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UproFX Review - is it scam or safe?

UproFX review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1.1 / 23 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz UproFX
UproFX is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


UproFX is a forex and CFD broker, offering quite a variety of currency pairs, crypto CFDs and other assets, ranging form commodities and precious metals to indices and stocks. If you are considering opening an account with them be sure to read this review first.


Account type Min. deposit Max. leverage Spreads
Classic Account 250 EUR 1:100 3 pips, fixed
Silver Account n/a 1:100 n/a
Gold Account n/a 1:200 n/a
Premium Account n/a 1:200 n/a


UproFX Advantages:


Good selection of forex pairs and CFDs


UproFX offers nearly 50 forex pairs, with some exotic currencies like Danish Krone, Hungarian Forint, Norweigen Krone,  Polish Zloty, Swedish Krone, Turkish Lira, Hong Kong Dollar, Mexican Peso, Russian Ruble, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, Indian Rupee and Israeli Shekel. The broker also offers an array of crypto CFDs with coins, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dashcoin, Ripple, IOTA, Verge, Siacoin, Cardano, NEO, Tether, Stellar and Monero, CFDs on energy and agricultural commodities like wheat, sugar, soybeans, orange juice, cotton, corn, copper, coffee, cocoa, oil and natural gas, precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium, as well as some 20 indices and stocks. As crypto assets are getting more and more popular, here you may check our list of broker also offering Bitcoin CFDs:


>>Bitcoin Forex Brokers<<


Leverage of up to 1:200


With its premium accounts UproFX  offers leverage of up to 1:200, while with its Classic and Silver accounts leverage is caped at 1:100. Keep in mind that while higher leverage may help you score good profit with a relatively small deposit, it is also associated with a significant risk of losing your funds much faster. We should also note that since the beginning of August the the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has capped the leverage, allowed with forex trade in the European Union, at 1:30. 


Acceptable minimum deposit requirement


You can start trading at UproFX with just 250 EUR, which is more or less in line with what traders would expect. Still with some big, well established brokers like FBS and IG you can open a trading account with as little as 5 USD.


Popular e-wallets accepted as payment methods


UproFX accepts payments with major credit or debit cards like VISA and MasterCard, bank wire and popular e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. Still the broker does not accept payments with crypto coins, so here you may check our list of brokers, where you can pay with Bitcoins:


>>Forex Brokers Accepting Bitcoin<<


UproFX Disadvantages:


UproFX is not regulated


We should note that this is a major setback. Regulation is the single most important factor for the safety any investment and UproFX appears not to have a license to provide financial services. 


UproFX is owned and operated by Yield Enterprise Currency Software OU, a company based in Estonia and because all companies, providing financial services in the country, should be registered with the local Financial Supervision Authority – the Finantsinspektsioon or a similar financial watchdog in another EU country, we decided to check the registers of the institution. Unfortunately we were not able to find neither UproFX nor Yield Enterprise Currency Software OU there.


So UproFX does not hold a license and that means any funds invested with the broker will not be protected by the strict financial and ethical rules, enforced by well respected financial authorities such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).


Among the rules, all properly licensed brokers are obliged to follow, we should point out the requirement to keep all traders money in a segregated, protected form creditors account, to maintain a certain minimum operational capital and in some cases even to insure traders money.


In case their broker is insolvent, all traders with FCA brokers, for example, can have up to 50 000 GBP of their capital back. A similar CySEC compensation scheme guarantees traders up to 20 000 EUR of their investment. So here you may check our list of FCA regulated brokers:


>>FCA Regulated Forex Brokers<<


UproFX offers managed accounts


Along its four main trading accounts, UproFX says to be offering managed accounts including “auto trading accounts”. Here our concern is that UproFX is actually a Market Maker - they make profit, when their clients lose and offering a managed account is in clear conflict of interest. That is why most legit brokers avoid offering managed accounts. And besides, with a good trading platform such as the MetaTrader4 you can always run automated trading sessions.


UproFX does not support MetaTrader4


Speaking about trading platforms here we have another setback. UproFX offers its clients a rather simplified web based trading platform, which until recently we have seen with a lot of binary options brokers.



The platform lack basic features like charting tools and market indicators, as well the option top run automated trading sessions – something for which MetaTrader4 got famous in the first place. So here you may check our list of brokers, offering the MetaTrader4:


>>MT4 Brokers<<


Uncompetitive spreads


As tested with a demo account the benchmark EURUSD spread was fixed at 3 pips, which is at least twice higher tahn the levels traders would usually expect with a standard account. So here you may check our list of brokers, offering tighter spreads as well:


>> Lowest spread forex brokers<<




UproFX is a unregulated broker with very limited credibility. Apart form obvious issues like the lousy trading platform and the uncompetitive spreads, our main concern remains the brokers regulatory status. We have already discussed the importance of regulation, so here we shall only note that unfortunately most unregulated brokers are involved in scam.

Latest news about UproFX
No news about UproFX. Check back later.
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Cyprus, UK, Mauritius CySec, FCA, FSC MT4, MT5, Web $10 Review Website
Australia, Cyprus ASIC, CySEC MT4, MT5, Iress $100 Review Website
Cyprus, Australia CySec, ASIC MT4, MT5 $5 Review Website
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Uprofx scam organization

Uprofx are the ones that have had ads about Bitcoin for a period in European countries. They buy ad slots on social media, such as Facebook, and they use fictional stories, and claim that famous people become quite rich in no time. Several lawsuits and prosecutions are ongoing. They collaborate in their network in many European countries and target the market in the U.K, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Scandinavia, and Spain.
Europol is connected in some countries and in others it is running. They are behind these sites! Tradorax / TraderVC / Kayafx / Omegafx / Kontofx / Uprofx / Olympia Markets / Olympiusglobal / Proufx, and probably even more.
The Efri Austria team and Fintelegram have investigated them and contacted them for updates on the situation.

Bazille 12/03/2019

No website availability

The website has been offline for a long time so no access to account. Keep being told website being redesigned. Not able to make withdrawals because of this. Broker calls but we get nowhere.

david field 11/12/2019

contact me

cannot login into my account!
please contact me tonight. by phone or email.

Susan Simpson 11/08/2019

UproFX - 1000 euro op wilde nemen, begonnen de moeilijkheden

Ik ben 10-9 begonnen met 250 euro. Met hulp van mijn accuont manager (naam Alex Mairice) een zeer vriendelijk persoon, leverde dit vrij snel een redelijke winst op. Alles was zichtbaar op mijn internet account site. Hij overtuigde mij om meer in te leggen. Toen ik op 19-10 via het reguliere formulier 1000 euro op wilde nemen, begonnen de moeilijkheden. Ik kreeg het geld niet. De account manager reageerde niet op mijn mails en sinds vrijdag 25-10 is de site niet bereikbaar.Wat moet ik doen???

Translated by Google:

I started 10-9 with 250 euros. With the help of my accuont manager (name Alex Mairice) a very friendly person, this quickly yielded a reasonable profit. Everything was visible on my internet account site. He convinced me to invest more. When I wanted to withdraw 1000 euros via the regular form on 19-10, the difficulties started. I didn't get the money. The account manager did not respond to my emails and since Friday 25-10 the site is not available. What should I do ???

A. Kerkdijk 10/31/2019


UproFX is an authentic disgrace
UproFX is a real disgrace, do not put your money there, keep it all had the 760Euros went to 33 Euros and at risk of the account being zero, I asked the ransom of 750euros and they did not give me, now I was left with nothing !! , FRAUDOLENT .....

Celestino 10/07/2019

Could not provide Withdrawal

I have been registered with this broker and have invested 500 euro and making profit. But When I was pressurized to invest more money and avoided to do so, I have been insulted and called as failure.
then I said I will stop, and request withdrawal.
since then no respons to my withdrawal, I have been called by two person who would like that I continue trading with them. I explicitly told them that I want my money back.
now I am no able to log to my account and not even able to log to their website.

I would appreciate if someone could help me.


Berhe Tesfay 09/26/2019

Absolute SCAM

I invested money three months back and the trade was going in positive side. I asked them to transfer the profit but they were keep on postponing for a month. Later they showed me that market is down and your money is gone. They are absolutely scam, please be away from these scammers and keep your money safe.

JAMEEM 09/08/2019

boiler room scam

this company and a few others like KayaFX, KontoFX, UproFX ,libra Markets ,Olympia Markets ,OBS bit and a few others are run by the same people since a few years they will let you make profit on their fake trading platform with the first amount you deposited and then call you and tell you to deposit more money to make real profits depending if they think that you got more they will let you also make profits but be sure they will not let you withdraw a single euro, until there is no more money to get so they crash your account .
this may be a schock but think the money was never placed for any trades because what you saw there is fake anyway .
this is the way every boiler room scam will end because they only have the money you deposited there the rest is not real so it means no one can withdraw otherwise they pay back the stolen money what no scammer wants

kay 08/24/2019

Scam uprofx

It's a scam they rip me off. Get a job instead of ripping ppl off I am gonna let all Aussies know that uprofx is scam

Kelly fahey 08/20/2019


these people take your money but never give any option to get it back , they do not place any trades what you see on their website is just show to make people invest more and more .
they run a few other scambrokers like olympia markets libramarkets obsbit and a few more , but they are all the same scam !!!

phillip 08/16/2019

A totally Scam

I received a call from them after I posted a review

They told me I don't understand how the stock market work and the reason why I lost my money. It seems I lost my money because it was invested in cryptocurrency in trade not showing in my trade history.
It is all my fault and decision I lost the money but they will put money that belongs to their company in my account after a few months with the condition I pull my review.

They told my review doesn't really matter so I need to be smart and choose correctly... I decided to keep the review as I know I will never get my money back but hopefully no more guys sign with them.

Bashar Sammour 08/08/2019

F*ck up Uprofx real scam

Hi guys
it was a Day i received a call from a man named Mr Williams he told me i suscribed to their trading forex Site Uprofx i was kinda surprise because i have never registered on that site bfore and i also do not much about the bitcoin trading the Guy start to explain to me how the company works and what is the profit he told me the mininum invest it's 280$ or 250€ he usually call me each Day the Last time the other called me he asked me about my credit card visa number i gave him my Cvv infos but there were no funds inside i even explained to the Guy i have to go to my bank and put the money inside When i communicated the Guy my Cvv detail he tried to withdraw my money online by using When i saw this details LEKKI NG(Nigeria) i understood it is a big scam

babin 07/31/2019

Total scam

Completely unprofessional service, the first phone call I got the guy asked if I was single. I have gotten 25 calls in the last 4 days. I can't withdraw my funds from the site.

Karoliina H 07/21/2019

They are SCAM! They steal my money!

When you pay money to them, they just show you some fake transactions on their fake website! and then they try to convince you to pay more. When you refuse, they will disappear! Now, they blocked my account on their fake website. DON'T TRUST THEM. THEY ARE SCAMMERS. SCAMMERS SCAMMERS. THEY DISAPPEARED WITH MY MONEY!
All good reviews here are fake and written by them! Don't trust them please!

saba 07/20/2019

Do not invest

I invested a few months ago and all was fine, lots of communication from them. Then I started asking to withdraw some of the funds, my account manager then disappeared.
After writing a negative review another account manager contacted me, told me to take down the review, that they were sorry and would sort it out.
When I asked my new account manager Darin Kidd to withdraw funds, he told me it was locked in a contract that I could not withdraw until August 20.
My last communication with my account manager was a week ago when he told me he would call me the following night.
Since then I have called and emailed a number of times with no response. I got through to help desk last night and was told they would call back within 2 hours. I am still waiting.

Samantha Gannon 07/10/2019


I received a call from an agent named Elliot from the UproFx trading platform on June 11 th 2019. After depositing 250 Euros, and promising to help register my account was never bac , instead another broer by name of Johanes called to invest 10000 Us dollars in Bitcoin purchase and when ased about the account registration and the profit done in trading said its only 25 dollars and to mae more profit need to buy the Bitcoin and on informing the money cannot be arranged agreed to pay half and said deposit only 5000 and rest will be taen care of. I insisted to refund my money but to my surprise the agent did not contact me again and the money has not been refunded.I thin i was saved from loosing the 5000 dollars too which my intutions stopped me from doing so.

Raphael Baretto 07/10/2019


It is a big scam.
At first they paid me my profit.
After I made a new deposit of a bigger amount, they scam me.
Do not go with them.
BE carefull

Victor Manuel Pereira 07/08/2019

Uprofx is a big scam . estafa

they are scamming spain and latin american countries as well

We should all unite and sue this fraudsters!!!

Very easy and fast deposits > impossible to withdraw

Carlos G 06/26/2019

Calls 24/7

250 Euros is plenty for me to invest with, but my broker does not think that he/she can do very much with such a small amount. How can I get my money back?
Thank you in advance.
Anna Ingvadottir

Anna Ingvadottir 06/20/2019


These people are scammers, they take your money want your personal details, you will only hear from the on whats app if they call you, you cannot call them there numbers are all disconnected if you try....They tell you they will give you a withdraw and they keep your money. Its all a big set up, if you give them money you will never see it again..They are possibly nigerian....But definitely scammers of the worst kind. I am taking them down if I can....If anyone wants to add to my list of names I have from complaints please email me anytime. I am on a mission to put these bastards in jail.

colleen 06/14/2019

UproFx is a Scam

I followed a link in an artikel linked to a newspaper, and got to a sight "Crypt Com". There I registred and then I was on the sight "" I invested 250 EUR. After a while I tried to log in to my accont. Impossible. I tried severel times and klicked on "Forgott your password" but never get any email with new password. I realised it was a Scam. Called my bank and stopped my Visacard. Called police and made a report. Then I got two email, one I should sign and one in which they wanted photo of my passport or international identification card. I did not send any of it. After some hours they called me. I said I wanted my money back. He said only I could redraw them.We talked for one hour and had several problems with my accont, but eventually I was logged in. Now I can see that I can redraw 50 of my 250 EUR. So the polise report stands, and I hope my bank can get my money back.

Elisa 06/07/2019

UproFX is a Scam

Dear All,

opened an account and deposited EUR 260. Lukas was quick to call and tell me about the benefits and also traded with the money. He showed 10% profit in 1 day and wanted me to deposit more money to realize "proper" profits. When I showed no interest and asked for my money back he said I am wasting his time and should deposit the money if I am serious about making money. When asked for the process to get the initial deposit his tone changed and asked to contact whoever is my account manager

dear all please do fall prey for these guys ,

Sinu Divakaran 06/06/2019

UproFX is Konto Fx / Kayafx

Uprofx is the same company as Kontofx and Kayafx don"T fall for them they are the biggest scammers of all

UproFX is Konto Fx / Kayafx 06/05/2019

All Criminals, that betray

AS soon as the money transfer happend, you hear nothing of the criminals

Jane 06/03/2019

Money lost with UproFX

I opened an account and deposited EUR 200. Lukas was quick to call and tell me about the benefits and also traded with the money. He showed 10% profit in 1 day and wanted me to deposit more money (EUR 2000) to realise "propper" profits. During the next call he wanted EUR 5000 to trade with and denied ever saying EUR 2000. When I asked for my money back he said I am wasting his time and should deposit the money if I am serious about making money. I stopped taking his calls.

After a while Adam mailed me and tried to call to talk to convince me to invest in Bitcoin with them.

I find that if I go to there is no "login" tab so I cant get into my account. Luckly I did not deposit more than EUR 200 as every thing would have been lost.

RP 05/16/2019

UproFX - Dieven

Ik heb mn geld in goed vertrouwen gestort en Alexander belde met de mooiste belofte,
Echter na 2 of 3 keer te tonen dat hij iets Goeds had gedaan met mn geld, werd het stil Ik kom hem niet meer bereiken en net als de firma was mijn
Nummer geblokkeerd. Toen ik vaker per dag belde Hebben ze mijn account gesloten, met al mn geld erop.
Alles weg.
Dieven, begin er nooit aan, je geld is weg

Translated by Google:

Ik heb mn geld in goed vertrouwen gestort en Alexander belde met de mooiste belofte,
Echter na 2 of 3 keer te tonen dat hij iets Goeds had gedaan met mn geld, werd het stil Ik kom hem niet meer bereiken en net als de firma was mijn
Nummer geblokkeerd. Toen ik vaker per dag belde Hebben ze mijn account gesloten, met al mn geld erop.
Alles weg.
Dieven, begin er nooit aan, je geld is weg

Flip Römer 05/09/2019

Be awere

Do not trade with them. They keep profit hight till you request money back. The worst company !!! If you want to avoid problems, do not trade with them.

Ann 04/16/2019

Scam by UPROFX

Two days after my transfer of EUR 250, I told UproFX to return the money to me. I was consoled for 6 weeks, that it was not possible because of a "routine" ... and I get it then. I never touched my account nor traded! Now I get a call, I would have lost everything with my actions, if I would like to close it! Danger!!!! UproFX are cheaters and paid or perhaps won money you will never get back !!!!

Walter Haefeli 04/12/2019

UproFX / Twiggy Forrest fake

Today I decided to try bitcoin trading & followed a link with a tv presentation with Twiggy Forrest.

I filled my details online & subsequently received a phone call, during the discussion I was asked for credit card details to start the account.
I offered a Bendigo bank MasterCard & put on hold while Steven Williams checked the euro exchange to AU $.

Steven came back saying that this Debit/credit card was not allowed, he then spoke to my partner assuring him of the safety in us giving him a credit visa, which we did.

On hold again, he returns to say that the visa wasn’t accepted either & he needed proof of identity & utility notices to be photographed & attached to a blank email that he sent through.

I had trouble attaching the photos & tried phoning the no 02 61450445 to discuss further the need for the photos, only to be advised that the no. Above was no longer in service.


I sent him an email regarding the phone no. & he tried phoning again, I didn’t answer, tried phoning back & this second no. Was not in service either.

I am now concerned about the security of my two credit cards.
Thank you for your information

Cynthia Lynch

Cynthia Lynch 04/09/2019

UproFX next big SCAM

I have a tip, which might lead to something. why not register at KontoFx and their other website UproFX and KayaFx are the same fraud.They can, with sufficient notification, start a class action against it with regulated and legal law firms. They currently operate about 15 cases against various fraud Binary option companies. At least one can make a notification on their whistleblower side and warn other traders for those scams.

Janne 03/31/2019

Keep away from UPROFX and OBSBIT

Yes stay away. I try to get back my money (EUR 250) for mor than 2 months without any result. They are bandits! You will never get back your money! I have the same experience with OBSBIT!

Walter Haefeli 03/30/2019

Complete scam

Stay away. Have tried to get my money refunded for more than 14 days
Without any result. They are refusing to getting back and returning the amount.

Stay away it is fraud

Mads Leth Christiansen 03/27/2019

Keep away from UPROFX

To bad a company. Have invested 500 Euro in the company, and lost confidence to them. Now I want my money back - there is +500 euro in the account, but nothing happens.

The broker Jonathan claims that I am not responding to him or his collegueas.

My advice is to stay away - You will never get your money back.

Mads L Christiansen 03/22/2019

Uprofx is a very dodgy company

I invested the basic 250 Euro's they did some minor trading, today it stands at 332.18 Euro's OK a profit but as soon as i said i wanted to cancel the account and with draw my money, they just keep calling asking why why why and putting up excuses not to, will i ever get my money back!!!!! I will keep you informed.

John Dales 03/20/2019

UproFX same as KontoFX

UproFx is not regulated nowhere, and they publish fake Reviews on the social media , Don`t fall for this scam, and deposit amounts will never be withdrawn.

John 03/09/2019

UproFX = KontoFX

They are a mean scam do not trust these broker they stole my money and locked me out from my account.

Later I found out they are the same as KontoFX just a new name

will 02/26/2019

UproFX Betrug!!!

UproFX iIst totaler betrug als ich kein weiteres Geld investieren wollte hat mein Broker mir gesagt dass er nicht weiter für mich arbeiten wollte, und er mein Konto an seinen Kollegen geben wird am nächsten Tag war mein Konto im minus. Ich habe 5000€ investiert und jetzt steht es auf minus 7521€ sofort am nächsten Tag rief mich mein broker an und verlangte, dass ich den Verlust ausgleiche er drohte mir mit rechtlichen Konsequenzen.
Ich habe UProFX bei der Polizei angezeigt das ist klarer betrug, sie sind auch noch so unverschämt und verlangen das man den Verlust ausgleicht!

Translated by Google:

UproFX iIst total scam when I did not want to invest any more money, my broker told me that he did not want to continue working for me, and he will give my account to his colleagues the next day, my account was in the minus. I have invested 5000 € and now it stands at minus 7521 € immediately the next day my broker called me and demanded that I compensate for the loss he threatened me with legal consequences.
I have shown UProFX to the police, which is clearer, they are so outrageous and demand that you compensate for the loss!

Jenny 02/26/2019

another scam broker

A few days ago I received a call from Upro fx from a Account manager called Greg Miller he claimed that he is now in charge for the clients from kaya fx( I lost 2500 there ) he apologized what happened there with my account but the manager from kaya was arrested last month and they are investigating and if this is true court I would revive my money back from kaya .

Now he is working with UProFX and would ensure that this time everything would be fine, he claimed that he could make me profit easily so I would have the money back that I lost earlier in a week, but on UProFX the minimum investment that he can work as my account manager are 5000€ I told him that I don't have that money right now but he told me instead I should take up a loan within in a few weeks I could double the money.what is not possible in this way he told me I researched online and on Facebook and there are way to many bad reviews for a new broker plus the FCA warning also my account manager sounded like the one from the KAYA FX Phillip Schmidt videos on youtube

William 02/22/2019

Do not use UProFX

UproFX has no license and is not regulated anywhere this means they can do with the money you invest whatever they want and this is usually what they do , they take the investment and show you good profits and talk you into investing more this is the classic investment scam scheme who collapses soon as you want to withdraw the FCA and ASIC warns from this broker they are quite new and are already blacklisted so better stay away !

UproFX no tiene licencia y no está regulado en ninguna parte, lo que significa que puede hacerlo con el dinero que invierte en lo que quiera y esto suele ser lo que hacen, se llevan la inversión, le muestran buenas ganancias y lo convencen para que inviertan más. Esta es la inversión clásica. El esquema de estafa que se derrumba pronto cuando se quiere retirar la FCA y ASIC advierte de este corredor que son bastante nuevos y que ya están en la lista negra, ¡así que mejor aléjate!

Tim 02/21/2019

FCA blacklisted

this company is not regulated or licensed so they can't trade for clients legaly, the FCA and ASIC warns from them it is another investment scam scheme like the others where they will always want you to invest more, you will never be able to withdraw or gain any real money from this company they are quite new and already blacklisted this is a broker you should avoid !

Dieses Unternehmen ist nicht reguliert oder lizenziert, so dass es nicht legal für Kunden handeln kann. FCA und ASIC warnen davor, dass es sich um eine Betrugs Masche handelt, bei denen Sie immer wollen, dass Sie mehr investieren sie verdienen KEIN echtes Geld mit dieser Firma. UProFX sind ziemlich neu und bereits auf der schwarzen Liste. Dies ist ein Broker, den Sie meiden sollten!

esta empresa no está regulada ni tiene licencia, por lo que no pueden intercambiar legalmente por clientes, la FCA y la ASIC advierten de que se trata de otro esquema de estafa de inversión como los otros, donde siempre querrán que usted invierta más, nunca podrá retirarse. o gane dinero real de esta compañía ya que son bastante nuevos y ya están en la lista negra, ¡este es un agente que debe evitar!

manu 02/21/2019

They stole my money

Upro FX is a complete scam I invested around 6500€ they showed me huge profits but always had another excuse why I should not withdraw but as I needed the money for medical reasons the trouble began. The locked me out from my account and started to pressure me to invest further 5000€ if I wanted to be able to access the account again what I did not do, they still calling me and want me to add up the money I told them that I want to withdraw my funds but they started to shout and threaten me again. Now I reported them to the police and blocked there numbers!

Phillip 02/21/2019

Do not use UProFX

this is another unregulated and unlicensed scam broker they all use the same pyramid scheme where you always have to add up money to keep it going soon as you want to withdraw your account gets crashed. But anyway they dont have a license so they cant really trade what you see on there website is just fake anyway!

paul 02/19/2019

Timo o Estafa

A priori, lo que creo que es este corredor es UNA ESTAFA, ya que es muy facil hacer los ingresos, y luego no hay asesoria ninguna sobre la inversión.

Yo ando intentando recuperar la inversión después de 8 dias, y la referencia del cobro esta en Ghana...
¿Timo? o algo parecido..??

Translated by Google:

A priori, what I think this broker is A SCAM, since it is very easy to make the income, and then there is no advice about the investment.

I am trying to recover the investment after 8 days, and the reference of the charge is in Ghana ...
Thymus? or something similar..??

andres 02/18/2019
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