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Royal Capital Pro Review - is it scam or safe?

Royal Capital Pro Review - Is scam or scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 5 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Royal Capital Pro
Royal Capital Pro is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Classic $500 1:200 From 4.9 pips*
Silver $2,500 1:200 From 4.9 pips*
Gold $10,000 1:200 From 4.9 pips*

*These are the spreads which we observed after opening an account with the company. They weren’t mentioned on the website and may be subject to change in the future.

Royal Capital Pro is a forex broker, which offers several account types. Islamic (swap-free) accounts are also available.

The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
Media Zone Solutions LP UK N/A

 Royal Capital Pro is owned by Media Zone Solutions LP, which is based in Glasgow, Scotland. As the name suggests this is a marketing company, which may have a partnership with another broker. However this is not disclosed on the website. Furthermore they are not overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or any other regulatory agency. This is very troubling, as all unregulated companies carry a lot of risk.

To put it into perspective – when trading with an unregulated broker, you may not get your investment back (let alone your profits). In order to ensure the stability of client funds, most countries have dedicated agencies, like the aforementioned FCA, which is one of the most reputable ones. It has the authority to enforce rules upon the brokers, which it oversees. When it comes to the security of your funds, two of them stand out.

All FCA-regulated brokers must keep clients’ money in the so called segregated accounts. These are specific bank accounts, which can’t be freely accessed. This prevents scammers from simply accepting money and not offering any service in return. Additionally all FCA-regulated brokers participate in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). It protects clients against their broker declaring bankruptcy. If you trade with such a company and it happens do go insolvent, your account will be protected up to £ 50,000.

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit
The entry level at Royal Capital Pro is $500, which is a bit high for the current environment. Most brokers, like FXPro require only $100, with some demanding even lower levels.

On the other hand this factor does not provide any information on the viability of a broker, when viewed separately. Financial regulation is, in our opinion, the most important aspect of a company’s credibility.
Average spreads & Commissions

The costs of trading at Royal Capital Pro are not disclosed on their website. That being the case, we tested their services, after opening an account. The trading platform revealed a EUR/USD spread which fluctuated between 4.9 and 5.0 pips. This level is astronomically high for the current environment, as most brokers offer something in the 1.0-1.5 pip range. You can always view the current offers, provided by some of the top-rated forex brokers on our special page.

The leverage at Royal Capital Pro is capped at 1:200. This is a level which will suit most trading systems. That being said, a lot of brokers nowadays provide 1:500 or even more.

This may lead to the false presumption, that higher leverage means better trading conditions. This is definitely not true, as the only thing a higher leverage ratio provides is the ability to risk more. This is definitely not recommended, especially for beginners.

Trading Platforms

 Royal Capital Pro offers trading via MetaTrader4 (MT4). This is the most well-known forex trading program, which is utilized by many forex brokers. The platform offers a great charting solution, with lots of technical indicators being available. Furthermore custom solutions are available. This is the most unique feature of MT4 – the MQL marketplace, which features thousands of new custom tools for the platform, including technical indicators and automated trading systems (or Expert Advisors).

Furthermore the platform has a web version, as well as mobile apps (for Android and iOS). They replicate the functionality of the desktop version pretty well, with the app being one of the most advanced ones available.

Here is a screenshot of the platform provided by Royal Capital Pro:

Methods of Payment

The methods of payments offered by Royal Capital Pro are Credit Card and e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, WevMoney and CashU. Bank Transfers are not officially listed as an option, but they are probably also available.


Royal Capital Pro is an unregulated forex broker. This makes the company less than ideal, without looking at the other factors. On top of that trading conditions are very unfavorable, as the spreads are very wide, when compared to the competition. Here is a summary:


Pros Cons
MetaTrader4 available Lack of regulation
  Very wide spreads
  No demo accounts available


Latest news about Royal Capital Pro
No news about Royal Capital Pro. Check back later.
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Became a victim of scamming

After I've read about them in Arabic I decided to try with a small amount of 250.USD.They contacted me by phone and offered me quick guidance.I discovered soon they were a group of fraudulent group of Saudi and Syrian . When I expressed my wish to withdraw all my money they asked about my documents but nothing happened.I am afraid of more damage since they have all the information about me.It is now more than ten days since I wrote to them to pay me back my money .Please advise me.
Mudhir Karmush

Mudhir Karmush 04/29/2019

Dishonest people

عصابة ممن الحرامية على راسهم من يدعو نفسه رائد نصر الدين وفتاة سورية تدعى نارمين واحرى اسمها اروى عصابة من النصابة يستغلوا جهل الناس باللغة اياكم لا تستطيعون استرداد اموالكم منهم .حصلت معي وخسرت 250 دولار

Translated by Google:

A gang of haraam men on their heads who calls himself Raed Nasr al-Din and a Syrian girl called Nariman and rather called Arwa gang of the people who exploit the ignorance of the people in the language you can not recover your money from them. I got lost with me $ 250

Mudhir Karmush 04/29/2019

Fake company

Scam fake company don’t trust them at all they are group of Palestinian and Jordanian ppl really professional of stealing money.

Zoher mohamad 04/19/2019

Rcpro cheater...

Don't invest money with Royal capital pro.

Rinson George 11/08/2018

شركة نصابة

شركة نصابة كل أصحابها حراميةهمهم سحب الاموال من الناس لاتصدقوهم نذلين

Translated by Google:

The company of all the owners of Nsabhh Harhamhmhm withdraw money from people do not believe them bastards

سنى 08/02/2018

Get away from this fake company

نصابين محترفين حرامية مابيخافوا الله تجنبوهم
Dishonest people, fake profit. No money back

Sana 07/24/2018


They are scam, the just stolen money from other on name of the mentioned company. I don't advise any one to contact them. it should be away to warn people, by the way are dealing you lost trust in dealing with other company.

Ms Hassan 05/24/2018

They are scam

They are scam , not real company , they live on the stolen money , they called them self drs and they are not even garbage cleaners ، they are perfect in steeling money and цheating people. ,dont deal with them and avoid their scam sh*t company. Am ready to act and cooperate with any body against them by a good lawer

Soha 05/09/2018

Serious complaint about it

Phone number is not going through

be careful when you want to reset your payment card instead of selecting basic amount or it let you define your amount but instead it goes straight to $1000.

The guy who sympathise with you to get your payment will deny your calls on whats app , its a fifth dimension ita ToTal regrets

Rafik Nasseur 03/14/2018


Royal capital pro is a scam.
I lost more than 5000£ in a month.
They would never call you unless just asking for money.
Once you start to trade and you will fond the rate is dropping it will close your operations once it reach a certain percentage and ofcourse all this money is going to the company.
Don't go for it.

Tarek Hashish 01/29/2018

A scam

They stole my money and my wife's and children's money. It is a scam. How can they be allowed to trade. This is not about nationality. We are originally Palestinean and they tricked us. I wish there is a way we can get our money back.

They say they are based in Scotland and Estonia.

N 01/04/2018

not safe

Its a scam. this company stole my money.its not safe at all to trade with this company .They are palestinan people stealing money from us. Its not safe at all

Sara 01/03/2018

Scam broke has been reported to Action fraud in uk

This scam broker , some websites mentioned royal capital pro is FCA regulated .
This is not true at all . This broker paid for this websites.
DOON'T trade with this company at all.

Rasha 11/27/2017
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