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Olympus Markets Review - is it scam or safe?

Olympus Markets Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 28 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Olympus Markets
Olympus Markets is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts and Conditions


Trading account Min. deposit  Max. leverage  Spread
Jade  $250  1:500 3 pips, fixed
Ruby  N/A 1:500 N/A
Emerald  N/A 1:500 N/A
Sapphire  N/A 1:500 N/A
Diamond  N/A 1:500 N/A


Forex and CFD broker Olympus Markets presents offers its clients as many as five account types, all with the names of precious stones. The problem, however, is that the broker has not presented key trading specifics and how those differ by account type. What is worse, Olympus Markets is not regulated, which is the main reason why we ultimately gave them this low score.



Olympus Markets Advantages


High leverage provided

Olympus Markets offers up to 1:500 for trading in forex and up to 1:5 for dealing in cryptocurrency CFDs. Such leverage ratios will suit all trading styles, but keep in mind that the higher the leverage, the greater the risk.


That is why leverage provided to retail clients is capped in a number of jurisdictions, including the USA, Japan, Europe.


Huge selection of assets

Another possible benefit of using Olympus Markets is that the broker offers huge selection of assets for trade. It includes many currency pairs from all over the world and a wide variety of CFDs, allowing for portfolio diversification, which helps manage risk. More specifically, the broker’s CFD product range includes commodities, indies, stocks, and the most popular cryptocurrencies.


If you are into cryptocurrencies, however, we suggest that you take a look at our list of trusted forex brokers that offer trading in Bitcoin and other digital assets.



>> Regulated forex brokers offering Bitcoin trading<<



Olympus Markets Disadvantages


Not regulated

Olympus Markets says to be owned and operated by Next Trade Ltd., a company registered offshore, in Vanuatu. The payment services are provided by Bulgaria-based R S Marketing Ltd.


Although Next Trade Ltd. is present in the list of “Dealers in securities” of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, the latter has rather lax requirements and practically does not exercise any oversight on “licensed” entities. With no regulatory oversight we can’t be certain about the company behind the operation and whether it will fulfill its obligationя towards clients.


MetaTrader not supported

Unlike most brokers, this one does not support the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader5 (MT5) platforms, but instead uses its own web trading interface.  


surely many traders will miss the functionalities of the MetaQuotes’ software, which has proved its reliability over the years. Besides, MT4 and MT5 both have great charting and are highly praised for the automated trading bots called Expert Advisors.



>> Check out the best MT4 brokers here <<



Spreads aren’t clear, high ones in the platform

As we said in the beginning, Olympus Markets has not indicated any reference spreads, which always leaves a bad impression, as it shows lack of commitment and transparency. Nonetheless, the ones we saw on the broker’s platform are quite high. The benchmark EUR/USD spread was fixed at 3 pips.


 Click on the image to view larger.


By comparison, most fixed-spread brokers offer a 2 pips spread for this pair, and some go even lower.


High additional fees

According to the terms of service on the broker’s website, Olympus Markets has a number of unusual and quite high fees. All withdrawals are subjected to a service fee of 3.5%. There is also a clearance fee of 0.5% charged on every trade, both winning and losing, up to 1000$. 


In case a client’s trading account is inactive for two months or more, a monthly account dormant fee of $200 is charged. Furthermore, the broker has a monthly maintenance fee of 0.5% and cryptocurrency trades are subject to a 5% Swap fee.


 Click on the image to view larger.





Olympus Markets is an unregulated forex broker whose trading offer is not very attractive anyway, especially considering the salty fees it charges for all kinds of things.


We keep reiterating that regulation is crucial for the safety of any investment and only well-respected financial institutions like the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) can provide sufficient security to traders. Otherwise, the forex and cryptocurrency markets are full of con-artists and scammers seeking to swindle misinformed traders on every turn.


>> A list of FCA-licensed forex brokers <<



Here is our final recap of Olympus Markets:


Pros Cons
High leverage No financial regulation
Many tradeable assets MetaTrader not supported, high spreads
  High additional fees


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OLYMPUS Markets is probably a Veltyco ruled company

This company seems to be linked with the wellknown Veltyco scam. There's a lot of signs everywhere on the webb.
The bosses are now in custody and the time has come for the courtroom. For more information, reach out to legal initiative from Austrian-German
Report your payment methods and which banks and payment providers were used.

Mountainlion 12/24/2019

scum pigs

Ethan oliver and his partner james ross two scums pigs and there mole who works with them shopie or that Ethan has a filthy mouth all he talks about is sex and scamming your account l will get you 3 one day what comes around goes around

britney 12/22/2019

Olympus Markets Sucks


I started investing in them in April 2019 with $500 USD. Sonya called me and assigned me Mr Ethan Oliver. That's where my nightmare begins. He was extremely nice in the beginning, before long I started to invest more & more with the promise of bigger returns. However he made a mistake on one of the transfer according to him the Reference No, in order to continue trade I need to deposit the same amount otherwise the bank will freeze my account, In the end >$100000SGD gone. And he was silent after that, tried calling him was told he was hospitalised and someothe bullshit news. I didn't hear from him after that till now. Tons of emails sent to him, with no success. I even skype him. I will receive a call from Olympus saying Mr Oliver will contact me and start sending the outstanding amount. But nothing happens

Till 3 months ago Mr Andrei Levi contacted me, and promised to look into what'shappening to my account. He stayed with me, we communicated through Skype, however latest I too abandon me, he can't help to get my money transfer, although at one stage he told me that Finance section of Olympus update him that my money is not in their bank anymore. It has been transferred out on the way to Singapore. It has to go through 2 banks before it reached my Maybank

have received the DOD and client Agreement. Will so the necessary later tonight. This is my first time signing the Client Agreement. What is this about?

Reply from Olympus : it`s that you paid for everything and that there shouldn`t be any misunderstandings , just sign it and we are done

Reply from Olympus :still waiting, we sent a written letter to them so we are waiting for a reply but it takes time, it`s going the old fashioned way, by post

Reply from Olympus : They said it`s out of our bank
so it will go through 2,3 banks before it comes to your bank, maybank

Latest I received this

Dan Sevick
Thu, Sep 26, 9:07 PM (6 days ago)
to me

Feel free to send me an email regarding anything

Yacob 10/01/2019


zynoedien khan Ive just tried lo logon to your site and it no longer exist
tried contacting George the a/c manager and he is not answering his ph.
I want my money back your mother fuckers if its the last thing i do.

zynoedien Khan 09/25/2019

Olympus Markets are ruthless thieves

BE WARNED - Olympus Markets is a scam trader designed to take your money and uses tactics to control trades to their advantage only. Many promises of big returns which never eventuate and no ability to withdraw funds. It is a one way bet for your money and there is no way to contact them once you run out of cash to feed their scam trades.
Steer clear - Don't risk your hard earned cash - They are robbers and charlatans with only one objective = 'RIP YOU OFF' as quick as they can...

Damon Bickle

Damon Bickle 09/12/2019

this people are scam and my account manager is a big cheat

I am a very much worried struggling person and i invested a few as i can believing and trusting these olympia but ungrateful if they do such with people who have money buy no they do this with poor and my curse will not be small and end of the day the feed that money to there children and family,, they dont know how much curse they get for sure from my heart the people who ever behind this will learn lesson by harming there own kids and family god is great and he would handicap or accident or some incident will punish there kids and family.. we dont have money but we dont cheat for eat becuse we feed that money to our family.. better start a prostitution center u can make more than this olympia and i want stop this here and i would take it till next level

reyaz saif 09/07/2019

Olympus Markets its failure

Olympus markets are fraudsters. You will definitely not earn anything! You will only lose your money. Maksim Andreev is a hoaxer. The money in the deposit was mostly written off after two months. Nobody explained anything.

Arturas 09/01/2019

Optus is a scam

I HAVE BEEN TRADING WITH OLYMPUS FOR THREE MONTHS.I invested $20,000 AUD for trading And a further $10,000 as a 50% insurance buffer to protect my account is the case of unforseen trading losses. My account manager has suddenly dissappeared.I was account trading with a Margin exposure of 5,6% .Open position trades of$15600 and an Equity of $58,000. My account was $8,000 Credit.
At 1539 hrs GMT all my positions were then subjected to a Margi Call and consequently closed. My account was then down graded from Emerald to Saphire and all balances dropped to minus values. I was never contacted by either email or phone to warn me. I have emailed Olympus for comment but as yet I have received no reply.

Kevin Hosford 08/31/2019

Olympus markets are dodgy

I set up an account, a few days later I logged into my account and the money I deposited was gone. I submitted an email through the website querying where my money had gone and was called by an account manager. He said he would return the money, only if any profits I make he will receive 50%. He said needs to make a deal with me so he can receive some money as well. Very fraudulent.

Wendy Payne 08/29/2019


I believe OlympusMarkets is an evil fraudulent scam. My Agent pressured me to the inth degree to keep putting more and more funds in. They constantly lied to me in every aspect. My experience with OlympusMarkets is an evil nightmare.

Can FPA help me retrieve my funds that my agent, Damien Jensen, stole from me by promising me he will have all my refunded back to me by July 15 and July 16, 2019. I still do not have them back.

I believe OlympusMarkets is an evil and fraudulent firm run by evil and fraudulent agents.

surji siddoo 08/25/2019

Den of thieves

This den of thieves used false advertising to lure people in using a well known
persons name and picture to recommend. Click the link and it leads you to
Olympus Trading. They took my $250 and they straight away called me
to get me started trading.
I bought some Bitcoins and sold them to make some good profit. Then they told
me I am not registered correctly and profit taken from account. I asked to
withdraw and no replies, I keep asking, no replies, then they took their $200
because of no trading for 2 months. Now there is nothing left.
Someone, somewhere needs to crush these robbers.

Chipo 08/22/2019


Betrogendieser mann ryan chase olympus markets betrugt leute achtung und bitte teilen ! ! uns hater um viel geld betrogen geld wurde in osteuropaische lander transferiert und gerade abgehoben und konto gelost ! 2 banke meinten rinfach selbstverschuldung dabei sind x opfer scho im netzt und keine macht was ! ! ! . . . Mehr anzeigen

Translated by Google:

Consider this man ryan chase olympus markets cheated people respect and please share! ! us hater for a lot of money cheated money was transferred to eastern europe and just lifted and accounted for! 2 bank thought simply self-debt are x victims scho in the net and no power what! ! ! , , , show more

Sk 08/12/2019


I ask for my money back and they do Not answer.
I paid frees to Not Been trading but i am since the
beginning not trading anyway Olympus Markets do the trading for me.

Jorge Gaspar 08/10/2019

My experience with Olympos Markets

Olympos Markets and how they operate
Firstly: Initially they always want you to invest more than you thought to begin with, because otherwise the program won’t produce any money for you, they say.
When you have invested, they plague you with telephone calls at all inconvenient times to make you invest more.
If you happen to earn some money and want to withdraw some of it, the program will only allow you to withdraw 10% of what you invested. They impose your account with heavy salaries for themselves.
Finally, they will trade your money away so that there isn’t anything left in your account. Then they will try to make you invest more so that you can retrieve your money. No use, the same thing will happen again, I guess.
This was an experiment. I can only refer to my own experience. Luckily I didn’t invest more than the initial amount, which I could afford to loose.

Tora Greve 08/08/2019

Withdrawal of funds

I have simply requested a withdrawal of $250 and was told telephonically that this was not possible. This is illegal and a fraud scam.
This is a warning to anyone trying to legitimately invest NOT to invest in this platform!

Iain Rosekilly 08/02/2019

Olympus Markets is a Scam

Don't use this company. They use false telecomunacons id scam to look likr they are calling from a country that has laws in place to protect clients, when they opperate in countries that just let anything happen. They use dummy sight to suck in new ckients, then once you put a deposit the information you were working with is removed and like magic you are sucked in to Olympus. Then the want all your personnel informatiom, bank details, credit card info and if you don't get that it is a SCAM by now you shouldn't be doing thing like this. Use a proper Company in a country that has laws to protect clients. You have no way of getting your money back.

Malcolm Phelps 08/01/2019

review useless company cheaters

deposited usd 250and exhorbitant fees swindling money and withdrwal submitted 25 days back still they hv not repliedcontinuosly sending msg to support no response

perichiappan 07/30/2019


run away. they refuse to talk to me. want passport picture driver's license picture and sign a waiver before letting you withdraw funds. i got burned for 250 us

Norman Sloman 07/21/2019

Scam from an unscroupolous Company

Olympus is a complete scam that set out to strip you of as much money as they possibly can.The use the App "AnyDesk" to take control of your computer then just strip out as much as they can. They also have various other people contact you as other Managers telling you that its all genuine and try to steal more money. Ethan Oliver was the person who stole $97,000 from my bank account and then called me on several occasions after being abusive and gloating on what he had done. A second Scam is they then have another Company " Return Shield" contact you saying they can recover your funds but you must pay a fee, when you dont agree they write extremely abusive emails. Both Return Shield and Olympus are the same people. Stay well clear as I lost all my $97,000 and at 68 years of age this has ruined my life.

John L. Clayton. 07/19/2019

olympus markets is a scammer company

Olympus markets is not good at all. I did withdrawl och i have been waiting for three weeks and nothing happened.
This company is very bad.


Waiting for withdrawal for three weeks now

I have been putting my money in this company, after putting money they phone me to put more money then I told that guy I don't have that money, he shout at me.then after that I did withdrawl I'm still waiting until now. I have been waiting for three weeks now. I need a help I need my money back. This guys are not good at all. If you put your money in this company, you throw your money away.

Moloi Mokgolwane 07/08/2019

Found early that they are scammers ?!

Please let me know ( how to get back my initial deposit)
I found that the very first call from acc.agent that he is lied for 4 times. Good that westpac security is fantastic. I cancelled my card. But I am amazed why the police or the government in Australia won't check these so called ligid companies? If they are care for the residence ? Fake advertising ( bitcoin loophole) ? In the news ? You let people to be scammed and then introduce other ligid companies that are registered in australia( Asic!?) Why don't you help people to get their monies back ? Why can't my bank stop/ return my money they have the power when all these people been scammed with one money company ? I am amazed. What can we trust ?

Azam 07/05/2019

Olympus markets can not be trusted

Thanks to westpac bank that stopped my payment to this company.the the agent Peter Hill got accessed to my PC to teach me I mostly listened but between $300 initial that I wanted to start trade on the very first night he wanted me to deposit for $33000 US to start trade for me.he lived a few times while talking and I found in my guts a bad feeling. They have a po box for address? This site can not be trusted. I did not lose or gain any money. My initial deposit if $350 is still sitting there. I suggest people from Australia Only choose an aussie company because we know the law here. Be careful

Sam shokoohi 07/05/2019

Scam Company

This company is scam, they will never facilitate your withdrawal.

Kachi 07/01/2019

Olympus Markets är Oseriösa

När jag via en artikel i tidning hamnade på deras sida och klickade på ex hur man kunde öppna ett konto blev jag uppringd av ett 08 nr, sedan gick det rätt fort och efter att det inte gått att föra över pengar från mitt mastercard så stoppade jag, dagen efter ringde man från min bank och då hade man stoppat ett försök till att ta ut 5500€ och därefer så har det ringt mängder med mäklare från alla möjliga mäklarfirmor , och Olympus Markets har försökt att jag ska lämna ut uppgifter om mitt nya kort, men när min bank tog kontakt med dom så har dom raderat telenr och allt annat verkar det som, speciellt Elliot och Kevin verkar vara två riktigt skumma typer så akta er för att ha något med detta bluff företag att göra

Translated by Google:

When I ended up on their page via an article in a newspaper and clicked on eg how to open an account, I was called by an 08 no, then it went pretty fast and after it had not passed money from my mastercard I stopped , the day after they called from my bank and then they had stopped an attempt to take out 5500 € and so there have been lots of brokers from all possible brokerage firms, and Olympus Markets has tried to give me information about my new card , but when my bank contacted them, they have deleted telenr and everything else seems to, especially Elliot and Kevin seem to be two really shady types so beware of having something with this scam company to do

Honda 06/28/2019

Olympusmarket scam

Adam i know last night that this olympusmarket is a big scam ,i accept i lost my money but i post this scammer company in the whole social media..including ur name..What i can only do for now is to pray everyday that all of you scammers will be involve in a car accident for your immediate death and your whole family who eat food from the source of scamming peoples money will also suffer the consequence.

NELS 06/25/2019


I was stupid enough to let them folk me upon 950 euros.

Chris 06/24/2019

Scam victim by olympus market

I was so silly and stupid to trust on this on line trade olympus market BTC scam as you registered on line trade. A phone operator mainly woman voice was so convincing you to put in US250 for first trade as she discribe a blooming market not to missed any chance. Within 24hrs,a account manager will assist you with trade. MR white Oscar who handle my account promised a good return and of course you need to listen and follow what he told you put some effort by putting in more money.afterwhich he told you the next week on monday will see about it. By the next week he he contacted you to put in money for another VIP trade to generate a 1K for good return. When i started to rejected and give my reason. MR White Oscar voice turned impatience and bad. When the next days,i try to requested a withdrawal amount US2750 from my balance. He block my call and went missing for a week .i ttried many attempt to ask back my funds which i dont think so and probably i believed that i was one of them beimg scammed.any advised or helper.

Noor adam chean 06/15/2019

Olympia Markets scam

Olympia markets said to be ruled by the organization behind UproFX, KayaFX , Tradorax, and KontoFX. They are wellknown scams! Instaed of using any form of recoveryfirms, that will scam you once more, reach out to fintelegram "Whistblower" and report your experiencies and which banks and payment provders that were used to deposit into this scam. KayaFX/SToxmarket have their recently opened class action.

austin 06/12/2019

Refuse to pay back my 250 usd

Iam battling since 23/05/2019 to get my money back. After i have deposit the money the Account manager want more money from me. He want to withdraw it himself out of my bank account.I then tell him i feel very unsafe about it, he then get rude to me and then cut the line. Istart the proses to get my money back with no success. I have all the evidence of the story.

Corneluis de Lange 06/11/2019

they are scammers

they are scammers, they take your money accepting the payment then when you make the withdrawal it is not executed and your money remains with them

luca 06/10/2019

Olympus Markets fraud

Action Fraud: National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre
Mr Antonino Santoro

RE: NFRC190603012882

Dear Mr Santoro,

I am sorry to hear you have been a victim of crime. Thank you for taking the time to report to Action Fraud. Your report has been sent to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) for review.

Experts at the NFIB will examine the information you provide. Where possible, the information is also matched against other available data in order to enrich and corroborate the details of the fraud. An assessment will be made as to whether there are viable lines of enquiry that would enable a law enforcement body, such as the police service, to investigate. The NFIB aim to provide you with an update on your report within 28 days.

Please be assured that by contacting us you are giving the police vital information they need to protect you and others. The information you have provided may be used to disrupt criminal activity and inform prevention advice and campaigns.

You should keep safe any evidence which you feel may be important. We continuously assess the content of individual and linked crime reports, if you set up an online account, you can use this to add additional information.

If you have any queries regarding this letter please visit If you would like more information on how to protect yourself from fraud and cyber crime, please see the guidance at

We value your feedback, please visit this link and complete the survey:

Yours sincerely,

Pauline Smith Signature
Pauline Smith
Director of Action Fraud

For real-time alerts and prevention advice follow Action Fraud"actionfraud" or "actionfrauduk"

Nino 06/09/2019

complaint reklamacja

Witam i pozdrawiam.
Chciałem zgłosić wielką nieuczciwość ze strony waszych doradców ,w 5sekund wyczyścił mi całe konto celowo i złośliwie.
bardzo świadczy to o waszej działalności i braku zaufania.
Pozdrawiam Czesław

Welcome and greet to you.
I wanted to report a great dishonesty on the part of your advisers, in 5 seconds the account was cleansed deliberately and maliciously.
this is very testimony to your business and distrust.
Regards Czesław

Czesław 06/07/2019

Stay away from Olympus Markets – Soulless criminals!

Stay away from Olympus Markets – Soulless criminals!

Olympus Markets
9/1 Vladimir Bashev St
1111 Sofia Bulgaria
Phone: +352 27 87 25 32
Registered in Vanuatu

Why has this company managed to scam so many people and it’s all on social media Facebook, Twitter and Google – so many sad stories of people being scammed for every cent they have and it continues. Why does Facebook continue to allow them to advertise? They can say they take no responsibility for ads on their pages, but where is the social responsibility to shut down persons that are criminals and destroying peoples lives? People see Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe’s images linked with this company and think it is legitimate and there is even a link on a CNN news website!

I want to share my personal experience and make the point that it is not only about money, as I was not as unlucky as some others I have spoken with. My investment was originally $250 USD and then $1000 USD. I have spoken to people that have lost tens of thousands of dollars – it’s all on Google!

I opened an account with Olympus Markets after seeing the ad on Facebook which was portraying the image of Nicole Kidman and made initial deposit of $250 on 15 May 2019 and another $1000 on 20 May after much pressure from a Senior Account Manager – multiple phone calls daily and telling me I was not a serious investor if I did not invest more.

After the initial trades based on their suggestions, which were losing, I started to trade on my own (because I have successfully traded on other platforms here in Australia) and made a small profit. The Senior Account Manager became quite aggressive about this and wanted me to invest $5000. Upon my refusal, he said he would link me with his junior manager and hung up promptly. This is when I decided to take my funds out and close the account. This is when the true nature of this criminal scam started to become evident.

First, no one would respond to my phone calls or emails and all I kept receiving is an automated response that my message was received. Then finally after a week, someone rang and told me I was not allowed to take money until I had made 230 trades and I was told I should have read the ‘Terms and Conditions’. I responded that I had asked this question when I opened the account and was told I could get my money out any time. Then this person told me he might allow me to take $250 out but why should he because I was being aggressive! He then hung up.

Since then I have investigated this company on every social media platform and am rallying people to make the biggest noise we can so that others don’t get scammed and maybe some of us can get our money back. I found hundreds of people from many different countries with a similar experience with Olympus Markets.

This company is run by soulless, unethical, criminal people who are only driven to pressure you to fund your account and deposit more for them to suck out of your account with ridiculous trades that have no hope in hell of making a profit. Despite their reassurance that it's your money and you can withdraw at any time, they make this process impossible as they not only require verification documents but also a verbal confirmation from your account manager. You will never get it out - the 'senior account manager' changes constantly and you get passed around from one stupid person to another and nothing gets done. Make sure you close your credit card details you gave them as they will continue to take fees too!

Antonino Santoro

Nino Santoro 06/07/2019

Ich bekomme mein Geld nicht


ich habe im Februar das erste mal bei Olympus Markets investiert. Seid mehr als zwei Woche möchte ich das Geld auszahlen. Aber das Geld landet nicht auf meinem Konto. Hat jemand ein Anwaltschreiben welches man nutzen kann, oder ähnliches?

Olympus Markets sind Betrüger


I invested for the first time in February at Olympus Markets. Be more than two weeks I want to pay the money. But the money does not end up in my account. Does someone have a lawyer letter which one can use, or similar?

Olympus Markets are cheaters

Bernd 06/07/2019

Olympus Markets big scam

After deposit money they call for more money but when you are ready to withdraw they don’t answer anymore even after numerous email and calls on numbers that don’t exist.
HUGE SCAM be very careful!!
They are also very aggressive when you want to withdraw your funds.

Nino Santoro 06/06/2019

Full imprisonment for Scammers

Damien Jensen....Elthan....Kevin from Olympus Markets are scammers......we will watch while you get your Karmas!
The laws are gonna get you con men! not be sucked in by there lies.

I just hope these crooks don't have family and if they do I bet they don't explain to their children what Daddy does for a job. Ripping off good honest people then hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. DISGUSTING, ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Sniper 06/05/2019

Olympus market fraud

I have been threatened by Olympus markets and told that I can’t have any of my money because the terms and conditions say that you need to open 250 trades before accessing my money again. I been told not to say anything bad about Olypmusmarket in a very threatening manner. None of these strange and unreasonable conditions were explained to me at any time.
Mark , the caller, shouted at me because I want to close my account.
Incredible!! Friday I am going to Canberra to the Bulgarian embassy and in two weeks I am in Europe and will report them in England where they have offices and Bulgaria.

Nino 06/05/2019

Cheated by Olympic Markets. Do not invest even one cent!!

unfortunately I have made now the same bad experiences as all other writers here. It happened in exatly the same way as all others already have described. I lost all my invested money in sevonds beccause I refused to invest again more money. So I lost all my investment in a few seconds. They are incredible smart scammer.

Walter Meier 05/31/2019

Do not go anywhere near these guys

Despicable, deceitful, dishonest, lairs, thieves and con men.
Especially one Jayden Sky (if that is his real name..which I doubt).
He called and harassed me again just now, trying to extract more money from me.
Too bad.....soooo sad Jayden, you ain't getting any more from me.
We know what you're up to....we know your scam !!!!!
Again he was abusive and threatening, and again he had the audacity to believe that I was NOT the client and that I owed him a living !!!!!!
WOW, WOW, WOW what disillusioned is he really.
Terrible, terrible, terrible behavior.
AND SHAME JAYDEN SKY (or whatever your real name is) SHAME.

Stephen McIlroy 05/28/2019

Thieves, Rogues and Charlatans

Do not, whatever you do, send them any money.
When you call them out they get very aggressive.
Hey, it's easy to talk tough on the phone.
I'd like to see the likes of Jayden Sky come visit me and say the things he said to my face. I asked him to do this but he declined of course.
I asked him for a direct telephone number, he says he's traveling and can only call me over the net, from a private number, BS!!!
Weak, pathetic conmen hiding behind smoke and mirrors.
I just hope these crooks don't have family and if they do I bet they don't explain to their children what Daddy does for a job. Ripping off good honest people then hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. DISGUSTING, ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen McIlroy 05/24/2019

Olympus Markets robbed me

OlympusMarkets has robbed me of all my money. I have now made a complaint at the police. I think these people do not do any trading, just take the money and have a platform where they want to make us realize that we are making money.
Has anyone else filed a complaint?
Does anyone have experience what you can do?
My life is destroyed and my future with my family and child looks very black.
Can someone help or have an experience how to get back to their money?
I am grateful for every tip!
If anyone can help, I'm reachable

Thank you very much

RA 05/23/2019

Olympus is a Scam

Olympus Markets you should be ashamed of yourself stealing peoples money making false promises like me taking my last money i had believing in you and invested a some off 1080 USD just to get ahead off very difficult times for me and my family. Everyday or so you contacted me to tell me i made a little profit and when i told you i need the money and i am closing my account you went hiwire.
So just a warning to all the people out there STAY AWAY FROM OLYMPUS MARKETS THEY WILL STEAL ALL YOUR MONEY dew to this i am losing my house now i have a wife and two boys i am fostering SO I HOPE YOU SLEEP WELL ( DANIEL )

JOHAN SIENI 05/20/2019

I was scammed too

Summary of my dealings with Olympus Markets within the last one and a half a months so be carefull.

I opened account with Olympus Markets sometime in February 2019 and made initial funding of $500 on 28th Feb and another $500 on 01 March. Subsequent to that I got calls daily from one Jaden Cohen trying to convince me to invest with daily calls. Eventually I invested about USD5K on 04 March. Another $590 and $4000 and then $2000. A total of about $12,500.. I made profits and the funds grew.

After the investment of $5k and profi was creditted to the account. With that I staryed trading by myself until I had a margin call - resting in the entire deposit and profit being wiped off in a twinkle of an eye. I got calls from Recovery team and some other person by name William asking if Jaden had told me of Save Haven (SH). Jaden took up from there and sold Safe Haven account to me at $2k dollar. Essence of SH account is to ensure that losses resulting from their traders initialted trades are recovered in full.

With the purchase of that package I got another $5k credited ti my account. Again I stated trading by myself and lost most of the funds when Jaden came again to help reconstruct the account with some trades to open. These trades grew to total loss position of over $5k.

I tried reaching to Jaden Cohen, my account manager by the way, but he would not respond to whatsapp messages nor email. Meanwhile, when I committed the $2k, the agreement was for me to get that 2k back on Friday the 5th of April. Jaden in his message to me adviced that the refund is being process. As at date 15 April, I'm yet to see the cash.

On 15th April, there was a margin call due to the losses of $5k accumulated in the adviced trades. When I eventually get Jaden's attention on this margin call, he denied having given me the instructions to open the trades despite me showing him his massages / instruction to open each of those trades.

He had stopped responding to my messages and no one picks the call on the number displayed in the website. On the web chat, Adam refuaed to respond when I asked for how to raise complaints.

Dont fall a victim of this company. There are many better ones out there.

Ani 05/16/2019

Total scam. What i can do

This company is a fake I must be very stupid, that i do so hight wire transfer. I lost 60000 Euro already and they ask me to put another 9000 in to safe my account. I don't know what i can do now. I feel so shame. All my money is gone.
That was my money and its stolen from them. Can anybody help?


RA 05/15/2019

Total scam! Do not fund your account! You win never get your money back!

This company is run by soulless people who are only driven to pressure you fund your account (minimum USD500) and deposit more for them to suck out of your account with ridiculous trades that no hope in hell of making a profit. Despite their reassurance that it's your money and you can withdraw at any time, they make this process impossible as they not only require verification documents but also a verbal confirmation from your account manager. You will never get it out - the 'senior account manager' changes constantly and you get passed around from one stupid person to another and nothing gets done. They lie over and over again and will send you links about an impending profitable activity predicted in the market that you just have to be a part of, and will proceed to apply pressure for you to deposit large sums of money USD50000 - rather than showing you how the platform works, teaching you the process and mentoring you.
Take it from me - don't believe a word of their BS - there is no automatic system - just theirs to take your money!!

Joanna Silva 05/13/2019

Scam! Olympus Markets BAD

Deposited money into account but unable to withdraw. Thought the link from CNN news to the Bitcoin Loophole should be reliable, but end up is a scam & the chat service never been responsive to my questions. Already seek Mychargeback team for the refund. Is the team trustworthy? Seek advice.

JT 05/11/2019

I got back my money - after 8 weeks of persistence

After 8 weeks of countless emails, after announcing to go to police and contact the responsible authorities, after an email-writing of a lawyer (legal protection insurance) and countless calls I all refused to take, I indeed got my money back! However, although I terminated my account and demanded it to be deleted, it still exists. Be persistent!

Sari 05/10/2019

Deposited money

I have deposited money and the broker who were assigned to requested that i deposit more money to start trading on which I refused and asked that my membership be terminated and my money be deposited back inti my bank accounts, since now ive been avoided by Olympus markets

Lloyd 05/07/2019

Olympus is an international scam

Advice for everyone , dont try to invest with Olympus Markets
they have a bid deal with the BITCOIN ADVERTISEMENTS published on the internet , once you register with the Botcoin ad. you get to olympus market , here you entered another dark way which will never end
you will loose all of your money and you will not be able to withdraw even a cent

olympus 05/05/2019

Investment with olympus

I was told told to deposit money into the Olympus. Acc in order to make more money, well the broker kept on pushing me to deposit more money which needless to say I have lots all. How do I get my money back? I now owe my bank 800$

Elizabeth Tayler 05/04/2019

Total scam!

I agree with everyone below - these people should be shot!!! What is the world coming to - - no common good,

J R Michel Losier 05/03/2019

Keep you hands off

They send lots of emails to make you upload documents like Mastercard or Identity Card, but they never answer when you want to cancel your account and have your money back. I think I have lost 250 Euros. Don´t trade with this company. Seems to be criminal.

Dieter 05/03/2019

False platform

Olympus market is a scam for sure , the people who steal the money .
their dialect is not European, but this scam is operated from Europe , I was contacted by two of them , I was pushed too much to deposit 5 thousand euro , I refused .I deposited 500 and I lost them without opening any trade . they opened trades for me and they lost my money
when I asked my money back they refused saying I lost them because I let the trade open and I did not reply their call . I DID NOT OPEN ANY TRADE they lost my money

Audiran 05/01/2019

Olympus Markets - massive scam

0lympus markets is undoubtedly operating a massive international scam ,once they get your investment you can not withdraw any funds without the verification of your account manager, these account managers are not contactable,they only contact you trying to keep you trading ,i have spoken to three all promised they would help me withdraw but nothing has happened , i have not been able to establish email contact with their financial dept.These people are obviously geared to prey on elderly people like myself.the organisers/operators of Olympus should be struck off all web sites the owners imprisoned for international fraud and the keys thrown away.the final straw is that if you cease to operate your account that they apply a $200 per month fee so they eventually take all you investment.

sam 04/30/2019


Why is it said, there is nothing can be done
Are they ghosts? Do they operate their scam from Underground?
Is it impossible for the institutions which are responsible for this to set their place? Is it too complicated?

Horazio 04/29/2019

Arresting the scam

It should be a case in the EU court set against this scam
and the criminals who handled this should be arrested soon

Octavian 04/28/2019

Horrible Scam!

More lies! Within a week ,they made it look like it was going up for a day or so, then, over-night, I lost everything and there's no way to reach them at all!
Stay away! They aren't honest, are not registered in America and just unscrupulously take your money! It looks like they are trying to take more! They must be stopped! The bank says there is nothing we can do!

Therese 04/26/2019

Criminals that try to push you in a NO-WAY-OUT situation

I initially deposited 250 Euros, then was persuaded to deposit another 1000 Euros. But my bank refused and called me to warn about olympus. So I decided not to invest more, but to withdraw the remaining balance amount and to terminate my account. I wanted to have regulated the end of the story in a written way (email) and wrote them that I don't want to be contacted by phone calls anymore. Since then I have daily more than 5 calls from call center numbers or surpasses "unknown" numbers from all over the world. For 3 weeks now I didn't react to these calls.

Today, the support wrote me an email, that I could not withdraw any money without having talked to a senior account manager (very suspicious practice...) So I took the next phone call (Ryan Chase). He refused my withdrawal (around 180 Euros), because I weeks ago have changed my mind and didn't invest the 1000Euros!!! In the next sentence he claimed, that it is not possible to close/terminate an account as long as there is money on it!!! So, a catch-22 no-way-out situation. They try me to force to stay with them! He continued and tried to make me believe that I OWE them 1000Euros (that I was initially persuaded to pay on MY OWN account but then changed my mind)!! As I proposed he should take my money and get happy with it, but to immediately close my account, this was also not possible. ... The only way was to invest more money...

As I started telling Ryan Chase, that it is actually MY account with MY money on it, and therefore I personally should have (and was promised) to have full control about my account; meaning to have the possibility to withdraw the money whenever I want (without writing emails and being forced to answer calls) and to terminate my account whenever I want, he quit the call in the middle of my sentence.

To be continued...

Sari 04/26/2019

Olympus Markets - Bluff från början

Jag blev nyfiken på en artikel där det handlade om handel med bla bitcoin. Jag klickade på en länk i artikeln och landade hos denna och betalade in startsumman 250€. För att kunna börja använda kontot skulle jag scanna kreditkort, idhandling och bevis på bostadsadress. Då medddelade jag att jag med omedelbar verkan ville avsluta mina affärer och att min deposition skulle återbetalas. Då ville man igen att kopia på kreditkort+idhandling+bevis på bostadsadress skulle skickas. Jag vägrade detta och begärde att kontot skulle avslutas.
Min bank hjälpte mig med att spärra kortet och rekommenderade mig att göra en kortreklamation.
Det blev ett antal mail fram och tillbaka, men nu har jag polisanmält företaget för bedrägeri och när den landar hos mig ska jag bifoga den med min kortreklamation.

Har någon lyckats få tillbaka några pengar?

Translated by Google:

Bluff from the beginning
I was curious about an article where it was about trading with bitcoin. I clicked on a link in the article and landed with this and paid in the start sum 250 €. In order to start using the account, I would scan credit cards, ID documents and proof of address. Then I informed that with immediate effect I wanted to end my business and that my deposit would be refunded. Then it was again wanted to send a copy of credit card + ID + proof of residential address. I refused this and requested that the account be terminated.
My bank helped me block the card and recommended me to make a card statement.
There were a number of emails back and forth, but now I have reported the police company for fraud and when it lands with me I will enclose it with my card claim.

Has anyone managed to get some money back?

Roger Johansson 04/25/2019

Scam - Do not trust!

Thank goodness for all the reviews. After being called incessantly from various different numbers over a period of 3 days, after opening an account, I became suspicious. I was about to make the deposit of USD250 = ZAR3600, the woman on the line is Maria Evans (American accent) and said she would guide me through the transaction (of course lol).
Anyhow, I emailed her to tell her that I am aware this is a scam and now no reply from her.
Do not trust these scumbags!

Angie Mammone 04/25/2019

Cheated all the way from the beginning

I started up with the nominal deposit of € 250,00 and it started with some small trades that went pretty good but came to a stage where it was necessary to double up positions in order to save the account.
After I had done a couple of saves, I had invested € 7 250,00 and after a while I had a balance of € 19 000,00.
Then everything went wrong and after a number of bad advices I now have approximately € 2 000,00 left.
Now I can´t get hold of my advicor he doesn´t answer my calls any longer, so I guess I have been conned.
But why didn´t my bank warn me?

Roger Johannesson 04/23/2019

I think I’m scammed

Is it possible I can be refunded coz I have being trying to send documents as as they asked for verification but unfortunately the mail bounced back say “ undelivered mail back to the sender “..The lady she was very polite and she assisted via the phone to do the transaction and was very pushy after the the transaction was successful she disappeared no I can’t verify the account since my documents can’t be I feel like I have been scammed

Tshepiso Lesego 04/15/2019

Do not take any Bonus offer from your broker or your manager

Do not take any Bonus offer from your broker or your manager, do not allow your broker manager trade on your behalf. That is how they manipulate traders funds. If you need assistance with retrieving your lost fund from your broker or Your account has been manipulated by your broker manager or maybe you are having challenges with withdrawals due to your account been manipulated.

liam 04/12/2019

Olympus Markets Withdrawal

I tried to stop trading and make a withdrawal weeks ago and my contact Bradley promised to contact me and explain how to do that, but until now, no reaction.
I'm talking about ca. € 3500.00. Is there anything I can do to get my money back?

Marla van Loon 04/10/2019

Olympus Markets - radera konto

har tyvärr betalat in 2500 till olympus men inte skickat in något som bevisar min eller min frus identitet, som de vill ha

körkort eller pass, bilder på betalkortet plus en verifikation på adressen

har en konversation att jag vill avsluta kontot, men de påstår att de redan börjat handla. kollade på kontot men inget har hänt där

någon som har något förslag på hur jag ska gå vidare, detta gäller även min fru

Translated by Google:

delete account
has unfortunately paid 2500 to olympus but not submitted anything that proves my or my wife's identity, which they want

driving license or passport, pictures on the payment card plus a verification at the address

have a conversation that I want to close the account, but they claim they have already started shopping. checked the account but nothing has happened there

someone who has any suggestion on how to proceed, this also applies to my wife

gunnar 04/10/2019

Pure scam

I opened an account on 3rd of April and deposited 250EUR. On 4th of April, I wanted to terminate my account and wrote this in the live chat. One minute later, Jason Campbell called me from a UK number and persuaded me to stay with them. He asked me to install Anydesk on my computer and "helped me" to place his trades. He then pushed me to deposit more money on my account, since only like this I ever will be financially independent... He promised by his "man's word" that I anytime could withdraw my money, since it is my own account and still my own money. This initially convinced me and I let me persuade to deposit more money. However, ALL of my banks blocked and refused the transfer, so I got suspicious and definitely decided to terminate my account and trades with OlympusMarkets and wanted to withdraw the remaining amount of my money. Jason told me, that he could not do anything on my withdrawal and termination request because it is friday (!!?). On 8th of April I then wrote my termination and withdrawal to Jason and to the support email address. Soon later an OTHER guy (Ryan Chase) called me and contacted me by WhatsApp to fix a calling time. When I wrote him, that he should contact me by email and that I will not answer any phone calls from Olympus anymore, he claimed that "he could only fix my situation by talking to me". This seems very unusual to me.

I went through their Terms of Services, and noticed that they will order a fee of 200 EUR / month if an account is dormant (no trades) for 2 or more months. Does anyone has experience how they handle this? I'm afraid that they do not delete my account and I then will have to pay this fee...

Sari 04/09/2019

Be careful

I just did a registration but decided to research a bit a call soon afterwards. The lady was absolutely rude as soon as I said I wanted to do more research. She then proceeded to ask me questions. I asked her why is she doing that Land she said its protocol. I told her I am not sure so Im not interested now and she said that an account has already been open. I told her to delete it then.....she put the phone down. Be careful guys....

Erwin 04/08/2019

Be aware

I was lucky with bad guys. on 19 March i was contacted by phone ans they invite me to open an account on Olympus Markets, i asked the guy about his location, he told me that he is from Liverpool, his english was verry poor, i told him that his english seems to be from Russia!!! he don't answer me....Then, i decided to use a prepaid credit card, without any money. he suggested me to use an other card, and i told him that my credit card visa is in my office and it can take a long time to go to my office, he told me that he can wai. it' was so late 1 am ( after midnight). Then i decide to stop the call and exit from the website.....please be aware

dafo 04/07/2019

OlympusMarkets is a fraud

Having been conned before, I only invested U$ 2500 with Ethan Oliver, my assigned broker.

His email

Ethan told me that Bitcoin was the investment to go for, a rising star.
But Bitcoin did not rise, and I started losing money.

Ethan told me to forget Bitcoin. I need to invest far more money if I wanted to make money.

Then the demands for more money started, which I refused.
Ethan got rude, insisting I deposit more funds, as Uber is now the investment to go for.

I started smelling a stinking rat and withdrew what little was left of my U$ 2500

A withdrawal notice was sent to me, and that was the end of it.

I never saw my funds, and all communication broke down.

Ethan and staff from Olympus Markets did not respond to my correspondence .
Stay away from Olympus Trading they are a fraud and should be closed down by the authorities.

Adolf Diekmann 04/04/2019

Olympus Markets - Skumraskföretag?

Jag hottade en länk i en webbartikel från Expressen och hamnade på företagets hemsida - eller locksida kanske man hellre ska kalla det?Väl upplagt för att fiska in potentiella klienter. Jag fyllde i mina uppgifter vilket också visade sig var detsamma som att öppna ett konto. Jag länkades då vidare till en annan sida med en tradingplattform. Omedelbart ringer telefonen (svenskt 08-nummer) som jag inte svarar men det ringer igen och jag inser att det är kopplat till detta. Jag svarar då väl medveten om riskerna med att prata med försäljare i telefon samtidigt som man gör ekonomiska transaktioner. Hur som helst så skulle jag sätta in 250 EURO med mitt MasterCard. Det blev tre misslyckade försök. Försäljaren sa att banken har blockerat utbetalning och då sa jag att nu ringer jag banken. Jag ville veta vad anledningen var. Försäljaren försökte få mig att använda ett Visa istället men det har jag inget. Försäljaren försökte på flera sätt att få mig att inte ringa upp banken men det gjorde jag ändå. Jag började ana ugglor i mossen. När jag ringer till banken fortsätter försäljaren att ringa upp mig två gånger (nu från London). Banken informerar om att de blockerat företaget p g a riskerna med att handla med dem samt berättar att företaget utgår från Azerbadjan, Bulgarien +land till. När jag är klar med banken och ser till hela bilden av hur det hela gått till och bankens information, så beslutar jag mig för att dra mig ur. Särskilt intressant blev också att försäljaren slutade ringa helt under mitt samtal med banken och att det sedan dess är det helt tyst från deras sida. Jag skriver i alla fall ett svarsmail till försäljaren "calebj" och ber honom radera mitt konto då jag inte avser att investera hos dem. Detta sker dock inte, kontot ligger kvar, och inte heller får jag något svar. Två dygn senare har inget hänt och jag skickar ett nytt mail och får ett informationsmail från Hotmail om att adressen inte längre finns.

Skumraskföretag, ja det verkar det sannerligen vara och efter att ha läst denna review och det som andra skrivit här på denna sida samt en review på The Forex Review så är bilden tämligen tydlig. Skumrask!

Translated from Swedish:

Shady company?
I threatened a link in a web article from Expressen and ended up on the company's website - or cover page maybe you should rather call it? Well laid out for fishing in potential clients. I filled in my information which also proved to be the same as opening an account. I was then linked to another page with a trading platform. The phone immediately calls (Swedish 08 number) that I do not answer but it rings again and I realize that it is linked to this. I then respond well aware of the risks of talking to salespeople on the phone while making financial transactions. Anyway, I would deposit 250 EURO with my MasterCard. There were three unsuccessful attempts. The seller said that the bank has blocked the payment and then I said that now I call the bank. I wanted to know what the reason was. The seller tried to make me use a Visa instead but I have nothing. The seller tried in several ways to make me not call the bank, but I did. I started to see owls in the bog. When I call the bank, the seller continues to call me twice (now from London). The bank informs that they blocked the company because of the risks of trading with them and tells us that the company is starting from Azerbadjan, Bulgaria + country to. When I'm done with the bank and look at the whole picture of how the whole thing went and the bank's information, I decide to withdraw. Particularly interesting was also that the seller stopped calling completely during my conversation with the bank and that since then it has been completely silent on their part. In any case, I write a reply email to the salesman "calebj" and ask him to delete my account as I do not intend to invest with them. However, this does not happen, the account remains, and neither do I receive an answer. Two days later nothing has happened and I send a new mail and receive an information email from Hotmail that the address no longer exists.

The foam company, yes it seems to be, and after reading this review and what others have written here on this page and a review on The Forex Review, the picture is quite clear. Rackets!

Eva 04/02/2019

Money back F....

Zmień na polski
I started to play without any experience. At this point I can not recover 3.500e. They tried funny manipulation tricks. When asked how money will be paid. The answer was always the same. You have to open options. When I replied that I did not want to play anymore. They are still the same. The phones fell silent, the money disappeared

Grizli 04/01/2019


Never do business with this frauds , they are real frauds.I lost over 6500USD in a month.They are really pushy to make deposits and when I asked for a with drawl no one contacted me or bothered to help me to do it.After i made complain one guy came and did the procedure but nothing happened i dint get any money back .After so many complaints another guy called me and told i was in loss and cannot with draw anything . This is a real drop of looters , so beware .

GregSony 03/30/2019

same like

look at this is the same Site !
in the past they were optionsxo then wmoption
them primecfds and now wisebanc they are from Israel!

Money laundering and scamers !!

User754 03/30/2019

Olympus Markets is a Scam

These guys are a total SCAM!!! I have lost all of my money & the broker that was supposed to assist me was not helpful at all! His name was Elijah Collins. Please DO NOT TRADE with these people!

Naledi Letsoalo 03/27/2019

Too pushy

Trust me on this one, its a scam i opened an account and immediately i just got a call from some guy with poor English. He just jumped straight to making a deposit before we could talk about anything else. This rang a bell that something is not right, luckily i went with my conscious i didnt make any deposit. The guy was so pushy that i should make an Urgent deposit because il never get another chance to make such good money. And i like the fact that people are placing their comments so we alert other people what they getting themselves into.

mathapelo 03/27/2019

SCAM don't transfer any buck....!

Incredible withdraw fees if you get your money back.. !!!

Patrick Seelmann 03/27/2019

Scam - I lost $97,000

I was approached by Olympus and one of their Senior Traders an Etham Oliver was appointed my Trader. Soon after I was conned into investing $97,000. Ethan was not honest and made statements that I had changed the investment etc and caused losses. I have no idea on Trading and Ethans methods are bully like and very pushy. My last investment of $57,000 last week had not even been invested and I decided things were too risky and asked for the return of my Capital back. I was told it was too late the market had changed and I had lost the full $97,000. I have not been able to contact Olympus or Ethan Oliver(if that is his real name) as their Phone numbers are always inoperative. I am 68 and obviously stupid to have made such an investment but can anyone please help in anyway as that is all my money ?

John Clayton 03/22/2019

Very Bad Experience

Olympus Markets are a very bad bunch to deal with. They will take your money and even after account verification will not respond to your attempts to withdraw it.
They repeatedly called insisting that I needed to open trades to cover the withdrawal costs. When I finally relented they insisted I opened trades with no stop loss. It was a small amount of money so by this time I knew I was not going to get my money back and just wanted to stop them harassing me so I opened a couple of their recommended trades and as expected the account was cleaned out on margin calls with $44 left, which they say is not enough to cover the withdrawal fees. I would have to deposit more money:)
Total scamming scumbags.

Peter 03/19/2019

Wont give my deposit back

I havent traded yet but they have my deposit and wont give it back. Keep getting the same email back and cant email them as keeps bouncing back. They asking for a scan copy of my credit card which given them 6 times but still cant get my money put

Michelle smith 03/15/2019

Olympus Markets Kriminelle Handlung

Verschaffen sich auf perfide Art direkten Zugang auf deinen PC bis und mit dem Bankacount. Unter dem Deckmantel zu helfen und dich bei der Transaktion zu begleiten. Somit verschaffen sie sich einen Überblick über deine finanzielle Situation und legen so die künftigen Limiten fest. Beginnen willst du eigentlich mit den minimalen 250 Euro. Um eine "Garantierte" Limite zu handeln, die du auf jedenfall wieder zurück erhalten wirst, treiben sie den Betrag in die Höhe - 30000 Euro oder höher. Machst du dann auch nur einen Teil davon, z.B. 10000 über die Bank werden sie dir die "fehlenden" 8000 Euro noch von der Kreditkarte belasten lassen. Die dreimonatige Garantie verlierst du möglicherweise schon nach 20 Tagen, weil du angeblich einen Formfehler begannen hast. Sei es mit dem unterlassen einer Signatur auf einer Garantie, die ja von ihnen aus geleistet werden müsste oder sonst was.
Was ebenso auffällt: nimmst du ihr Telefonat nicht entgegen, rufen die selben Personen über diverse Telefonnummern aus irgend einem Land an und drengen dich weiter.
Sie werden dir auch immer wieder die Worte im Mund verdrehen.

Translated by Google:

Criminal act

Obtain perfidious direct access to your PC to and with the bank account. Under the guise of helping and accompanying you in the transaction. Thus, they get an overview of your financial situation and thus set the future limits. You really want to start with the minimal 250 Euro. To trade a "guaranteed" limit, which you will definitely get back, they drive up the amount - 30000 Euro or higher. Then do you only make a part of it, e.g. 10000 over the bank, they will leave you the "missing" 8000 euros still charged by the credit card. You may lose the three month warranty after 20 days for allegedly making a formal mistake. Be it with the omission of a signature on a guarantee, which would have to be done by them or otherwise.
What also stands out: if you do not answer their phone call, the same people call on various phone numbers from any country and urge you on.
They will always turn the words in your mouth.

Hugo 03/14/2019

Not good

Not at all a good relationship. Nobody answer any questions at all.

Koos 03/02/2019

bloody total scam

Do not open any account with these guys. It is bloody total scam as they call you suspicious number and ask you to open WhatsApp.

Bloody seems Afro continental scam with UK number.

Just swear at those f**k guys

Unable to withdraw

bishwojit mahato 02/28/2019

Feels like being scammed

Very a phone call as soon as I had registered...sounded like an indian scam call... not very polite and very pushy....and called me Dear all the time. Not professional.
The transaction thing was extremely fishy...and I ended up closing my visa card, as I was constantly getting sms's with new codes to transfer the registration fee/ initial trading deposit.
Hung up on the guy, as he just wouldn't let up.
Deserves 0 stars!!

Zoe 02/13/2019
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