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Trade Fintech Review - Is it scam or safe?

Trade Fintech Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1.4 / 17 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Trade Fintech
Trade Fintech is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type   Minimum deposit  Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Spreads Trading instruments
Classic $250 0.01 1:200 3 pips, fixed Base currencies
Standard $2 500 0.01 1:200 Fixed or floating Base currencies, Gold, Silver, Oil
Premium $20 000 0.01 1:200 Fixed or floating All currencies, CFDs, indices, shares


Trade Fintech offers its clients 3 account types, depending on their initial investment amount. All of them provide micro tradeable lots, commission-free trading and leverage up to 1:200 on the MetaTrader 4 platform.


The broker does not provide much information on its trading conditions, and there are no demi accounts either.


Indeed, a minimum initial deposit of $250 is a common amount to start with, yet what you get for it is high fixed spreads (amounting to 3 pips on EUR/USD), and no choice of trading instruments (only the basic currency pairs). It is not worth it.


If you are into indices or stock CFDs, you have to invest at least $20 000, and if you are lucky, you may even trade with some decent spreads. The thing is, Trade Fintech is not regulated, so if something goes wrong, you will probably never get your money back.


In fact, there are plenty of duly regulated brokers that have set lower minimum initial deposits (or none at all), offer much more instruments for trade with tighter spreads. For example, by investing $150 with Trading212 (holding FCA license), you can use spreads below 1 pips on EUR/USD. For further information and comparison you may check out the real-time spreads of 15 leading brokers here.


The Company. Security of Funds





 S.O Strategic Partnership LP

Scotland, UK



According to the limited information on its website, Trade Fintech is a Scotland-based forex and CFD broker that supports the industry’s standard MetaTrader 4 platform.


The company behind the brand, S.O Strategic Partnership LP, is registered in Scotland, UK, but is not licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, nor by any other regulator.


As we have already explained above, investing with non-regulated (or offshore) companies is extremely risky. That is why, you’d better select among brokers regulated by reliable authorities such as UK’s FCA, or Australia’s ASIC, where regulation and supervision is strict and your funds will be safe.


Trading Platform


Like most brokers, this one also supports the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, desktop, and web versions available.


MT4 is easy to use and offers a number of technical analysis indicators, extensive back-testing options, advanced charting package, and wide range of Expert Advisors (EA), allowing clients to fully automate their trades.


Methods of Payment


Trade Fintech offers its clients the following payment methods: bank wire transfer and via credit/debit cards, as well as e-wallets such as WebMoney, CashU, giropay, Ideal, and POLI.




Trade Fintech is a UK-based forex and CFD broker that supports the popular MT4 platform. Its offerings are not very attractive, but even worse, it is not licensed by FCA, nor by any other authority. Besides, we find the spreads on commission-free accounts wide. To sum up the above:


Pros Cons
MT4 available Not regulated
Commission-free trading High spreads
  Limited product offering on Standard & Classic accounts
  No info about spreads, commission fees, etc.


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Scam Syndicate

Trade Fintech and similar companies are scam syndicates. Never put any money with them. You will either lose all your deposit or never get to withdraw any profit you make. These companies are not regulated and you have absolutely no control over your account. They will tell you that you have not traded enough volume and then wipe off you account and take all your profit. Never trust these companies as they are running illegal business and making dirty money. Just avoid of having anything to do with them.

Winston 09/11/2019


I wish I had seen this website before I lost everything. These people are manipulative and cunning and gain your trust, tell you about themselves and try and find out as much as possible about your personal circumstances so they can make up a similar story so you feel like they understand. Before you know it, after persuading you to invest more to recover your supposed losses it all disappears. There is a special place in Hell for these people and if I can stop anyone from dealing with them then at least I have done something.

Emma 04/28/2019

Trade Fintech is a SCAM

If your like trading, open an account with your local trading co. Do not open account with Trade Fintech. You will have no control over your own money. Once you deposited your account to them it is considered gone. They don't care if it is your hard earned saving or credit from credit cards.Their aim is to make you deposit more money to save a losing trade. There is no chance for your to withdraw your funds. It has caused me my health and heavy credit card debt.
I hope visa credit card will stop this trading for the trader who are new.

William Ong 03/28/2019

Money laundering

This is a money laundering operation. Be advised to stay away as you will lose all your money despite their promises to you. You are dealing with criminals here.

Hugh 03/22/2019

Scam - hey are on the black list

Are you stupid? Do no do any business with Trade Fintech, They take all your money from you, They are not regulated. They are on the Black list.

Hope you can get your money back

Gina 02/25/2019

Scam by Fintech

Lost $25000 thru scam

William Ong Kah Huat 02/24/2019

My experience with Trade Fintech

Immediately after I signed up, I got this call from a number pretending to be a number from my country. I didn't want to deposit any money inside first, but the guy from the other line jumped straight into how to deposit funds so naturally and quickly that I thought it was the practise of the industry. On hindsight, it should have set off some red flags then. Everything about the website screamed of scam. I deposited 250 Euro but my bank account went down by $400. I understand that there might be some exchange rate conversion, but even factoring in exchange rate, I should only be charged with $380. I read through ALL of the terms and conditions, and there wasn't any deposit fees. One thing fishy was that when I deposited money through Fintech's 'secure gateway', it didn't mention the conversion rate. So I suspect that Fintech might have simply deducted more money that they should have.

Then I found out about this website. I cannot comment on whether they are a scam or not as I have not actually went into the trading process. Read the below comments to find out more. From what I can gather, people have experienced:

1) Trading on a 'fake' platform
2) Harassment by Fintech brokers
3) Leakage of personal data into the dark web resulting in ads targeted to their phones
4) Withdrawal problems
5) Being pressured to deposit more money and eventually losing it all
6) Being pressured to download software that allows Fintech brokers to view their computer
7) Most serious -- money stolen from their bank accounts

In researching their company, I have actually stumbled across an article that sums up all their characteristics eerily accurately. Here's the link:

If you are like me and you're reading this review after depositing your funds in, I actually got my money back, and this is what I recommend you do. You can't stop your deposit from going through at this stage.

1) Freeze your credit card/debit card you used to make the deposit. Better yet, replace your card altogether deactivate your card.
2) If you notice any unsolicited transfers, contact your bank immediately. Some banks will offer refunds if you are able to prove that their transfer was done without your consent.
3) Put in a request for withdrawal via, they will ask for 'compliance' documents. I think you have no choice but to give it to them. Granted, this might leak your personal info. I am not familiar with the dark web, but some websites that are on the dark web will take down your data if you make a call to them. You might also want to get a friend who knows how to navigate the dark web to see how exposed you are.
4) They will tell you that their deposit will take 5-7 days. After around 3 days, you will see the funds in your account disappear. The funds will not appear in your bank for about another 5 days. So for about 5 days all traces of your deposit will be gone. This freaked me out so I thought I put this in as a warning as well.
5) Tell them via that you want to be contacted via email and not calls. Be firm and don't answer any calls. If you do, their might harass you to deposit more money or convince you to not back out. Keep emailing them to find our your status of your deposit. For me, I emailed them everyday and they told me they were awaiting confirmation from their payment provider. I think that if you get this reply, you should be fine and get your money back. If they give some other excuse, it might be that they are trying to keep your money.
6) If all goes well, after 1 week, you should receive your deposit back. They do charge a 25 euro withdrawal processing fee (its hidden in their Terms and Conditions), so that sucks.
7) If you don't receive your deposit back, then you should absolutely treat them as criminals. Go to your police department. They likely won't have enough reach to discipline international crime so you will also have to take some action on your own too. For me, I wasn't sure that I was going to receive my deposit back so I spammed their emails. After all, this is your money and they have no right to scam you. Immediately after I spammed their emails, I got my money back. So drop them emails during your free time at both and, under different subjects and with different emails to get past filtering. Spam them for as long as they got your money, there's no need to feel bad about doing it.

If you have just deposited your funds, I hope this post at least reassures you that there is a chance you will get your deposits back. They are a shady organisation and you should pull out your funds as soon as possible.

Stockfish 8 02/06/2019

Money back

yes, i agree with everyone and what everyone said below. Euro250 first deposit, then one of the mgr would call and persuade you to deposit more. i did stupidly, all in all euro 10,000. made money on the 1st deal, then i decided to withdrawal after just 1 week with them. i didn't feel right. since 1st october, my withdrawal date, i didn't get any payment from them. they kept telling me that they will give me the ARN number to check with my credit card company, nothing for 38 days. will i be getting my money back? i will have to wait and see.

Edna 11/07/2018

My experience with Fintech Trade

I was told to deposit 250euro into the account. I reluctantly bank in the money after few convincing was done by them so called "Sales Manager". Then they kept called and snap a picture of bank card with censored bank card number for example:

1. Leave 1st 6 number and last four number of the card visible. Cover the rest.
2. Cover the CVV but in the picture shown, CVV was not covered instead, the authorised sentence that appear right side of your CVV is covered.

I didn't feel right. Something fishy is happening so I ignore it. Then, they emailed me a compliance letter and say I need to sign to prove that the money banked in to them is acknowledged and approved by me. Again, this doesn't seems right, I'd applied many things legally and officially, non of that need these type of confirmation.

So otger than depositing my 250euro into the account, i did not registered fully to what they requested cause I jist didn't felt right and their desparation with the calls just increased my suspicions.

Then I came to know about this site. Considered I'm luncky? Thanks to these reviews I doubled confirm or be sure not to complete whatever they asked. So i screenshot everything on their site, bank statement proving i banked in to theor account. Then i also screenshot the application to withdraw my money, knowing it wont ve 250euro due to whatsoever charges. It said it will take about 7days to process it. Soon after i submitted the request, a phone call came and again convince me to try it out before making any decision but I hold my ground. Immediately, he replied after losing the vattle of convincing :"ok. Wosh you good luck and all the best...*phone was shut* ". I didn't have time to thank him anyway.

Anyway, I'm giving them 7days and if I don't receive my money back, I'm lodging a report to the police and let them proceed from there. I'm doing this from Singapore.

Walter 11/06/2018

Trade Fintech scammers should be taken down!!

How are these people allowed to get away with scamming innocent people. I wished I had seen this page first and better researched what I was doing! I never thought I would get caught in a scam as I am too cautious and paranoid about sharing information, don't even have a facebook page, and here I am sharing the same lessons learnt experience as so many others.
I believe too that the platform is a front and not a genuine exchange system. I deposited $250euro and after the first .10 investment was pressured to deposit more money but declined and said I would see how it went first. What do you know the next two investments went well. Then Jenny was very pushy about me depositing more funds to invest in gold but again I declined and suggested that once my initial investment reached $1000euro we could use that. She asked if I intended to invest $1000 euro at any time and I replied hopefully but didn't know when. The tone in her voice changed and got nasty and she invested .70 this time, again in the same currency (EURUSD) and told me to stop it in the morning when it got to over $100Eur. Alarm bells had been ringing so next morning what do you know, the entire investment with exception to $52Eur remaining was gone and I was needing to invest more. I immediately phoned my bank and canceled my credit card and I will not respond to any emails or phone calls from this organisation and won't even bother trying to get the remaining $52eur back.

My main concern is the Teamviewer app downloaded may have given them access to my computer - I have removed the app but how do I know if they have my IP address and are still accessing my computer? And then there is the documentation I so reluctantly provided has everything they need about me - does anyone know if their information and computer have been compromised since severing ties with this scam?

Feeling Stupid 10/13/2018

Trade fintech is a scam!!!

Made me do a deposit , yes made some profit i requested to do the redrawal but they said i did the wrong way so make me cancel my redrawal and i was not sure on trade at that point of time the accounts manager made me open another 4 trades which he told me just showing but end up i cant close it beacsue its losing money already he told me to give him 1 day he is sure to make money i have no choice but to follow beacuse if i close now is already losing hundreds of eur... people out there like me a normal housewife pls don signup with them at first deposit was 250eur but end up they say min is 2500eur instead im now in debts to pay my credit card just because i wanted to make a little money out of it... just one day 2500eur was gone

Denise 10/09/2018


tradefintech scammed money from me when i asked them for my money back they shouted at me over the phone then hung up on me

please do not be fooled by there interest in your well being they use it as an advantage to them pretending to care all they want you to do is keep depositing money on the promise they will make you lots of money.

i am now trying to get my money back

susan millette 10/09/2018

Trade Fintech - bunch of criminals

This is a scam company run by a bunch of criminals. You are not connected to a live market, you are on a simulated video game, you are not trading. They appear sophisticated and very slick and you may appear to make a 'profit' at first as they reel you in. I work for the stock exchange and am letting you all know this because unfortunately a close friend of mine was taken in by them and has lost all her savings and ended up in hospital. They do not care who they rob. To trade on the stock exchange, trading slips need to be provided and you need to be regulated and they are not. You are not getting what you pay for. You are getting nothing, just giving your money away. You are paying your money into their account not a trading account because no trading is taking place. Stay away from them, please. If you are unfortunate enough to have been scammed report them to FCA, Cysec and the police.

Henry 09/23/2018

waiting for withdrawal for months

I had make deposit to a broker universes Market for few month and
I asking for a withdraw for a few month. Still no reply from them. Is this a scam broker?

Mikelim 09/05/2018

Carmen Busuttil

Go to Metrolpolitan Polis in London
Or Interpol
My money has gone to Uk. Malta and Bulgaria
we had to stop this

Opelia 08/26/2018

Stop this company

Do not do any business with Trade Fintech
This is a scam. They take your real money but They are noт using real money in their жideogames.

Opelia 08/26/2018

Sammed Right and Proper by

I opened an account with with £500.00 and before I even started to trade I was told that was not enough, so I deposited another £1000.00. I started to do some trades on my own and I made a profit of £900.00 or so I thought, for when I looked at my account it only went up by about £200.00, I was told because of all the charges. I was told again to deposit more fund to enable me to place better trades, like an idiot I deposited another £1000.00. By now my account was showing £2695.00 I stopped trading form the 16 of May till the first week in August. When I had a call From Govanni Cavallo telling me that my account has been transferred to him. He asked me to put more funds in, likely I said no. He told me he wanted me to make some serious money and told me to open some trades which I did. That is when it all went pear shape, as within 4 hours all my trades noise dived, I quickly contacted Govanni and asked him what the hell is going on and he told me to hang on all the indicators tell him we are ok. Less then 36 hours later my account was closed as there was no money in it. I then found an email asking me to put more money in, 2 days later I got a phone call from a woman telling me she was a manager and kept asking me to put more money in to help me recover what I lost, when I told her no, she started to raise her voice and telling me I only wanted to talk bad about the company. I think I said enough about this company. I wish I can get all my money back.

Carmel Busuttil 08/24/2018

done like a kipper

I am convinced I have been scammed by Trade Fintech, I deposited £250-00, then got pestered for more investments , like a fool I invested a larger amount ,I got hooked on the trading method, but found out I was badly advised on three separate occasions, which took my account to desperately close to closing . Like a fool tried to halt the closure by investing more money, then finally it went totally skint. so please don't be fool like me and do not get involved with any other traders other than your bank advise you on. I say this because I went Yahoo ftse index and requested top ten regulated brokers and trade fintech were on their ok list . does anybody know if anything can be done about this fraud

terry jackson 08/11/2018


Hi i too was scammed report them to Action Fraud 0300 123 2040 i have the more people complain the better

Kathleen Doogan 08/03/2018

Dont be hasty in making online payments

After reading an attractive article about someone who made a lot of money through this, i clicked on the link and immediately someone called me and led me step by step to pay the $250 deposit. He answered my questions, stating that there were policies they had to abide by, and that it wasn't fraud, but i did not know enough in this field to ask more questions...then i came across this site (thank you to all those who hve commented!). I haven't sent personal details in, but been told they won't refund without photocard ID, address and covered up debit card being sent in. Did anyone get their deposit back? Or maybe i should avoid the risk of putting my personal data into the wrong hands and just call this an expensive, yet menomorable, lesson to pay?

Anon 07/23/2018

Trade Fintech - Lost badly

I wish I'd read this before investing. I've been very stupid and believed what they told me so invested more than I could afford. Do not give this company any money; they manipulate people into investing more and following trades which are far too large so the only way to save them is to invest more. Even if my account balance becomes positive, I am sure I will never see a penny of the money again.

A Fool 07/22/2018

Trade Fintech is the greatest scammer

This is a scam. Honestly it is a scam. They will encourage you to make more deposits so that they will allegedly extend you a credit. If you are convinced, they will instruct you to sign a credit agreement. You have to read the terms and conditions of the agreement bec. it provides that you cannot make a withdrawal unless you have reached the required trading volume which is 5000% of your trading benefits received. This trading volume is huge such that you cannot do it alone. They will then encourage you to follow their trades which will then make you lose all your money. This experience is very painful but I have to move on and start my forex journey again. They must be put to jail!

Jez 07/06/2018

Bad support do not open account with them

I open an account with them as they claim that they have good trading robots. I asked the support how does the robots functions? She replied claiming that a market specialist will get in contact with me after the funds come in. But he didn't, keep claiming he called but my phone doesn't even ring or have any miss calls. I send email, and he do not bother to reply. Pls do not open account with them. Their support is horrible

Alivia 07/06/2018

Trade Fintech Scam

Do not trust Trade Fintech. They will work and advise on how to lose your money. I lost euro500 on my acct 10457085

Clib 06/12/2018

Scammed but thought it may be a scam

I said I could afford to lose £ 250 but they seemed to make sense so took a gamble to see if it would work. Now looking on various sites has anyone had a good experience with them

Nigel Jackson 06/11/2018

Never, never, never trust this broker

You money will soon be lost by, say goodby when you transfer.
They try to convince you to trust them and if you are a fool like me you will deposit more money.
As soon as you your contact feels you trust him, he will advise you to do more and more investments and higher amounts. Soon your money will be lost in some crazy investments set up with very high level for Stop Loss..
And guess what they say, after they had advised you to the big loss, which closed your account. They say bring more money, you can easy get big profit by new capital, just now it is oil, next week it is Apple and so on. They know nothing about it, and they do not care, you will soon loose more money..
Never, never trust the people you talk to, they never work in your interest, but only iin their own interest.
You are a cow in the brokers eyes - first they take your milk and afterwards they slaughter you.

Ebbe Andresen 06/08/2018

Do not trust Trade Fintech

Do not trust,They just want your money,They take it. They use not real money in The game.
The worst company I have hear about, They had to be stoppad. I wanted to draw money when I got a profit
I did not get it. They show you good at the beginning, but then They tell you to place orders that They know are going Down and suddenly you loose everything.
They are specialist to destroy you
Ican not understand how They can go on.
I have a lot more to tell also to the media.
They pressen me to go to my account do this and this
Let me see what you have and so on
They Put you in a position you had to put more money
In otherweise you loose all, that is the tactic to get from you over 39 000 euro
The game has to be stopped

Marianne Edström 06/06/2018

Trade Fintech - Please refund my money

I have just transferred EUR through my credit card to create an account. I have decided not to proceed with this . Please refund my money. Thank you.

Anonymous 05/30/2018

Trade Fintech - I did too, unfortunately!

I too opened an account by paying them 250 Euro. But not yet passed them any personal details, such as passport, drivers license etc... I have requested a withdrawal of my deposit from there homepage, and would like to know if anyone here, has had any luck getting there deposit back? Did they make you upload your personal information ID, in order to get your money back?

Thank you.

Pete 05/24/2018

Conned but thought it may be a con

fintech are con artists! what are they using the funds for? terroism or just gives someone a easy life. It appears a few work for the company as I have had several people call. not sure how they can look anyone in the eye and tell them what they do as a job.
Stupidly I signed up to them as I thought I’d give it ago, I did say I would gamble a small amount and no more. they said it wasn't a gamble. no calls back now as I requested a withdrawal of money. cancel your bank card used for any deposit.

Nigel Jackson 05/22/2018

Trade Fintech - Too late to know

I opened an account by paying them $250. But not yet passed them any personal details,such as home address,personal ID card...As I got an email from them with reason to active my trading account. But I feel some strange why they need so much information. So I search internet what this company,Fintech is. Somewhat regret why I paid.
Story is that I encountered this company when I read a news via CNN web site. Talking about Forex robots,how people earned money via Forex to)obots. By curiosity, I clicked a link which brought me to a window for registering a demo account. Then,just a minute I got a long distance call from Switzerland soliciting me to deposite money. For safe,I have frozen my credit card but $250 could be on hold.

Anthony 05/22/2018

I've been conned

Yes indeed they are scammers. When I wanted to withdraw my broker convinced me that he wants to reach the 10 000.00 margin. He promised me that we were almost there and that in a weeks time he would transfer me money. Trusting him I continued to trade waiting for about 5 days to get this amount of money. Three days later there was no funds in the trading account. All he could say was that the market was against us and wanting me to come up with more money to recover that which I have lost.

Juanita 05/18/2018

Fintech are con artists!

Stupidly I signed upto them as I thought I’d give it ago. All was going well and my money was slowly growing with a couple of small trades. But the whole time they were pressuring me for money, I eventually gave in with a bit more but told them that was all they were getting for now and then funny enough I lost the lot on the next trade. I wasn’t told I goin how it worked and when the trades started going south they closed themselves and all was lost. They told me they could get it back but I’d have to give them more money first. Thankfully I choose not to listen to them about how much to invest and it was a fairly small amount in total about £300 compared to what some lose. I did ask for a refund as that was an offer at the time but they seem incapable on returning emails now!

Hayley 04/19/2018


Pls do not invest with them they are scammers
Rob people of their money.Pls do not invest with them they are scammers
Rob people of their money. I lost mine. I lost mine.

Gobinathan 03/28/2018

A bunch of greedy thieves

This is a scam... Don't go near them.
Utterly irresponsible traders who leave you dangerously exposed.
How I regret falling for this nonsense.they cost me thousands in the space of six weeks. They should be exposed for what they are... dishonest high pressure con artists.... leave well alone

Graham j alexander 03/06/2018


I have just transferred EUR 250.00 through my credit card to create an account. I have decided not to proceed with this . Please refund my money. Thank you.

Mah mun peng 02/16/2018

Can't shake them off!

I opened an account with this company but decided not to proceed further after reading a whole lot of negative reviews.

Now,I am stuck with different account managers calling me at different time of my day to haunt me! Started with overseas number of +44 and now appearing as local numbers! Different people, different numbers at different time of the day. Sometimes even late at night in my time zone.

Already more than 10 times now over a period of 2 weeks.Just can't shake them off!

KC 02/05/2018

Misleading information

I saw this company advertised on facebook, I read the information and thought why not, it stated for as little as £250 invested you can watch your money grow with little input. I now know I was a complete fool. I have asked for information to get started as I was new to trading. The information I got back was to invest between £7000 - £10.000 to get started, this came after my initial deposit of £300.00. A lady named Roxanne emailed me from customer services saying if any problems come back to her. That was enough for me to suspect the obvious, I gave them no more money. My request for a refund on my initial investment has been ignored. Lesson learnt at a loss of £300.00.

D Hayes 01/27/2018


Be careful opening an account with this company you can gain money if you are lucky but also loose it all in couple of days. You should be avare of the huge leverege and understand it before trading with them. WARNING

Anita Alvang 01/22/2018

Trade Fintech - A scam

Do not go near these people. They have taken money from my sisters account without her knowledge and defrauded her of over £18k. When she complained they said that they would give her £1500 in 'settlement' but she would need to sign something to say that they did not owe her anymore money. She is taking legal action, that's why i'm posting anonomously. Please be warned.

Sally 01/18/2018

I've opened an account with TRADEFINTECH - How can I get my money back??

The usual story, how I was roped into opening an accoiunt and finally got Euro 3,500.00 from me.

My Account Manager is now not calling me regularly nor answering my calls??
Can I lodge an International Police report about them, because Singapore Police Force will not be helpful at all and tell you that me trusting these websites was my mistake!!

Can somebody please advise me??

Mohamed Nizar s/o Subair 01/17/2018

Trade Fintech is a SCAM!

If you want to do trading, open an account with your local trading company. Do not open account with Trade Fintech, you have no control over your own money. Once you deposited your money to them, it considered gone. They don't care if it's your hard earned savings or credits from credit cards. Their aim is to make you deposit more money to save a losing trade, after which when you made some winnings and request for withdraw fund to get back your deposit. This is the time they will tell you to continue to open trade in order for them to approve the withdraw of funds. Guess what? Before the withdraw fund was even approved, the 3 trades he asked me to open were all lost. I hope people can see this & not fall into their scam. It has caused me my health & heavy credit cards debt.

Lee Boon Heong 01/05/2018

Do Not Go Near Them

I invested a small sum and was contacted by a Sean Bloomberg. Immediately they wanted more and more money.Phone calls were multiple every day including a call from his boss screaming about all his wonderful schemes. Anyway Bloomberg destroyed my account in a matter of days by breaking his own rules on margins,and total incompetence. I doubt if I will ever see a penny of the money again,but PLEASE do not go near this company. Stick it in a biscuit tin, anything but these criminals.

John M 12/20/2017


I invested $250 and was called by Brandon Harris saying he would assist me as I was new on the market and he referred me to a Alex one of his experienced trading experts but he didn't help next day my balance was & $89 I wanted to withdraw they said I shouldn't I have to make $100 at least I told them I haven't touched my account they sent me back and forth I still email them they always come with excuses how can I get my money back really they should be reported

Beauty 12/16/2017


I invested £2250 with Trade Fintech and a manager called Victor Shaw. My money 'disappeared' the following day and my 'account' now shows a balance of £138.84. I was told by 'phone that there had been a fall in the market that very day and that my investment was gone. I initially invested my money to buy Bitcoin but can get no response or explanation from this company.
They appear to be fraudsters , even thieves, and I am setting the ball rolling to expose them on social media and as many financial sites as possible. My card company will be investigating as well as friends in the legal world.

peter dimond 12/10/2017


Please please do not go anywhere near this company or you will loose all your savings. They will lye & promise you big profits. It’s a scam & I don’t know how they keep getting away with it. Please stay away.

Martin Brooks 12/07/2017


oh ha not been contacted by anyone despite having text saying I will be contacted within 24 hours. I will not be along for this again as I am 250 pounds down non come backs from them even tho I requested a refund within 24 hours of my deposit

susanroyle 11/18/2017

I deposited $250.00 to tradefintech

i deposited $250.00 to tradefintech in December 2016 they just gave an account with $0.00 balance and when you email their support you don't even get any reply.Don't trust this broker avoid?


isaac mwahla 10/13/2017

Dont trust the broker

I have lost so much money to a broker who lied to me over the phone.He was supposed to help me but he stole 3000 from my bank the next day. Do never ever trust a broker from this company!!

Lillian Christensen 10/04/2017

Time wasting scam

Trying to get any money back is impossible unless you give your, driving ling license, bank details, fill in form, passport,

All of which they ask for after giving ur money. I got it after 8 months after constant asking for my money back.. They took £50 because I hadn't used it.
Avoid these sharks.. They are rude, constant phone calls, always different people, different phone numbers.. They act like they are best thing since sliced bread,.. Rules rules rules..
Avoid them at all costs.. They are scammers and I hate them..
You have been warned

Simon Miles 09/13/2017
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