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VIP-Crypto Review - is it scam or safe?

VIP-Crypto Review - Is scam or good crypto broker?

RATING: 1 / 18 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz VIP-Crypto
VIP-Crypto is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Bitcoin $250 Unspecified $100 (1.45%) for BTC/USD trading
Bitcoin-Ethereum $1,000 Unspecified $100 (1.45%) for BTC/USD trading
Bitcoin-Ethereum-Litecoin $10,000 Unspecified $100 (1.45%) for BTC/USD trading
Bitcoin VIP $50,000 Unspecified $100 (1.45%) for BTC/USD trading


VIP-Crypto is a cryptocurrency CFD broker. In essence this is a forex broke, which has cut all the non-crypto assets out of the platform. Accounts are held in fiat currencies and one can only speculate on the price movements of different coins. As you can probably guess from the score, we don’t like a lot of things with this broker, but let’s start off with the few positives.


VIP-Crypto Advantages


A lot of coins traded

The number of coins at VIP-Crypto is rather impressive. Most traditional forex brokers who venture into this new realm start by offering Bitocin and maybe Ethreum and Litecoin. This company allows you to trade 9 coins versus USD, EUR and GBP. On top of that there are around thirty more exotic coins, paired with BTC. While this will make calculating your trading results rather hard, it is still a nice addition.


Many deposit methods

VIP-Crypto accepts payments made by Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin. There aren’t that many brokers offering such a broad range.


VIP-Crypto Disadvantages


No financial regulation 

VIP-Crypto is a trademark, owned and operated by FX Wilkinson Europe LTD., a company based in London. With that in mind, they should be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), one of the world’s toughest financial regulatory agencies, but they aren’t. Trading with an unregulated forex broker is very risky and we wouldn’t advise you to do it. 


Even if you argue this is a cryptocurrecny related company, the European Union has a very definitive position – if a company provides CFDs, it should be regulated (regardless if they are based on Bitcoin or orange juice futures).


Poor (and misleading) presentation 

When we first visited VIP-Crypto, we thought this is a binary options company. The account types mention payout percentages, instead of spreads and leverage. On the other hand, the “asset index” page has forex pairs, stock indices, commodities and even specific stocks. None of this is relevant to the trading environment we saw after opening an account – only crypto is on the table. In essence, this feels like a website, which was stitched from a couple of others. 


One of the misleading pages on this broker’s website


High spreads

When comparing the costs of trading for crypt-CFDs, we like to take a look at the BTC/USD one. VIP-Crypto offers a fxed $100 spread (roughly 1.45% of the price of aa Bitcoin), which is higher than the industry average of around $30-$40.


Barely decent platform

The trading interface offered by this company seems functioning, but not that functional. The charting is fine, but the entire way you place an order feels slightly clunky. Since demo accounts aren’t available, we can’t test how the interesting leverage setting mechanism (you can apparently choose a different ratio for each trade – see the one we have input to have a lugh). Here is a screenshot:


The web-based platform at VIP-Crypto (click to zoom)


A more experienced trader will prefer more technical analysis tools, which aren’t offered here. One of our favorite platforms, mainly due to its immense potential for customization is MetaTrader4. 


>>Find a broker offering MT4 here<<


Only crypto CFDs

The mere fact this is a forex broker, with all the non-crypto assets not provided is a bit of a negative. More and more companies have started to offer Bitcoin CFDs, while not dropping their traditional services. 


>>Well-regulated brokers, offering Bitcoin and more<<





VIP-Crypto is a cryptocurrency CFD broker, whose website is a bit of a mess. They are based in the UK, but aren’t overseen by the FCA. On top of that the actual costs of trading (which aren’t properly disclosed) are rather high.


Had this been a regulated company, we would have had a very different opinion on them. Britain’s financial system is one of the safest in the world, but when it comes to forex brokers, you should always look for ones which overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


>>A long list of FCA-regulated brokers<<


These investment intermediaries follow multiple stringent rules. Here are only two, which guarantee the security of your funds.


1) all client accounts are segregated from the comany’s. This banking rule, prevents a shady broker from taking your deposit and spending it on … “corporate bonuses”.


2) the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) offers protection, if your broker becomes insolvent. This mechanism will compensate you for everything you had in your account, limited to £50,000


The key points about this broker, one more time:

Pros Cons
A lot of coins traded No financial regulation
Many deposit methods Poor (and misleading) presentation
  High spreads
  Barely decent platform
  Only crypto CFDs



Latest news about VIP-Crypto
No news about VIP-Crypto. Check back later.
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Customer service










Funds not returned

I invested 250 dollars and I was told I can take my money anytime instead the brokers kept pushing for more funds I refused when I tried to withdraw I met with no success. I emailed and sent numerous documents that were requested only to be sent to different people. We work for our money and are trying to make our lives better only to be scammed. It has been over a year now with no solid leads. for some of us 250 usd is equivalent to one month of surviving.

Unathi 06/09/2019

pensioner scammed

I invested with duncan bates 10 brokers crypto , they wanted more and more until all my pension money.. was gone they made such false promises , i tried to withdraw, still pending after a year even blocked my a/c..told me i must pay tax equivalent to the amount opinion don't ever be fooled by them... they are thieves will scam you of everything....

Kevin offer 04/09/2019

This company is a fraudster

I was made to invest USD 259 hlast,year July 2018 by the so called broker Donald Ghordan.After several attempts to invest more money which I refused I decided that I want my money back. I tried to withdraw money from my vip-crypto account but up to now it's still pending.I can't even log into my account.Pkease people don't fall into,the same trap I,fell in vip-crypto is not what it seems to be to be they are scammers.I want my money back please anyone help to stop these scammers to continue robbing innocent people.

Meriam Mabena 03/27/2019

Am I scammed?

I have invested usd 1500.00 thinking that a trade broker will help me get a profit of my hard earned savings.but after i deposited the money nobody from crypto is helping me. I just want to get my money back but how . Please help me.

For me 1500 usd is fortune for me
. Pls help me

Henry dela rosa 01/18/2019

Unable to cet on website or contact

I assume that vip-crypto has closed their website
& taken off with everyone’s cash!!
Luckily I only deposited $250 after repeated attempts
To get me to deposit more!!


Adam Lumsden 01/14/2019

loging in

i cant even login in this site. I tried to contact them with no respond. can you help me out

alfred cassar 01/10/2019


Do not go anywhere near this company they are fraudsters and will con you into deposits which they will steal and then disappear. Be warned!

An Idiot 12/28/2018

They are scammers

I was harassed by this company until I deposited £500, after a few weeks I never got the hang of it and have been since trying to withdrawal my money and it’s been a year and my number is now blocked and my emails gone ignored!!! This company is a scam and stealing people money !!

Danielle allen 12/11/2018

vip-crypto withdrawal

I asked for all my funds to be sent back to me last september. Despite several requests for same, I still have not received this money and it is now December 11th.

Bob O'Connor 12/11/2018

VIP-Crypto Scam company

I made a inversion by Bank transfers and during the time than I make many deposits was a very god communications but when I ask for widrow many, I lost the contact whit them. They didn't answer the phone or mails for more than 3 months. Thas meaning that the company likes been disappeared

Hector Guerrero 12/06/2018

Scam - don’t trust these people

We invested a lot of money with this company, now we can’t get hold of anyone and can’t get into account we are now in debt because of this so called company . The dress and heart ache is soul Destroying. Feel like fool , please don’t trust these people with your money

Samantha Bellaera 11/20/2018

Vip crypto scam

Vip crypto ripped me off its a big scam

Mitchell Stimpson 11/13/2018

vip crypto scam

Hi. I too have a story to tell about vip-crpto having invested £250 after watching an episode of dragons dens. I realise that there are other more honest bit coin dealers but went with vip-crypto as I am, certainly, no expert and did not check any scam sites. After a short while, The £250 escalated to around £5400, a bloody good return. Then came all the persuasive calls attempting to get me to invest more. They, even said that it would be worth my while borrowing large amounts to invest with them. By now, I am absolutely ardent that I will not invest more and tried to make a withdrawal. I think I may have been quite lucky at this point as I managed to convince DAVID GREEN that before I even contemplate more investment, I would need them to show that I could trust them. So they allowed me to withdraw my original investment of £250. Then, when I asked for more, David proceeded to go into great detail about capital gains. The crux was that to obtain the remainder of the account, I had to pay capital gains of around £1500. I think you may be ahead of me here but then he told me that I would have to pay the capital gains up front before any money was released. I argued that the capital gains could be taken from my account and the remainder wired to me but he was not having any of it. When I explained to David that this was the way scammers work he finally put the phone down on me and I haven't been able to contact him since. Still, I did get back my deposit, but there is still over £5000 in my account that I will never be able to access. Please feel free to contact me should any of you need more info. Cheers and thanks for reading this. Tony.

Anthony Reay 10/29/2018


good day dear fellas, i´ve red your stories, and i am shocked how much money they just have stolen from us all.

I invested as well from the beginning 250EUR. My Broker Sebastian Brauwn (probably wrong name) suggested to put in more money. The more the better the profit. (Somehow i must smile right now,....what fool i am)

So i thought ( last year November), lets do it. invest 5000 and take profit. Suddenly they started a robot to trade (only put options). %000 EUR in one position. That was insane. I tried to contect them. Wether email or by phone. Nothing. I realized that i made a huuuge mistake...

So i can go on with the story, but the Fact is right now here for other people, ==> DONT INVEST MONEY with them!!!
There are plenty of other good broker which are regulated, not like VIP-Broker/

By the way, i will go on Friday to the police. Anybody got any tipps/informations what else i can do?

Matty 10/23/2018

Vip Crypto linked to CryptonixTeam, linked to InsightsTrader

Vip brokers, and vip-Crypto have same home page. Exactly same
Vip Crypto linked to CryptonixTeam, linked to InsightsTrader, big fully regulatedcompany. Maybe they just using the name InsightsTrader, but the deposit I made with CryptonixTeam was put into account InsightsTrader.

Best Trades, Hawkcode, vip-trades and I bet a few more all same scammers

Cj Gaygen 10/22/2018

special warning to the public

I would like to let members of the public who may be considering crypto currency trading not to make use of this company . this is a completely false trading company who has set up a trading platform looking entirely authentic, backed up by a management team well trained in handling the client in a manner that gives confidence to the potential client, showing them how easy it is to trade on their platform easily encouraging the depositing of funds promising a dividend of 8% on all capital invested and it will all go really well until you try to withdraw some funds when you will discover that they close down all connection with you and you are unable to email or phone as all the numbers listed on the cleverly set up pages are all false. I back up this information as I traded with them achieved a total account of $20000 only to find what I disclose in this warning

George Crawford 10/15/2018

Denying me access to my money

I invested USD 250 on January 29, 2018 assisted by Sean MARCUS and he seemed to professional and nice and before a week ends, he some significant money but he needed more more off-which I didn’t have at that time.The following week Sean MARCUS was off-sick and someone else took over his portfolio by the name of David Green and I used to talk to Sean on the following number: (44)208 0892515 and others similar. And David Green was very very rude, only what he says goes and doesn’t care about what you say or what your opinion is. I invested my hard earned money with the company and the people who don’t care. They claim to be the right people and others are scam. I deposited the same amount on The Greenfields USD 250 and when I decided that I am no longer interested in trading; I withdrew all my money and received with no obligations whatsoever and right now my account in sitting on USD 4323.65 and they are denying me access to my money. This is a complaint. I reside in South Africa

Florence Koloko 10/14/2018

Withdrawal never received

I invested 6750usd with VIP Crypto in March 2018. my account manager was Lisa Forster. i was told that i have made huge profit. i requested withdrawal and was told it would come i am still waiting for it today. the amount of withdrawal promised was $46659.43. that amount of money never arrived in my bank account. Now emails sent to Lisa Forster are returned to me - address not known. today 11/10/2018 an email sent to support services also came back

this is not right. all i need is my money and the profit promised to me by VIP Crypto

Salathiso Sidali 10/11/2018

VIP-Crypto Scam company

Do not deposit your money in this platform. They will not let you withdraw. Their website is a scam. You cannot contact anyone from the numbers that are provided and even the chat support does not work. After I deposit my money, account managers have been contacting me asking to deposit more and if I decline they will pass me to another account manager and after the 3rd account manager and still I declined and asked to return my money, suddenly I cannot log in anymore. Money down the drain. What a waste.

Hector Guerrero 09/28/2018


My withdrawal is pending for some months

Dennis 09/24/2018

vip crypto is a fraudulent company

same story here. my account has usd25k but now no calls or answers from my broker for more than a month now.

can the FCA do something?? i want my usd back.

fraudulent companies and shady brokers should not be allowed to go on scamming innocent people.

precious 09/17/2018

you will never see your money again

I am offering this advice to anyone who is looking at trading with VIP-Crypto do not enter any investment with this company they are conning you it is a false platform you will never get to withdraw any money you might make I have lost $9500. during my trading time got my account up to $23000 when I tried to withdraw some funds they closed down on me. All the telephone numbers are false and they will not answer any internal mail they will not answer email's and I have spoken to investigators who tell me that they ate based in Isreal where the law allows traders to carry on like this and there is no redress can be taken against them DO NOT CONSIDER TRADING WITH THEM .

George Crawford 09/17/2018

Dishonest organisation

Since depositing £1500 with this lot it has, according to my account display, grown to £4244.76, but as I was fed up with being pestered to provide more cash for them to "invest" for m,e I asked for my account to be closed and the balance of my account to be paid to me.

Amazingly this has not happened in spite of my repeated Emails

john pringle 09/10/2018

It's a fraud company

I register with VIP-crypto 2,3 months back. while registering I received so many calls asking to register deposit money. After registration they started calling me to deposit 2000$ more. Then I ask them to refund my money I applied withdrawal request online on portal more then 1 month back. After that I stopped getting called from them. My request is still pending. I tried calling sending mails but ended up with no answer. all emails are bouncing back looks like they changed email Id's or blocked my email ID. as per site withdrawal will be process within 7 days but in my case it's been 40 days no refund and no reply. don't ever deal with VIP Crypto you will loose your money. They don't even bother to refund or entertain you once you ask them for refund.

Sagar 09/01/2018

Withdrawal pending for 2 months

Its Sad that am one of the victim of this fake trading company called VIP-crypto ,i started trading with them on June 29 2018 and my total deposited with them now is $1650 .My withdrawal was on pending over one month now .Please any means for me to get my money back .Am new in Forex trading .Please help.



Azeez Alaba Adejumola 08/13/2018


They will not allow you to withdraw your money, but still pressure you to put more in

Terr Giddings 08/09/2018

Vip Crypto Scam! I can't login

I deposited my $250 and when they called they took it in 2 minutes and everytime got a new account mananger untill the account was on $870 and when i wanted to withdraw they said i must leave the money to grow now i can't even log into the site or account anymore...but i hope for the scammers they are they will get their day infront of God scamming people out of their hard earned money!!

Dora 08/08/2018

they refused to approve my withdrawal request that i sent 4 months ago

Vip crypto and 10brokers is a scam scam and scam both companies are working together.

I have been trading with them since january 2018. I made profit up to 62000eur in my account balance,when I felt something was not right with the company I then request for my founds. And that was 4 months ago. Belive me or not my request is still on pending.

And they have the gutts to call me today asking me to pay another 8000eur befor I withdraw my money.

Though I fall for their lies and sent them 4000eur which they said it was to pay for taxes, this was 2 months ago,still my request is on pending.

Please do not invest your penny in vip-crypto or the 10broker. They are same people. Because when you make payments the money goes to 10broker then the vip-crypto will found your trading account on their website. I have sent them over a million emails but no they will not send my founds, vip-crypto and 10brokers scam!!! Scam!!! Scam!!! Scam !!!! Until they send my founds back I will make sure they lose people to deceive...

mamudu yussif 08/08/2018

Vip Crypto scam

Do not deposit your money in this platform. They will not let you withdraw. Their website is a scam. You cannot contact anyone from the numbers that are provided and even the chat support does not work. After I deposit my money, account managers have been contacting me asking to deposit more and if I decline they will pass me to another account manager and after the 3rd account manager and still I declined and asked to return my money, suddenly I cannot log in anymore. Money down the drain. What a waste.

Pat 08/06/2018


They say you can withdraw but once you have deposited you can’t get any response at all I have been trying to get my money now for 4 weeks they are total scammers

Andrew pilkington 07/31/2018

Unable to withdraw funds on Vip crypto

Promised e can withdraw but still no money back from them

Kathleen smith 07/18/2018

Do not use this company

This company is ridiculous, they do not have contact numbers that work, your broker will ignore you. I finally got a call back after escalating this to the Ombudsman, the call came from Australia, the man got very aggressive towards me when I stated I wanted my money back, which I had been told I could have back at anytime. They should not be allowed to be doing this. Please do not use this company.

Samantha Mallard 07/06/2018 are SCAMMERS! are SCAMMERS! Today they have scammed me out of £4700!
I was redirected to their site and as soon as you visit the site a broker immediately calls you and gets you to deposit funds. After depositing funds, they kept calling trying to get me to deposit more funds on VIP Crypto.
This put me off so the next day I decided not to continue and to cancel my account and asked for the full refund that I had deposited.
I emailed him and asked for a refund. He called me and said he would do the refund by card. However instead of refunding me £500, he took two new payments off my card for £1200 and £2800! He tricked me into thinking he was refunding me the £500 when all along he was taking more and more payments! Now you cant get hold of them!


Chris Jones 06/21/2018

VIP-Crypto Complaint

I invested in Vip-Crypto since last month and I deposited 250€ which on the same day they traded with and they said I made a profit of 635€ and ever since then they never trade with my account anymore that I have to deporzite more money and now I receive every week call that I need to doposite more money so that they can trade with it I really not comfortable with the whole thing and I don't trust this company and many comment I read make me believe this is a scam eight now they ask me to pay about 1000€ in my account I don't want to pay because am don't trust them I need advise please thanks.

Imogieme smart 06/18/2018
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