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Trademax Capital Review - is it scam or safe?

Trademax Capital Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 2.7 / 14 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Trademax Capital


Trading Accounts


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average Spreads (& Commission)
Standard $200 0.1 1:400 3.3 pips + $30/lot
Edge $20 000 0.1 1:200 From 0.2 pips + commission
Pro $100 000 0.1 1:100 N/A


Trademax Capital offers its clients a choice of several account types, however information on its website on trading conditions is limited to the initial deposit required and to the claims of STP/ECN execution. We had to download its demo MetaTrader 4 platform to figure out the trading costs, which leaves a rather bad impression, as it means that Trademax Capital does not follow a transparent pricing policy.


The Company. Security of Funds





Trademax Capital Pty Limited




Trademax Capital is an Australian forex and CFD broker that uses the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. According to the information on its website, the company behind the brand is Trademax Capital Pty Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldland Capital Group Pty Ltd. It holds a financial services company and regulated by Australia Securities & Investments Commission (AFSL No. 436416). Goldland Capital Group also operates the GCG brand.


Regulation by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) means that Trademax Capital holds at least 1,000,000 AUD in net tangible assets. Apart from the operational capital requirements, Australian brokerages must keep client funds into Client Segregated Trust Accounts (CSTA), which are completely separated from the funds of the company.


ASIC requires licensed financial services providers to meet strict capital requirements ($ 1 million) and to implement certain internal procedures, such as for risk management, staff training, accounting and audits. In addition, all client funds must be held in fully segregated client trust accounts.


Australian forex brokers, however, are not covered by any compensation scheme. Nonetheless, Goldland Capital claims to be a member of Financial Ombudsman Services - an external dispute resolution body authorized by ASIC. If client complaints cannot be resolved internally, clients can raise complaints to the FOS.


Trading Conditions


Minimum Initial Deposit

Traders are required to deposit $200 in order to open an account with Trademax Capital, which is an average amount to start with.


Average Spreads & Commissions

When we tried out Trademax Capital’s demo MT4, the spread for the EUR/USD pair was floating around 3.4 pips. Such spread is very high, but what is worse, commission fees also apply, amounting to $30 per standard lot. Basically, this means that trading costs with Trademax Capital amount to around 6.4 pips on EUR/USD per standard lot, a value more than three times higher than the spreads offered by most brokers.


By comparison, easyMarkets (holding licenses from both ASIC and CySEC) provides spreads fixed at 1.0 pips on EUR/USD. For further information and comparison, you may take a look at real-time spreads of 15 major brokers on our dedicated page.


Maximum Leverage

The maximum leverage levels available for clients of Trademax Capital are quite high, reaching 1:400. While such leverage levels are not unusual in the forex industry, keep in mind that risky and highly leveraged products may not be suitable for you.


Leverage enables you to outlay a relatively small amount to secure an exposure to the underlying Instruments and amplifies both gains and losses. So, leverage can work against you as well as for you.


Trading Platforms


Trademax Capital supports the standard forex trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4), available to its clients as desktop download and mobile apps.


MT4 is the most commonly offered platform, as it is both easy to use and professional. It has been appreciated by traders for more than 10 years now due to its solid charting tools, useful built-in technical indicators, back-testing options and Expert Advisers (EAs).



Trademax Capital’s demo MT4. Click on the image to zoom in.


When we downloaded the broker’s MT4 platform, we found out it is owned by Goldland Capital Group Company Ltd. – probably another member of the GCG group.


Methods of Payment


Trademax Capital offers its clients the following deposit/withdrawal methods: bank transfer, debit/credit cards, e-wallet payments PayPal, FasaPay, POLi, BPay & China UnionPay.




Trademax Capital is a well-regulated Australian forex and CFD broker that is a part of the Goldland Capital Group. The main problem with this MT4 broker is that its spreads are very high and on top of that feature salty commission fees. To sum things up, here are the advantages and drawbacks with regards to Trademax Capital:





Very high spread and commission fees

MT4 available

Trading costs not announced on website


No micro tradeable lots


Latest news about Trademax Capital
No news about Trademax Capital . Check back later.
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Customer service










Something about TradeMax…

Trademax Global Limited (VFSC 40356) is a financial services company regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. Trademax Global adheres to strict standards set out by VFSC by ensuring that capital requirements are met with robust risk management and internal procedures are set in place.

cici 12/01/2019

If the following people appear around you, they are likely to be cheaters!

Be careful! If the following people appear around you, they are likely to be cheaters!
New friends on wechat, chatting with you about life and so on, suddenly talking about money, she said she can using your money to help you invest, etc., you should be alert! You need to delete her immediately, or you may lose your money. If she pretends to be a TradeMax employee, you should immediately verify her identity with the official customer service of TradeMax. You can't easily believe it!

Geniu 11/27/2019

Complaints to AFCA

Hi everyone for those who have issue or loss with this company. You can complaint to AFCA and they will help you.

Complaint to:

AFCA 11/08/2019

Fortunately, I'm calm enough…

A few days ago, a strange girl talked to me on Wechat and said that she was an employee of TradeMax and could help me make more money. I felt something was wrong. So I contacted the customer service on the official website of TradeMax. The customer service told me that the real TradeMax employee would not add the customer Wechat without telling me in advance. That must be a fake TradeMax employee. I find there are some people deceived by cheaters here. I just want to say, keep vigilance, don't be greedy, you won't be deceived!

Wing 10/15/2019

Why do you believe strangers on Wechat?

I see some people here said that they were cheated by strangers on Wechat. I wonder why there are official TradeMax account managers and customer service you don't believe, and you trust strangers instead?

Snow 10/15/2019 is a fraud and scam with BRITNEY is a FRAUD.
I invest 500 dollars and never wanted to give me back
My profits. So i asked them to refund me back. They
Blocked me. All my email came back as a SCAM. is very dangerous!!specially

Maili 10/14/2019

Sharpen your vigilance!

If you would rather trust unreliable strangers than official TradeMax staff, who else would you blame for being cheated? No one but yourself! Sharpen your vigilance! Trust the real TradeMax employees and don't trust strangers at will to protect your property.

Sky 10/04/2019

Keeping vigilant is the best way to prevent cheating!

I don't know why many people here are talking about Asian girls on Wechat. If they didn't want small profits, they would not be deceived. There are many cheaters in the world,even if you are not a customer of TradeMax, there are still many opportunities for cheaters to cheat money, they may pretend to be bank clerks, your relatives or friends, and so on. Keeping vigilant is the best way to prevent cheating. If I have any questions,I always call the TradeMax's official customer managers,instead of trusting strangers. In this way, you will not be cheated by strangers.

Mango 09/16/2019

My investment experience

Everyone should be responsible for their investment. If you make money from your investment, you think it's because you're good, and if you lose money, you blame traders and others. That's wrong. You have to know, there are risks to be profitable, but you can not only bear the benefits, but not the risks, that is not a real investment!

Candy 09/15/2019

Account closing email from Trademax due to Asia Region

Guys I got email from Trademax to close my account due to new rules from ASIC.

Due to regulatory changes and development of the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC), TradeMax Australia Pty Ltd will cease providing services to clients who reside certain countries from Asia from 1st September 2019.

Our records indicate that you are currently living in Asia and your account will be affected as follows

Harry 09/12/2019

Recovery from Trademax SCAM

guys I read one comment that someone recovered from trademax, not 100% but something, something is better than anything anyway.
please guide also is there anyway.
I am also big victim of same story. :/

Chand 09/12/2019

Don't trust strangers, or you will suffer!

I'm a customer from TradeMax. My account manager always reminds me TradeMax staff will never require a client to provide personal account access to them. You guys should know this is not gambling, more profit you want, more risk you will have to take. If the girls you mentioned have such a perfect investment option, why should they share with you rather than make money themselves? You guys are soul mates or what? Think about it! If you want any help, just go to the official website and have a live chat with customer service.

Lucy 09/11/2019

Something is very strange…

Recently, I often called my customer manager of TradeMax to ask investment expertise. Although each conversation is not very long, but I still can feel his professional knowledge is very rich, and attitude is very good. I don't know why there are so many people here who would rather chat with strangers on Wechat than contact their professional account manager directly!

moon 09/05/2019

They tried to get my money

scam "Jiali Fang" try get my money....
but no lucky for her....
why she need my 10000 $ when she get 300000$ per month...
this company only get you money..
you never win easy, only perharps lottery

jami airakari 09/04/2019

That is unblieveable!

Someone was cheated by strangers on wechat, that is unblieveable! Are you just interested in that girls? Normally, you should only trust the official channel of TradeMax. Visit on TradeMax website and contact the official staff, you will not be cheated!

Jobs 08/19/2019

You can not trust anyone but TradeMax account manager ( Visit their offical website ) !

A very nice financial service provider. Its trading platforms offering include four market-leading software to choose. The most popular platform MT4 is available through PC, Web and Mobile versions with high customizable capabilities and auto-trade through EAs, as well its known indicators and tools. The advanced version of MT5 is also available and is a great choice of professionals, the enhanced capabilities allow a better vision of the markets along with comprehensive tools. TradeMax Group is good.

Jay 08/18/2019

Does anyone knows this girl ?

I have the same experience with a young beautifull girl who claims to live in Sydney, Australia, since the age of five. She can type English very fast, but speaks with a heavy Chinese accent. She is very nice and seems to be really interested in me. She contacted me on Wechat out of the blue, and started asking and pushing me to trade on forex exchange. Said she is a senior trader, works only 14 hours she said. She posted many pics of very expensive gifts from her so called friends. Says I could make 15000 dollar every week (?) With 20000 start capital.
First she did sent a link to the OGM, but told her I got no free money to trade for next few months. After that I said I would trade with 5000 dollar, it seemed the OGM didn't allow wireless transfer anymore. So she send me a link to the trademax broker, and said OGM switched to another platform and the trademax would be it (?!).
Does anyone knows this girl ?
Name: Anne or Annie
Wechat ID: z5523451

Jeroen Kockelkoren 08/16/2019

Don't trust the girls on some social media!Trust the staff on the official website!

Comments here are very interesting. I don’t know why you guys would like to trust the girls on some social media rather than the staff on the official website. At least, you should check identifications of the girls with the official staff. Meanwhile, I think it’s very difficult to ensure these girls are the staff of TradeMax. The link they sent could also be a fake one just like some email or telephone scams. Meanwhile, what you guys did is more like you bought a pair of Nike or Adidas shoes from an unofficial website with a better discount and someday you found this pair of shoes was fake. Then you came to tell others they should be aware of the scams of Nike or Adidas. This doesn’t make sense guys.

Evan 08/01/2019

Wipe your eyes!

Some comments here are very strange. TradeMax only has an office at Sydney right now. ASIC already required Australian brokers to stop providing any service to overseas customers. Meanwhile, TradeMax, Starfinex and IEE Markets are three different brokers. Someone gave details about how Starfinex and IEE Markets are scams. For TradeMax, I think they just COPY and PASTE from others, so you can see the whole page is almost to tell the same story. At the same time, someone here can’t even mention which currency pair they invested in, but just repeated they lost all the money. BTW, I can't rate here, how did you guys do that?

littlecute 07/31/2019

My story…

I want to share my story with you guys because I just avoided this kind of scam last week. To be honest, I’m a client of TradeMax, and registered my live account from their official website( Normally, if I have any problems, I can have a live chat with TradeMax staff on the website or just send an email to to seek help. However, someone with a nice Asian lady photo contacted me by Wechat and asked me if I was a client of TradeMax. She claimed she can help me to earn more money and can help me to deposit money to my account in an easier way. Sounds good, right? However, I felt something wrong when she asked me to transfer money to her directly. I went back to TradeMax website and told the online staff what happened. The online staff advises that girl is not a TradeMax employee and I should just delete and report her for scams. TradeMax would never let any staff do this. Please be careful! When you can get help from official sources, why would you like to choose a liar?

Sunday 07/30/2019

Watch out!

You can not trust anyone but TradeMax account manager ( Visit their offical website ) Trying to get small profits will only make you lose more.

Alice Yang 07/26/2019

Be careful!

I think that Asia girl wants to get commission by inviting others. Or maybe someone else wants to cheat on others by using little tricks. So if you can count on your account manager from TradeMax, such things won't happen to you.

Joe 07/16/2019

Why Trademax?

hi everyone, don't you find it puzzling why these Chinese girls specifically want us to open a trading account with TradeMax and at the same time want us to enter their referral code when opening the trading account?
Is there really nothing going on between TradeMax and the girls?
Specific broker, girls' reference code. think.

Rex 07/14/2019

Attention, please!

Something terrible happened today. This morning, an Asia girl added me on Wechat, and she claimed that she is the employee from TradeMax. Later, she asked me some questions about my account. I felt disturbed through the conversation, so I contacted my TradeMax client manager after that and told him what happened. He told me that it was a hoax. Fortunately, I contacted him immediately when I felt something wrong, otherwise, I probably couldn't imagine what would happen! So please pay enough attention to the security of your fund, and remember to contact the official staff whenever you need them. You should not risk choosing untrustworthy people for the sake of small profits.

bluerose 07/09/2019

Something to watch out for…

I've been looking for a forex broker for a while. A few days ago, a strange Chinese girl applied for adding my friend on Wechat. After that his money was lost . So I immediately contacted the customer manager of TradeMax,and asked him what was going on.He told me that she was not a employee of TradeMax. Fortunately, I've opened an account in TradeMax before, otherwise I'll probably be cheated by a lier . It's dangerous! You must also be careful, if you want to do forex trading, you'd better consult with their company by official website directly, which is more stable!

mean 07/06/2019

Scam girl continue hunting Australian

Beware of this girl from wechat
Angel - ly4015588
Region : Pudong Shanghai

another partner WeChat chen708645

same story from others but i did not listen to her transfer and play the gold trade.she said she earning minimum US$200k a month and always got accurate timing to trade and easily earning everyday. Please think twice and smart don't listen to them even though they are beauty and nice girl. Maybe photos they are posted also copy from others ppl in wechat.

Ken 06/24/2019

Scammed for 40000 USD !!!

Oh god so many scams.

I just got sammed big time and feel very ashamed about it. Normally I am very cautious with these kind of messages. But a nice girl asked me via messanger to talk with her on Wechat, so she could translate better. She was in Belgium and looking for friends.
Her Ex husband got rit of her money with his wife and she build up her life again in Shanghai where she ran a bizz of 350 people successfully. Was looking for friendships in Europe and also liked to make money via MT4 and showed me what she earned every week. While market was good now with the trade war between US and China, so investing in gold is key now.

We kept on talking for a few weeks and really was interested in personal things of me and gave me compliments etc.
Showed me her house and send pictures. So asked to invest together so when she got back to Belgium we could have a nice dinner.

She treated me very well and looked very professional, cared about my family, my work, etc.. I should have known better. I was looking for an investment and thought why not give it a try

Started with 10000 USD and immediately got some good return of 2300 usd profit. She said if you invest more you can earn more and also your money is more safe. She wanted me to use my credit card so I could easily upload money. Luckily I did not do that. I transferred money twice to my account, so I thought this is my account and trusted her. She would refund everything if I lost the money and repeated this a lot. After my win I invested another 30000 USD and then it happened. I lost everything, when I was away on business trip and I was shocked.

When replying to her she dissappeared. She did not block me on Wechat, but her profile is fake too.
She took a profile of a chinese Celebrety: Yilin sdxiang2261, in reality the photo s and movies of this person are from Kang Houhou, she is real and is a victim too.

I checked the website and seemed to be secure. But apparently the link they sent is false. Even the app I downloaded and was connected so everything seemed So real.

What can I do ? I already went to the police, but that will take a long time. Is there a chance to get the money back or part of it ? And ms Kang needs to be informed too that her photos are used by criminals.

I don t know what to do and I am desperate.

Unknown 06/22/2019

Chinese Girl on Tinder

Hey guys

Seems like ive been sucked in also

Got talking to her on tinder, then whatsapp and she sent a link
to open an account

Stupidly i did and uploaded all my docs

I havent started trading yet or had my account verified
or put in any funds

Am just concerned the link is fake and they may clone
my identidy. Uploaded license, bank statement, credit
card statement

Can anyone advise

Im from UK

Jason 06/20/2019

Investors should be aware of ...

TradeMax only has an office at Sydney right now. ASIC already required Australian brokers to stop providing any service to overseas customers. Meanwhile, TradeMax, Starfinex and IEE Markets are three different brokers. Someone gave details about how Starfinex and IEE Markets are scams.You can see the whole page is almost to tell the same story. At the same time, someone here can’t even mention which currency pair they invested in, but just repeated they lost all the money.

MING LI 06/19/2019

scammed by chinese girl

Hello everyone, this is happening to me right now, a Chinese girl added me on Facebook. I found it very strange. then she asked me to download a wechat mensseger aplication.Your facebook page looked like fake. I noticed a very strange feature on her facebook. She added only men from the Middle East who lived in England.
After more than a month exchanging messages with her, she
showed a print with what appeared to be financial market gains.
She sent me an access link to open a trademax account as well.
I was almost cheated, too.

Pepito Batista 06/18/2019

Approached by Chinese Girl register to Trademax

i have same situations that got scam by Chinese girl who trick me that she will help me to get profit and advise me to open an account in Trademax. First day, i have profit and second days, i lost all my money around $2500. Please be aware with this company.

Moshe 06/15/2019

Withdraw of funds not arrived

I´m also one of the idiots who belive that some nice Chineselady will help me to make mone.... lost arround 1.750 Euro. Just as introduction...

Now the next problem is as follow: on 4. Juni 2019 I use fund-management to withdraw my last money... i introduce all requierements... 10 days later still no money on my account. After getting in contact with the support from Trademax they stated that the transactions is done correctly and I should ask my bank.
I ask to provide me more details like some official bill, but since them no answers.
Could somebody tell me if there is some regulation place in Australia to complaine ? Has someone else similar experience? i´m talkin just a small ammount around 370 US not much but at least something... whould be great to get your feedback .

Tom 06/14/2019

Simple trick

The scam is quite simple :
They get a cut on the money you deposit (and not the money you make).
They Lure you with small wins, and then you lose big.
You have to put more money, they win more, and so is Trademax.
The only loser in the story is you Who will never get back what you lost.

Arthur Anglade 06/13/2019

tinker for thoughts

may I know if you are also being asked to enter a reference code given by the chinese lady when you open up the account with them? i was asked to enter her reference code when opening up the trademax trading account, and to send her screenshots of my funding into the trading account.
also, this chinese lady specifically told me to open a trading account with trademax before she can help me with her expertise (helping us to make a good income from trading).
now, why trademax, and why her specific reference code?
she told me she gets a commission cut when we make money. so the question is, is that the truth and is it also legal? only getting paid if we win money or more than that?
obviously there is some arrangement for these chinese ladies to get paid.

Rex 06/11/2019

Trademax Capital - Arnaque Chinoise

Comme beaucoup je me suis fais avoir par de mauvaises personnes.En effet suite à discussion avec une jolie chinoise cette dernière m'a parlé d'investir.J'ai investi 2000usd et m'a demandé beaucoup plus et je me suis alerté et j'ai donc recherché sur le net .Trop tard j'essaie maintenant de récupérer mon argent.Apres les africains, les chinois ...; Triste monde.

Translated by Google:

Like a lot of people I got bad people. After a discussion with a pretty Chinese girl she told me about investing. I invested 2000usd and asked for a lot more and I alerted myself So I searched on the net. Later, I'm now trying to get my money back. After African, Chinese ...; Sad world.

Mickael CUYNET 06/11/2019


I come across the platform thru a friends, they person keep on asking to open up an acccount with them, after I search online on the Trademax, I seem to be seeing lots of complains on these platform. The person just inform me they confirm gonna had a class in KL, which is free. After counter chk with the platform setup. The charges is unbelievable high with comm also. Although they say the class / seminar is free but I worried it’s thru the trade they gain back all the money. So I will just go attend the class & see how. I would jump in to open acc straight. Further chk also the Trademax belong to GCG which is a market maker but in the Trademax they claim they are ndd, ecn or stp broker. I wonder why Australia ASIC is not doin anything about company like these

Al 06/08/2019

I would report it to KOBIK in Switzerland

I would report it to KOBIK in Switzerland
And go on doing only very careful trades, if any.
Trademax was sending remaining money back, so don't panic.
The best would be if an investigator could check live what is going on.
At least make screenshots, collect all possible info, compare price curve with other brokers. You noticed that Trademax is taking the high spread 2 x with every trade?

'Alisa' still talking over the same WA number +33 7 51 40 67 11 ?

Zach 06/05/2019

Alisa shenzen

TX 4 your website, I just realized that I am
Concerned too... I put CHF 15'454.34 and
Now I've 5'821.26
Plz help urgently on what to do.
Should I close or go on play with her until
Recover if possible...?

Toni 06/02/2019

Exactly true...

The scams mentioned in many comments are actually not the truth. Those so-called Chinese girls are not TradeMax employees.

I hope investors will be careful to invest and don't trust these messages easily. TradeMax holds Australian Financial Services License (AFSL: 436416) issued and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Welcome everyone to inquire from TradeMax official website.

LUCY 05/30/2019

Alisa yes

Zach, yes it was alisa from Shenzen.

Arthur Anglade 05/26/2019

Exactly same

Arthur, the very same happened to me.
Please contact me - about-na at hotmail com
“Jason i just landed in Zurich, meet me at airport entrance”
Was it also 'Alisa' from Shenzen who contacted you ?
With uncle in Neuchâtel? Wine company 'owner' ..

I doubt this girl was ever in Switzerland

Zach 05/24/2019

Scam, stay away, and report to authorities

One month ago, i received a WhatsApp from a chinese lady looking like that “Jason i just landed in Zurich, meet me at airport entrance”.

I told her i was not Jason, but if sheeded contact of a driver and a hotel in zurich near airport i could recommend her some, until she manages to reach “jason”.

After a few hours she thanked me and told me she could reach her friend, and she would like to keep in touch with me as i seemed to be a gentlman.

We chatted for a few days, we talked about our families, friends, our culture differencies, the situation in china etc… it seemed like we got to be friends.

One small detail kept buging me though : she was very often - once a day maybe ? - bringing up the fact that she was loving to do foreign exchange, and even showed me a few screenshots of what seemed to be her wins on her app.

Since i am not interested in forex, we kept chatting , and after a month or so she kept trying to get me interested in it. she ended by sharing me a registration link to Trademax for me to create an account.

Being suspicious i did some research online, and i found this thread, among other forum threads talking about nice chinese women luring people to register on Trademax.

I showed her this tread, and she stopped instantly any chat. I removed her from my contacts, and came here to share the story.

My story, and others on trademax, sounds a lot like this :

Arthur Anglade 05/23/2019

Trademax Capital, Starfinex and IEE Markets - All Apparent Scams

With a similar profile to these unfortunate stories regarding TradeMax Capital (and Starfinex), I can confirm that an attractive, young Chinese woman on WeChat named Amy or Peng (WeChat ID: pxm0118) is presently chatting with me on a daily basis and promoting the IEE Markets trading platform (also based on the Russian MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform software). She claims that she is a gold trader who is making huge profits on the platform and recommends that I open an account via their website. I was immediately suspicious when I saw that the platform is based in Belize. A Google search on "IEE Markets Global Ltd" produced this review webpage as well as others that give a pretty solid indication that the IEE Markets trading platform is fraudulent. I have also found a reference to the domain as being registered only 6 months ago on 2018-10-30. This webpage provides further suspicious findings: Amy/Peng gets valuable trading insight/advice from one of the registered owners/founders of IEE Markets, a Ms. Li Xin. I definitely warn anyone to stay away from TradeMax Capital, Starfinex and IEE Markets!!

Steven Sterling 05/17/2019

Almost close to scammers

Guys we are almost close to scammers from Harbin, and TradeMax 100% are involved.
They r 2 companies at harbin belongs to the same person SUN XU, more victims more years in jail. 05/17/2019

Scammed but recovered

I was also lured into investing into trademax by a Chinese girl on what.I lost 1500$ but after prroviding evidence and Screenshots to trademax the refunded me 1000$

Unknown 05/17/2019

Trademax scam wechat tinder-Chinese girl

Wow thanks to you guys, I talked with a girl for 2 weeks, she always showed me how she earns money, but she always asked me to open an account, so today i was searching about the platform trademax and i saw all the bads comments. Hopefully for me I didn’t do it. I meet this girl with tinder and talked by wechat.

Some informations about her:
Name : daisy
Wechat : ccjjybzzyq
Wechat : Fl-1993_
Phone : +85259817524
Account manager wechat : woshilixin8888

Jay 05/17/2019

Trade Max should be aware of this scam.

Trade Max should be aware of this scam.

Girlcame to England and said she was stressed about her driver not finding her and had to go to hotel.
Then she tried to contact me and was nice.
Then sent a pic out of the blue about a forex chart on Gold. No Account name or trades etc.

I asked her bout her job. She says she owns a 30% stake in a company and does trading.

She will not send me her entry and exits until i deposit money in. Which is wierd for a friendly mate. Again i asked her on 3 occassions to send trades and You guessed it - She has not sent any trades.

With her pin code someone is making huge amounts of money. !0% of your money deposited is 1000 for every 10,000 put into Trademax. And if 20 people do it is 20,000 per month. LOL. Just for taking a trip to England.

So i have not deposited any money and neither should you.

I have sent this off to Trademax and authorities.

XX 05/17/2019

Thank you all , this Chinese girl

I loss $1400 but i will recover this.

Victim of scam 05/09/2019

Help needed

to add on to my previous post, I figured they over leveraged the trading account and drive us into margin trouble by their 'hedging strategy'. Then, they'd say there is this upcoming fundamental economic news coming up, for example the US NFP, and will tell us to add funds to the trading account because we don't want to lose this golden opportunity and showed us their past performance. Naturally we want to make our money back and pumped in more money (for some of us, it can be life savings).
So with the excuse of fundamental news release, they instruct us to take on positions in the market again, employing their 'over leverage & hedging' strategy again, trapping our money again.
finally, closing off floating positions here and there till we lost our whole account...
Please, someone take lead and guide us how to get our money back.

Rex 05/09/2019


This is a scam

Maeee 05/05/2019

scammed by chinese girl

I also got scammed by the Chinese girls.

The girls emotionally manipulate you and then try to get you to invest more and more money. They first try to get your MT4 ID by asking you to screenshot or directly asking for your MT4 ID. Once you make some trades and lose money they will ask you for your MT4 Login.
The massive spreads means tradeMax makes money whether you win or lose. TradeMax is a market maker which means they sit on the other side of the trade, they win when you lose money; They can also manipulate the price feed to hunt for your stop loss.
I try to post my contact so we can organise legal action: trademax dash scam at outlook dot com

victim 05/05/2019

trademax, chinese girl

Same here, a chinese girl met on tinder, she gave me a number of trader friend.... she want create an account on trademax, and she tell me, not affraid i explain you...

so THANKS YOU GUYS... i gonna offer me some fun with her haha

Francky 05/04/2019


The system is quite simple. Girls get paid by 10-20% of what you pay in.
(that's why they want to see your bank wire confirmation! Or know your account number).
They show you first how good they trade - pretending to invest several 100'000$ and winning with most deals 5000, 10'000, 40'000$.. But they have only demo accounts. Real live accounts have much bigger spread - even with 200'000 in one deal you can never win as much as they show you.
For the deals, they get advise from a professional trader, so many of them are ending quite well.
As soon as you start to invest big amounts youself, your account will be taken offline from the market (or probably even connected inversely - positions you sell are in fact bought!) - so TradeMax will not only get the extremely high spread but also the full (resp. double) amount you lose! It's purest fraud and robbery.
Again I try to post my contact : about-na at hot mail com
Of course your beloved girl gives you suddenly no more the right advise - mine told me to buy when all market signs told clearly to sell (what I could not see in the hurry). She just replied 'Yes all signs negative, so we buy'.
I'm sure also other tricks are used to make you lose mostly, some I think can be seen in my screenshots.
As soon as you have lost all your money and are no more willing to send more, she will get angry and block you in WhatsApp or WeChat - forever. In romantic talk with the next round of victims already.

Someone could maybe open a closed group in facebook 'Trademax Victims' ?

Zach 05/02/2019

Chinese girls tactics

Got scammed too through Whatsapp by a Chinese girl. Exactly the same tactics.
What is new is that Trademax was also pushing me heavily to deposit more funds. They say they can help me make more profit.
I cant understand how the money making model works. What is the benefit of ruining my account? How does the money flow from my account to this employee and/or to the Chinese girl's organisation? Eg by paying commission over trades for bringing Trademax new customers. That is illegal in many countries. But it seems that destroying accounts and pushing for new deposits is really their money making model. That implies something really bad takes place somewhere.

My conclusion from reading this all is that Trademax or employees of them could be involved in setting up, facilitate and stimulating a "fraudulous" system.

I support Justin and want to take action too. First step is to get organised as victims and get our money back from Trademax. And file complaints. But that puts people in jail. It does not bring our money back on our accounts.
I am new here and need to find out what is best to get in contact with each other and get organised.
Any ideas?

Fraudvictim Europe

Victim 05/01/2019

Trademax scam

I want to join this complaint. The story is very recognisable. Looks like a copy paste

ECTrader 05/01/2019

thanks a bunch!

Thank you guys for these comments - you really saved my balls! one of the scammers also recommended trading via OGM (one global market) which seems legit to me. Cannot figure out how they could make profit on me if i do the trading there, any experiences?

Tman 04/30/2019

Urgently report your case to ASIC

While trading in TradeMax, make screenshots of every deal. Like this it's easy to prove that it's a scam. Girls with their demo accounts have much better conditions, the you copy their trade you get less win and much more loss.
They make multiple bets in same situation up/down and will show you only the winning bet.
Ask girl to make a screenshot of her entire screen! She will deny but my little cute friend (behind sits some beardy fat guy eating a hamburger) made some serious mistakes and gave me very important information.

Zach 04/29/2019

Trademax scam

I got scammed for $15,000 with trademax through a Chinese girl

Adam 04/28/2019

Trademax and IEE Scammers

Hi All,
I have been scammed as well around aud 36k on Trademax the same way you have all described. They tempt you with minor profits and big losses, and pressure you to load more funds. My scammer is also from WeChat, ID Ta90828 Anan. Says she is from Nanjing or Jiangsu Hangzhou.

I have also been scammed on this website IEE-markets which is supposed regulated previously by FCA and then IFSC. They have a broker program. This is an obvious one but I fell for the girl and trusted her.

Hi Justin,
Can you please include me?

Dave 04/27/2019

Criminal company

Same story here - cute girl is leading me to Trademax where I first won and as soon I invested big money, lost everything already in first days.
My loss was Trademax' pure win. Because the accounts are manipulated.

How to contact you guys ?

Zach 04/26/2019

TradeMax and chinese scammers

Dear All,
I will open a international case against both comapanies TradeMax and chinese scammer, we are 2 victims untill now and if we reach 400k AUD, the case can be handled by Interpol, and we can send them oth to jail.
Kindly contact me for more info

Justin 04/24/2019

TradeMax are involved

Dear Gents
Kindly note that TradeMax is also involved with chinese scammer.
Traceable email was sent to TradeMax as complaint than it was forwarded to scammer.
the problem is the email was forwarded to the concern scammer so they know which scammer is responsible of each account number.

Justin 04/23/2019

Beware of Chinese girls on HelloTalk

I was going to fall in same fraud, one girl asked my wechat and started chatting with me after two days she started suggesting me to invest in foreign exchange she told me she lives in shanghai and owned a clothing shop and making $60k. i was about to believe her :) and thinking about this offer, one more girl asked my Wechat and surprisingly her story was same :) but she lives in Taiwan owns a clothing store and make $60k per month.

i searched on internet and this is the first page i found, i confronted her showed her proof posted by people here but she was still saying oh no believe me, finally she said, you are fool :)

i reported her with screenshots and chat transcripts.

guys please don't fall in such scam

Scammers wechat:

cyc1994124, Anni
girl12789, nana

Ankur 04/22/2019

Chinese SCAM after getting you into fake relationship

Some other chinese girl from WeChat tried to get money from me to trade over WeChat with her training and internal suggestions. She pretended to be a good friend to help me out. Very romantic, lovely and good friend, wanted to be a girlfriend and wife.
Then she turned out to be a real monster after I said that I do not want to trade and transfer money. She asked 20000 first, then 15000, then 2000. She even made some investment plans.
Her WeChat ID lc973769999 from Heilongjian Harbin

Kevin 04/16/2019

Scammed by chinese girl 2

kindly let me publish the address and the email and mobile number too of scammer office.

director wechat is huan_339851.
mobile : 008618724508464.
company wechat : 18724508464

Justin 04/16/2019

Probable scam artist ?

I have also spoken to some girls at wechat, this one girl also mentioning trademax when I asked her for recommendation of a good broker.
The thing is she haven't been pushy about it but we started talking about it for some reason.
But from reading all this I won't take the risk to join on her behalf...

Name: L
wechat ID: Z97819J

Chris 04/15/2019

Scammed by chinese girl

i was scammed by a chinese girl through wechat, i lost over 10k USD, and now im trying to get it back, friend of mine helped me to get wechat ID of the company owner, address of the office in harbin, and office number too.
i got also some picture of the buildings.
i need some help, any advices plzzzz.

Justin 04/15/2019

This is exactly what these girls are doing... MUST READ!!!

I have figured it out.

These wechat girls will be your best friend.
They will then pretend to be good friends with you and someone you can trust.
Next they will get you to sign up on TradeMax but heres the catch.
Refer a friend lets them choose how much they get from the money you make.
Its anything from 0% to 10%. All the time it will be 10%. These girls are here to make money gambling your money.
Its why they are all friendly but some brokers let this happen to get more people using their company.
Just the trouble is these Chinese girls are using it to take advantage on innocent guys.
They are getting your code when you sign up and choose 10% which goes to them.
Imagine these doing this with just 10-15 guys all depositing $5-30k each a week. From nothing they make a fortune telling you what to do and gambling with your money until you lose it all. If you cant go again they will become unfriendly with you and move on to the next guy.

Oh and they love to travel, that way they collect contacts all around the world to scam others again!
Suppose if they add their neighbours they will know where they live and hunt them down if they did that to them.

Anyways the 2 girls I had on my wechat are

Wechat ID's :

Her name is Coco. Using both accounts just incase one gets caught in the act and posting exactly the same posts.

Her advisor :

They tried especially CoCo but failed.
Coco probably aint her actual real name...

I got their location through live location.

My wechat ID is ashjamball

InterTrader I recommend
Thank me later...

Ash 04/09/2019

Losing USD$3000 with trademax and very bad service

I lost usd$3000. I agreed they are scam. They dont allow you to trade on your own. The chinese lady who are analyst wanted you to open and close position via wechat messages. They are not there to provide any training or guide you.

Steve 04/07/2019

Chinese WeChat Scam?

Very lovely Chinese woman talking to me saying she really likes investing as a hobby. She keeps bringing the subject of "investing" up. I thought maybe she was just obsessed, but there is a push from her for me to join. Also, to join a very specific website. I've joked she's a sales rep and she gets irritated and annoyed with the off hand comment. I come here and see similar story of "Chinese woman on WeChat". Yeah, that's gotta be a scam.

Michael 04/04/2019

Happened to me as well

A Chinese, young and very beautiful lady contacted me on a language exchange community. We started to exchange messages in wechat gettting acquainted. Before you know it she asked me if I wanted to become an investor and she said she can help me become one.

She just introduced me to trademax and, as I was searching about it, I came across all these testimonies of people experiencing the same thing. It seems to be recent, the earliest testimony I found is from january.

Good thing I just created an account, but didn't upload any document. I will just ignore her forever and block trademax completely. Looks like a total scam.

Gabriel Bacarin 04/03/2019

How to top up your account

Previously trading on other platforms, basically only the recharge method of wire transfer, and later found that the trademax platform supports VISA credit card online recharge, who knows whether this recharge channel is convenient to use? How long does it take to withdraw money to my account?

mark 04/03/2019

My experience is different

I think my account manager is helpful, and the experience is not bad so far. I met this broker at Sofitel Sydney on 1st March and left my number. Bella, an account manager, called me back and asked me some questions about my past investment experience. Then, I was invited to have a face-to-face conversation at their office (100 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney). I went there and required to check their qualification. They provided some company information such as ASIC docs. Therefore, I started my first account, a mock one, with 10,000 balance(usually 10,000 or 100,000). About one week later, I deposited $500 to a real account. All the experience, for now, is fine. I can contact them by whats app or just a call. They also offer a chance for beginners to learn basic knowledge on Thursday, but I just attended once

Tom Johnson 04/01/2019

Blown my account within 2 months

hi people, early 2019, I was introduced to this lady Senior Analyst by a friend whom he met on Wechat. so being a retail trader with not much success, I was told the way I have been trading was wrong where I shouldn't place a stop loss. Instead, I should exploit the benefits of CFD trading by hedging (buying & selling) the currency pair / spot gold whenever the market turns against my initial position. I was awed and believed in her especially when she showed me screen shots of USD 800,000 accounts, with various open positions raking in about USD200,000 to USD 300,000 each.
Our trading began. 90 over percent of the trade calls were made by her, and usually it comes in panicky messages like, "Speed! XAUUSD sell XX lots!" "hurry! where are you?!" then as I panic and do not want to miss out the opportunity, I carried out her instructions. Then as the trade starts going against us, she'd advise to hold up and wait some more. Until to the point where the losses is kind of significant, she'd say "Speed! XAUUSD buy XX lots! we have to lock the position!". after we hedged our position, I can clearly see the floating loss being "locked". sometime after, because of some fundamental news, she'd come again and said "Speed! close Sell position XX lots", add new buy position XX lots now!". Always, the tune of the instructions came in panicky mode. Long story short, my account took a dive, very quickly, I saw my account going to 50% drawdown and soon after 75% and its finally blown. Along the trading journey, she'd always ask me to pump in more funds so the better operate. Also, whenever the account balance goes positive, she'd ask me to close out some open positions with negative float. by doing so, my account balance is never making real profits.
I am in total lost that my account is blown. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!
any chance I might be able to recover my funds? any help is truly appreciated. thank you.

Rex 03/23/2019

Scam on trademax WECHAT

hi Max, can you give your wechat id or add me peypey21. got similar situation now and curious to see if this girl is exact as who scammed you

chris 03/22/2019

All These ladies are scam...!!!

All those ladies are scam,i lost my 8000$ and i already reported about them. so please report to ASIC through the below link:
its the only way we can catch and stop them.

Zain 03/19/2019

Chinese girls scamming (continues, part 2)

Now this 2nd account she was using was like a backup account on wechat posting the exact same posts as her other account. Weird right???
It’s like she uses it just in case she is caught in a scam using the other by the wechat team. (Just to let you know wechat/China are not stopping these scams from happening because its western guys they are scamming which is bringing money into their country)
From this moment, I knew she must of been working for Trademax and is pressured to get people to invest. Something ain’t right. She invaded my privacy and even knew how much I deposited and will know how much everytime in the future and the money I’m making.
Well, I told her 2-3 weeks before on the day I blocked her I’ll be putting on $5000 in the next 4-6 weeks. She led me on to believe I can make a fortune but because I travel for work a lot I told her I need to save a bit for traveling for now. She didn’t care about my financial situation and carried on demanding me to put money on ASAP, $1000 at least. But she said really I needed $5000 to make good money. When I said I couldn’t yet and can only put $500 on next week she got angry with me and started pretending to get upset saying I wasted her time - this all happened before I blocked her but then alarm bells rang louder once I deposited 2 weeks later $200.
Anyways I got all the info I need, I know for a fact her address as we did live location. Her other wechat she uses to scam people. Her advisor’s wechat. Even very little things I can’t mention I have got down.
You guys if you need to chat to me send me a message with your contact via email/wechat/WhatsApp. I have a few girls on my wechat doing this but I know there is many many more out there!

Max 03/18/2019

Chinese girls scamming western guys

Same as the other guys,

What these Chinese girls do I think is they are paid to travel abroad (mainly Europe and Australasia) and collect contacts over wechat and other apps to lure guys into their fantasy lives for corrupted trading sites like TradeMax. I feel they are paid to do this and get everything needed to lure guys in. If they don’t get the returns in they are fired and another girl will take her spot. These Chinese girls don’t care about your financial situation. They are ruthless. Some of the reviews here and the downvotes are from these Chinese girls. The ones going round scamming innocent guys.
I have wechat, I travel and I have had 4-5 girls added on my phone who do this.
This one girl I was chatting to told me she was doing it for 8 years, really nice sweet girl chatting like normal for a week or 2 then all of a sudden she got serious chatting about trading. I seen her on video call, we spoke sometimes but she didn’t speak good English which was weird because she typed perfect English quickly. We spent 5-6 hours one day going through to sign me up on MT4 app and Trademax, she took my Trademax number but that was it. I told her I will put $1000 on there that week and another $2000 in 2 weeks with $5000 over 6 weeks. But then that night I just decided to block her and plan my assault to find out the hidden secrets. I had her advisor on my wechat which she didn’t know neither did her advisor knew of me going through this. They both posted similar moments/posts on wechat and found out they were friends. So I planned to do something about it... 2 weeks later I decided to just put $200 on my Trademax account and started trading. Little money on purpose and I kid you not... Literally an hour or 2 after, she used her other account to contact me after I blocked this girl for 2 weeks... She was like, are you trading?

Max 03/17/2019

Same experiences

pls log your complaints here - had a very similar experience but luckily haven't opened a real account. Same story - promised returns, support in turn for opening a real account and depositing money. occasionally hear from the same Chinese person via WeChat - her screenshots are most likely from demo accounts highlightins 'profits' to lure you in.

Shan - of course you should be able to close your account, extract your money and find a more suitable broker. There are many better brokers offering better spreads/lower commissions and access to free research materials and trade technical analysis. Just google and you'll find some - i don't wish to name any here in case its perceived that im affiliated with and advertising others' services (which im not).

Will let ASIC decide whether their behaviour represents a scam but at the least i view it as misconduct so would encourage you all to log your grievances using the above link.

S Jackson 03/11/2019


I was also approach by Chinese girl on whatsapp asking me to make investments through trademark. I opened account but still did not start transaction. What should I do! Please advice.

Ram 03/11/2019

Australia Financial Regulators should investigate this company

I too was approached by a wechat stranger from China befriending and boasting about how easy it is to make money off gold trading using Trademax. She asked me to open a account with Trademax and only with Trademax and she will advise on 'how to trade'. On hindsight, the large profit she claimed to have made on a daily basis was probably off a demo account as the trading size was huge.
As mentioned by the others here, the bid/offer spreads that Trademax charges are ridiculously high.
In my opinion, anybody who suffered losses should approach the Australian Financial regulators to conduct a thorough investigation on this company on the way it recruit new customers and the way these wechat recruiters misrepresent and misled.I am actually surprised no one has raise a complaint so far.

Demaul 03/09/2019

Is she scam or real?

I'm new in Forex trade. one stranger, Chinese girl sent me message on Facebook and start chatting through Wechat App. she said to open a Trademax account and she will help to make profit easily. she said she have 8 years experience in it. I have learned some Forex basic things from youtube. so i feel comfortable and can make money from it. so i started Forex trading through Trademax ( she sent me a link) with her help. first i lost 3000$, then she said to add more money. i added 5000$ and now my balance is $3000 only. some times will get profit, but most of the time i lost. I'm still trading with her help, but when i read some reviews here, i felt i'm trapped with her. someone help me please. what i can do now? can i close Trademax and start with another broker? do you feel she is a scammer? i have her photos and Chinese address(i don't know its real). i hope i can get a help as soon as possible and escape from her if she is a fraud.

shan 03/07/2019

Scammer' pic

Lluis Codina Musach,
You have pic of her ?Someone approached
Me too about joining .I have feeling its same girl.

Ken Smith 03/05/2019

de acuerdo con Javier Garcia

Mas o menos la misma experiencia que Javier. A mi me contacto la misma chica, con un nombre diferente pero la misma identidad de WeChat.
Me explico que es experta en análisis de mercado, pero sus conclusiones y ganancias supestas, no coincidían con el mercado real. Ahora me está hablando desde otro we chat d_cici_

More or less same history than Javier, she contact me thru the WeChat, same girl with diffrent name but same WeChat Id.
She explain to me that she is expert in market Forex analysis, but her conclusions and earns, don't feed the real market situation. Now she is contact me from another WeChat id: d_cici_

Lluis Codina Musach 03/04/2019

Scam scam scam scam scam!!!

te agrega mediante wechat, una chica china simpatica, pero su única finalidad es que acabes haciendo trading en con elevadisimas comisiones hasta que acabas perdiendo todo tu dinero, ESTAFA, en 4 meses iré a australia y pienso pasarme por esa maldita oficina

adds you via wechat, a nice chinese girl, but its only purpose is that you end up trading in with high commissions until you end up losing all your money, SCAM, in 4 months I will go to australia and I will go through that damn office

NAME Cindy
ID taiyanghua4777

it's a big bitch

Javier garcia 02/22/2019

TradeMax Capital is a scam?

This is my real story with Trademax.

I was approached by a random person texting me on whatsapp and motivated me to start trading Forex after a week talking without mentioning Forex at all.
She introduced me to Trademax, I trusted her and did all procedures to open an account. Now thinking back I see that I was dumb for not comparing multiple brokers and I didn't understand the importance of spread - it was a month ago when I was really fresh to this market.

She showed me an account of about $800k balance so I just trusted her - I didn't even question if it was real or demo. Yes, blame it on me.

So simply put, I was recommended to Trademax, the platform which oftens have spread on EUR/USD from 5-10 pips and for XAU/USD its typically 30-50 cents while for other brokers its 1-3 pips and 5-10 cents respectively. And of course don't forget now its $50 commission on standard lot. All are rediculous.

I was so mad when I realized this. There were days I was trading and gained $500 while TradeMax got over $2k from my trades. How does this make sense??

I'm now using another broker (after my account went down to as close to 0 as possible, my bad and also i got ripped off). They have spread as low as 1-2 pips for standard account on EUR/USD as an example. Commission included in the spread as how it should be.

They provide no education or any kind of active support as far as I've experienced.

Conclusion? The spread and commission are extremely unreasonable, why would you go for a broker like this? Especially if you're recommended by someone like me, be aware.

Holmes Nguyen 02/06/2019 is a scam

Their "advisors" are nothing but scammers, they tell you predictions that never come true, and if the rate goes in the opposite direction they just say "wait some more". If you lose all your money they just tell you to add more so they can "advise" you some more. Stay away from them.

David 12/29/2018
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