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Vix500 Review - Is it scam or safe?

Vix500 Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 20 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Vix500
Vix500 is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit  Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Spreads Welcome bonus
Silver $200 0.01 1:200 3.0 pips, fixed 40%
Gold $5000 0.01 1:400 2.0 pips, fixed 60%
Platinum $20 000 0.01 1:800 1.5 pips, fixed 100%


Vix500 offers its clients several account types, depending on their initial investment amount. All account types provide commission-free trading, fixed spreads, on-deposit bonus, and micro tradeable lots on the industry’s standard MetaTrader 4 forex platform. Gold & Silver account holders get some extras, such as Weekly Market Analysis & Market News.


Besides, this broker offers Islamic (swap-free) accounts with no swap or rollover interest on overnight positions to investors of Islamic belief.


While the minimum initial deposit of $200 required by Vix500 is common for the forex market, spreads of 3 pips for the EUR/USD pair are way too high, as most brokers provide spreads within the range of 1.0 – 1.5 pips for this pair. Besides, we suspect that this broker uses a Market Maker model, as it offers only fixed spreads, and no ECN trading environment.


The Company. Security of Funds


Vix500 is an offshore brokerage registered in Vanuatu, offering online trading in currency pairs, commodities and precious metals on the popular MT4 platform. Vanuatu is an offshore jurisdiction, which offers a variety of tax benefits - no income tax, no capital gains tax nor inheritance tax. Besides, registration process for forex and binary brokers is fast and low cost.


In addition, capital requirements in this specific jurisdiction are very low, even compared to other offshore destinations, such as Mauritius and Belize: only $2000. Little focus is placed on compliance checking and consumer protection in such zones.According to Vix500’s website, all funds deposited and winnings earned by customers are kept in separate accounts. Nonetheless, we advise investors to avoid offshore brokers as a general rule, no matter what they claim, as the rules and requirements applicable to them are very lax, if any.  That is why, we would recommend you to select a forex broker licensed in UK, or Australia for instance, where regulation is strict and financial watchdogs are on the alert.


The company behind the Vix500 brand is Blue Seal limited, a company, registered in Vanuatu, which has been blacklisted by several financial regulators and is most likely a scam. 



Trading Platform


Like most brokers, Vix500 supports the most popular trading platform, MetaTrader 4 (MT4), available as desktop, web and mobile versions.


Vix500 web platform. Click to enlarge.


The platform has user-friendly interface and is equipped with advanced charting tools, large number of technical analysis indicators, wide range of Expert Advisors (EA), as well as extensive back-testing options for them. Vix500 welcomes all trading styles: hedging, scalping, automated trading.


Besides, VPS services are also available with this broker. Customers are entitled to request a free VPS upon trading a minimum of five round turn lots every calendar month and maintaining at least USD 5,000 in equity-credit.


Methods of Payment


Vix500 offers its clients the following payment methods: bank wire transfer and via credit/debit cards (Mastercard, Maestro, Visa), Union Pay and Western Union. Popular e-wallets such as Skrill and FasaPay are not available.


Note that the minimum withdrawal amount is $200.




Vix500 is a young offshore forex and CFD broker that offers online trading on the MT4 platform.  In addition to its non-regulated status, we find that its spreads are too high, and we suspect that it is involved in some sort od scam scheme. Here are, in a nutshell, the advantages and disadvantages of Vix500:




MT4 platform available

Not regulated

High leverage levels available

High spreads

Supposedly a MM

  Blacklisted by several financial regulators


Latest news about Vix500
No news about Vix500. Check back later.
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For me is scam

I deposited 6000 euros in Vix500, but I was never given the opportunity to be able to withdraw anything. In addition, the account was closed and I was no longer given the chance to take my money. Ultimately I have been scammed and there is no possibility to recover the amount of 6000 euros.

Paolo Sodano 07/02/2019

Vix500 Betrug

ich habe bei Vix500 167.000€ verloren.
Hier sollte kein Geld investiert werden!

Translated by Google:

I lost 167,000 € on Vix500.
No money should be invested here!

Andrea Klindworth 06/02/2019

Vix500 it's not a good Forex Broker

My experience with VIX500 was not good, to date it has not yet ended.
In that, I deposited Euro 6000, they gave me a higher bonus without having first informed me of the meaning of the bonus, and of the risks involved in having a bonus greater than the amount paid. In short, I was never able to withdraw from my account sums of money, because I was asked to pay another 4000 euros for giving me a bonus of 10000 euros.
I have reported them and I am waiting for the outcome of my complaint.

Paolo Sodano 10/05/2018


Hallo Johannes Hofmann,

ich habe ihren Beitrag gelesen und bin einer der Geschädigten, und das im großen Ausmaß durch einer der von Ihnen genannten Personen. Ich würde gerne mit Ihnen in Kontakt treten. Sie können mich unter per email erreichen. Bitte um Kontaktaufnahme.

Translated by Google:

Hello Johannes Hofmann,

I have read your contribution and I am one of the victims, and to a great extent by one of the persons you mentioned. I would like to get in contact with you. You can reach me at by email. Please contact me.

Charlie 02/16/2018


Einige Tausend € wurden von folgenden Personen rekrutiert:
Andreas Mayer, Daniel Wunsch, Nicolai Wagner und Tom Stein.
Man hat versucht immer mehr Geld zu bekommen, indem man auf Verlust setzte. Ich hab das umgedreht und über 500 000 € Gewinn gemacht.
Bei einer Anfrage auf Teilauszahlung, sagt der Tom Stein, ich soll 50000 € einzahlen. Bin ja nicht blöd! Jetzt hat er mir mein Geld eingefrohren und der account steht auf Null!
Für mich sind das gemeine Betrüger!

Grüße Johannes Hofmann

Translated by Google:

A few thousand euros were recruited by the following people:
Andreas Mayer, Daniel Wunsch, Nicolai Wagner and Tom Stein.
One has always tried to get more money by putting on loss. I turned it around and made over € 500,000 in profit.
In a request for partial payment, says the Tom Stein, I should deposit 50,000 €. I'm not stupid! Now he has me frozen my money and the account is on zero!
For me, those are mean swindlers!

Greetings Johannes Hofmann

Johannes Hofmannj 02/08/2018

Esistono ancora oppure no

La mia opinione è molto negativa sembrano spariti nel nulla pur avendo affermato di essere un broker regolamentato ecc ecc
Sono in credito di 500 euro ma non riesco ad averli indietro anche dall'ultima
E mail inviatagli non si sono degnati di rispondere ,è probabile che si vedranno recapitare una bella denuncia da parte della polizia postale
2 febbraio 2018

Translated by Google:

My opinion is very negative seem to have disappeared despite having claimed to be a regulated broker etc. etc.
I'm in credit of 500 euros but I can not get them back even from the last one
E mail sent to them did not deign to reply, it is likely that they will be able to deliver a good report from the postal police
2 February 2018

Antonio 02/02/2018

Non affidabili

Diffidate da i Trader di Vix500,sono bravi a far sparire i vostri soldi e truffare le persone.

Denuciate denuciate alla polizia postale

Translated by Google:

Beware of the Vix500 Traders, they are good at getting rid of your money and cheating people.

Denuce denied to the postal police

MAURIZIO 01/22/2018

Don't trade with them

I accidentally sent money to this company thinking it was another company i was dealing with, i asked several times to refund my money which they would not do, they said if i give the details they would, they wanted a house utility bill , passport then they would refund my money, next thing they were trading my account on losing currency pairs, then a trade that went both ways, instead of cancelling the losing trade they kept it going till it took everything from my account


Derrick Lee 12/06/2017

Andrew Cohen, and

I forgot to say that the scammer Andrew Cohen is still working and he is searching other victims. He also works for other brokers like and
Remember! Stay away from Andrew Cohen!

Pinocchio 11/04/2017

Dennis from vix500 is a thief

This company make you deposit money, they take control of your pc then they ask you to keep in Makkah Ng other deposits to avoid losing the balance. All their scream are not even real so what you see is not your own money.
When they see no reaction from you to add any more money. They become more aggressive.
In addition, they do not allow you to withdraw any amount by giving all fake excuses.
Dennis is someone who was my account manger, Phillip was another guy. They are all liars. They tried even to withdraw money from my account. I had to change my password.
Be careful of this gang.

Mamoun 10/21/2017

scammed and then some

upon my initial deposit I was assigned an account manager who for the most part was right on with his advice. Then he started on a rant that in order to move ahead I needed to deposit more money, I informed him that I had deposited any extra funds I had at my disposal. Then everything turned for the worse and He advised me on a two positions that went south right away and he said this happens and not to worry as it would turn around. It never did and all my funds and 38,000 US which he gained initially all disappeared, all while he was away for week because of illness. When he finally returned the two positions had been closed and I found myself in the hole 45,000 US, stay away from john Greenburg at all costs.

byron huber 10/17/2017

they refused to give me back my money

I registered with vix500 at first everything was fine and after the first few withdrawals I put in some more money and now no response from them. please how do I get my money back? i'm thinking of hiring a refund professional does it work. 09/24/2017


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Can not mic my account in my account where is my money and the account, please call +491747722528 please in German.Bank me in advance for the recall.
With kind regards Mario Hofmann

Mario Hofmann 09/14/2017

Andrew Cohen, Vix500 and B4Markets

I forgot to write that the crook ANDREW COHEN is also working for another unregulated and scam company called B4MARKETS.
Stay away from VIX500, B4MARKETS, ANDREW COHEN and its secretaries ILARIA MARINI and EMMA BERG.

Pinocchio 09/05/2017

Truffato da vix 500 / Cheated by vix500

Questi sono ladri , mi hanno convinto a versare 250€ e sono spariti .

Translated by Google:

These are thieves, they convinced me to pay 250 € and they disappeared.

Franco 08/22/2017

never use Vix500!!!

Never try by Vix 500!!!
If you keep your money, stay away from Vix 500 !!!

Maybe after a first attempt to withdraw has come to an end, after blocking the withdrawals telling you that the bonus binds you all the money !!!

Felix 08/21/2017

Vix500 scammers Account Manager Andrew Cohen

My account manager Andrew Cohen followed me since 2016. In 2017 he was a Vix500 partner.
Every time that he was calling me, very kindly and very insistent, he ask me money to invest until 16000 euro. In July 2017 Andrew Cohen decided to put my account to zero.
Please stay away from Vix500, Blue seal Limitend, Andrew Cohen and its secretary Ilaria Marini.

Pinocchio 08/21/2017

Scammed: Vix500 does not activate the withdrawal process

Dear support
I registered an account with Vix500 with a deposit of $1000.
The broker opened a trade which was at a loss and disappeared after that.
I opened a few trades and recovered the loss.
I made several attempts to withdraw my $1000 but the company does not activate the withdrawal process.
They claim to be regulated and I will attach their registration certificate.
Please assist to recover my funds and have them reported to the authorities.
Kind regards
Elridge Muller
Cell +27814201817

Elridge Muller 07/30/2017

Scam or Not. Please advise?

I was engaged today by a person by the name of Carl Di Sek who picked up a list off names scammed by Binary Tilt where the same thing happened as some people experienced with Vix500.

He now claims that they are a non-profit organization which can get my money back lost at Binary Tilt. Sending out a mail that the FBI are now investigating Forex & Binary Scams.

He wants me to register on their broker site and send him all the proof of Binary Tilt. then they will take 10 working days to get my money back of which they take 17-18%.

What to do?

Christo JC van Wyk 06/30/2017

Vix500: Scam broker

Please don't ever deal with those bastards Vix500. They will cheat you. Remember those names: Dennis Bjork, Heidi Lambrington, if for sure these are their real names.

yuri 06/16/2017

Called my number and pushing me to join this Vix500

People from Vix500 just called me today and ask me to make an account as he can give some promotions
I told him ive been scammed before from binary options and have lots of bad experience,I dont trust this trading!!
After the guy called me Dominic..I blocked the austria number which number they used to call me..I had enough from this shit scammed!!

Ms 06/14/2017

Vix500 Withdrawal

why is it difficult to withdraw my money the investment I have made? Now I have to submit ID copy, bank statement and a copy of my credit card, is this safe? Let me please withdraw my money as easy as the way it was withdrawn from my credit card.

Esther 06/06/2017

Vix500 Scam: Pennyless

transfered $4500.00 to invest..John Greenberg pushed for additional $ I couldn't John Greenberg humg up on me..i immediately put in withdrawal notice..SUCCESSFULLY per email from vix500 dated 03/05/017...Greenberg called to say I lost everything...vix500 not responding to my emails to date..scammed??..defrauded???
I'm not going anywhere....GIVE BACK MY MONEY!!!!

havelyn petersen 05/29/2017

Vix500: experience which lasted 15 minutes

Never invest with this Company. As soon as I invested 460 euro, one of their traders with initials T.N assisted me for 10 min with her experience-my foot- and the next day not even a cent in my account..
No phone call no e-mail from their side, they just took my money.bUnbelievable, somebody would say,.. Yes,and it happens in a serious country like the UK. Its a shame.....

stelios 05/11/2017

Lost all my investment

I am very disappointed with them. I lost all my investment with them

Phill Tshabalala 05/11/2017

Vix500: scammers

opened account with Vix500 with $1000 Followed instruction given by John Greenburg who said he was head accountant manager for the company.Lost the lot in less than one week.Now he want even answer any calls.Do you ever get the feeling you just been scammed

charles parker 05/08/2017
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