For more than 3 months, however, the alleged bank does not pay.
If you actually win at this bank with Trading, you just will not get paid. Most will lose anyway. If not, this bank will even help. This is my self-experienced experience.

A. Riedel 11/20/2018

Wise Banc - a big fraud

Hi all,

I also invested 250 euro and without my knowledge they invested some amount and said remaining is 171 euro out that 30 euro will be there fee for withdrawal.

Verification of account is necessary for withdrawal. after all if you are able to put request for withdrawal , it will be just in processing. I am waiting for few days and going to file a case against them and if I have to invest more money I will do that also to put all of them behind bars.
These kind of people are not for any mercy.

Ritesh 11/15/2018

Wisebanc Bunch of Thieves

They are crooks of note. Con you into investing your hard earned money and loss it on trades and come back saying we can hedge it and save your money but you need to invest more to do so. All have stage names and when you call back the account manager you were dealing with either doesn't work there anymore or is on leave. Most of the contradict themselves with the information and when you mention it to them they keep on changing stories. There platform is fake its a game which they control. If you check their HTML scripting on their site all relates to PrimeCFD and WMOptions the names they have used before to scam people. They will never give anyone their money back. They are quick in taking your money but will refuse to give it back. They use different accounts in each country which is registered under a company name in that country using the countries bank to receive payments from people and then the money is transferred out to their offshore accounts. Money laundering crooks. Heartless people but what goes around comes around.

Rara 11/14/2018

I got done too

I wish I had seen these reviews prior to being sucked in by these low lifes. Total scam. I had a loss of $250 US which is not as bad as some as these other poor people. I hope these shit humans get what's coming to them.

Adam Smith 11/09/2018

Stay away from Wisebanc

I invested $250 with them. I saw this the day after and so I requested my money back. They first rang me trying to say that I could leave with more money which is around 2500$ if I stayed in. I said I just wanted my money back and had to keep chasing and chasing. Eventually, I got a call from a so-called manager alexender saying that he will process the refund if I followed his instructions. I kept saying I do not what to get back my money and he kept saying he will process and I would get the money back within 2 day

Rar 11/06/2018

Wisebanc Bank accounts

Hello !

if someone have details about bank accounts from wisebanc please write it here! its very important! the User who has written before from australian Bank deposit please give us more details! thank you very much! and please go to the police and make a complaint, ! thats also important!!!

User 11/04/2018

Scam wise banc.. please beware

It's fraud , they took my money and I verification they ask card details also.

You can not withdraw your money.

Please don't invest in wise banc.


Ritesh Jain 11/03/2018

verification complaint

want investigation have allready verified a/c and am unable to withdraw they keep saying must put more money because they give bonuses everytime build up some trades they force to invest larger amounts and they lose they guarantee cant lose because all hedged please help me total money sent about $30000 AMD they say they have thousands of customers what is the government body that controls these banks in Australia they are held accountable teri

elef (teri) kalamistrakis 11/01/2018

Been scammed by Wisebanc

I really wish I had seen these messages before I invested £250 with them. I saw this the day after and so I requested my money back. They first rang me trying to say that I could leave with more money if I stayed in. I said I just wanted my money back and had to keep chasing and chasing. Eventually I got a call from a so called manager saying that he will process the refund if I followed his instructions. I kept saying if I do what you are asking me i would be trading and he kept saying no I am trying to process your payment anyway he said i would get the money back within 2 days. After i came off the phone i then got an email to say my withdrawal request had been cancelled because there was trading activity on the account. So when i emailed the customer service team they said unfortunately I had traded with them so I wont be getting my £250 back. I could not believed they just lied to me and tricked me into trading so they would not have to give me back £250. SO A WARNING TO ANYONE ELSE....STAY CLEAR FROM THIS COMPANY. I wanted to complain to someone but because they are unregulated there is no one you can actually go and speak to. I have read some of the stories with people losing thousands and my heart truly goes out to them because i feel pretty sick to know that I have been robbed of £250 let alone of it was thousands.

Natasha 10/16/2018

Wisebanc Scam

in the past they were Options XO then they closed down and changed there Name to wmoption then to prime cfds and now to Orion Service EOOD in Bulgaria is Fake !! and are also like regulated companys they useing them tarned to reach the market was stopped because if you signed up you were spammed from the unregulated companys from them ! wisetrader was a product from F1 Markets ltd. in Cyprus same Website design / Acount Types and other things.

and this companys are from the same scamers: / / / and they are all connecting to to a Server in the U.S. leverate is also in Israel and Cycec regulated !

if you have payd in by a Company Sim Pay LLC

i have found out that this is a company who was opened by Mr. Jason Shanbaum a laywer who has an law office in New York: (he was giving the scammers in israel the bank accounts that the victims can pay in). Jason Shanbaum is born on 23.08.1982 he lives in Edison, NJ. in the past he was living in Brooklyn, NY. who he has his law office.

Sim Pay LLC DOS ID: 5032294 1204 Coney Island Avenue Suite 100, Brooklyn, New York 11230 C/O LAW OFFICES OF JASON B. Shanbaum PLLC other Adress: 3016 Avenue L, Suite 101 Brooklyn, NY 11210
i have found this: this was an complaint from a Israel laywer who made a complaint in israel by the district court in Tel Aviv the same scamers were defrauding me and my Mother: please read the pdf on the page 439 you see a bank account by Sim Pay LLC there also my Mother was paying in by the JP Chase Bank over XXXXX,- EUR Sim Pay LLC 4403 15 th Avenue Suite 430, Brooklyn, NY 11219, USA JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Account: 896615659 Swift: CHASUS33 Routing NR: 21000021 my Mother also made wire transfers to the bank of america to sim pay llc, (you can read here). a Japan Women was defrauded over 10,- Million USD by them.

Ms. Loke did not realize her trading experience was apparently fake until The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury Department stepped in. Page 41 of the lawsuit states that, Counting House, the third-party payment processor OptionsXO allegedly used was blacklisted in the United States as a criminal organization, and this is the reason why Mr. Shanbaum was opnening bank accounts with the company Sim Pay LLC for the scammers. Page 439 = Sim Pay LLC !

Toro Media ltd. (now Asgard Delta Marketing ltd.) ! name changed !
Rehov Arieh Shenkar 5
4672505 Herzliya

now we have find them bastards ! People go to the Police at your Home Town and make a complaint this is very important ! and make a complaint by the FBI: they use servers from / Amazon / Google LLC / Michigan State University / Inktomy Corporation etc... and they are in New York the FBI only do something if it has do to with the U.S.A

i have writen them a long letter and if they do not give the Money back i will make all Public over 500 MB Data with screenshots recordings same ip adresses from the trading Software / offshors and others, they have not give the Money back !

greetings Remote-Sonic01 (Austrian Hacker).

Remote-Sonic01 10/14/2018

Wisebanc Scam/ Toro Media scam

OptionsXO? WMOption? PrimeCFDs? Do these ring any bells?

Of course they do. You should at least know about the OptionsXO scam, that has been out in the public since last year ( , ).

By the way, it is said all over the internet that Birman Law is also a scam, working together with those fraud israeli firms, so don't start dreaming that they would be any help if you've been scammed.

But let's talk more about our friend, Wisebanc (aka OptionsXO aka WMOptions aka PrimeCFDs).

It all started somewhere in 2014-2015 in Israel, Herzliya, to be more precise. The name of the company was Toro Media, having as their owner and CEO Tomer Levi, operated by Omni Capital.
Once more and more israeli scams were discovered, authorities started to do their jobs, banning all binary options scammers from Israel, so they had to find somewhere else to operate from. Where did OptionsXO (at the time) move to? Romania, the land of opportunities when it comes to binary scams.

Where are they located?
They only have 2 offices left, after their attempt to work under a Cysec regulated platform as well (Wise Trader in 2017, located in Bucharest at first, and later on in Cyprus). Since 2016, they have the main offices in Bucharest, Romania (retention office: Calea Floreasca 169, 2nd floor, 'Toro Telemarketing', and conversion office also in Bucharest, under the same name), but they are also located in Kiev, with one office, operation both conversion and retention. Their bank accounts are obviously in the Marshall Islands, Belize, Bulgaria, Romania.

How they operate:
The employees use fake 'stage' names, everyone of them has a fake background story, lie about the place they are located in (at first, they used to say the office was in the UK, in Liverpool, later on they started saying they were in Bulgaria, right next to Romania, when, in fact, they were in Romania).

There are two main departments in the office:
- conversion: account managers: their jobs is to call clients who just registered, lurking them into making a deposit; they are not allowed to talk to the employees from the other department about customers (they are working in separate offices as well), as they are not allowed to know much about the business, other than they have to convince clients to deposit and the so-called senior account manager is going to take it over from there;
-retention: senior account managers: this is the real boiler room, where the real scammers do their jobs, calling clients who deposited and tricking them into depositing larger amounts of money, so they can profit faster, opening 'successful' trades for them, so it look real; the real magic is how they use Team Viewer so they can see how much money a client has in his bank account, or how they steal money from their account without approval, passing all bank security layers. If a customer dares to say he doesn't want to put more money into the account, they push and push and eventually, they tell him he's on his own then, starting trading the initial deposit without customers being aware of it (therefore, the customers lose even the initial deposit).

How do they get customers?
Through scam adds, such as The Bitcoin Code, The Bitcoin Revolution, The Crypto Code or by buying data from other companies.

Why Wisebanc aka OptionsXO aka WMOptions aka PrimeCFDs?
The reason they change the platform's name so often is because:
1. too many bad reviews online, so it's hard to trick people;
2. being blacklisted by the banks, so transactions won't work (unless they are using China made terminals);
3. good way of erasing customers from their database and stealing their money.

Once you're in, you will never get out. Biggest scam company operating on the market, stealing customers money (not only money they invest, but also make transactions without customers approval, never allowing withdraws , very aggressive, using a fake platform (claiming it's regulated by Cysec), getting warnings and fines from different authorities).

If you happen to have invested with these scammers, go to a bank with all you have against them (screenshots of the conversations, recordings, bank statements, emails) and start a dispute against them (Chargeback).

Wisebanc is a scam 10/13/2018

Con artists

Scammed me out of R80000. Con artists

Noelene Bredenkamp 10/12/2018

Staw Away

WiseBanc alias TraderVC alias WMoption alias PrimeCFDs.
Professional SCAMMERS. Your money gone guaranteed.
Please visit

Tibo 10/10/2018

Experience with Wise Banc

I think the way you advertise your self is great but the way things are done is not the same as in the advertisement. I opened account with you in July 2018 but till now I haven't trade even a cent. Your consultant will call and ask me to put in some money for the big trading but we haven't trade with the money I opened an account with,so I was wondering how things work.If you needed $500 in my account you should have said that from the onset, don't let me open the account then afterwards you ask for more money to trade.How will I risk my money while I have not seen the results on your side,have not trade since opening the account.And again you say when if you don't trade you money is been eating a bit by bit,how and why is the question I'm asking myself? I started doubting your ability and wonder if you're a scam or real deal

Chaka_Tsubella 10/09/2018

Wisebanc experience

I would NOT recommend that anyone trade with them. They look good and promise the world BUT you can't get your money out. They reckon they charge for non-use of their platform with a monthly fee plus other costs. The trader is supposed to give you a call which is only to talk you into not taking your money out and then HE is to give permission for your money to be withdrawn which will NEVER happen.

Biggest scam ever.
Also be careful of a reviewer promoting them cause I reckon it is one of their staff.
Something has to be done about these crooks.

Carole Bate 10/08/2018

The Company is not Real ....everything about this is fraud

This organization is not real.. do not believe in anything else you May Real from anywhere...your money is lost .. you Will never se a cent and there are No transactions behind the shaby system. There No Real people behind this. Do not send them money or any personal information. Just stay away.

Lets find the people behind and put Them to justice ...

Mike 10/08/2018

Scam scam scam

took Wisebanc seconds through 7 transactions to take thousands from my credit card before I could put stop to it.Actioned withdrawal notice but someone from Wisebanc cancelled it. Still trying to get money back. Dealt with Mr Glenn Stewart who I have to agree hoodwinked me.All I'm focused on is warning people not to get involved.

Brian Cox 10/06/2018

Wise Banc - Biggest Scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the opinions listed below is similar to what i have experienced.

I browsed the internet and came clicked on a linked and immediately agent called me, i need to register to the biggest opportunity. I did which i paid my registration fees for $250.00

One to two weeks passed with no feedback after i shared all the documents, then a account manager called whereby it was mentioned that we will have a long lasting trading relationship. Our engagement started on the 26 Sept.

Since that time, he checked in frequently, trading the $250.00

On Tuesday 02 Oct, i started questioning losses i made. On the Wednesday 03 Oct, i was called that a big event in the market, Bitcoin and now is the ideal time to trade. Screen shots and Bitcoin article was send. I will be able to recoup my fund Friday, 05 Oct. I need to deposit $10,000, however managed to secure $7,500 via credit card payment. The account manager very forcefull and agressive, stating, should i not invest i will be part of the biggest event. It was mentioned 5 bitcoin, profit $64k, 10 bitcoin, profit $137 K and 20 bitcoin, $220 K.

It was advised to continue with Forex where the largest P&L was $1,100. They qty traded was minimal. Friday 05 Oct, i receive a call from a different account manager, telling me my account manager is not available and i should trade certain accounts. Less than 2 hours later, i lost all my money. All my savings gone. I was advised to deposit more money which i do not have, and my account handed over to a financial advisor how to safe my portfolio.

After explaining and using foul language between the financial advisor, the following was discovered.

1. Account Managers commission is determined by the amount of money you deposit. Hence they so pushy and forceful.
2. Financial Adviser commission determined by withdrawal, no truth in that probably.
3. It was mentioned that all call are recorded.
4. They will assist to recover my lossed, not sure how much truth in that.

In order to safe my losses, i made another deposit after swearing at each other for more than 1 hour. When i asked for confirmation to be put on email, that i will be able to recoup my losses, the response was a email wont be able to recoup your losses but card for the market to recover.

When i raised the question, why the account managers give your the wrong advise and different are the account manager from the financial advise, another long story was spinned.

I'm putting this to other out there to be warned. I'm so deep in debt, it really not real and i pray that i will just be able to recover what i lost then im done with this company.

Warning other people is good, however cant anyone who comes accross the comments give advise what we can do to stop these people and recover monies. We tried to better our lifes by listening to these people, yet we taken for a ride

Basil 10/05/2018

Do not do it

Do not do it, I was talked into investing nearly all my credit card limit £6500 & lost the lot within a couple of days by being advised by their “expert traders”
By the look at other reveiws, I am not alone

Pat 10/01/2018


Total Scam Broker, do not work with them, all comments on this site are true.

Rosohl 09/27/2018

Wise banc scam

I have opened an account but then realised its not a trustworthy company and tried to withdraw my initial USD 250. They refuse to help me and two consultants put the phone down in my ear. I have laid a dispute with my bank but am trying to get my money back.

Louise 09/27/2018

No Feedback to start trading

I have opened a account more than two weeks and yet im waiting for my Broker to set me up to trade. Numerous emails was send where the response is standerd. “Your broker will be in contact with you at earliest convenience” What more frustating is that my account has been debited with USD 250.
I reside in South Africa and the rand / dollar exchange rate is not favourable.

Basil du Plessis 09/26/2018

Wise Banc - This is a scam

I opened an account with Wise Banc and deposited $250. I then decided to withdraw the fund on the 19th of September and still await my funds. They stated it will take 5 days, yet is been longer. Their consultants pretend that they cant hear me when i phone to enquire about my withdrawal.

This is a scam and i sadly lost my money.

Albertus Johannes Venter 09/26/2018

** WARNING : WiseBanc & FXTradeMarkets **

I have read and must agree with most negative posted about these companies.

Brief History.
From the onset, delays after delay, misinformation along with “extra” requirements not listed within their T&Cs, plus when they did answer, specific questions were not answered, effectively making all contact made pointless.

6th September 2018:
I made contact (web form) with ToolsTrade, who seemed independent regarding FX Signals.
They offered daily signals, without charge.
Upon receiving a call from Mark Savo ([email protected]) soon afterwards, I asked how they made money, as no charge was made from their end. Mark replied they once did charge, and now advertising covers income required.

He stated to trade to the best advantage, 3 accounts where needed:
1) WiseBanc
2) FXTradeMarkets
3) FXLeader

I questioned if these were regulated in the UK, with the answer YES, in Europe, not UK.

He then asked to go online via TeamViewer (or similar) so he could show me how to set up these 3 accounts. This went on for some time, as we opened these accounts (you also need to deposit at same time minimum deposit requirement), WiseBanc was opened with deposit £193.88 plus FXTradeMarkets deposit £259.93 (as per my bank statement dated 6th Sept)

I stopped just prior to opening 3rd account with FXLeader as things had moved too fast, and I needed a few more questions answered, research / check better before moving forward. Mark persisted a bit but arranged to call me back the next day at noon.

Immediately, I researched on the www these companies/sites which all came up with warning of “SCAM” with many 10’s of people stating the same, i.e. Mark directed them to open 3 accounts, exactly the same as I was instructed. They state (you can find same if you google these sites) that they could not get their money back etc etc.

Part of the ALM (Money Laundering Act) I was asked to upload various documents, these being:
Passport, Driving Licence, Utility/Bank Statement, Front & Reverse of Bank Card.
These where upload to both WiseBanc / FXTradeMarkets

Once these have been upload, the account would be verified, and only after that time you would be able to withdraw any balance, yet be able to trade whilst that was ongoing. I read the T&Cs and just knew all was wrong. No reputable company would charge fees as stated within their T&cs for trading, account fees and withdraws.

I immediately made contact with both sites, and stated that I have no interest in trading with them, and shall withdraw my funds (much of the T&Cs relate to trading, which I never stated or acted upon).

From that point it becomes a battle of wills, trying to get my accounts verified (status always showed NULL), and whilst in that state, no make withdraw was possible.

On the 7th Sept 2018, I received 2 emails from JENNY LACROSS, [email protected] which was a concern, 1) from gmail account, not the site domain, plus more importantly 1st email she represented WiseBanc and 2nd email FXTradeMakets (same text, different company). As you would be aware this was a further red flag, as these companies/site should have been independent, with no relation to each other, with address/registration in different countries.

From emails received, these 2 emails refer to Mark, so they know this person, who seems to act as an agent, directing “clients” from ToolsTrade to these 3 FX Signal Sites!

Again, more worrying, as Mark had not stated he was contacted to these sites, but made income from advertising, made no reference to being contacted to these (as per my calls with him), yet Jenny Lacross refers to him in emails sent, for both companies.

During the 7th Sept 2018 I received a phone call from Luis Alves (WiseBanc), 14:08 from 020 8089 1027 claiming to be my account manager. I addressed these issues, which he tried to avoid. I stated that I believed that they were regulated, and he stated YES (they are not), I asked if WiseBanc & FXTradeMarkets were connected, which he did not answer, plus I asked him who Jenny Lacross was. He was not aware of this person, and when I confronted him that she had sent the same email for BOTH WiseBanc and FXTradeMarkets he again avoids that question.

I simply told him that I do not wish, nor have used their platform to trade, and will withdraw the funds. He stated that he would send email to their support to confirm said withdraw.

Since that conversation, my accounts remain NULL (not verified) with attempts to withdraw not being confirmed. I repeatedly send by email and contact form to both companies/site a specific request:

“Can you kindly read my emails, and reply in full to these, you have not answered the questions within :

To avoid any mistakes, and having to email again, I have copied the questions below for you…..

Q1: Withdraw request has been processed (not pending)
Example reply: YES, your request has been processed in full, and withdraw authorised.

Q2: Confirmation withdraw payment is on its way to my bank, and date period this should hit my bank (seen on my account)
Example reply: Please expect fund in your account to show between and ”

To this date, I have received replies from WiseBanc, only acknowledgement of said contact, but not answering the questions within. No replies received from FXTradeMarkets.

Going back to FXTradeMarkets site, 10th Sept 2018 @ 08:32 this site is no longer active with BAD DNS (re-checked 3 days later and back up).

After making screen grabs of all contacts made, such as online forms, emails and voice recordings, I contacted my bank. They informed me that I did have a case, and would investigate and reverse the payments if found in my favour (it seems I would have 99% chance of this under VISA T&Cs).

I emailed and sent same via web contact to these 2 firms a final notice of said actions, and eventually, without VISA becoming involved (as in VISA refund), they both refunded directly back to my card. However, one refunded in full, and the other took £30 charge (for the payment).

All in all, considering possible loss, I consider myself lucky.
By the way, the 2 accounts still show not verified!

Keep details / screen shots of everything, raise a claim with your bank/card issuer.
Keep on contacting these firms, refer to their emails (if you get any), by forceful, yet polite.
May sure they know you will not give in, and you have raised a dispute with your card issuer.
For me, all this started on the 6th September, and finally today 22nd September, I have the majority of monies back, so a WIN!

Nick L 09/22/2018

Sick to the stomach

How I came to be part of Wisebanc and am totally unsure, there was a phone call asking for money to open an account and someone will be there to help you learn how to trade. Seems simple enough, but every phone call was you need to add more money for insurance against your investment. What I learnt was pretty good and I could not understand why we needed to put more money in if the broker was giving good advise. Well I kept going and two loans later I am left nothing, except a sick feeling in my stomach as to how gullible and stupid I am. I still have a few funds still there but I have not been able to retrieve them, even with all the emails and Skype messages. I did manage to speak with a Julia on a NZ phone number that was given, well needless to say what a waste of time that was.

The annoying thing about this experience is I checked it out and there was good and bad info and the good info stated that though they were no a licensed trader they were ok. That months ago and as I can see things have changed and now there are lots new information coming forward. Bit late for me but I would not want anyone else going through anything like this with any company.

The sad thing about it all is that I enjoyed what I learnt about trading it was fun, it was scary and it was confusing. I felt good about the trades then a broker got me to do a trade in Gold and with in a blink of an eye $11000, was gone but that was ok as I still had the initial investment money then the broker gave me another trade and that was after me saying that at the end of September I will be looking at closing the account and withdrawal what I had, but you guest it that trade lost me all but $3000. Now I am struggling to get those funds not doubt there will be a logical excuse as to why it is not mine to have.

The company also made sure that most of their paper work was good which gave one the sense of safety. I am great full for KIWI bank who did not let any more withdrawals go out of my account, I wish I had taken there lead with the other bank and stuck to the blocking and said no. That was annoying also you would say no I have nothing left to give and they would say see what you can do and before you new it one was looking at ways to try, after the thinking about a 3rd loan that actually woke my self up telling me that enough is enough this is gotta stop. The idea of trading is great but not with WISEBANC your money is not safe and there broker seem genuine, but at the end of the day if a company says that they can double your $250 deposit and they don't, pack up fast and run in the opposite direction. If they are a scam or just great at manipulating people, may be a bit of both. Thank you Regards Maria

Maria 09/21/2018

Wise Banc - Pushy managers, withdrawing money - stay clear

Site looks legitimite, good online chat, platform, but: pushy pushy managers, vague withdrawl t/cs -> SCAM ! Called within hour after putting 250 deposit. Told them wanted bitcion, they said best not to now, but there is good signal, if I put ~1800. I did (after they literally pushed me to otherwise I would miss it). They then said in new call (almost screaming, pushy) if I put in 2500 more in the next week, could get up to 5000. Started then to wonder; didn't. Then made withdrawl request. They said I had to trade agressively before I could withdraw. Eventually... managed to get what I put in (no loss/gain). Glad didn't put more. Reading reviews, feel lucky! Beware, pushy pushy managers, vague withdrawl t/c, stay clear !!!

Jonathan McGovern 09/20/2018


These people are unethical and thieves. They ask personal information to steal identities.

Anel Marais 09/19/2018

wisebanc scam broker

I totally agreed with the review given below about the wisebanc is scam broker. I was cheated USD250 and made some profit in my account to USD 415. They suspended my account and said that I didn't submit my documents, while I had submitted all the documents required including credit card.

Stay away!

David 09/19/2018

They stall and stall

I've been trying to withdraw what I invested 250 eur. They reply with "kind" emails but nothing. No money back. Be truly careful about this website. They do everything to show you they are reliable but until now they didn't show it to me. First I registered myself because they said it was fully auto, then tehy asked me if I could invest more money that I would recieve a bonus. Now they are stalling and stalling and stalling. Next time I'll transcribe all the emails they sent to me. An advice: RUN FROM THEM!!!

Paulo Romero 09/06/2018

Whatever you do, do not sign up with Wisebanc

I initially invested £250 to trade with, within an hour of signing up I received back to back phone calls from them trying to make me invest more. After about 2 weeks of trading I decided to make a withdrawal - upon doing so a message popped up on screen saying that the request has been sent and I must now wait for someone to call me to verify the withdrawal request. Why would I need to do that when I have already verified my account!!? So I waited a week, nothing, the finally my withdrawal request was approved after about 3 weeks with no phone call!! Then I discovered I was only partially paid the requested amount, they have no telephone number to contact and corresponding via email is like emailing a brick wall!! Finally after another week my so called account manager called me and became very hostile when I said I want to cancel my account due to their lack of customer service!! He hung up the phone on me (piece of s***). So to summarise DO NOT IN INVEST YOUR PRECIOUS MONEY WITH WISEBANC.

Rebecca 09/04/2018

Alert Scam!!! Wise Banc

As of today 29-August-2018/Wednesday, all the comments below are genuine, same with me i got scam by wise banc. make and open an account of 250.00 USD, then the account manager ask me to deposit in the platform 2,000.00 USD, 2,500.00 USD, 1,000.00 USD, 1,000.00 USD, 1000.00 USD until my credit card reach over the credit limit, started to trade then looks deposit increase in my account up to 9,600.00 USD then signed a declaration of deposit and send to [email protected] I told to the assigned account manager to returned my money to my credit card but he said he can transfer my money by express within 12hours but i need to transact again 5,000.00 USD from my credit card, upon doing the transaction with OTP confirmation automatically it was not process because my CC had been blocked by the bank due to over the credit limit, then account manager ask me to call my bank and allow the transaction but it was denied by my bank, then he said (my account manager) that it will not work out and he cannot process the express money transfer to my credit card, i ask the account manager to process in a normal process to returned my money and he said it will take two weeks of more or months or more said by account manager. Now i'm having trouble with my bank to settle this accumulated money to 7,750.00USD transaction. Please advice!!!!

Ener Encop 08/31/2018

WiseBanc is a monster!

I have just been scammed out of USD$4,000 by and live in fear that, because they can see where my bank accounts and charge/credit/debit cards are (don't know if they can see the account balances) and because they can just make a withdrawal from the creditcard on record without the bank getting back to me for the OTP authentication I have been manipulated and bullied because the first manager made huge losses USD$3,000 overnight to my account and the subsequent rescueing manager couldn't work to help me out if I didn't put in at least USD$1,500 to make up USD$5,000 to achieve Gold Membership. Although I pleaded that that would max out my card and that I have no means to repay the banks, etc. the manager was brutal even asked me to call the bank to ask for temporary increase to credit limit. When that failed, he told me to borrow from friends! Long story short. Today, I can't even get to login as there is a notice saying clients from my region cannot open account, and any account balances will be refunded if we can submit our request to [email protected] When I did that, the system alerts me that that domain name is not listed! So how else to view this?

I even wrote my bank yesterday, and again today to update them about the block, and they have yet to reply. So having lost to the scammer, I'm exposed to paying up the charges made to the card. Doesn't the bank keep a tab on all these scam companies? Surely I can't be the first! Between the ongoing scammer and the 'ignorant' bank continuing to allow the scammer to scam others, isn't there any way to stop this heist? It's people like me who lose it all. And I just want to relate my experience and hopefully you get to read this BEFORE you sign up, because when after you do, they work very fast and snare you in their web. There are monsters out there.

Terrence Chua 08/30/2018

Wise banc is a big con stay away

wise banc , nothing good about them they have taken $10.000 nzd off me. once they new i wasnt going to put any more funds in they staged a platform crash to try and pull more funds out . when i wanted a withdrawal they put the account into a trade that it cant withstand so to make you put more funds in to prop it up. wise banc is a big con stay away from them

kelly toon 08/29/2018

Wisebanc is a scam

Wisebanc is a confirmed scam. They will lead you into investing more and more with no prospect of gain, until you'll loose it all.

Peter Baumann 08/26/2018


Wish I had read this review prior to investing.
I went through the Qprofit System and ended up in Wise banc once I deposited.
This was extremely confusing.
I know now I have been scammed and that I will not get my money back.

Don't trust these online traders
Its a SCAM!!!!!!!

Lynn Laughton 08/20/2018

wisebanc - trying to get back my money

wish I seen this before I invested all my saving lost everything trying to get back my money what I have left but keep asking and they are not interested in paying me
keep asking for more many to invest all I want what if left of my money
back. Must be a way that we can get our money back???

andrew bartram 08/16/2018


Thank you for your comments on here. I have lost thousands and thousands sadly through OPtionsXO and I have been trying to get my money to no avail. I still have thousands in my account and I got an email notifying me from Wisebanc about the thousands I had there and I emailed this Mike Fisher – Broker & Analyst back to ring me regarding a refund, and I heard nothing. I have emailed him again but now that email address no longer exists. I fear I have lost my hard earned money.
I am extremely upset and can't believe I let myself be BULLIED so often by these very evil men! I trusted them and lost. :(

Ingrid Turner 08/14/2018

Wise Bank - Don't do it


Wisebanc, and I believe all other online trading bs, will take your money and screw you.

1. They will ask you to deposit $250USD
2. After opening account, they will ask you to deposit again to reach $1000USD for a basic account
3. Ask you to sign an agreement for a bonus of $250USD, which they than use this to say you cannot withdraw at the moment because you took their bonus money and they cannot givev you a withdrawal because of it
4. Make you trade over your margin and try to get you to deposit another $500-$1000 to drop down your margin (this is where I refused and they insisted on inputting $500USD of their fake money
5. They will keep trying to make you do a trade so you wont think of withdrawals, once you want to and need to withdraw some money, they will stall you and keep trying to make you do more trades, keep in mind if you have a trade open you cannot withdraw unless all trades are closed and once you place in a trade it gives them the right to reject and cancel your request for a withdrawal
6. In order to withdraw, you first must click on withdraw and place a request, which than they either call you to make a trade and when you refuse, they will ignore you throughout the rest of the time, or say we will sort it out tomorrow, than tomorrow again, than next Monday and so on, so good luck
7. Ask for your own money back and close off the account? Hahaha, that is what I did; so they say your withdraw is accepted n completed and have to wait 5 working days, than when you go to login to your account the following day it tells you Wisebanc refused your request for access and you cannot get in anymore
8. Now you will be ignored by email and no one gets back to you, don’t bother with your Account Manager because he has ignored me for over 2 weeks now ever since I refused to do any more trades until I get my withdrawal of $230USD out of my $6000USD account from trading
9. I started off with $1000USD, apparently forced to take on $250+$500=$750USD Bonus Money, after 2 weeks of trade stopped at about $6000USD, so subtract $750 and my original $1000 invested money, supposedly have a profit of $4250, which I cannot withdraw or have, but all I want now is my own $1000 original and close off account, they can keep their fake profited money, but I cant even get my hands on my own invested money

If you want my honest opinion, DONT DO IT! If you know how to trade Forex or want to trade Forex, open up your own Investment Account with your own money from your own bank where you can have full access of your money on how much you want to put in and can withdraw anytime you want and wish to withdraw. Online trades are fake, made up systems to make you feel and think its the real thing where they have full control of your money, licensed or not, majority will not be licensed, so don’t be fooled because I have been fooled. DONT DO IT, if you do, than good luck

Wisebanc Fuqd Me 08/11/2018

Not sure what is going on.....

I opened an account I thought through the website.

I paid £250 to open an account via my credit card and I was asked to log into my account. It opened up into a Wisebanc screen and I was asked to select autotrade for bitcoin, which I did.

However I have been trying since Monday to upload my documents to validate my account however everythin I tried was not a success.

Then out of the blue I got phone call from a London number, claiming to be from Liverpool, It sounded like a trade floor, (busy). A mike beagle called me an said he was the head of Gold trading for Wisebanc.

I was given a whatsapp number to send my documents for verification and he said I needed to buy 10 bitcoins and he would give me 5 so a total of 15 coins. I was asked to open a position and be prepared to hold for 1 month. To see an increase of 2500 points and make about 15-25K in this time. I asked to think about it and he said he would ring back in an hour. I started then to look for any information about wise banc and came across this website.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Time 14:19 on the 08/08/2018.

Idris Patel 08/08/2018


Give your hard earned money to charity as the better option, least your soul will feel better!!
This lot take money then bombard you with calls emails from very uneducated, impolite, staff.
Am afraid you will never see your money again once they have it folks.
Do not invest a single pound with them.

Ian 08/03/2018

scam sh*t

They are nightmare. Will keep scam you even for 1$ they are bunch of criminals

alaa 07/01/2018

Wise Banc Withdrawal

Your website says withdrawals are quick and easy - unfortunately, its not. Most recent request for withdrawal was Monday 18/6/2018. After several emails to support, Johnnyc, finally Adamg calls me today to say I couldnt withdraw my funds as I had to trade again because Johnny had given me a bonus - which I didnt ask for - basically forcing me to trade again (Im not an idiot) and Adam advises me that after 2 trades which were placed couple of hours ago, he will call me back within the hour to place a 3rd trade, which hasnt happened yet either - Im assuming its only to prolong me not getting my withdrawal IF EVER AT ALL? By the way, I dont see my trades online???
Wise Banc am I at all likely in good faith going to be able to withdraw MY MONEY tomorrow being 28/6/18??

Seline Avard 06/27/2018

OptionsXO are back with new company names!! Scam artists!

this is OptionsXO they changed there Name to WMoption then to primecfds and now to wisebanc !

!!! SCAM !!! from Israel !!!

User283 06/26/2018

Promises not kept

I have lost everything to Wisebanc and now one there will speak to me to explain anything. I am still seriously praying that it is all a misunderstanding.

Kim Reay 06/25/2018

Wise Banc betrug !!

ich kann nur jeden warnen sich mit dieser "bank" einzulassen !!
wenn sie erst mal dein geld haben ist es nicht so leicht es wieder zu bekommen !! es hagelt anrufe und sms!! ein richtiger telefonterror !! zum glück hab ich mein geld wieder (hoffe ich) mit 30€ gebühren !!! für was?? für hin und her buchen 30€ !!! eone tolle bank !!!
finger weg !!
da ist ein stern noch zu viel !! 5- setzen !!!

Translated by Google:

I can only warn everyone to get involved with this "bank" !!
once you have your money, it's not so easy to get it back !! it hails calls and sms !! a real telefonterror !! luckily I have my money back (I hope) with 30 € fees! for what?? for back and forth book 30 € !!! a great bank !!!
hands off !!
there is a star too much !! 5- put !!!

Daniel 06/22/2018
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