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TopTradePro Review - is it scam or safe?

TopTradePro Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 8 REVIEWS TopTradePro
TopTradePro is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts and Conditions


Trading account Min. deposit  Max. leverage  Spread
Basic  $250 1:100 0.8 pips
Bronze  $1 000 N/A N/A
Silver  $2 500 N/A N/A
Gold  $10 000 N/A N/A
Platinum  $25 000 N/A N/A
Black  $100 000 N/A N/A


Offshore forex and CFD broker TopTradePro offers its clients the account types listed above. Although the broker is not that clear about its trading conditions, when we tested its Activ8 platform, they seemed good. Nonetheless, TopTradePro is not to be trusted and we don’t recommend it.


In our thorough and unbiased review of this broker, we will highlight both the potential benefits and downsides of TopTradePro.



TopTradePro Advantages


Activ8 platform, good spreads

TopTradePro offers its clients ACTIV8, which is a solid choice of a trading platform. Created by the developer of Sirix, Leverate, ACTIV8 offers a nice charting with several technical analysis indicators, ‘Strategies’ category that provides an array of EA/bots, and ‘Masters’ section.  Here is a preview:



Click on the image to view full size.


Besides, as you can see from the above image, the benchmark EUR/USD spread is below 1 pips, which is an attractive pricing. Nonetheless, taking into account that TopTradePro is not a broker you can trust, you’d better take a look at the pricing of some of the top forex brokers:



>>Real-time spread comparison<<



Many financial instruments

Another potential advantage of TopTradePro is its rich and diversified product portfolio. It includes many currency pairs, and various CFDs: on indices, commodities, precious metals stocks, and a lot of cryptocurrencies.



TopTradePro Disadvantages


An offshore broker

According to the information on its website, TopTradePro is a trading name Ideas in Motion LTD, a company registered in the Marshall Islands. Generally speaking, forex and CFD brokers operating in such offshore zones are not regulated and are not to be trusted.


Needless to say, such offshore entities are not authorized to operate on regulated financial markets, such as those in the USA, EU, Australia, Japan, etc. Yet, many of them illegally target residents of these countries and jurisdictions. The truth is, most offshore brokers choose to register on sunny islands to cut legal corners and many of them run investment scams.



No MetaTrader

As we mentioned above, TopTradePro offers its services on Activ8, a trading platform that is relatively good. Nevertheless, many traders will probably miss the advanced charting package of MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, their support for automated trading via Expert Advisors (EAs), the easy customization, and the extensive back-testing environment.



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Trading conditions not disclosed on website.

This is always an issue with forex brokers, as it means that the companies are not transparent about their services and pricing.



Click on the image to view full size.


In the case of TopTradePro, the broker has only shared with the public the initial deposits required for each of the account types offered, as well as the on-deposit bonuses. So, potential clients of this broker are unaware of the spreads they’ll get, the leverage ratios, etc. 


Initial deposit could have been lower

TopTradePro requires a minimum deposit of $250 which, is not that high. Yet, it could have been lower, considering that many prominent reliable brokers require $100 as a start or even less. For example, major broker like IG does not have a minimum deposit requirement at all. 


Furthermore, withdrawals at TopTradePro are subjected to withdrawals processing and handling fees, the amount of which is not specified. 





TopTradePro is a forex and CFD broker that does not inspire a lot of trust, given its offshore registration and the little information disclosed on trading specifics.


It is always best to deal only with regulated brokers and check the authenticity of their licenses in the registers of the respective financial authorities or with us on Doing business with licensed brokers has a lot of advantages – they are required to comply with certain financial and ethical rules. Some of these include providing negative balance protection to their clients, keeping all of the invested capital in segregated accounts, maintaining some minimum capital adequacy ratio, allowing external audits, filing regular reports and in certain cases even insuring traders’ money.


>> A list of FCA-licensed brokers <<



Here is a summary of our review on TopTradePro:


Pros Cons
Activ8 platform, good spreads An offshore broker

Good variety of CFDs

Trading conditions not disclosed on website
  No MetaTrader
  Initial deposit could have been lower


Latest news about TopTradePro
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Toptradepro SCAM

I was also cheated of several thousand euros. At first everything was serious and friendly. But my broker Thomas Weiss (definitely wrong name)
just wanted me to pay more, otherwise I had not done anything.
So I have paid on 30.05 - 250 €, at 3.06 - 500 €. I've always got big earnings promise if I invest $ 10,000 to get my account finally activated.
On 17.06 write by email my broker
"I hereby confirm that if you activate a gold account, you will earn at least 3,000 euros per month, besides the services are much better than now"
On 19.06.19 I made another deposit of $ 10,292.04. Overall, I paid $ 11,128. He has traded twice successfully, over $ 2200.
When I wanted to withdraw 300 €, there were problems immediately.
Because my broker demanded that I first pay 1000 € via or via, so that I can get the money back by 300 €. After several conversations and help with AnyDesk on my computer I agreed to pay 200 €, but my broker was very angry with me that it is too little, it should be at least 1000 € and say in the end "I have no more desire with me to act". In 4 days my broker was on vacation and completely lost my money. Current account balance minus 6500 €, and no longer answers my emails

Ich wurde auch um mehrere tausend Euro betrogen. Anfangs alles seriös und freundlich. Aber mein Broker Thomas Weiss (bestimmt falsche Name)
wollte nur, dass ich mehr Geld einzahle, sonst hatte nichts getan.
So habe ich eigezahlt am 30.05 - 250 €, am 3.06 - 500 €. Ich bekam immer große Gewinnversprechungen, wenn ich noch 10000 $ investiere, damit man mein Konto endlich aktivieren kann.
Am 17.06 schreib per Email meinen Broker
„Hiermit bestaetige ich dass, wenn Sie ein Goldkonto aktivieren, Sie werden monatlich mindestens 3,000 Euro verdienen, außerdem die Dienstleistungen sind viel besser als jetzt“
Am 19.06.19 habe ich wieder Einzahlung in Höhe von $10,292.04 gemacht. Gesamt habe ich 11.128 $ einbezahlt. Er hat zweimal erfolgreich gehandelt, über 2200 $.
Als ich 300 € auszahlen lassen wollte, gab es sofort Probleme.
Denn mein Broker verlangte von mir, dass ich zuerst über oder über 1000 € einzahle, damit ich das Geld 300 € zurück bekomme. Nach mehrere Gespräche und Hilfe mit AnyDesk auf meinem Computer war ich schon einverstanden 200 € einbezahlen, aber mein Broker war sehr wütend auf mich, dass es zu wenig ist, es sollte mindestens 1000 € sein und sage letztlich „ich habe keine Lust mehr mit mir zu handeln“. In 4 Tagen war mein Broker in Urlaub und hat mein Geld komplett verloren. Aktuelle Kontostand minus 6500 €, und beantwortet nicht mehr auf meine Emails

Tomaschewski 07/17/2019

Toptradepro SCAM

Just like Manuel Braganca, they have 1950.00 Euros of my money and they refuse to give it back to me.

Immediately after I made my first deposit of 250 Euros I found out that Toptradepro was an unregulated Trading Company there for operating in the zone Euro illegally. So I decided, I wanted my money back.

In the meantime I got contacted by Richard, I informed him that I no longer wanted to use their services and that I wanted my 250 Euros back. To cut a very long story short, Richard maged to get a further 1700 Euro from me.

I have also have all the emails I exchanged with them and where I requested a refund of my 1950.00 Euros.

Apparently they operate from the Cayman Islands, making it very difficult for the police to investigate

TopTradePro is a new unregulated Forex & Stocks CFD broker that opened on February 1st 2019. Owned and operated by Ideas in Motion LTD ...

The first time I checked this site, it was hosted in Bulgaria.

Today (May 28/2019) I checked again and the site is now hosted in Canada is hosted on Cloudflare, Inc.
Datacenter: Cloudflare, Inc.
Server IP:
Location: Canada
City: Montreal

Some of the contacts

Richard Brown - [email protected]

Hanna Avadev - [email protected]
Top Trade Pro +442034778292

Emma Taylor Account Manager - [email protected]

Sophie Pompeo - [email protected]
Head of Office +442034778292

Henrique Salgado Viana 05/28/2019

Toptradepro - total scam

This is a total scam company that will take all the Money from your account without your premition,
They have stolen from me 250Euros + 844.59 euros.
Read also thie below.
This is the email that I have sent to many sites about what happened to me.

I would like to inform you that Tracey from called me today once again and she said also once again that she wants to send to me all that money that she has stolen from me without my concent.
She keeps on asking me for further documents that I have told her hundreds of times that I will not send her ever.
I also told her that I had to renovate all my bank cards because she stole from my credit card account the amounts of 250.89 euros + 844.59 euros.
I think that if you could call her to ask to send you the Bitcoins back to Jupiter so that you could change them into euros and send to my bank account that would work, because she has realised that I have exposed her name and the name of everywere I could.
These below are are contacts and her phone number.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +442080894279

Manuel Braganca 05/21/2019

TopTradePro are scammers

i was contacted by a broker "Cindy" who claims to work for loss recovery program by Main Trading Centre. She claimed that they will recover the my capital from my previous broker as i was scammed. This was a trial and for them to assist i needed to have an active account with a broker they recommended - "TopTradePro". I opened the account with them and to date there has been no progress on the recoverey program. I submitted a request to withdraw my funds from the broker over 3 weeks ago and to the time of writing no payment has been made and now they are ignoring my emails.

Kennedy 04/17/2019

return my deposit money

Fizeram me depositar 250€, assim fiz, quando falei com o manager Giovanni Mancini, disse que teria de depositar mais 250€, dinheiro que não tinha. tentaram dar me a volta e pedir emprestado, disse que não tinha hipótese de o fazer e assim pedi que me devolvessem o meu deposito, ainda estou a aguardar, mas mostraram se foi gananciosos por mai e mais dinheiro e sabendo que não o tinha. Só espero que sejam honestos e devolvem o meu dinheiro já que o confirmaram ser possivél, estou á espera e toda a conversa foi gravada, veremos até que ponto vão chegar.

Translated by Google:

They made me deposit € 250, so I did, when I spoke with manager Giovanni Mancini, said he would have to deposit another 250 €, money he did not have. tried to turn me around and borrow it, said that I had no chance to do so and so I asked to return my deposit, I'm still waiting, but they showed if it was greedy for more and more money and knowing that it did not. I just hope they are honest and give me back my money since they confirmed it to be possible, I am waiting and the whole conversation was recorded, we will see how far they will arrive.

tania dias 04/09/2019

Active my account

I dont want lto active my account, i want to take over m y deposit

tania dias 04/08/2019

Active my account

I still waiting a call for someone to tell me how do do it , and how it works but nothing, i made the deposite and after that no more calls

tania dias 04/04/2019

Verdacht des Massenbetruges im Ausmaß von über € 10 Mio an Anlegern

Hallo, meine Kurzrecherchen ergaben, dass diese Art von Anlegerbetruges sich im Rhythmus von 2-3 Jahren immer wieder ungestraft wiederholen und deshalb ist auch die Sinnhaftigkeit dieser "Anleger-Info-Plattform" zusätzlich zu hinterfragen, wenn derartige Verdachte des Massenbetruges sich immer ohne Konsequenzen wiederholen können.
Wo bleiben hier die automatischen Infos an den FBI oder an die europ. Finanzaufsichtsbehörden, die ja auch eine Menge Geld vom Steuerbezahler bekommen, um endlich diese Massenbetrügereien erfolgreich zu verhindern?
Nun zu meiner Causa: ich habe am 7.3.19 mit meiner Kreditkarte die Mindestdepotsumme von € 250,-- + Gebühren von über € 7,-- auf mein Konto bei TopTradePro einbezahlt, welche mir auch von einer Frau Sophie Pompeo sogar ausdrücklich auf ihrer E-Mail bestätigte. Obwohl sofort getradet werden sollte, wurde bis heute nicht gehandelt und meine Einzahlung scheint auch überhaupt nicht auf meinem Konto auf. Im Gegenteil, ich werde immer wieder dazu aufgefordert, endlich meine Ersteinzahlung vorzunehmen, damit man mein Konto endlich aktivieren kann. Ich bekam dann immer wieder sagenhafte Gewinnversprechungen mit einem automatisierten Tradingsystem für Kryptowährungen und natürlich auch die entsprechenden Aufforderung endlich die großartigen Chancen wahrzunehmen. Heute bekam ich sogar wieder eine Aufforderung von meinem Erstberate Jonas, diesesmal vermutlich sogar aus Brasilien und auf diese Mail wollte ich auch mit der Antwortfunktion antworten, wobei meine Mail nicht an Herrn Jonas zugestellt werden konnte.
Natürlich bin ich mir bewusst, dass so eine "Erfahrungsplattform" nicht dazu geeignet ist, derart üppige Erfahrungswerte dem Leser zu übermitteln und ich bitte präventiv alle Geschädigten, mir das zu verzeihen. Mit der Veröffentlichung meiner nicht zugestellten Anwort an Herrn Jonas, beende ich zugleich auch mein Engagement in obiger Sache, denn ich will mir nicht zum finanziellen Schaden, zugleich auch noch ein psychisches Trauma einfangen.
Hier also die Mail, gerichtet an: Jonas

Betreff: Überprüfung des Verdachtes des Massenbetruges

Hallo Jonas,

welches Konto Konto ist für mich eingerichtet?
Ich habe bei BestTradePro ein Konto mit deiner Hilfe eingerichtet und meine Kreditkarte wurde am 7.3.19 mit € 257,.. (Mindestdepot 250,-- + Wechselgebühren) belastet, und das Projekt, welches unter der Webseite mit meinen Kontodaten eingerichtet wurde, ist trotz bestätigter Einzahlung bis heute nicht aktiviert worden, obwohl mir eine Sophie Pompeo sogar ausdrücklich meine Einzahlung bestätigt hatte. Aus meiner Sicht handelt sich bei meinem Projekt um den Verdacht eines sehr intensiven Massenbetruges im Ausmaß von mind. 10 Mio Euro. Ich hatte um Rückzahlung meiner Depotbezahlung mit Frist bis zum 22.3.19 gebeten, die natürlich nicht erfolgt ist und meinen Betrugsverdacht natürlich bestätigt. Mein nächster Schritt ist, dass ich das FBI und die Europ. Finanzaufsichtsbehörden über diesen Betrugsverdacht informiere. Natürlich bin ich mir sicher, dass die beteiligten Personen, wie ein Thomas Weiss oder die Sophie Pompeo in Wirklichkeit ganz andere Namen auf Ihren gültigen Pässen aufscheinen haben, wie es auch vermutlich bei dir der Fall ist. Aber das lässt sich ganz sicher relativ einfach herausfinden, aber das ist Sache der Behörden, die dann notwendigen internationalen Haftbefehle ausstellen zu lassen. Natürlich gilt für alle Betroffenen bis zu einem rechtsgültigen Urteil die Unschuldvermutung.

Ich wünsche dir noch einige schöne Tage in ungetrübter Freiheit!



Suspected mass fraud of more than € 10 million to investors

Hello, my quick research showed that this type of fraudulent investors in the rhythm of 2-3 years again and again unpunished and therefore the meaningfulness of this "investor information platform" in addition to question if such suspicions of mass fraud always without consequences can repeat.
Where are the automatic information to the FBI or the europ. Financial supervisors, who also get a lot of money from taxpayers to finally prevent these mass frauds successfully?
Now to my Causa: On 7.3.19 I have with my credit card the minimum deposit of € 250, - + fees of over € 7, - paid into my account at TopTradePro, which me even from a woman Sophie Pompeo even explicitly on her E-mail confirmed. Although it should be traded immediately, no action has been taken to date and my deposit does not appear on my account at all. On the contrary, I am always asked to make my first deposit, so you can finally activate my account. I got fabulous earnings promises over and over again with an automated crypto-currency trading system and, of course, the call to finally take the big opportunity. Today I even got a request from my first consultant Jonas, this time probably from Brazil and to this mail I also wanted to answer with the answer function, whereby my mail could not be delivered to Mr. Jonas.
Of course, I am aware that such an "experience platform" is not suitable for conveying such abundant empirical values ​​to the reader and I ask all injured parties to forgive me. By publishing my undelivered response to Mr. Jonas, I also end my involvement in the above matter, because I do not want to capture the financial damage, at the same time also a psychological trauma.
Here is the mail, addressed to: Jonas

Subject: Verification of the suspicion of mass fraud

Hi Jonas,

which account is set up for me?
I set up an account with BestTradePro with your help and my credit card was charged on the 7.3.19 with € 257, .. (minimum deposit 250, - + change fees), and the project, which under the website https: // the-profit was set up with my account data, despite confirmed deposit has not been activated until today, although a Sophie Pompeo had even expressly confirmed my deposit. In my view, my project is the suspicion of a very intense mass fraud in the amount of at least 10 million euros. I had asked for repayment of my Depotbezahlung with a deadline of 22.3.19, of course, is not done and confirmed my suspected fraud, of course. My next step is that I have the FBI and the Europ. Inform financial supervisors of this suspected fraud. Of course, I am sure that the people involved, such as a Thomas Weiss or the Sophie Pompeo in reality have completely different names on your valid passports, as is probably the case with you. But that's certainly relatively easy to figure out, but that's up to the authorities to have the necessary international arrest warrants issued. Of course, all those affected up to a valid judgment, the presumption of innocence.

I wish you some nice days in pure freedom!


Klaus Peter 03/28/2019
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