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ProCapitalMarkets Review - is it scam or safe?

ProCapitalMarkets review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 15 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz ProCapitalMarkets
ProCapitalMarkets is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


ProCapitalMarkets is an offshore broker, based on St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which offers forex pairs and CFDs on various asset classes with generous leverage and a web based trading platform. Unfortunately the broker is not licensed and that is a major issue, which we will discuss in detail in the following review.


Trading account  Min. deposit Max. leverage Spread

Standard Account

n/a over 1:200 n/a


ProCapitalMarkets Advantages:


Maximum leverage over 1:200


Honestly it was not an easy task to come up with any positive aspects about ProCapitalMarkets, because we were not able to open a demo account and check their trading conditions first hand, while the information in their presentation was rather scarce. 


Still  they say to be offering leverage higher then 1:200 and that is more then enough to accommodate even the most aggressive trading strategy. And besides, since higher leverage trading was restricted in Europe, and on other regulated markets like the US as well, your best option to trade with higher leverage is to open an account with a broker, regulated in Australia – the last major market, where there are no restrictions as yet. Here you may check our list of brokers regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC):


>>Brokers regulated in Australia<<


Various asset classes available


Apart from the currency pairs ProCapitalMarkets says they offer CFDs on commodities, indices, stocks and crypto currencies. But if you are really tempted by the idea to trade crypto assets, here you may also check our list of brokers offering bitcoin CFDs as well:


>>Bitcoin Forex Brokers<<


ProCapitalMarkets Advantages:


No license


ProCapitalMarkets is owned and operated by ProCapitalMarkets Ltd  - a company registered in ST. Vincent and the Grenadines. As we already noted they are not regulated and that is unfortunate, because our experience shows that most brokers operating without a license are involved in scam.


The basic problem with all unregulated brokers is that they are completely unaccountable for the way they handle your money.


Legit brokers, licensed by such respectable financial watchdogs like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on the other hand are completely reliable because of the strict regulatory oversight they are subject to.


And with some regulators like the FCA for example, you even get an insurance on your account. The money come form a special client compensation fund and are payable to customers in case the broker happens to be insolvent. 


With a FCA broker your account will be covered for up to 85 000 GBP, which is a solid amount, so here you may check our list of FCA regulated brokers:


>>FCA Regulated Forex Brokers<<


Trading bonuses with additional withdraw conditions


Bear in mind that no legit broker will offer you a trading bonus or a promotion for one single reason – the practice was banned in Europe and on most other regulated markets because it is unfair to traders. 


All trading bonuses always come with additional withdraw conditions – in the case of ProCapitalMarkets a minimum trade volume requirement equal to half of the bonus amount in trading lots. So for example if you receive 200 USD as a trading bonus you will not be able to withdraw until you trade at least 10 million USD. Obviously that might prove challenging even for professional traders.


Unusual commissions and fees


Every three months ProCapitalMarkets charges its clients 100 USD account maintenance fee plus execution venue fees, as well as clearing and settlement fees, which are not specified in their presentation. On top of that there are commissions for deposits and withdraws , which ProCapitalMarkets says they may amend from time to time, plus a fixed commission in the amount of USD 30 for every withdrawal request. See for yourself:



No information about the payment methods


Usually brokers accept payments with major cards like VISA and MasterCard, bank wire and e-wallets including PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. And some broker even accept crypto coins, so here you may also check our list of brokers where you will be able to pay with bitcoins:


No information about the minimum deposit requirement


Most brokers require a minimum deposit of about 250 USD, but some big players like FBS and IG do not have such a requirement and basically there you will be able to trade with virtually any amount.


MetaTrader4 not available


This is another disadvantage. MetaTrader4 is supported by most brokers and is preferred by most traders. The platform is reliable, with an user friendly interface and many features as for example the option to run automated trading sessions, with the help of specially designed customizable trading robots and market indicators. Here you may check our list of broker, which also support the MT4 platform:


>>MT4 Brokers<<




ProCapitalMarkets is not a broker we can recommend. They are not licensed to offer financial services on regulated markets like the US, Australia, the EU, Canada or Japan and on top of that their offer comes with a series of rather unusual fees, commissions and additional withdraw conditions. So our best advise is to trade only with brokers, regulated by reliable institutions, such as FCA in the UK, CySEC in Cyprus and ASIC in Australia.

Latest news about ProCapitalMarkets
No news about ProCapitalMarkets. Check back later.
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I have invested in this company. Impossible to get answers from them on e-mnail, and latest the e-mail address does not exist. Afraid my money is lost. TAKE CARE...

Jackie Larsen 01/15/2020

ProCapitalMarkets Scam - Not only I have lost my money, I have debts to bank

I wanted to invest the little I had in cryptocurrencies to supplement to my small salary.

At first it was only 500 dollar, but then he was telling about the bitcoin, about how my interest has raised up to their pro investment and that i need to invest more,

He showed me how my account at the procapital markets traderroom increased in value. He took over my computer via anydesk and then he transferred13500 Euro to an account. When that was done he completed the purchase via liquid.

The next transaction was 13000 euro, it was mad in exactly the same way.

and i told them that i don.t have no more money and he said don`t worry i can even help you online with anydesk to borrow money in and he did it for me.

He applied for loans from four different small banks offcorse not at the same time.

When the banks approved the loans, he used the same method to transfer the money to an account and then via liquid do all th purchase.

Every time when he called me he said that we need to finilyse everything, otherwise I could loose it.

I was so afraid to loose everything that I did whatever they told me to do.

The lost transaction was made two weeks ago. Daniel called me and said that I have to do one last payment it was done through swish and the bitcoin was purchased from localbitcoin.

When I look at my account at Procapital markets traderroom I can see that there is 233644 dollar.

The total amount that I invested is now 125000 dollar

Last Friday, Oct 18, I sent an email to Procapital market for the first time and not to Daniel Abrah or Paul Mersson.

I told them what happened and then I got the answer that they are very sorry what this has caused me and my family and the only thing I have to do is pay 5% of what I invested and then they would send everything to my account.

I don`t know what to do anymore sir, i`m lost. I don`t want to look in to my childrens eyes because I feel so embarrassed.

They have destroyed mine and my childrens life.

I don`t know how to pay the monthly payment from all the loans. They are so many.

Not only I have lost my money, I have depts to banks for over 100 000 dollar

Please sir I beg you, I just want my life back. If there is a chance of winning this please tell me

Sami Ibrahim 01/14/2020

Application for trading with Bit coins

I opened an account with pro capitol markets ( on 29th October 2019) of USD 250 and received a message saying my account has been verified & completed and that I will be contacted by a broker assigned
to me, right enough I got a call from a person stating he was Michael Mayer
the broker from Pro-capitol Markets, I sent an email to pro capitol markets
requesting them the name of the broker and they replied Michael Mayer
it is about ten days, I have received no calls from Michael Mayer and my emails to Pro capitol Markets have not been responded to.

Allen Bastion 11/22/2019


They move fast using fake identities and phones, IP addresses. Solution is only one. To group/unite victims in a single case in arbitration court in St Vicente Bernadine/UK/US/Switzerland/Ireland/Germany and to stop them.
After my initial deposit they just shot down all communications-didn't reply e-mails. I am trying to have a resolution through MasterCard. We will see

Adrian Ciolponea 10/30/2019

Scam is a scam and should be sent to 30 years in prison!!
They have destroyed so many lifes, not to tell old peoples life savings, families going apart - where is goverment?
each and one of those scammers should be hanged out by picture, names and adress!!
It´s not fair to scam people these way!

Fight back the scammers!!

anti procapitalmarkets 10/24/2019

Not satisfied

I want to withdraw my money but nothing happend so please I want some of my money i need it really bad,so please I want it

Magrieta 09/10/2019

Tradexprime is a scam

Tradexprime wire transferred my funds of 2500 Usd and 1000 Usd last 5 Nov 2018 by swiss code thru their Turkish bank, Yapi Kredi in Stanbul, Turkey using JP Morgan Chase bank in USA as intermediary bank to my account in Singapore. Until today I have yet to receive my funds. My bank in Singapore cannot locate where my funds are. Tradexprime in US cannot recall back my funds. I am now in a limbo, not able to know where my funds are.

Steve Choo 08/24/2019

ProCapitalMarkets withdrawal problem

Pro Capital Market doesn't help you on how to withdraw your money,all they talk about is to put more money or get them new people who can open up and fund their accounts soo they can help you with an withdrawal.I funded my account on the 04/04/2019,ever since I've been struggling to close my account or getting any help to get my money back.Please stay away from this company.


Scam company for stupid simple people

Who is so stupid to give any money to this or other similar scam companies?? IS A SCAM, 100% GUARANTEED THAT YOU WILL NEVER SEE ANY OF YOUR MONEY. File a criminal offence NOW!! When their money trail is still traceable. If you wait all is gone, website closed etc. They have been calling me tens of times from changing numbers, I blocked all calls coming from +44 fake numbers and all stopped, one time I acted along and told them to send me account opening info to three different e-mails from their different addresses so now I have the details where thé e-mails are coming from. I never NEVER invest anything in scams. If you put any money, contact the police NOW, the more claims police get in different countries the more likely these scammers are caught. Never never take cold calls from shady companies!! They are all scams nowadays.

John 07/29/2019

ProCapitalMarkets Rip off

Started a bit shaky and instead of the 250€ that was first claimed to be enough for a future fortune, we had to transfer 500$.
The all hell broke lose and the phone is ringing 10-15 times every day from different Syockholm numbers and various UK numbers. Often just silence in the Stockholm call and right after the UK number attacks starts. Aggressive investment offers and they don’t take no for an answer and one lady gave me a ”Fuck off!”, when I told her to respect that I wasn’t intersted in further investment.
My first broker got our 500 up to 2099 within four weeks and that’s perfect.
He called me up and wanted me to buy one bitcoin with him, I was to add another 4000$ and he would take the other 4000$. I stated that I was not interested at this time and wanted to see where the 500$ would take us before In invested anymore. He was not happy and said that he would not offer me these chances once again. Then he stopped answering and no trading has been done on the account for five weeks. A female broker contacted me and told me that my previous broker left PCM and had left his clients to her.
I contacted him and he denied this and stated that he was still my broker.
The female broker was not happy with this and I asked her to tell me the name of my male broker and she did!
I then sent a Whatsapp message to them both and that triggered him to write that she’s my new broker... not very professional and my account is still in Limbo and the promissed auto trading with very good payback is nowhere to be seen.
The woman broker says that I must cooperate, but I don’t know what else she need for the auto trader to work the money on the account!?
I’ve asked her to call me on Whatsapp to avoid further UK calls, but I haven’t heard more after that!
Withdraw is not possible from PCM capital trading page and when you press Submit, the page will re-direct to Deposit.
Been in contact with PCM support several times and the tell me that the Finance department will get back to me at the latest in 48 hours... that doesn’t happen.
Now the listed number just gives a busy signal!

Janne 07/29/2019 Information about this scam

Scam company, avoid! Terrible scam, aggressive calls and trying to get stupid people to send money. Read more news about this 100% scam company here: is total scam that will disappear in August with the money the phone callers have collected from stupid people.

Daniel 07/27/2019

Procapitalmarkets is a scam to be avoided at all costs

Procapitalmarkets is obvious scam. Hard to believe that people are so stupid. Their domainname will expire on August 1st 2019, in a few days after which they will disappear. File criminal reports immediately in your country! Because after August 1st very soon you will not be able to even see their webpage.

Procapitalmarkets has LinkedIn presence, they have only two emplyees there. Image search with these photos reveal that the same faces have multiple identities online. Their female investment advisor is also present on internet with names Aisha Sharif, Maher Melato and Moldir Sultanova, same LinkedIn photo, you can verify this with Google reverse image seearch. I found this also on this warning website:

Anders 07/23/2019

Scam company to be avoided

A shady offshore company registered to St Vincent and The Grenadines which allows anonymous companies. However claims to be operating in the UK and conducts very bad business practices by aggressive cold calling from changing numbers. Most likely will disappear with all the money in a short time.

Björn 07/14/2019

Scamming company

I invest with you $251 USD on 26/04/2019 and you send me documents that I filled in and send back and until today I did not reseved anything from you, where is my money what has happen with it.It seems like you are a scamming company taking money from people that even can not afford to pay this type of money. I WANT MY MONEY BACK???????? My Document ID ef91d9933f76b80d1df235a5818b437087b607


Eugene Coetser 07/11/2019

Pro capital markets bonus scam

This is a complete scam They promise to deliver huge returns based on you inputting $250 which increases by 100% over the next week, then they find a way to get into you bank account and persuade you that they will guarantee at least 14% per month return They then award you a bonus bit coin because like me I invested more than £18000.00 What they don't tell you is that by accepting the bonus amount you have to raise a minimum of many millions of dollars before you can even get your initial cash back

Please what ever you do not invest in this shit company I am happy to supply names and emails of the individuals involved in this scam. I am a pensioner and these bastards have taken my life savings

Paul Weir 07/04/2019


I hope I was scammed . I put money in bit coin and was told that I wii get the profit. But bit coin price went very
High and company made over profit and now they not able to release any amount due to liquidity. Now they need
The liquidity amount to release all my investment.

Ashraf 07/02/2019

conned !!!

do not give these a single penny total rip off 3000 quid down the drain avoid like the plague.

I cannot give zero stars it only goes down to 1

You have been warned !!!!.

paul hedley 06/26/2019

Pro Capital Markets is 100% Scam

Pro capital Markets is totally scam, please if someone doesn't know about online scam, please avoid this trading platform they are professional fraudster...Once you deposited money 500U$ there is difficulty to get your money back..

Eris Reyes 06/13/2019

They get in to my bank account and move from my safeaccount

Look up and dont give out enny penny. This is fake and unsecure trade. Under The Times you speake to them in telefon they going in to you bank and tryck to suck Evert penny you have. Never log in to bankid when you speake to them. Police hunting them around The World. Bad bad People.

Richard johnson 06/04/2019


i have problems to withdraw the money can somebody help me?

Michael 05/31/2019

Invest by Procapitalmarkets

I have invested € 10,000.- in BitCoins at After only one month I should have 27.815.-US Dollar in my account. In order to get a payout, I would have to pay half, that is 13,907.- US dollars, to a Handeslkonto. If I pay that, maybe my 10,000 and the 13,000 will be lost

Renner Josef 05/29/2019
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