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TradeBNP Review - is it scam or safe?

TradeBNP Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 6 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz TradeBNP
TradeBNP is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


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Trading Accounts & Conditions

Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Initial $500 1:400 Fixed from 2 pips*
Standard $1,000 1:400 Fixed from 2 pips*
Intermediate $2,500 1:400 Fixed from 1 pip/ Variable from 0.5*
Advanced $10,000 Upon request Fixed from 0.7/ Variable from 0.5*
Superior $25,000 Upon request Fixed from 0.4/ Variable from 0.3*

*these are only the broker’s claims, which we can’t verify.

TradeBNP is a forex and CFD broker, which isn’t impressive. They are not connected with the famous French bank, which has the same abbreviation in its name. We saw a lot of troubling signs at TradeBNP (which may also be connected to TradeDAX). To start off, we will list a few of the positive things we managed to find.

TradeBNP Advantages

MT4 trading
TradeBNP supports one of the best platforms for forex trading – MetaTrader4. It is something which experienced traders are probably used to, as it is very popular. For the newcomers reading this review, we will mention a few of its strongest assets: the charts are very nice, it’s light on the hardware, it supports custom indicators and automated trading strategies, it has a desktop, mobile and web version.

We couldn’t get the platform provided by TradeBNP running, due to issues, which we will cover below.

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A lot of payment options
TradeBNP accepts deposits in many ways. The list, stated on the website includes: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal, OK Pay, Qiwi and even Bitcoin. The offer is decent, although some of the leading wallets when it comes to trading, like Skrill and Neteller are missing.

High leverage provided

We know this can be quite controversial. Many studies have indicated misusing high leverage ratios is one of the major contributors to the downfall of new traders. Still, it is a necessity for effective forex trading. We would recommend caution and leaving the big risk taking to the veterans. Those seeking high ratios will find 1:400 at TradeBNP.

TradeBNP Disadvantages

Unregulated company, false claims
TradeBNP’s legal status is rather hard to determine. The company casually mentions they are FCA regulated on the front page, but does not provide a reference number. We searched in the Financials Conduct Authority’s register and only found different entities associated with BNP Paribas, which this broker isn’t.

The most likely false claims at TradeBNP

The Terms and Conditions provided by TradeBNP state that all disputes shall be settled under Vanuatu law, which sounds much more believable. They don’t mention being associate with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), which while not as credible as the institutions in developed countries is still preferable to nothing. This seems to be a completely unregulated broker.

Tight spreads only for big traders

The spreads, which TradeBNP claims to offer are very different for the different account types. The fixed levels provided for the first two levels are not competitive with the rest of the industry. On the other hand the ones for bigger investors are unbelievably (as in, we literally can’t believe them) good. We couldn’t test their offer, due to the next flaw.

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Does not accept all countries

We didn’t manage to register an account at TradeBNP, as the broker does not accept clients from all countries. Furthermore, they have implemented an IP detection mechanism to enforce this rule. We hesitated going through a proxy, just to get a glimpse of their actual offering, but decided it’s not worth the hassle at this point.

Conflicting information on the website
TradeBNP’s entire website feels like it was copied from another broker(s). There is nothing wrong with finding design inspirations somewhere, but how you “fill the blanks” is crucial. Several sections contradict each other. While the regulatory one is by far the most important, it is by no means the only one. As an example, here is a screenshot of their front page conditions, which don’t match the ones at the account types section (click to zoom in):

High minimum deposit
Regardless if it’s the minimum requirement is the $500 for the “Initial” account type or the $200 stated on the home page, there are brokers where one can start with a much smaller investment.


TradeBNP is an unregulated forex broker, which has a very sloppy presentation. It is basically copied from another company (or multiple ones) and stitched together to create the illusion of a broker. The false FCA regulation claims, as well as the name, which sounds very similar to a famous French bank lead us to believe this company does not have honest intentions. 

While we can’t clearly state this is scam, it has all the makings of one. If you start trading with such a company, your investment will be at a much greater risk than all the market volatility can generate – you may simply not be able to withdraw. Well-regulated brokers, on the other hand, have to follow a lot of rules, designed to protect clients. Here are some of the ones imposed by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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The funds deposited by clients, must be kept in the so called segregated accounts. These banking terms, guarantee the company will not be able to steal your investment and only offer a paper money trading environment. Additionally, all FCA regulated brokers are part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This is a system, which protects traders in case the company, they trade with becomes insolvent. Each person is covered up to £50,000.

To recap TradeBNP

Pros Cons
MT4 trading Unregulated company, false claims
A lot of payment options Tight spreads only for big traders
High leverage provided Does not accept all countries
  Conflicting information on the website
  High minimum deposit


Latest news about TradeBNP
No news about TradeBNP. Check back later.
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broker scam

I have been scammed 30,000 euros and I have closed the account

victor valls 03/14/2019

Mi sento preso in giro

Non riesco a prelevare dal mio conto

Translated by Google

I can not withdraw from my account

Giuseppe 03/01/2019

TradeBNP è una truffa

Questa società si è definita affiliata alla famosa banca BNP Paribas, autoproclamandosi come braccio destro della banca nel trading online.
Propongono investimenti ragionevoli al principio, facendo richieste di aggiunta di denaro a poco a poco. Insistenti e persuasivi, riescono a trovare escamotage attraverso la manipolazione della piattaforma per far credere al cliente che la situazione da loro prospettata è reale.
Uno dei meccanismi per cui ricattano il cliente è quello di richiedere soldi per poter sbloccare "certe situazioni" da loro create per poter versare gli utili conseguiti e il capitale iniziale. Questo modus operandi è il loro meccanismo per ottenere altro denaro dal cliente, per non restituire alla fine le plusvalenze conseguite e tutto il capitale versato.

Tenete presente che utilizzano, un programma chiamato "Anydesk" per mettersi in contatto col cliente e visualizzare situazioni bancarie, passwords e altri dati personali soggetti a privacy.

Translated by Google:

This company has become affiliated with the famous BNP Paribas bank, proclaiming itself as the bank's right-hand man in online trading.

They propose reasonable investments at the beginning, making requests for adding money little by little. Insistent and persuasive, they manage to find tricks through the manipulation of the platform to make the client believe that the situation they are facing is real.

One of the mechanisms by which the customer blackmail is to request money to be able to unlock "certain situations" created by them in order to pay the profits earned and the initial capital. This modus operandi is their mechanism for obtaining more money from the client, in order not to return at the end the capital gains achieved and all the paid-up capital.

Keep in mind that they use, a program called "Anydesk" to get in touch with the customer and view banking situations, passwords and other personal data subject to privacy.

Maria Moroni 01/14/2019

TradeBNP - mucho cuidado!!---no te lo recomiendo

Hola, a mi también han estafado tengo alrededor tres meses, lo bueno era poco dinero,
hoy me llamo Elle Anderson que según no han devuelto mi dinero tuvo un accidente, vas a creer ese cuento, no hay más gente, es un banco, porque también hable con un Claudio García, mi consejo piden más información tuya o dinero para sacar el dinero, no lo hagas y si es mucho dinero denunciarla a la policía.

Mi consejo pídele algún documento que acredite son reales, razón social o un contrato donde especifique todo sobre ellos, lamentablemente anteriormente no lo hice, confié demasiado,
Pero si estás pensando entrar con ellos, que te prueben son realmente lo que dicen, pero si te ayuda mi experiencia no lo hagas!! Evitaras enfados y menos dinero en tu cuenta.

Translated by Google:

very careful !! --- I do not recommend it

Hello, they have also scammed me I have been around three months, the good thing was little money,
today my name is Elle Anderson who, according to my money, did not have an accident, you are going to believe that story, there are no more people, it is a bank, because I also speak with a Claudio García, my advice ask for more information of yours or money to get the money, do not do it and if it's a lot of money to report it to the police.

My advice, ask for a document that proves they are real, company name or a contract where you specify everything about them, unfortunately I did not do it before, I trusted too much,
But if you are thinking about going in with them, that they prove you are really what they say, but if my experience helps you, do not do it !! You will avoid anger and less money in your account.

sol 11/15/2018


Son Estafadores, metí solo 100euros que daban un bono pero y ellos según metieras te duplicaban, en total 300euros, pues metí solo 100euros y según había tenido ganancias, pero mejor metiera más dinero más rendimientos, si en los primeros 15 días quería podía sacarlos, pues hasta ahora no he recibido nada, es un robo, que para devolverme mi dinero debía mandar mi documento de identidad y mi tarjeta de crédito para que devolvieran, pero todo es una estafa, no vayan a creerles lo que le dicen,
Estafadores tal Elle Anderson y Claudio Garcia deben ser nombres falsos.

Translated by Google:

They are scammers, I put only 100euros that gave a bonus but they according to metieras you doubled, in total 300euros, because I put only 100euros and as I had profits, but better put more money more returns, if in the first 15 days I wanted to remove them, because until now I have not received anything, it is a robbery, that to return my money I had to send my identity card and my credit card to return, but everything is a scam, do not go to believe what they say,
Scammers such Elle Anderson and Claudio Garcia must be fake names.

sol 10/24/2018

TradeBNP recensione negativa - truffa

Il broker non mi permette di ritirare i miei soldi, nemmeno il capitale iniziale (purtroppo elevato).Vuole altri soldi " a garanzia" del prelievo (inconcepibile). di fatto purtroppo è una truffa. Diffidate da

Translated by Google:

The broker does not allow me to withdraw my money, not even the initial capital (unfortunately high). He wants other money "to guarantee" the levy (inconceivable). in fact, unfortunately it is a scam. Be wary of

alessandro Erba 09/18/2018

Trade bnp scam

I am trying to withdraw my money in over a week and nobody is responding and looks like a big scam

Costas 09/05/2018

TradeBNP - dubbio quasi certo

Quanto letto sopra corrisponde esattamente! Da loro c'è un broker (sedicente tale) che per aiutarti penetra nel tuo pc con anydesck e si fa bonifici a banche estere fuori del deposito dell'account richiedendo poi ulteriori depositi per avere indietro il primo come ricatto da hacker abituato (ransom).E' ovvio che li ha imboscati altrove cercando di fregarti ancora nella speranza ingenua di avere indietro la somma millantata indispensabile per lavorare su piazze importanti ed ottenere guadagni fantomatici non agibili con la somma d'iscrizione che serve da specchietto per allodole per le insistenti richieste successive a valanga!Credo non si riesca nemmeno a disiscriversi oltre ad ottenere la restituzione del maltolto con l'ipocrisia della fiducia raggirata. Salvo ritrattare da parte in caso di"miracoloso ravvedimento? Non fornisco quindi ancora il nome del broker furbo?perchè non è possibile votare 0 stelle? Mike

Translated by Google:

What is read above corresponds exactly! From them there is a broker (self-styled) that to help you penetrate your pc with anydesck and you make transfers to foreign banks outside the deposit of the account and then request further deposits to get back the first as blackmail hackers accustomed (ransom) It is obvious that he has ambushed them elsewhere trying to cheat you again in the naive hope of having back the sum worth of essential to work on important squares and to obtain phantom gains that can not be used with the registration fee that serves as a skylight mirror for the insistent requests subsequent to avalanche I think you can not even unsubscribe in addition to obtaining the return of the maltutto with the hypocrisy of confused trust. Except in the case of "miraculous repentance", I do not yet provide the name of the crafty broker, because it is not possible to vote 0 stars?

Mutinelli Michele 08/31/2018
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