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SNP Broker (S&P Broker) Review - is it scam or safe?

SNP Broker (S&P Broker) Review - is scam or safe?

RATING: 1 / 15 REVIEWS SNP Broker (S&P Broker)
SNP Broker (S&P Broker) is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts and Conditions


Trading account  Min. deposit  Max. leverage Spread
Easy Start  $250 N/A N/A
Trader  $500 N/A N/A
Pro Trader  $1 000 N/A N/A


SNP Broker (S&P Broker) is another unregulated broker on the forex and CFD market. It claims to offer several account types, but has failed to mention key trading conditions, such as the spreads, leverage levels provided, etc.



What is worse, we couldn’t find any company name on its website, so SNP Broker’s service is basically anonymous. Read on to get all the details regarding this broker prior to investing



SNP Broker Advantages


Claims to support the MT4 and two other platforms

SNP Broker allegedly supports the good old MetaTrader4 (MT4), which is always a positive sign.  The MT4 provides all a trader needs: secure trading environment, a number of technical indicators, sophisticated charting system, a wide range of Expert Advisors (EAs) for automated trading and extensive back-testing options.


Besides, the company claims to offer trading on two more platforms – Status, and some web-based solution. Unfortunately, we could not test any of the above mentioned platforms., so you’d better check out the best MT4 brokers.



>> Top-rated MT4 forex brokers<<



SNP Broker Disadvantages


No company name, no regulation

Despite our thorough search on the broker’s website, we could not find any corporate information. The broker seems based in the UK (it provides a contact number with a UK code), and that is all. SNP Broker’s Terms and Conditions only mention “the group”, so basically the whole website and the broker’s service is anonymous. Of course, this also means that the broker is not licensed and that its clients have no guarantee for the security of their funds, and no authority to turn to in case something goes wrong.


Trading conditions unclear

As we said in the beginning, the trading conditions of SNP Broker are far too unclear and we couldn’t open a demo account either. This is yet another clear-cut sign of trouble regarding this broker. Such lack of transparency of a broker’s services and pricing is typical of scammers.


Most forex brokers offer spreads within the range of 1.0 – 1.5 pips on the most liquid pair, EUR/USD. Here you can check our list of brokers offering tighter spreads:



>> Lowest spread forex brokers<<



Withdrawal fees

On top of the lack of legit license and clarity on trading conditions, SNP broker charges pretty salty withdrawal fees, and has set some volume trading requirements.



Click on the image to zoom in.


Some brokers set similar volume trading requirements, but only for non-deposited funds, such as bonuses. Even those are considered unfair trading practices, as ESMA banned trading incentive promotions used by brokerages that are tied to trading volumes.





SNP Broker (S&P Broker) is an anonymous unregulated broker, whose trading offer is far from being transparent.  Most likely this is one of the many scammers on the forex market who will rip you off ruthlessly and there is little you can do to get your money back. That is why you’d better stay away from SNP Broker and any other broker that does not hold a legit forex trading license.


As usual, we would advise our readers to direct themselves to better trading options. For example, there are plenty of brokers duly licensed in Australia or Cyprus, who offer even better trading conditions.



>> Wanna trade with a broker regulated in Cyprus? <<



Regulation in Cyprus involves a set of rules and requirements introduced both on local and on a EU level, which provides certain guarantees to their clients. For example, Cypriot brokers have to hold a minimum capital of at least €730 000, which should be maintained at all times, to keep client funds separately from the company’s operational assets, to regularly report executed transactions and many more. Moreover, they have to comply with ESMA’s rules on leverage, trading incentives, provision of negative balance protection, and more.


And finally, let’s sum up the strong and weak sides of SNP Broker (S&P Broker) in a few words:


Pros Cons
Allegedly supports the MT4 No company name, no regulation
  Trading conditions unclear
  Withdrawal fees


Latest news about SNP Broker (S&P Broker)
No news about SNP Broker (S&P Broker). Check back later.
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Big ripoff

Daniel Chanbers of S&P Broker is liar and thief will try to confirm account to deposit money and just takes whats there and dissapears will not answer emails
DO NOT trust this S&P Broker they are just money grabbers.

Stewart McCarthy 08/21/2019

Finger weg - Betrügerbande

S&P Broker sind Betrüger.
Mein persönlicher Berater MICHAEL HERMANS ist ein Betrüger.

GELD ist weg. gestohlen von einer skrupellosen Kriminellen Bande.

Translated by Google:

Hands off - scamband

S & P Brokers are cheaters.
My personal adviser MICHAEL HERMANS is a scammer.

MONEY is gone. stolen by a ruthless criminal gang.

manfred heim 08/20/2019

It's a scam!!!

I spoke with an account manager called Andy and he outsmart me brilliantly and took 11,500 euros from me and I'm still trying to figure out how he did it. Do not invest with them because they are smart scammers

Per Hansen 08/19/2019

S&P Broker Scamming

I kind of freaked out after investing those 250$ so i closed my card.. the day after i was called by them where i told a woman called "vivian" that i changed my mind about the whole investment, at this point is to angry... then i got to talk with a dude called "david" not 100 % sure what hes titel was... but he insured my that i could try out the site for 3 days and get my money back without sending all those verification. dont really want some firm i dont know anything about having that kind of info about me.. you can never be too sure.
today 16/8/19 they call me about my decision about if i wanted to stay or not, told them polite that i just wanted my money back and that they was the more professional firm that have been calling the last few days..
then it took a dark turn from their side. the agreement i hade with the guy "david" was no longer available i now needed to send all the doc about me for them to withdraw.
all ended in kind of a blackmail either send the info or we block your account and keep/steal the money.

John Mandingo 08/16/2019


The E-mail of Kai. Weber dont exist any more. Also the official e-mails. Please be carefull to invest money to S&P. it comes never back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry Neumüller 08/14/2019

S&P broker and Calloway Crypto System

I have been scammed by a number of brokers but none as obvious as this one. I opened an account with S&P broker through the Calloway Crypto System with $287 deposit. The software did not connect or synchronize so I decided to withdraw my deposit. The Account Manager who called himself Andy took a BUY trade on EURAUD. This trade was closed ITM of $17.56. I put in a withdrawal for my deposit on the 27th July 2019, this stayed PENDING and then on the 13th of August Andy took a BUY trade on BRENT oil that wiped by balance and allowed it to run into -$100.47. There was no MARGIN CALL, work it out. Andy phoned me on 13/8/19 at 15:27 to tell me I have lost all my money with the software. In any case the software was not synchronized so I could not take any trade and besides the software The Calloway Crypto System only trades forex and Crypto. You are warned don’t trade with this broker a true scammer

Robert Kofi Adams 08/14/2019

SNP Broker Auszahlung

Ich wollte 250 Euro bei S&P anlegen. Eine Frau Elena Lehmann hat mich dann angerufen und mich über die Anlage informiert. Habe dann 250 Euro eingezahlt mit Kreditkarte. Dann hat mich ein Herr Kai Weber unter der Nummer 49+ 30 56795721 angerufen, sich vorgestellt und mir alles versprochen. Hat mich 3 Tage einen Gewinn von ca. 30 Euro machen lassen. Dannach wieder Anruf von ihm und wollte 5.000 Euro haben, dann würde er 2.500 Euro drauflegen. Da die meine Daten der Kreditkarte hatten, wurde versucht, mir dieses Geld abzubuchen und zwar über 247.770,07 RUB. Wurde von der Kreditkarte aber abglehnt. Dann ein weiterer Versuch über 14.490,00 UAH, was nicht gelang und die Karte Gott sei Dank gesperr wurde. Ich habe mehrmals versucht, dass mir meine 250 Euro plus dem Gewinn von 30 Euro ausgezahlt werden, wurde aber mit der Begründung verweigert von Herrn Weber, dass ich erst die Kreditkarte für einen internationalen Transfer über 5.000 Euro freischalten müsste. Leide gibt es auch keinen Kontakt mehr zu Frau Lehmann, auch nur über Wahts App ereichbar. Wenn man Herrn Weber zurückrufen will, kommt nur Musik. Seine email ist [email protected]; Ich kann nur jeden warnen, Geld dort anzulegen!!!!!!!! Um Geld auszuzahlen will Herr Weber noch die Pin von meinem Konto, einfach unverschämt!!!!


I wanted to invest 250 euros at S &amp; P. A woman Elena Lehmann then called me and informed me about the system. Have then paid 250 euros with credit card. Then a Mr. Kai Weber has called me on the number 49 + 30 56795721, introduced himself and promised me everything. Has made me 3 days to make a profit of about 30 euros. Dannach again call from him and wanted 5,000 euros, then he would drauflegen 2,500 euros. Since my credit card details were, I tried to debit this money over 247,770.07 RUB. Was rejected by the credit card but. Then another attempt over 14,490.00 UAH, which did not succeed and the card was thankfully blocked. I have tried several times that my 250 euros plus the profit of 30 euros will be paid out, but was refused on the grounds of Mr Weber, that I would have to unlock the credit card for an international transfer over 5,000 euros. Leide is also no longer in contact with Ms. Lehmann, only accessible via Wahts app. If you want to call Mr. Weber back, it&#039;s just music. His email is [email protected]; I can only warn everyone to put money there !!!!!!!! To pay off Mr. Weber still the pin of my account, just outrageous !!!!

Henry Neumüller 08/11/2019

Bitcoin Anzahlung 2

Nun komme ich noch nicht mal mehr ins Konto um zu löschen
Karte gesperrt weiß noch nicht ob Geld zurückkommt.
Gottseidank keine Daten außer die von der Karte

Translated by Google:

Now I'm not even in the account to delete
Card locked does not know if money is coming back.
Thankfully no data except from the map

Gudrun Gahmann 08/06/2019

Bitcoin Anzahlung

Bitcoin anzahlung
Mein mann hat bei snp brokers ein konto aktoviert
Ich kämpfe nun dass ich die anzahlung von 250 euro zurückbekomme
Ws hat sich ein her king gemeldet. Die wollen
Wohnungsdaten mietewohnsitz pass und karte soll ich kopieren
Um mein geld zurück zubekommen. Was soll ich nun machen.
Nun machen . Pass und karten leuchten mir noch ein wegen
Rücküberweisung auf meine karte ist noch keine abbuchung ersichtlich.
Hsbe an bank geschrieben lbb due können auch nichts machen
Miss mich wohl drauf vetlassen dass herr king mir doch geld zurückgibt .
Wird wohl gebühren abziehen pech
G. Gahmann

Translated by Google:

Bitcoin deposit
My husband has an account with snp brokers
I'm fighting now that I get back the deposit of 250 euros
Ws has a her king reported. They want
Apartment data rental residence passport and map should I copy
To get my money back. What am I supposed to do now.
Now do it. Pass and cards are still on my list
Remittance on my card is still no debit.
Hsbe written to bank lbb due can not do anything synonymous
Miss let me know that Mr. King is giving me back money.
Will probably deduct fees pitch
G. Gahman

Gudrun Gahmann 08/05/2019

Ripped off

Hello, for me its too late they wont pay me my funds and there is no more contact, you always learn in life.

John Badkin 08/02/2019


kai weber ist der gröste Betrüger,es gibt keine Auszahlungen!

Translated by Google:

kai weber is the biggest cheater, there are no payouts!

karl 07/25/2019

I’ve been robbed

I’ve just been cut off after losing £1250 pounds of my money no correspondence no explanation nothing I’m totally upset as that to me is so much money !!? I was growing steady and then -1293.33 appeared then emails would not be received and I can’t get through? I’ve been robbed so folks don’t go there!!

Penney Darby 07/23/2019


if your contact is Daniel Chambers get out quick

Alan Richards 07/22/2019

Huge scam

they will take your money and hang up. They stole all my saving from my bank account.Don't let them log in to your computer. They transferred all my money with bitcoin. sadly i've been robbed

Pirmin 06/14/2019

Totally Scam & Fraud

Totally Scam & Fraud.
If your contact is named Joseph Jordan, get the fuck out of there, fast!!!

Matz Guras 06/05/2019
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