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StoxMarket Review – is it scam or safe?

StoxMarket Review  – Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 27 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz StoxMarket
StoxMarket is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


 Trading accounts and conditions



Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Silver $1000 0.01 lot 1:500 3 pips
Gold $5000 0.01 lot 1:500 2 pips
VIP $20 000 0.01 lot 1:500 1 pip


StoxMarket has three types of live trading accounts, plus a free demo account. The broker's asset portfolio consists of the more popular forex pairs, gold, silver and CFDs on indices and stocks. It also offers trading in binary options.


StoxMarket also offers forex ECN trading with market execution, a leverage of 1:500, tight floating spreads and a commission of $8 per lot.



The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
 Marketier Holdings Limited Dominica  No


StoxMarket is a brand of the company Marketier Holdings Limited based in the offshore zone Dominica. The country offers a 20-year tax break, quick incorporation and lax incorporation requirements.


Dominica is not among the most popular “destinations” among forex brokers, but one must always be extremely cautious when dealing with offshore brokers. The same is valid for StoxMarket, which on top of everything else, is not regulated. Generally the lack of any regulatory oversight means that client funds are at great risk in case the company goes bankrupt, for example.


Worse still, posts on some forex trader forums claim StoxMarket is a “scam artist” and “manipulates MetaTrader”. Some clients are also complaining with not being able to make withdrawals from their accounts.


We advise clients to choose regulated forex brokers, like the ones supervised by UK's FCA or the Australian regulator ASIC.



Trading platforms


StoxMarket provides two trading platforms: the ever popular MetaTrader 4 in its desktop version and its own StoxMarket platform as a web and mobile application.


The platform offers real-time data, user friendly interface, integrated web charting, several types of orders, order history, etc. It can be used with the username and password for MT4.



Methods of payment


StoxMarket says it accepts “most credit card Payment Methods”. It does not become clear whether those are available through the e-wallet platforms like PayPal.




There is nothing much that could be said about StoxMarket. It is an offshore and unregulated broker with very high initial deposit requirement being accused of scamming clients.


Those accusations, plus the rather unimpressive trading conditions, make it an unattractive forex broker.


Pros Cons
  Scam accusations
  High initial deposit


Latest news about StoxMarket
No news about StoxMarket. Check back later.
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Rogue trades

Opened an account with StoxMarket approx. 12 months ago. Account built up over 7/8 months to something approaching £100000 inc. of £25000 deposited by myself over several months and £20000 of bonus payments by \StoxMarket. Over the next four months, increased activity by "Account Manager" created an increase in the profit/loss deficit from -£15000 to -£100000. Effectively, this has prevented me from withdrawal of money and despite me reducing the profit/loss figure by closing their rogue trades to reduce the account value to £65000 with a p/l figure of -£15000, I have tried on three occasions to withdraw monies from the account without success. The last request has been denied with a slightly sarcastic e-mail, I suspect from my "Account Manager"
Their T's & C's are extremely complicated to follow and each refusal of a withdrawal merely advises "refer to Terms & Conditions".

Keith Jones 04/23/2019

They are a SCAM

You can be sure They are a scam I even got some information about there brokers that they also active with another name for another scam broker the tricks how they steal the money are familiar also the things I was reading about the broker I have some videos about the calls betwen client and broker not stoxmarked but maybe you can identify your broker there as well if not I can give you a few tips on how to proceed.

First block your credit card with the copies from both sides they can use it for them self or sell the data together with all your personal information also report them to the police and talk to your bank in many cases they could recover some money due a chargeback but be careful with these recovery people I have seen them posting almost on every scam broker review with the same stories they might be another form how the broker double scam their clients.

paul 02/05/2019

StoxMarket withdrawals

I have over 37.000 euros in this account after building it up to this amount. but trying to withdraw any of it is near impossible, i had over 42,000 at one point they did release 4,000 after a long time trying , but since then i have tried over and over to withdraw but have been ignord evey time, they say have received your withdrawal request but then nothing when i type on the sreen to the support girl if thats true, she says it takes time to process a withdrawal
surely it carnt take weeks lets get real.

william beattie 01/06/2019

Beware double scam

Hey don't believe to who says he was able to recover the money lost with StoxMarket. They will ask you to pay a bitcoin wallet and disappear. Double bastards, whish them all the disgrace of the world will follow them for the rest of their useless life.

claudio 11/07/2018

StoxMarket - La estafa mas grande que conocido

STOX MARKET es la estafa mas grande que he conocido, que se puede hacer para denunciar, a mi me robaron 2,750 USd, con puras promesas y mentiras

Translated by Google:

The biggest scam known

STOX MARKET is the biggest scam I've ever known, that can be done to denounce, I was robbed of 2,750 USd, with pure promises and lies

Israel Hernandez 11/07/2018

recovery I lost $60,000 in binary options

I lost about $60,000 to an IQ options broker and 2 fake binary options websites! I am only sharing my experience here so as to enlighten and educate everyone that is losing money or has lost money to a scam including binary options, dating scams and fake ICOs. Fortunately, I have been able to recover 80% of the money I lost to the scammers with the help of a recovery professional and I am pleased to inform you that there is a ray of hope for everyone that has lost money to scam.
Contact them on wealthrecovery68 at geemail dot coom.

Martin 09/09/2018

Scammed By StoxMarket

Stoxmarket is a scam. Please dont be a victim. You can deposit but will never withdraw from it. They will try to bully you into adding more funds. When you suddenly awake from your sleep and realise what is happening, they will simply disappear and will not be answering you. I have lost my entire family life savings of about £20,000

I mean myself and my siblings.

Can someone help me. I have tried suicide twice

ewashi 06/03/2018 refund

I am not an experienced trader and was conned into trading with a minimum amount of £250 and no messages to say what is happening with this money,as of this I asked for the money to be returned to my bank, after sending all the proof they required of me, there still hasn't been any money returned, could anyone give me any advice on how to proceed in getting back what they hold of mine please, I would be most grateful, thank you.

Peter Rowley 04/30/2018

Be careful about offers of help

There are quite a few reviewers and websites offering to help victims, either directly or via cash back schemes. I’m sorry but you do need to treat these with caution, as they often ask for money up front and tell you not to contact your bank or police. Needless to say this is simply another scam

Kyle Latimer 04/17/2018

Fake trades. company of scammers

I am the victim of these scammers.
My name is Kevan Stinger. I live in Mumbai, India. I am not rich. But this scammers persuade me to take a loan in bank for 20k USD. Totally they scammed me for 44250usd. And from this money I had credit for 20k, and my friends invested with me 15k. I hate these scammers from StoxMarket. And exactly I hate: Roy Willington, Kris Norsland, Jason Moore. All of them are scammers in this fraud company. 5 moth ago I sent a lot of requests to regulation, police and other bodies. I wrote 10 times to my bank cause I had nothing to pay for this credit. To find them is impossible. But with the help of good people and lawyers I got back 32500 USD back to my bank account. That was really very hard but I did this and paied for loans. kevanstingergmailcom I can explain how I did this for everyone. Cause 4 month ago one person shared this information with me. And now I can share this info with everyone. Write me on mail I will explain.
To everyone: Don't believe these fraud people from STOX MARKET. They will take all your money.

Kevan Stinger 04/12/2018

Don't believe them. Scammers

Tried to trade with them.
They stole my 1500$ Just lost all money on my account in 40 minutes.
Don't believe them Just one more scam company

Tom 04/04/2018

StoxMarket deposit

Hi was signing up to stoxmarket on 23rd of march2018 and within 24hours I decided to cancel my account as I didn’t do any trading I asked for a refund of my deposit to my card back and they said that I would have to go through the policy of vertifiying my details I done that and said that it would take 24or48 hours and I would have my money back after they checked my details they took off me 38pound I didn’t mind that but went into it this morning and took another 100dollars of my money surely this is not right as it is only a deposit and it says that you can get your money any time I told them that they were a scam and they said they were not surely they are when a lot of people have went through the same thing I contacted them this morning 27th March 2018and was on live chat to them and explained what happened and said that my account manager would contact me to explain to me I just want my money back they should of not touched it in the first place as that is fraud taking the money something needs to been done about this company as they are getting away with this and they are a SCAM COMPANY I will not be able to trust a trading company if I decided to trade I will try to get a good company and I will seek out Frits before I do anything they are a joke

Amanda 03/27/2018

Real company name

scam beware

the company is located in israel
EFAL 6 st.
Petax – Tikwa

real companys name EVENTUS

Hope 4 People 03/22/2018

withdraw money ??

I am waiting for my money to return, but nothing after already three months. What is this??

Miranda 03/09/2018

StoxMarket Scam - It is impossible to withdraw

I was led to believe that if I changed my mind and wished to withdraw my funds back at any time. I was contacted by a lady first as my bank had declined to allow the payment. This should have rang alarm bells, however, because I was contacted I thought it may be legitimate. I deposited £250, which I suppose is a small amount in comparison to what some people have paid out, but that was virtually all I had saved. In desperation for some extra cash, I thought it was worth a try. My decision was based on the fact that I could "change my mind tomorrow, and withdraw the funds back if I wanted to". So I thought that seemed fair enough. I uploaded all of my identification documents and my account was verified. I knew this meant I was in a position to make the withdrawal request. I have asked them, why do I have to request to withdraw my own funds. I keep being told it is under review and that I need to be patient. When I receive phone calls from the "experts" they are rude and pushy. I have told them I want my money back as I have changed my mind, but they keep saying "why?" I said because it's my right to change my mind, and I was assured before I deposited my money that I could take it back at any time I wished. I have said I am going to take the matter further, and have threatened to go to the press. I am awaiting a response (by email). My advice is steer well clear!

Ruth Power 03/02/2018

Lost my daughters 21st birthday savings

DO NOT, do not trade with these people. I have been lied and bullied for more money from day one. I did initial investment of €250 but straight away was asked for another €250 before they could start trading which I foolishly gave them. It has been so stressful and I feel like an absolute idiot now. When I refused to add more money my broker said he could not trade for me anymore and someone else would take over my account. It’s just gone from bad to worse with the second broker being even worse. I caught them out on several lies and also the supposedly white female customer service centre staff do not converse the way a white women would. This is not a prejudice thing but an observation and ai would at a guess say the conversation is with a black male from the way they put their sentences together .... yet more lies.

Polly Mahonry 01/30/2018


STOXMARKET.COM - Absolutely Scam Brokers
-Stealing their customers funds..
One time trading with them but never more...

Jack 01/01/2018


I was conned into taking a bonus matching my original $500 investment made over the phone. According to stoxmarket policy, I cannot withdraw any funds until $30, 000 worth of trades has been executed. This was not explained to me and when I wanted to withdraw $3000 from my $17000 balance, the request sat pending for 6 weeks, and after several requests over 6 weeks made to account managers who ignored my requests, I finally got a request denied. I eventually was able to get my money through a recovery solution service. Be careful out there people. 12/14/2017

Stoxmarket ... SCAM / TRUFFA

-Ladri senza scrupoli

La mia storia è uguale a tutte le altre, per due anni io ho solo depositato, quando è arrivato il momento di prelevare sono cominciati i problemi.
Prima depositare per sbloccare il bonus, dopo depositare per pagare le "commissioni bancarie", dopo bisognava fare volume di trading...a questo punto MT4 bloccata e operazioni in perdita fino al completo azzeramento del conto.

(My story is the same as all the others, for two years I have only deposited, but when I wanted my first withdrawal... the problems started.
Before depositing to unlock the bonus, after depositing to pay for "bank charges", then there was a need to trade volume ... at this point MT4 locked up and loss operations until full account reset.)


Danieli Danilo 11/27/2017

dont trust this site

Hi I have also tried to withdraw my money I put into StoxMarket they have not responded to my request even though I have complied with all their ID expections ,I trused this company but now feel I may have lost my money ,The bank is unable to help as I give them my details which I regret as it is something I dont do .I dont know where to go from here .They should give back your money after all you paid it to them in good faith .

Elaine Alice Andrews 11/25/2017


dear friends,

since three month i didnt get my withdrawal money.
they are big scammer. always say reviewing ur account.
pls dont put ur money,
fucking ass holes, cheating people and making money this fucking stoxmarket.

note: i have one advice for ur company ceo pls sell ur wife, mother and daughter in the street it has big dignity, dont cheat people like this as hole

bonnyantony 11/12/2017

StoxMarket: I am not allowed to withdraw my money

I am not allowed to withdraw my money. They claim that
I not met the necessary volume required. They have deleted their
Bloody bonus they have given me. I even do not need my profit wich
Is currently about 400 euros. I only ask for my 500 euros initial deposit. I think they are common crooks.

Chris Papadopoulos 11/05/2017


They’re SCAMMERS!! They won’t let you withdraw your money! Brokers are playing against you

Mike 10/20/2017

StoxMarket Deposits

Very very dissapointed .I deposited 250 from my credit care on the 13june17 .Never have traded or refunded any money from my account .If you go into my account I have 100 account no 6715457 Why is this .I have been so patent but need a answer to why the account is left with 100

Sylvia Rainnie 10/12/2017

Can't get money back that I deposited

Deposited money. Can't retrieve it. Has anyone had any success with This?

Sheelagh Conran 09/24/2017


is a scam totally, they do not return the money, and neither pay any profit, I have the evidence

Nelson Gomez 09/22/2017


I never started to trading their. after 4 weeks I finally got my money via withdraw back. they as well called me and wanted more money. At the end I mentioned I would give the case to my legal insurance. make copies of your balance, of your account validation, of the terms that mention withdraw works in 1 day. and move these documents if needed over to an legal insurance...

Peter 09/22/2017


I invested with Stoxmarket and made a substantial gain but when I tested their system to see how easy it was to recover a payment they ceased all communications with me and I never did get my money back. This is clearly a scam because once you have deposit you are unable to withdraw any money. These people are total criminals. I cannot believe that they continue to get away with stealing people's money and get away with it. There is ample proof that they, once they have your money, will not let you withdraw. There are many reviewers on the web with the same story which could easily be verified by law enforcement - if there was any.

Websites like this should not be giving them ANY credibility whatsoever. Shame on you.

John Jeapes 09/13/2017


Once you have deposit you are more or less unable to withdraw any money. Been a client for 1.5 years, all the time they have been nagging for more deposition. I have lost a significant amount due to really bad advice, especially "we don't work with stop loss". After all losses I am still not able to withdraw what is left as I haven't reached the massive required volume for the bonus. My advice is to find a honest broker without any bonus system that require volume before you may withdraw the initial deposit. I consider Stoxmarket to be a scam and thieves and recommend you avoid them.

John Jeapes 09/13/2017

Stoxmarket - not a honest broker

Once you have deposit you are more or less unable to withdraw any money. Been a client for 1.5 years, all the time they have been nagging for more deposition. I have lost a significant amount due to really bad advices, especially "we don't work with stop loss". After all losses I am still not able to withdraw what is left as I haven't reached the massive required volume for the bonus. My advice is to find a honest broker without any bonus system that require volume before you may withdraw the initial deposit. I consider Stoxmarket to be a scam and thiefs and recommend to avoid them.

Pete 09/08/2017

Stoxmarket: Withdrawal of money

When I first decided to trade with Stoxmarket,after they phoned me several times with all the promises in the world, I opened reviews of for example IS Scam. The review were positif and Stoxmarket was shown as a legal company and NOT A SCAM. According to this, I decided to go for it. I did quite good, but now that I want to withdraw money, they have lots of stories. I comply with all their terms and conditions, but still they letting me know that I have to comply with certain terms and conditions, but they don't spell out which, for I reached my minimum volumes, my account is activated, an no trades are opened. Is there any one out there who can help me to get my money from them? I don't only want the money I deposited. I want the whole amount they owe me. Is there any Trading companies out there we can trust? I belief there is money in trading, but to be scammed from company to company is not worthwhile.

Magda 08/06/2017

Stoxmarket is stealing their customers

Yes they are scams !
I lost my money and after that they don't answer to my telephone calls or emails !
Be carefull and do not trust them !

Konstantinos 08/04/2017

Don't give your money to StoxMarket

DON'T GIVE YOUR MONEY TO STOXMARKET!!!! rather burn it, if you do not know what to do with it! They will not allow you to withdraw your money and they will come up with every excuse not to give it to you.

Dee 07/11/2017

stoxmarket london

stoxmarket is a bunch of thieves they still everyone money and when you ask to draw or they close your account or the account manager advise you wrong on big volume then you loose everything and i have lots of evidence

ud hamade 07/04/2017

StoxMarket refuse with withdrawals

Every time I want to withdraw they tell me I cannot due to the low trading volume, since they have added a bonus without my request.

I would like to cancel and get my money back.

Please assist me

Basizeni Buthelezi 06/21/2017

Stoxmarket - a haven for criminal operators

These people are total criminals. I cannot believe that they continue to get away with stealing people's money and get away with it. There is ample proof that they, once they have your money, will not let you withdraw. There are many reviewers on the web with the same story which could easily be verified by law enforcement - if there was any.

Websites like this should not be giving them ANY credibility whatsoever. Shame on you. Anybody interested can contact me on I have nothing to hide or fear from these loathsome people.

Ian Finlayson 06/15/2017

StoxMarket: Big SCAM

This is the worst company which does online trading, I have invested 7000.00 Dollars and made a good money, but they never let me to withdraw, instead their account manager and adviser made sure that I lose the money. Basically, all they need is money and more money. Tried to call them to rectify a problem with my account manager, but no one replied back all called me, there are someone better companies out there.

Amir Bosarie 06/14/2017

StoxMarket is SCAM!

After only 2weeks I wanted to withdraw my funds! They will not let me withdraw my $58K
Tom Moscow and Julian Benett shame on you!

Katja 05/25/2017


STOXMARKET is Huge Huge Huge SCAM Trader Please don’t deposit one Cent with them Why?

1st they will convince you to deposit $250 after that they will show double profit

2nd later the account manager he will try to push add more money for benefits and you will add other amount

3rd after I add $ let’s say $980 they will show you more profit they will try to convince you to enter in $10000 program which I don’t believe them

4rd later after my account was $2600 deposit and profit $ 2000 with Total amount $4600

5th they will change the account manager for different game and there platform not exact what you see

6th once I try to request $ 1000 from my account this bad game the account manager buy two trade EUR/USD 1.07588 on 9 march 2017 which in that time was 1.05587 LOST $2001

3/9/2017 1:16:56 PM Buy 1 CL-APR17 50.15 0 0 3/9/2017 1:17:01 PM 49.07 LOST $ 1080

Other Blocked I can’t closed BUY 1.07588 which can’t be close.

Later they will send DOD to sign without any attention to lose all money any action I will do it NO results.

There is two spotter in STOXMARKET don’t deal with them Jacob & Oliver.
In the final I lost all my money keep your mind this story is real and proof document shown all details

Any one he can send email: for clarification.

Mohammed AlSawah 05/15/2017
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