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TradeOgre Review - is it scam or safe?

TradeOgre Review - Is scam or safe cryptocurrency exchange?

RATING: 1.2 / 7 REVIEWS TradeOgre
TradeOgre is not regulated. We cannot guarantee your money is safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions

Account type
Leverage Maker Fee Taker Fee Deposit Fee
Standard  1:1 0.20% 0.20% Crypto only Free

TradeOgre is cryptocurrency exchange, which has a bit of an unusual offering. This is a digital assets only exchange, which means it isn’t that friendly towards newcomers to the cryptoverse.


TradeOgre Advantages

Expected costs of trading – with a 0.20% fee for both market “makers” (those who place passive orders in the book) and “takers” (those who simply take the best available price) TradeOgre is fairly competitive. The top exchanges charge something very similar.

Interesting altcoins – the key selling point of TradeOgre is the variety of assets. This can be a double-edged blade, as some altcoins are a very risky investment. The total number of currently available coin at the exchange is 29. The famous ones include Litecoin, Monero, Verge, Dogecoin and Dash. In terms of volume, the leaders are Graft and Electroneum. All trading is done against Bitcoin.

No deposit fees – while this may sound intuitive, some venues charge you, when depositing. TradeOgre charges withdrawal fees, which are not specified. This is only the beginning of the negatives we have with this project.


TradeOgre Disadvantages

No info about the team, security – our main complaint with this exchange is the fact they don’t reveal much about themselves. The team doesn’t have a presentation, there is no info on the security measures nor the legal entity behind the exchange. This may be in line with the traditional spirit of cryptocurrencies, but isn’t very reassuring.

Slightly odd platform – the web-based trading platform provided by TradeOgre looks complicated. It provides a lot of information, but simply isn’t intuitive, in our opinion. The charting is very basic and the few price spikes make it borderline useless. Here is the preview:

Possible price manipulation in the past – as you can guess from the chart above, unusual trading activity (what is known as “Pump and dump”) has likely occurred at TradeOgre. We managed to find some user comments about amazing swings with some of the less popular coins.

Negative reviews – while we are on the topic of comments by other traders, we must mention that not much is said about TradeOgre, However all of the discussions feature complaints of one sort or another, with the most notable ones being about long withdrawal times.

No fiat deposits – if you are new to cryptocurrencies, this is not the place to start. A lot of other exchanges, which we have coined “entry-level” companies accept fiat currency payments. They are usually done via Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

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Very risky coins listed – we mentioned this above, but we feel the need to reiterate it. Investing in crypto is risky in general, but some of the coins at TradeOgre are basically unknown. Some of them were trading at 0.00000001 BTC during the early part of 2018. Be sure to do your research before buying something like this.

Lack of margin trading – this is an “old-school” crypto-to-crypto exchange, so we shouldn’t be surprised. The main attraction of TradeOgre are the altcoins. Those who are looking to day trade the major cryptocurrencies may be better off with a forex broker.

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Trading this way is very different – you will likely be dealing with Contracts for Difference (CFDs), These are newly developed synthetic financial instruments, which only copy the price of a particular coin. The technology there is rather stable, as people have been trading gold and oil this way for years. That being said, there are some details, which you must know before trading this way.



TradeOgre is a digital assets exchange, which supports interesting alternative coins. Some of them can pose a very risky investments, but also this is one of the few venues where they are traded. TradeOgre does little to nothing to reassure potential clients this is a secure trading venue. Even two factor authentication (2FA) is not supported.

You may be thinking the entire world of crypto is similar to the “Wild West” and while that statement has some merits to it, there are many safer exchanges. If the protection of your funds is a top priority, trading with a forex broker would be wise. Be sure to trade with a regulated one, as these companies follow a lot of rules.

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 Here is the summary of TradeOgre:

Pros Cons
Expected costs of trading No info about the team, security
Interesting altcoins Slightly odd platform
No deposit fees Possible price manipulation in the past
  Negative reviews
  No fiat deposits
  Very risky coins listed
  Lack of margin trading


Latest news about TradeOgre
No news about TradeOgre. Check back later.
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They pass small transactions, rip you off on the larger

It's a scam. They won me over with a couple small transactions, which went through, but on two larger ones they kept the coin.

Their support channel is a shady "" address that is not even listed on the main site. They are ignoring my requests to release the coins.

Stay away!

Lloyd Williams 04/29/2019 it scam web scam ..i send ETN on my wallet in that Web and the next day i want to that Web it always cheking your browser for 3 day lol.

Asep 12/25/2018

Bad exchange full of bots

Trade ogre is a very bad exchange full of bots and people manipulating the price. All buy and sell orders get undercut straight away with bots

Tradeogre is also full of fake listings wether by trade ogre themselves or another group however they are aware it goes on. I would not 7se or recommend this to anybody.

Ben Dover 11/06/2018

btc send to wrong address i.e. bch

sir/ mam
i have send my btc to my zabpay wallet first time using tradeogre.but i unfortunately send to to bch adress instead of btc adress.i got nothing in my zabpay wallet due to wrong adress. please help me.kindly return my btc to my tradeogre would be very thankful to you.

Deepika 05/22/2018

TradeOgre - No transaction details on withdraws

They got me today for 3000 or so GRFT

No transaction details on withdraws on this site. They do have 2FA however irrelevant in this case

Rampager 04/21/2018

tradeogre steals

You already stole coins from me.
I do not recommend.
is not reliable.

Coinalt01 04/12/2018

BeWare!! Scam!!

BeWare !! Scam!! Tradeorge stole my cryptos 04.04.2018 08:30 AM. I had open sell order of 4500 GRAFT. They cancelled order and made new one with much lower price. After they sold my GRFT they withdraw BTC immediately to 1HpnSonQLxF8g4SVjKsCkiXPTxRdjRCuAu all take just 2minutes. I was at home that time on my computer and saw that allmost all wallets were ofline, including BTC and GRFT, so there is no change that this was hacker. 0-stars would be right for this stealing platform.
scam fraud stay away

Janne 04/05/2018
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