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Vortex Assets Review - Is it scam or safe?

Vortex Assets Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 10 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Vortex Assets
Vortex Assets is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type   Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average Spreads
Silver $200 0.01 1:300 From 1.5 pips
Gold $500 0.01 1:300 From 1.5 pips
Platinum $20 000 0.01 1:400 N/A


Vortex Assets offers its clients a choice of several ECN types. All of them are commission-free, and offer both fixed and variable spreads, as well as micro tradeable lots. Besides, this broker offers a special Islamic account that is swap-free and Sharia-compliant.


Leverage levels available are high, reaching 1:400, but this is not unusual for a broker registered offshore.


In fact, the spreads are above average, and the minimum initial deposit is high for a brokerage operating without a license. There are a number of trustworthy brokers with strong regulation which have set no minimum initial deposit requirement, such as IG, for example.


The Company. Security of Funds





Black Parrot Limited (?)

UK, Marshall Islands



According to the information on its website, Vortex Assets is a forex and CFD broker and Market Maker that operates since 2014. It offers trading in 52 currency pairs, commodities, stock and indices CFDs on the good old MetaTrader 4 platform.


There are several companies mentioned on Vortex Assets’ web page: Black Parrot Limited, which is registered in the Marshall Islands; Estonian-based Blonde Bear OU that carries out clearing and billing services, Vortex Assets Corporation.


So, it is rather complicated with this broker, but It looks like it is based in the UK and we found out that actually there is a company called Vortex Assets Limited that is registered in the UK. Of course, it is not licensed by FCA.  


Besides, we found out that that there is a warning issued against Vortex Assets Corporation by the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB). The Italian regulator says that this broker is not authorised to provide investment services or carry out activities in Italy. Worse still, when we checked the user reviews about Vortex Assets in the Internet, we found that there are numerous complaints. Most traders claim it is a fraud that scams traders out of their money and then never answers their calls or e-mails, denies withdrawals, etc. Also, many of the user reviews say that Vortex Assets keeps changing its name (EU Trading Group being one of them) in an attempt to escape from its bad reputation.


Considering the above said, whatever the trading conditions offered by this broker and whatever the name of the company behind the brand Vortex Assets, we do not recommend doing business with it, at it is not regulated and is probably a scam. You’d better select a broker with decent regulation, such as those licensed by the UK’s FCA or Australia’s ASIC, for example.


Trading Platforms


Vortex Assets supports MetaTrader 4 (MT4), the most popular platform among both forex brokers and traders. It is available as a desktop download, web-based version and mobile apps.


The MT4 terminal is a perfectly equipped trading software which provides all the necessary tools and resources to analyze price dynamics of financial instruments, execute transactions and create & use automated trading strategies (Expert Advisors).



Like most Market makers, Vortex assets offers a welcome on-deposit bonus up to 100%.


Methods of Payment


Vortex Assets offers its clients the following deposit/withdrawal methods: via credit/debit card, wire transfer, Western Union and Union Pay.


There is also a Vortex Assets Cash Card (Visa & MasterCard) payment option.




Vortex Assets is a MT4 broker and market maker that supports the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. It is not regulated and the information about the companies behind this brand on its website is confusing. What is worse, there are reasons to believe that Vortex Assets is engaged in fraudulent practices and that is why we don’t recommend this broker. To sum up the above:


Pros Cons
MT4 offered Not regulated
Bonuses available  Could be a scam broker


Latest news about Vortex Assets
No news about Vortex Assets . Check back later.
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Vortex Assets не отвечают

Здравствуйте, мы так же являемся пострадавшими от услуг компании Vortex Assets и надеемся на любую помощь в восстановлении средств. Весьма благодарим за любой ответ.

Translated by Google:

Hello, we are also victims of Vortex Assets services and look forward to any help in recovering funds. Very much we thank for any answer.

Павел Шепёлкин Алексеевич 08/08/2018

Court case against arrested Vortex Assets employees in Poland

Dear Sirs and Madams,

I am the Co-Founder and CMO at Phoenix Advisors, located in Poland. We are currently leading a big criminal case against some of the people who were arrested as employees of Vortex Assets that had their office located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

We would like to gather as many victims as possible to strengthen the case and acquire as much information as possible in order for justice to be done, and for them to receive long sentences that they deserve for leading this ponzi scheme. We currently have over 100 Clients who were victims of Vortex Assets with us.

Please contact us via:
Email: or


Marcin Iglicki 04/10/2018

Money invested with vortexassets company

I've invested 4500.00 € and had a profit of more than 20000.00 €. When the company desappeared I have lost an ammount of 25000.00 €. Now I don't know how get my money back

Lucio Santangelo 03/27/2018

About my money with vortex profits

Its now a week i cannot log into my account, am fed up of waiting for you, too bad your website in now not availabe in the internet, i need back my money, am broke, please return back my money vortex profits

Enock abel 02/17/2018

Scam and bad company

Never try to lose your money with shit company, they are operating from Serbia and they say that they are in italy , i have followed up the IP address of one of the traders and found out that they are in Serbia Belgrade Airport city.

Ahmad 11/21/2017

Vortex Assets is indeed a SCAM

Vortex Assets is a SCAM. Tell all your friends and family - do not open trading account with them.

VA Victim 10/09/2017

Vortex Assets: Impossible to withdraw / prelievo impossibile

da diversi mesi cerco di prelevare ma ogni volta mi viene chiesto di versare 1000 € per poter prelevare,ci sono cascato diverse volte,ma non mi hanno mai fatto prelevare
per favore fatemi sapere come mi devo comportare
cordiali saluti carmine chirico

Translated by Google:

good morning,
for several months I try to withdraw but every time I'm asked to pay 1000 € to get paid, I have fallen down several times, but I have never get paid
please let me know how I must behave
cordial greetings carmine chirico

carmine 10/03/2017

Vortex Assets withdraw - I want my money back

I have invested $5200 on the 19 Aug 2016 and vortexassets widthrew the money from my account and they were trading on behalf of me and lost $24461 in Dec 2016.I started trading in july 2017 and i have $14231 and $13400 bonus.I made a widthrawal on the 15 Aug 17 and I am still waiting for 30 days no joy.

I want my money back.

D.Hiralall 09/14/2017

I want to get my money return back.

I have deposit about 250 Australian dollar on VortexAssets Beijing CH CHN .
But most of the users say it is fake and it wont give you money back.
I am a student and I want to get my money return.
If it is possible please return back my money.
I. Looking forward for a favourable response.

Yamkanta Parajuli 09/12/2017

vortexassets es un timo / vortexassets is a scam

Realicé un depósito de 500 €, me asignaron una acount manager, que con gran educación y habilidad, me contactaba, debido a mi poca disponibilidad, por email o teléfono. Hizo unas operaciones razonables, los primeros contactos, y después, sin decirme nada, aparecen operaciones cada minuto, como a los 25 días de abrir la cuenta, hasta que esta quebró. LLame por teléfono, nadie contesta, escribi email que aparece en la página web, nadie contesta, ahora, reciente hoy intenté abrir su página web, y me dicen pagina web inexistente ( lo curioso es que hace un mes, pude cambiar la contraseña que ya no recordaba, por lo que deduzco que la máquina informática funciona a parte de la máquina de la empresa, (su personal y sus objetivos). Me gustaría que me comentasen que puedo hacer. O bien, pasarlo a pérdida por engaño, y seguir con mi camino.

Translated by Google:

I made a deposit of 500 €, I was assigned an account manager, who with great education and skill, contacted me, due to my lack of availability, by email or telephone. He made some reasonable operations, the first contacts, and then, without telling me anything, operations appear every minute, like 25 days after opening the account, until it broke. Call me on the phone, no one answers, I wrote email that appears on the website, nobody answers, now, recent today I tried to open your web page, and tell me non existent web page ( the curious thing is that a month ago, I was able to change the password I no longer remembered, so I deduce that the computer works only on the company's machine (its staff and its objectives). I would like you to tell me what I can do. Or, pass it to loss by deceit, and continue on my way.

josé ignacio 08/11/2017


Use took $143 out of my account for no reason and i want to know y and i want use to put it back

Shaun mitchell 08/03/2017

Vortex Assets: Thieves and Hardened Criminals in Suits

Degenerate, depraved Jewish scammers running a Ponzi scheme. Hateful people who are addicted to money and whose life intent is to inflict misery on others. They have previously run investment scams going by the names of Sunbirdfx, Newfx Trading, Eu Trading, and many, many more. Blood is on these parasites hands. Please have nothing to do with unregulated companies. operating out of third world nations.

Jay 06/05/2017

Vortex Assets: Devils, Thieves, Liars, Fraudsters!

They are vile individuals who steal all your money and who play the worst kinds of mind games. They stole more than USD 10 million from some 200 Singaporean investors. The worst type of people on the planet who have blood on their hands. Google if unsure!

Jay 06/05/2017

Vortex Assets: Terrible scam company

The company will deliberately trade to make complete losses within two-three weeks. More than 200 clients in Singapore lost more than USD 10 million.
No reply from the company after that.
Never join this scam

Joshua 05/03/2017

Definite Scam - Run from these Thieves!

This is a Ponzi scheme. These thieves have blood on their hands - stealing vast sums of money from gullible investors. I was one of them, and lost everything.

Jeremy 03/09/2017
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