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TradersWay Traders Way Review

Traders Way Review, Rating and comparison | Tradersway forex broker

RATING: 2.5 / 82 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz TradersWay


Trading Accounts


Account type/Platform Minimum deposit   Min. trade size  Maximum leverage  Average Spreads Execution Type Swap-free
MT4.FIX  $1 0.01 1:1000 Fixed, 2 pips on EUR/USD  Instant  Yes
MT4.VAR  $1 0.01 1:1000 1.4 pips on EUR/USD Market  Yes
MT4.ECN $100 0.01 1:1000 0.5 pips on EUR/USD + commission $2.5 - $3.0 per lot Market   No
CT.ECN $50  0.01 1:500 0.5 pips on EUR/USD + commission $2.5 - $3.0 per lot  Market   No

Trader’s Way offers its clients a selection of account types to make sure traders of all skill level and preferences are well taken care of. There are 2 ECN account types available on two different trading platforms, offering tight spreads with small commission fees.


Besides, there are two MT4 commission-free accounts with no minimum deposit requirement, one of which offers fixed and the other one, variable spreads. Swap-free service is available on both commission-free accounts to clients of Islamic belief who are not willing to earn interest for religious reasons.

The Company. Security of Funds

Founded in 2010, Trader’s Way is an offshore broker trading in a wide range of currency pairs and CFDs on MetaTrader 4 and cTrader.

Trader’s Way is the trading name of a company, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, an island country located in the Caribbean Sea. The Dominica has a wide range of offshore services and with the passing of the International Business Companies (IBC) Act in 1996 it has become an attractive location for offshore company formations. There are certain international banking regulations to which all companies operating out of Dominica are bound, however, forex businesses are not regulated at this time.

While it is true that no regulation can protect you from dealing manipulation, misuse of client money, or company bankruptcy and no regulation can guarantee the funds in your pocket or trading account, there are certain states which strive to put some certainty in the decentralized FX market in their jurisdiction. Money rules and minimum capital requirements are set in the US, Japan, Australia, UK, Cyprus, among others. Brokers in these countries are required to report all trades and to comply with various procedures. What is more, in many of them apply compensation schemes which protect client funds in the event of broker insolvency.

To put it simply, if you choose to open an account with an offshore broker, your funds are far from safe. So, if you intend to invest a large amount of money, we would advise you to select among brokers regulated by the respective authorities in the abovementioned states.

We have to point out that despite the above said, Trader’s Way has more than 6 years of experience on the forex market and has won a reputation of a reliable broker, who strives to provide maximum transparency and security in both its own and clients’ activities.

The broker states on its website that it keeps client funds and company money separate and that it employs strict AML and KYC policies to support international efforts against money laundering and inappropriate usage of funds.

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit
There is no minimum initial deposit with Trader’s Way, which makes this broker quite attractive and accessible for all kinds of traders. Most offshore brokers do not require high initial amounts, which is reasonable, considering the light touch regulation, if any. LiteForex, for instance, a popular broker registered on the Marshall Islands, requires just $10 from traders as a start.

Average Spreads & Commissions

This broker offers both variable and fixed spreads. Fixed and floating spreads offered on its commission-free accounts are both average, as fixed ones are 2 pips and the broker quotes as typical variable spreads of 1.4 pips for the EUR/USD pair. In comparison, ForexBrokerInc offers variable spreads from 1 pips on its commission-free accounts.

As regards Trader’s Way ECN accounts (accessible with just $100/$50), the spreads offered are tighter and quite competitive, averaged 0.5 on EUR/USD, and a small commission applies, ranging from $2.5 to $3. This basically means that the average trading costs amount to around 1 pips, commission included.

For further information, you may look up and compare real-time spreads of 15 leading brokers can be checked out here

Maximum Leverage
The maximum leverage rates at Trader’s Way are very high, reaching 1:1000. In comparison, SVG-based OctaFX and ForexBrokerInc both offer leverage up to 1:500. More forex brokers offering leverage equal to or exceeding 1:500 can be viewed here.

Traders, however, should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin – higher leverage levels may lead to heavy losses, exceeding initial investments. That is why many jurisdictions set limitations on leverage, which are considerably lower, for instance 1:50 in USA and 1:25 in Japan.

Trading Platforms

Trader’s Way offers its services on two of the most popular platforms among traders - MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and cTrader and multiple auto trading solutions.

cTrader is an award-winning multi-asset trading platform designed especially for ECN trading. Fast order entry and execution speeds, direct order entry via charts and Level II pricing are just some of the reasons why many traders today choose cTrader as their go-to platform. The Trader’s Way cTrader suite includes a PC, web and mobile versions, as well as cMirror and cAlgo. cMirror is a mirror & social trading application, which works with all cTrader accounts and is Broker agnostic, which means a trader can copy any signal provider, regardless of whether they both reside with different brokers within the cTrader ecosystem.

cAlgo delivers powerful, fast and reliable automated trading in an easy to use, coding-friendly environment for developing and testing your own robots and custom indicators.

In addition, Trader’s Way supports the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4, desktop, web and mobile versions available.
MetaTrader 4 is preferred by most experienced traders, because it is equipped with an advanced charting package, a number of technical indicators, Expert Advisors (EA) and extensive back-testing environment. MT4 also provides a built-in social trading service - Trading Signals. Using this service, you can copy deals of other traders directly in your terminal. Here is a list of more forex brokers offering MT4 platform.

In addition, Trader’s Way has partnered with Myfxbook and FxStat to provide yet more auto trading options.

Of course, this broker offers high quality VPS Hosting Service. Access to Trader’s Way remote server ensures that your robots, Expert Advisors (EAs) and scripts function continuously and without interruption, even if your computer is switched off.

Bonuses & Rebates

Trader’s Way offers various promotions, such as:

- Welcome on deposit bonus of 100%, limited by $5,000, which cannot be withdrawn;
- Access to the MT4 ECN account with just $10 instead of $100.

Methods of Payment

Clients of Trader’s Way are offered a variety of The following payment modes to choose from: credit cards, bank wire transfers, and the following e-wallets: Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, WebMoney, QIWI, MonetaRU, EasyPay, Boletto, cashU and others.


Trader’s Way is a reputable offshore broker, offering competitive conditions for trading in various currency pairs and CFDs on the MT4 and cTrader platforms. Its main disadvantage is lack of regulation. To sum up the above:


Pros  Cons
Choice of platforms, MT4 available Not regulated
No minimum initial deposit for commission-free accounts  
Access to ECN environment for just $10  
Competitive ECN spreads & low commission fees  
High leverage levels offered  
Bonuses available  


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Good Broker

i traded with this broker since last 2.5 years on and off... I recommend this broker highly because of their good execution. I did not experience any dealing manipulation even when I was briefly making profits. Also very flexible payment options like BTC and local deposits. THey should speed up withdrawals as it is manual as compared to other brokers, but still reliable.

Sid Shah 11/27/2019

Trade stopped out

Had a nice trade that was stopped out for no reason and of course shorted the profit I would have made. Use Microsoft snippet tool to get a screen shot, not that it would matter with an unregulated broker "Tradersway". SCAMMER, DO NOT USE!

TB 01/02/2019

Wide spreads can wipe out your account

Beware this broker if you regularly have open trades over the weekend or holidays ... spreads can go from a few points to 70+ and stop-out your account especially if you're highly leveraged or margined. Happened to me recently and I'd provided a screen snapshot if this allowed it. You'll think you have things under control until after the weekend or holiday and then you'll find your account has been wiped out although you thought you had enough free margin. The astronomically high spreads are what do it. If you close trades fast (scalping) or normally close out all your open trades before the end of the day well before swap charges incur you should be okay if you plan to trade forex but otherwise you could incur substantial losses when spreads widen to the degree they do with Trader'sway. I don't remember them widening so much in the past but I guess greed has no boundaries and this broker is showing it isn't different from any other greedy broker and will use any tricks it can to put your funds in their coffers.

asaens15 12/26/2018

margin call

they just offer 10 currency pair to trade for a standard ac .. if any of u likes trading without stop loss dont even think about this broker, they will give a stop out even if u still have your own money in your ac .. frequent disconnection thankfully wasnt at any imp stage of my trading experience with them .. havent tested withdrawal so wont comment on that.

rakesh maru 02/26/2018

Tradersway is a dealing desk, and I can prove it!!!

I've been trading forex for 15 years, at some of the largest ECN's available. I've used Currenex, Integral, Ninja Trader, and other platforms that are far more sophisticated than MT4, an I've also used MT4. I was pretty sure Tradersway was dealing desk, and here are the easy and logical reasons for why they are, that anyone could appreciate:

1) During trading times not associated with news releases, my orders took upwards of 2 seconds, and got slipped 4-7 pips, and this happen MANY times. Please explain to me how an ECN takes 1-2 seconds to execute a trade at not news time, unless they are slipping you (which they most certainly did).

2) Half of their major currency pairs had FIXED spreads! Think about that, several currency pairs, that are supposed to have floating and dynamic spreads (based on supposedly the best bid and offers from many liquidity providers), are instead fixed uninteruptedly. I went ahead and video recorded long sessions that showed the spreads of these pairs NEVER changing. That is dealing desk stuff! Never in an ECN would spreads remain constant all the time!

3) They provide bonuses! All dealing desks do this. True ECN's can not and will not afford to provide free money to traders to use in their accounts, not when their only profits come from high volume transaction commissions. This of the business model, a true ECN could not afford to pay bonuses, but a dealing desk happily would because it let's you further over leverage your account, and blow it out faster, which means they make their profit faster, sisnce a dealing desk wins when you lose.

Either Tradersway is a dealing desk, or it works with LP's that are dealing desks and will hang orders between 2 to 3.5 seconds, slip entry prices 5-8 pips, and generally screw over the trader. Take it from me, never was this happening at a true ECN, execution was in less than 100 milliseconds, and entries were within 1-2 pips, better or worse than the market price I sent. My trades with Tradersway were not even large, less than 10 lots, just to try them out. Yet my first 3 trades, all took 2-3.5 seconds, while I was only 2 milliseconds away from their server, on a VPS, and I got 5-8 pips worse in entry on each trade. Think about it, this is what dealing desks do, and why we hate them.

Eric 02/08/2018

Live account freezes up

I dont mind when my demo accounts freeze every 20 minutes or so.. but today my Live account has frozen up, no data coming through. I tried changing servers but all dead. Restarted MT4, even tried changing login, but nothing. Please fix ASAP. My live account has been running fine for weeks until today.

Chris Roubis 09/12/2017

Dealing desk

Broker use dealing desk, client never hedge their account here, I have a bitter experience with this broker.

Samir Das 07/24/2017

Happy New Year

Truly pleased with Trader's Way. Outstanding customer service (Antonio, Alex) and a great sales department (Adam). Very kind, helpful, proper follow ups.
Though I am not the largest or the most active client the firm has, I must say the trading platform has been working flawlessly. A contact of mine opened an account with Trader's Way about four months ago or so, and he is also very pleased - from the initial application process, to depositing funds, funds withdrawal to order execution.
Wishing everyone at Trader's Way and their clients a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
Thank you

Peter 12/31/2016

Don't ever put money into an unregulated platform like Tradersway

Tradersway is not regulated, there MM prog tracks your margin, they leverage against their clients. That's why they're overseas away from the legal arm of the UK and USA. When they don't give you your bonus because they claim you made a losing trade or two or when they ping to find your SL, no court will waste their time chasing the money they are stealing.
Don't ever put money into an unregulated platform like Tradersway.

StanB 12/29/2016

Review for TradersWay

Very popular broker with average trading conditions. But news trading is unreal - crazy spreads and slippages and sometimes even requotes. It seems more like a bucket shop rather then ECN broker. All complaints, found the typical excuses that are technical points and fix everything soon. Add me in skype - vovkfx, and I will help you to choose the best broker for you.

Andrew 08/08/2016

Outrageously High Order Execution Time

I am a Tradersway client and have been for a few years. I recently noticed that it takes a lot of time to place market orders. I am using a VPS provided by Tradersway with a

Michael Ogbonnaya 10/27/2015

Zero spreads, great quotes..

Just opened up three orders on GBP; staggered my entries, got it all instantly executed no lag time, and snagged more than a few pips. The platform is sure as good as it sounds, the ecn set up is a trader’s wet dream come alive..check it out and yup, will recommend.

Georgia Malone 09/10/2015

Advanced functionality, retail ecn, tight spreads, mobile app..

The platform, along with all the advanced functionality sure makes it easy to open and close orders, with a single click and no time lag. For me, as a scalper, I need to get my orders executed instantly and that’s what I get here along witn some of the most spot on rates and the lowest spreads I have seen so far. Recommended, yeah

Virgil ware 07/09/2015

Low spreads,good liquidity, accurate prices

Trading on this platform is on quotes, instant execution, low spreads just makes this platform my top choice. Snagged quite a few pips on cable crosses ..given the functionality of this platform, from ability to use ea’s to being able to discuss in real time, on the go, makes it easy to execute all orders and at accurate prices.

Leita gentry 05/21/2015

Robust, fast execution, good spreads

LOL, after the Swiss franc scare, thought I may have to give up trading but then I came across this platform and guess what, apart from being robust, fast and having all these streamlined quotes, it sure comes packed with all the bells and whistles - apps, charting tools, plug and play and multiple options for both accounts and instruments..dang it, it has everything that any trader would need and that’s saying yes, recommended

Heather brewton 03/21/2015

Great trading apps, good quotes..

Just started using this platform and got to admit, given the least minimum spread here for all pairs, accurate quotes to instant execution, and chock full of apps, designed to hone your trading – is just what every trader needs. And if that was not enough, the plug and play to check out EA’s and automated scripts, along with mobile trading makes this platform my top choice. Recommended..

Diana kinrad 01/26/2015

Fantastic spreads, good mobile app, grt platform, very fast

Trading on the platform sure is easy, it is damn fast and better yet, the spreads here are about the smallest I have ever seen. Been here a month and so far, no issues and the mobile app makes it easy to stay connected to the market and literally trade on the go..recommended

Wayne cash 11/27/2014

Good platform, fast trading also mobile access

I join in here two month back and my trading is improving much also I meet other trader in here so they guide me. I like how here I have many option in withdraw funds. Good place in trading in for traders in all kind.

Latif F 11/19/2014

Damn fast..

Trading on the Cable and AUS for the last two days, and frankly, given the better functionality and advanced graphics here, I was able to strategize my entries and exits perfectly. The prices for all pairs are precise upto five digits and heck, the spreads damn tight. Yes, I recommend these guys..

Betty Johnson 10/25/2014

Adv functionality, good spreads

Trading on the platform sure makes it easy to net pips, from advanced functionality to streamlined quotes, and yeah, the spreads are damn tight on all pairs. But apart from this, the one feature that just blew me away was the “plug and play”..and the other apps are great as well.

David cole 10/06/2014

Fantastic spreads, mobile access, good functionality

The platform sure provides for better functionality than any other – that’s for damn sure, from damn precise quotes to “plug and play” for automated scripts. Just closed an open order on USD CHF and AUD/NZD..and yeah, with some profit..not that surprising given the spreads I get here on all pairs, do recommend.

Rex Smith 08/25/2014

Great for trading

After four months of trading on the platform, intra day trading mostly, no issues has cropped up..the rates are spot on and what really sold me was the instant execution, being able to run custom scripts on the platform and yeah, the “plug and play”..def recommended.

Joe gargano 08/16/2014

Damn accurate prices, tight spread

Having got burnt with a “freeze” on another platform, I was looking around for a better option and guess what, I found one. This platform, does not freeze, has damn accurate prices, gives me better option with tech indicators and charting, but the one that sold it for me, the single click functionality. I am very impressed with what I have seen so far..def recommend

Arthur Jackson 08/09/2014

Good functionality, low spreads

The platform sure makes it easy for placing orders with the “single click” option. The rates for all pairs are damn accurate and coupled with some of the lowest spreads I have come across, just makes this platform my top choice for trading..recommended

Clinton P 07/11/2014

Easy trading, ECN

The platform sure makes it easy to stagger trades, with a one click option for placing orders. Other than that, I was floored with the easy option for testing automated codes and of course, the rates are damn precise with spreads that are as low as they can possibly recommend

Constance Philips 06/25/2014

Perfect for scalping, also ecn availability

Trading on this platform with its single click option for placing orders, and taken with some of the most precise quotes I have seen to date, should make it clear to all traders why this platform gives everything else out there a run for its money. Just closed a USD CHF order with a neat profit, all I can say is “perfect”, check it out.

Amanda adair 05/27/2014

Learning trade good platform good app, mobile trading

Trading I learn in two week so I beginner. I hope make more good trade soon. I join here learning lot also do copy trading which I make some money when in learning. I like platform also how they give me many help on all my doubts. Good platform.

Rasi cooke 05/21/2014

Smart platform, damn good functionality, perfect for scalping

Honestly, this platform sure makes trading convenient and easy, with the mobile trading aap. I have to check the market at periods, just to make sure that I read the market correctly and with these mobile apps, I can do that and a whole lot more. Of course, the rates on pairs including the extremely low spreads, are some more reasons as to why I plan to use this platform for a awhile. Yeah, I recommend.

William Johnson 05/01/2014

Great app, good platform

Been a while since I tried scalping this platform sure makes it easy to scalp with their precise five digit quotes for most pairs. Sure, the apps that the platform provides is great but what sold the deal was the fact I get to use custom ea’s and automated scripts..recommend.

natasha nowak 03/25/2014

Great trading platform, extremely low spreads.

Got to admit – this platform has it all, from some of the smallest spreads I have seen yet on any platform to a one click option for placing orders. Currently on Micro, checking out all the features and apps, and pleasantly surprised – planning to move to standard soon. Recommend? Heck, yes

Jeffrey Barnes 02/27/2014

not a good experience

promised low margins are not provided at least on a standard account. a commission on EUR USD is 2.4 pips, which is a lot compared with others stp brokers. high bank charges on deposits. be careful with bonuses. they call a bonus what is really an increased leverage. you can not use bonuses for withdrawals. margin call is at 40% of your equity, be sure you'll be kicked out while other brokers would allow you to stay with your positions longer. also, very vaige residence, no real supervision by authorities. you would not find whom to complain if problems arise. my suggestion is to stay away from this broker, there are many other with a proven track and better terms of trading

john 02/19/2014

Good platform also good support

I join in platform in trade for one month now. I make little money but I am amateur so learning is my main goal. I use demo in learn and see I get good rate in currency pair. Also customer support answer my question any time. Nice website.

Nadeem C 01/25/2014

Great for scalping

Trading here is a breeze, frankly the platform, with all the bells and whistles sure makes for great trading. As a scalper, precise quotes, no time lag, tight spreads are some of the things I tend to be on the lookout for and so far, I get that and a lot more on this platform, definitely recommend.

robert wilkerson 01/17/2014

Many instruments also good spread

I trade in energies also in stock along in also currency trading. I like platform, it is fast also rate is precise. I see they have lot in applications but I like mobile app best in all since I access all feature from in my phone. Also withdrawal is very, very fast. Good platform

Maura compos 12/18/2013

Different financial instrument in one platform

I in metal also CFDs –I like platform also app. I like how can able access all features of normal platform in mobile. Also I like how I can using automated script on platform. It is good in trading for all traders.

Neelakani B 12/06/2013

Automated scripts allowed, tight spread

Trading on this platform sure makes it easy to open staggered trades, keep track of all positions and get this, there’s an app to test out automated scripts before using it on the platform. Overall, satisfied with the platform and as far as pair quotes go, damn good.

kelly stevens 11/13/2013

Perfect platform for scalping, zero pip spread

As a scalper, precise quotes and being able to open orders instantly features right at the top of my list and that’s what this platform provides – along with the usual bangs and whistles. I like the fact I can use custom EA and as for the spreads, they are low, really low..recommended.

Audrey Bukowski 11/01/2013

Easy trading, Good rates, ECN trading with very low spreads

Trading on this platform sure makes for convenience. Along with some of the most precise rates I have seen yet, the platform sure has everything a trader would need – tiny spreads, think miniscule; add on apps that make trading a breeze and single click functionality, will recommend these guys.

James stout 10/21/2013

Good functionality, apps and tight spreads

So far trading on this platform has been great, no dealing desk and better depth in prices – and FWIW, the plug and play option to test automated scripts just brings more to the table. The platform interface is great, and functionality is good, so yeah, no issues in recommending them.

Samuel Birch 09/26/2013

Indicators on platform are just too friggin' great!

Working out the USD/JPY with some of the advanced tech indicators and advanced charting, scaling has never been this easy. I love the idea of being able to review all positions even when commuting, and the rates on all pairs are just too good.

Richard knight 09/12/2013

many instruments for trading

I check in platform but I in trading for two year now. I am trying ECN, spread is small which is good also I like how I can accessing crude also metal in one platform so choice is more. It is good, I am recommending, yes.

Kashyap 09/04/2013

Great spread ECN account

I am in this platform for 3 month now and have no complaint. I like how it is setting up, advanced analytical tools also as trader they give me accurate prices so I can make good in day trading. Withdrawal is easy in here, all order is processed in 4 hour. I recommend.

Maris Smith 08/23/2013

Good functionality

The platform’s just convenient to trade with, it allows me to trade in multiple instruments from one single terminal. The advanced analytics that’s loads up just makes it easy for me to figure out optimal positions, work out the strategy, and the one that clinched the deal for me – the rates, spreads. Of course, will recommend.

David miller 08/13/2013

Very easy to use, platform's great

The broker’s offers a wide range of accounts, so guess there’s something here for everyone. Personally, found it quite user friendly and way easy to access terminal from mobile, when commuting. The big selling point for me was the quotes I keep getting here across the board and coupled with the very small spreads, just too good to pass up.

Danielle.S 08/02/2013

Love the platform!

Customer support on this platform just rocks – answered every single one of my query, and that’s a lot. It is very easy to place orders on the platform, execute it, no tech issue and better yet, wider access to more instruments to trade with, eg, metals, Brent crude

Melissa Hughes 07/19/2013

Adv functionality, tight spreads

Checked out the broker’s platform and the rates here, along with the 0 pip spread on USD pairs is just what every scalper needs. I like the way the terminal is set up with access to other instruments, mobile app and the add ons.

Mary Noble 07/09/2013

good platform for all trading

Scalping is allow here so I make some money now, I trade only cable also make money in cross. Withdrawal is easy also, I get my money in to account in few hrs. I recommend them.

Mahesh a 06/21/2013

The terminal is perfect for scalping!

Scalping EUR/USD and JPY has never been this easy; the platform’s great and with extremely accurate quotes and tight spreads (almost down to 0 pip on EUR/USD), it is scalper’s paradise. Started with small account and soon after seeing the prices, apps, moved to MT.VAR. Nice!

Karen bonilla 06/14/2013

One click trading

The platform is very easy to use and got to admit the one click trading with the Quick deal makes it easy to place orders, track each order in real time, check out the P/L etc. Of course, the platform makes it easy to use customized indicators, which is a big plus. Love the feel, and with these prices, planning to stay here for long.

Jeffrey S 05/31/2013

ECN broker, copytrading

I’m new to forex and still coming to grips with the basics. What I love about this platform is the ease-of-use, along with copy trading feature..makes sense to earn $$ while still learning.

Rachel S 05/15/2013

Perfect platform!

Just set up a Micro account with the broker and with the quotes on the majors and low spreads – the platform literally rocks. I like the latest upgrades, better liquidity and of course, the social app. Overall, a decent platform that seems to perform better than what I’d expected..

Helen r 05/03/2013

Custom scripts, ECN, awesome platform

Low spread on all majors, very fast execution, advanced charting tools and the list goes on as to why I like trading on this platform. Apart from advanced functionality, love the idea of running custom scripts and sharing the same with other traders along with other social trading features. I’ll recommend them.

Lytton 04/19/2013

platform perfect for scalping.

Testing the platform with a demo, love the one click option – makes it easy for me to open and close orders with no lag time. I am a scalper and from what I have seen, the rates, spreads and apps, I’m one happy trader. I plan to go live in two days, ECN.

Margaret edwards 04/09/2013

Good spread!

Found the platform easy to use along with advanced functionality, running custom scripts on the platform is very easy, and love the price feeds I get here. Yeah, the broker permits scalping which is great given the spread I get here on all pairs.

Mona A 04/02/2013

Trading terminal, ECN

On the trading terminal, the price feed is accurate especially level 2 pricing that’s on offer for ECN, cTrader. The spreads are extremely small and with mobile access, I can access the trading platform, advanced charting tools, the lot. The copytrading, looks okay and with other add-ons, it looks good to me.

Wendell Tidwell 03/23/2013

Custom ea allowed, tight spread

New to this broker, I am check out the features and like it, also applications and option in running custom scripts on platform. I do manual and auto so custom script is important to me. Price is good here also spread is tight.

Nisha 03/08/2013

Real ecn and user friendly platform

3 months with this broker and no reason to complain yet, the brokerage is a real ecn, so the prices I get here are just too good to the spread, and the apps, especially mobile access makes it possible for me to get onto a trade early.

John Thraikill 02/28/2013

Mobile access, nice apps!

Just went long on EUR/USD, the prices I get here are damn great, just got a 0.2 pip spread on this pair. Some of the applications including mobile access to terminal is fantastic and love the option to interface custom EA’s..

cathy J 02/18/2013

Platform for currency trading easy to use

I join broker two month back. We trade intra day also scalp pricing. Platform is easy use and application is friendly. Registration I had give ID documents, after registration I make initial deposit. Nice people, they help too.

Kumaraswamy 01/31/2013

Whoa! Great platform, fantastic add ons and apps!

Just joined with this broker, started out on ECN account and the spreads, rates and the copy trading feature are just fantastic. I am developing my own EA and since the broker allows me to use custom EA, that makes it better. On the money front, yet to withdraw anything but they offer many options.

Scott baker 01/26/2013

ECN brker, low spreads, great interface!

Just joined up with this broker for ecn and really amazed with current prices and extremely low spreads. I love the way each pair is displayed and the graphics just makes it easy for me to keep track of all individual trades, market movements, etc. Plan to up my account shortly, thanks

Marvin Light 01/14/2013

Grt platform and apps!

Trying out this broker and like the rates I get here, on the USD/JPY and Euro crosses. The broker offers different instruments to trade with and has copy trade for beginners, one more reason why I will recommend broker. Some apps are good, some ok but overall impressed.

Pedro Statler 01/07/2013

Easy to use MT4

The platform is very easy to use and glad I can access it with my mobile. The interface is easy to use, charting and chart shots not too clunky and can place multiple entry and exit points, with each highlighted, so I can keep track of market movements and my pip valuations. Will recommend.

Harry Wilson 12/28/2012

Knockout trading platform

Got to admit the broker’s platform is awesome, from the bonus offers to the extremely low spreads on all majors, one heck of a trading platform. And yea, the apps provide a nice touch and now, can access my trading platform using my tablet, making it easy to trade on the go.

Walter Burr 12/19/2012

Great ECN broker

Got to love the bonus and the new apps they provide, now I can track my trades in realtime using my mobile and do demo and backtest any EA I select to run on the trading platform. And yeah, the spreads are very small from majors to nearly all USD crosses.

Craig C 12/06/2012

Great broker with VPS service!

Tested out this broker on a micro account, very competitive spreads and allows for scalping and EA. And they provide VPS service, which is a great add-on feature since I use EA’s and the setting is quite easy to handle. Impressed so far.

Cody Greenway 12/03/2012

Mobile platform, multiple trading options

The demo is easy to use, and the broker offers multiple options, from Micro to ECN. On the quotes, damn good and spreads are quite low, like the option of fixed and variable spreads along with other trading options, eg, stock indices.

M aggarwal 11/21/2012

Platform nice

I been here for 13 days, this platform allow scalping from USD/GBP to others. I have made $500 now and got credited to bank in 2 days, so it fast yes? I like it, also they offer fixed spreads too, will check it after.

Bruno walker 11/06/2012

Tight spread, accurate prices

The broker platform is great, also I like the quotes and fast service. Also I can trade on stocks and oil, in one platform.

Lila M 10/27/2012

Nice MT4, great execution too!

I am trader in precious metals and currency, now this broker look like they are only one offering me both. I am on live, ECN and happy with speed, quote, execution.

Vishal Barclay 10/19/2012

ECN and mobile app!

Very fast execution, the mobile app is perfect – can trade on the move. The spreads make it easy scalp, will recommend.

Rachel Pluck 10/03/2012

Nice platform!

The information this broker provided was the final push I needed to get into currency trading and have never looked back since then! So yeah, thanks for that and to top the help files, customer support, really love the latest upgrades these guys have, including the new social app.

Maria streiber 09/24/2012

Good broker!

I have been dry testing this broker for 3 months, just went long on EUR/CHF, and the analysis paid out. Love the platform and hard to believe how accurate the quotes are down here..highly recommended.

Rami Varin 09/12/2012

Love this broker!

Great trading account packages, found it perfect for my ECN requirements, no hassle. And got leverage I wanted, no problems. Spot on rates, instant executions and no lag time. Good broker.

Sheila powell 08/25/2012

ECN at 0 pip spread!

Good broker, great platform and they get their quotes from multiple feeds so the platform give me very accurate quotes. Very fast executions and have already withdrawn successfully $104.75, no problem.

Seth Warwick 08/20/2012

ECN best!

After beta testing the broker, I like what I see, very competitive spreads, precise quotes and able to change between different accounts very easily. I can check out various accounts and now, moving to liv e ECN account, like it lot.

Beth Harrigan 07/27/2012

Good spreads.

Great features, updates and good bonus. Customer support is 24*7, would def recommend them.

Ben Michels 07/06/2012

Looking good

Currently trading with this broker for the last 8 months and like it so far, esp their trading conditions, bonus features and the tight spreads.

Stephen Harding 07/02/2012

Whoa! Hold the horses..

Just checked this broker and was pleasantly surprised, for starters they have a great bonus feature and yea, this is where the "hold the horses" part kicks in. Apart from the bonus feature, the broker is an ECN broker and that means out of this world quotes, with some of the lowest spreads..check them out and you'll see what I am talkin' about.

Job Seiton 04/14/2012

Fast execution!

The website is very nice, I can trade in multiple instruments and from one platform. And yes, the spread is very low and with fast execution, like this broker a lot.

Ines Frannes 02/07/2012

Nice site with multiple payment options!

I registered with this website recently and apart from the slightly longer registration evaluation, everything else is good. The broker does offer some of the lowest spreads I have seen so far and that's saying a lot. And with this broker, you get multiple payment options, so moving funds around can be done easily with less hassle. So yes, the broker really loos like a perfect fit for me.

Leslie P. Guerrero 01/21/2012

Very user friendly

Customer service is great, platform is very user friendly and no slippage or re quotes so far. Very pleased with the website..

Muir philips 12/22/2011

Very user friendly

Customer service is great, platform is very user friendly and no slippage or re quotes so far. Very pleased with the website..

Muir philips 12/22/2011

Broker with options

This Micro MT4 is perfect, initial deposit is low and spreads great. And this broker offers many options, from metals to CFD, so yea, gonna check it out more!

Richard T. Starling 11/19/2011

Traders Way has fantastic spreads!

This broker offers some of the lowest spreads I have come across so far, kinda makes more sense especially when you trade big lots. And after recent updates, it keeps getting better and better. Staying put for a while and hope they tweak it a "tad" more.

Michael Berry 11/05/2011

MT4 and fixed spreads!

The site has a nice look, a great MT4 trading platform. The brokerage offers some of the lowest spreads I have come across along with options for both fixed and variable spreads. This site certainly looks very promising!

Stevie young 10/27/2011

Damn good brokerage!

To be honest, when it comes to making the transition from an antiquated brokerage to one that offers all you would need to make split second trades, this brokerage managed to do all that and much more.
It works just great for me and don't think I am planning to move to any other brokerage anytime soon. So yeah, would definitely give this brokerage my vote, especially with the ECN accounts update.

Maxwell Grant 10/15/2011
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