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Nexcell FX Review - Is it scam or safe?

Nexcell FX Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 32 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Nexcell FX
Nexcell FX is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts


Account type

Minimum deposit 

Maximum leverage





From 3 pips




From 2 pips




From 1 pip




From 1 pip + $8 per lot


Nexcell FX is an STP broker, which offers spot metals and index CFDs, alongside forex trading. The account types, appear to be strangely distributed. We suspect the $1000 requirement for the best accounts, may be a typo (from $10,000).


The Company. Security of Funds









Nexcell FX is operated by NEXCEL HOLDINGS LIMITED, a Vanuatu based company. They are regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. As we have mentioned in other reviews, trading with an off-shore broker carries significant risk.


The risk stems, form the fact these companies are often not tightly regulated. That being said Vanuatu is one of the preferred destinations for shady brokers. The VFSC has an initial capital requirement of $2,000, which means basically anybody can open a brokerage there. Reputable agencies have much higher capital demands, in order to insure the financial stability of the company. For instance, the UK’s Financial Services Authority (FCA) demands € 730,000.


Furthermore, the FCA regularly monitors the activity of companies, under its oversight and enforces many rules. That being said, two regulations in particular are the most important, from a retail trader’s perspective. Fist and foremost, client funds are placed in the so called segregated accounts. This means, a broker can not freely access (and spend) them. Additionally, there is a compensation scheme in place. All FCA-regulated brokers participate in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which guarantees client accounts up to £ 50,000 against their broker going bankrupt.


Trading Conditions


Minimum Initial Deposit

Nexcell FX has set the initial minimum deposit at $100. This is pretty much the industry norm at this point, which many companies, like HYCM apply.


On the other hand, this is not that important of a factor for experienced traders, as it does not tell you anything about the broker’s credibility. If you are a newbie, feel free to first experiment with demo accounts and then deposit a small amount, while you are learning.


Average spreads & Commissions

The costs of trading at Nexcell FX vary a lot by account types. The better account types offer competitive conditions, provided they can be obtained. Our testing of the broker’s platform revealed some issues (which we’ll get to later). On the other hand you can always compare the spreads provided by some of the world’s top-rated forex brokers in real-time, via our comparison platform



Nexcell FX offers varying degrees of leverage for the different account types. They go from 1:400 to 1:200. Both of these ratios are perfectly fine, if you plan on following a reasonable trading plan. That being said, nowadays brokers offer even higher levels, like XM, who allow trading at 1:888.


Do not forget, trading with higher leverage carries the potential for a bigger loss. This is the reason, why US regulators have limited the leverage ratio, which can be provided to retail traders to 1:50.


Trading Platforms


Nexcell FX provides its services via MetaTrader 5 (MT5). While the previous iteration of the platform is still more popular, brokers are switching to MT5. It basically has all the great features of MT4, with a couple of additions, like the fact some of the elements are now detachable.  


On the other hand, the platform provided by Nexcell FX has some issues. See how many you can spot in this screenshot (click to zoom-in):



First of all, the charts start from February 2017. This makes long-term analysis with this platform impossible.


Additionally there is a big gap in EUR/USD, at a time it did not occur at other brokerages. This may be an issue with the liquidity providers.


These issues may be repaired, but until this happens the Nexcell FX MT5 is basically useless.


Methods of Payment


Nexcell provides quite a few payment methods. They include: Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe Card, CashU and Neosurf. Most users should be satisfied.




Nexcell FX is a Vanuatu-based forex broker. They are regulated by the VFSC, which isn’t worth much. The account types offered by the company appear to be mixed in a strange way. Trading conditions are good, for the bigger account types, but we are not certain they are obtainable. Furthermore the platform is basically unusable, due to technical issues. Here are this broker’s strong and weak sides:




Potentially competitive spreads

Off-shore regulation


Trading platform not working properly


Account types appear to be mixed-up


Latest news about Nexcell FX
No news about Nexcell FX. Check back later.
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Customer service










Withdrawal request - Tel: 00966564192960 KSA, jeddah

From: tradefxm limited
Date: 06/09/2017
Subject: Registration

Dear kamal adam abu giba!

Thank you for signing up.
An account has been opened for you with
the following parameters:

Name : kamal adam abu giba
Email :
Login : 2100060778

Dear Sir,

I began trade with this company as a forex broker since 06/09/2017 , I transfer to them 9,000 usd, and now my balance in my account (platform) 24,492 usd, I tell them to transfer my balance (24,492) usd, but they said to me (you must transfer 5,000 usd as a commission to the company in order to transfer 24,492 usd to you000 but I refused to transfer , I said to them deduct 5,000 usd from the balance and transfer the remaining but also refused.

All contact details you have for the firm :
r. Ahmed Bingari: Phone (fixed) +442036950008 _ WattsApp: +40761928128
Mr. Feras Alomari : Phone +41435089214 _ wattsApp: +40761932101

Kamal Adam Abugiba 04/03/2018

Don't Trust auto trading softare #chor #fraud #nexcellfx.

Chor Chor Fraud cheater Nexcellfx

Another fraud company running in Gujarat. his mobile no7984310106,8141818343.
He is using TRADEFX dump server. Pls ignore.Ohterwise inform your police station. or write bad review in that company in forex review website.

aaaaaa 02/19/2018

Scam. Let's cooperate

Hello everyone! This company is BIG SCAM. They scammed me for 64350 EURO. First time I paied 350 EUR to open "fully managed account". In week time they called me and told that they want to work with higher amount. My manager was David Hold. He asked me to invest 20K and in two days he will make the profit of 35%. I invested this money. And as he told everything was. But after this trae he asked me to invest 10K more. I didn't agree because we spoke with him that after the trade I need to make the withdrawal. They didnt approve my withdrawal. And in week more David called me and asked to send them 7K. And if I will not do this I will loose all my money. I sent them this 7K. After that they made on ballance 95K. I asked about the withdrawal of 27K. David told me that if I want to get the withdrawal I need to pay the comission of trader which was 10% 9,5K. I paied and waited for the withdrawal. He didn't answer my e-mails. In month I had call from Jannet from Finance department. She asked me to pay some money for insurance firstly. Then for some taxes and banking services. As a result they just scammed me for all time. But when I understood that it was scam I starded to work how to get money back. I tried a lot of ways contact with a lot of people. Then I found the way how to get my money back. All process took 3 month but I got all my investments back. andycole78(at)protonmail(dot)com I will try to exlplain everyone what to do. I will try to geve an advice. Right now I know that everything is possible. But I think that we need to cooperate and find this scammers. As people explained me that its impossible to find them and punish if you do by yourself. Everything you can do is recovery of your funds. But if we will cooperate we can do more!

Andrew Cole 01/17/2018

How to complain about this kind of fraud?

Can any body suggest me how to complain about this kind of fraud going on taking money through hawala and opening the account and after some days making account zero.
pls suggest and pls give me any information so that i can raise complaint against them.
i read below comments of vishwa i want tell him that i need your support pls contact me

ash 01/12/2018

Nexcell Fx Forex Traders All fraud Don't Trust Big Scam forex trade

They are cheating huge money of common public in the name of option trading and forex trading. First they are sending sms and whats app messages to invest for good profit. They are accepting money in this account and operating through hawala.They are mainly operating from mumbai Pune and gujrat.

Nexcell Person told me delete your review & i give your payment. But there is no options delete review some people put positive comments but he did not got the money they are waiting for payment.

List of the Surat, WAPI, Fraud People Name Mobile

Dubai: - - +971 52 867 9500
Dilip Joshi 9601296698
Vivek Jain 8866713307 9664895059
Ashish Shah 9974852086
Piyush Shah 8905057542 8980600826
Kumar Bansal 9601296060
Amit Shah 9016370263
Jitu Bhai 9601295542
Vishal Jain 8401152637
Rohan 8306972392
Sachin 8905057542
Karan Shah 8460971690
Priyanka 9974401979
Ayush 9662015581 9033128658
Rohit 9909407507
Chauhan 9687789877
Sakshi Mishra (Surat) 8866713320 8306145624
Sachin – 8905057542

Account details
A/c No. 201001456852
IFSC - INDB0000023
Indusind Bank Ltd., SURAT

goodluck enterprises.
Bank a/c - sbi, a/c no-35921220840, ifsc code-sbin0005098.
Branch - adajan, surat, gujrat.

New Number 9033948905
Modi Traders
Account no.:-02921900011158
ifsc code DCBL0000029

Dear All Please go to your police station & lock the complain against this company. & also tweet PMO inform them.

Vishwa 01/10/2018

dont trsut nexcell untill get paid investment and profit

Dear all I am Aaban who invested with only deposing fraud company nexcellfx , my investment is 1,50,000 inr via net transfer September 13 ,my account became 4750 usd ,when I asked withdrew its stared to saw getting losses ,this is not a new story ,already happened more than 20 members , some of wrote review about this fraud activates about nexcellfx ,I did not write up to today why because I am in group with other guys those who cheeted by nexcellfx , they told that ,nexcell asking to delete review then they can pay amount ,some trust this fact hiding activates and wrote very good about nexcellfx , even not get single ruppes ,but same person wrote still not get paid , now I got to know they are not interest to give money only sawing interest to delete the evidence that they cheated many guys ,they asked one of my friend to delete review then he wrote to them

“You told first our investment double ,then when all we asked withdrew, you said your account is loss,but really not loss ,if this come open case your company must saw all details ,so we are not fools to trust you again ,mean time there is no option to delete, only update after received our investment and profit FPA promised that to do, you not need to worry ABOUT UPDATES ”

,impossible to delete until get back our investment and profit

If you in delay mind it WE WILL FILE CASE IN DUBAI WHERE YOUR COMPAY REGESTERED THEN case charge traveling charge Dubai hotels payment + extra compensation amount 20 lakhs must have to pay including investment and profit ,don't play with us and our money. we together 20 members against your company cheeting activities ,you don't have shy to keep others money ,you earn and eat don't eat others hared earned money , ,tell your owner ,have TO saw account god you can't cheet god
So better do the needful ,now your company only in problem no one can save ur company until you set write the money fully investment and profit ,because we have evidence that still you are trading with our money ,just saw loss with dummy trading purposely ,if this saw loss ,then Clint will ask at least give our investment ,this is your master plan ,but we know this as well as if any circumstances arise we can prove this ,so I am warning you be carful when you deal with us IF YOU GETTING DELAY NOTHING TO WORRYTO ME WHY BECAUSE YOU ONLY HAVE TO PAY INVESTMENT AND PROFIT UNTILL WHEN THE PROBLEN GET SOLVED ,SO IF YOUY REALLY CARE YOUR CONPANY AND MONEY DO IT FAST, IF WE FILE CASE AFTER WE WIN YOU MUST PAY A BIG AMOUNT”

Now I am asking you I mean nexcellfx , we are writing review so you asking to delete US ,but many gyus as I was afraid EARLY they not wrote any reviews about you , but still you not give single rupees to the guys those still not wrote any reviews any where ,so if you are really willing to solve problem give the money to them those not wrote about you
At least if you do so we can trust otherwise no chance to trust you until get our investment and profit ,if really your company in losses ,then we can get our investment only but 100% sure there is no loss occur at all .all are dummy account and dummy pass word ,you not even single person not give original password , and the names you are telling different ,not ans the call ore messages ,so this is enough that you are eating others money .

aaban 01/09/2018

Don't invest. Fraud NexcellFX company

Dear sir or madam this is Saleem Ahmad from lucknow uithira Pradesh India ,I invested 65,000 Indian currency with Nexcellfx company on 25th of septermber 2017 to the name of staff called by vishal shah ,he told your investment not enough but after one month time its comes 3 lac after its come 3 laks with in a moth then I can give you separate account ,after one month time when I asked my money ,he said your account is loos cant give back your money .

Sir really I am poor student borrowed from out side with the interest of 25% ,to get this money I gave my 12th marksheet to the person who gave money ,now they asking money ,I am in very big problem ,I don’t know what to do ,if this money come only I can live ,I don’t know really what to do ,I am so mentally disappointed, please my kind and humble request help me to get back my investment and profit ,with out this money I cant do any thing I have to take back my 12th result sheet ,I have to pay interest also

Please consider my issue in humanitarian basics and try to give back my money

Hello Nexcell company please my kind request don’t do like this others please give back my money god Allah looking every thing .so thing and give back all of our money as soon as possible ,if you did not do I will give a complain in home for human rights head office jeneeva .my friend uncle working there

we don’t have any personal problem with Nexcellfx company ,we are sad to write and fight with you ,If you really give back our all money investment and profit around 16 guys why we write here

,we got to know you are trading with all of our money but saying loss ,can you saw all of our real account from our investment date and up to now then every one know really what happen ,hope our FPA will help to do this

saleem ahamad 01/05/2018

Money loss with NexcellFX fraud company

Hi every body I am YOGESH SHARMA from Khanpur tehsil khanpur dist. Jhalawar Rajasthan pin 326038, Mobile no. 9587266860 I invested in nexcellfx company Total amount. 5,00,000₹
Details given below

( 40,000₹ 12/7/17 spice money ,
60000₹ 02/08/17 spice money transfer
100000₹ 11/08/17 neft SBI bank. To crystal traders surat
3,00,000₹ 27/09/17 vaya hawala agent )
The persons names those who contact with me from nexcellfx is Rahul. & Avinash there phone numbers are 07046154898, 9909407507, 9726584652

Why we invest is nexcellfx company , why because nexcellfx staff told your amount will be triple with in a month , yes first it was very good and earn very good profit ,but when we asked the withdrawal , avainash told your account in looss ,this same story told to many peoples altogether 18 members ,when all asked withdrawal,they told your account in loss , my doubt is how all account come loss when asking withdrawal , not only same date trading but also different date trading ,how this possible ,I don’t have much knowledge in trading but I know this simple thing ,all different dates trading never come in loss when asking withdrawal, up to asking withdrawal all of our trading are good and double and some triple as they told but how its come loss, we all those chetted by nexcellfx are in a whats up group so we know all details, please can you ask Nexcellfx all of our account history and statement from deposited date and upto now then everybody easily understand what they did

I want my money please can you help to get my money soon , I am asking 1500000 indian currency from nexcellfx company .if you give ,then we can trust you ,some are saying we are getting according to my knowledge they are telling (nexcellfx)we will give but not even single ruppes no one get yet.if any one get can you say how much get how get when get

Yogesh 01/05/2018

fraud NexcellFX company

Hello all investors and admin,
Please be aware of this company "Nexcell Fx" it is a big scam. and they have duped me for 10000 USD. They have Modus operandi, they collect your deposits open your account on MT5 starts the expert trading softwares. but there is no option for payout. they ask to deposit 30% of withdrawl money as commission . and then closes your account without paying you any money.
there contacts on website does not work. even web site is down.
They mainly operates from INDIA surat.
Following are the names of the agents

Sachin 12/27/2017

Tradefxm fraud transaction

account is not with Nexcell FX there was some fraud guys like Vijay Rahul Jacob Aditi sharma they give me wrong information that they opened my account in Nexcell FX but as such there is no account in Nexcell my account with Tradefxm and they are lability to pay money back.there is no consideration Nexcell has do.

Prakash Sonsurkar 12/21/2017

Good Company

Hello All,

There is something terrible happening with this company because i am in Dubai and this company still exists and they are ready to pay whatever we have deposited as in INDIA there is some issue but if we contact their dubai number via whatsup they are ready to help.

So i am in talk with them and they r saying to contact on their dubai number and take money back so its my humble request you guys please contact them and have a word with them on their dubai no. (whats up)

Hoping for the best

Rehan Bamne 12/21/2017

We need our investment and profit

Some here writing that contact with Dubai number ,if he good he can write in review that Dubai what's up number no ,why he not write ,he is telling terrible issue terrible issue ,what's is that issue ,how all together got loss when asked withdrew ,if same date same trading then can say some reason can get loss ,but all of our money became double some peoples got triple ,but when asked withdrew how suddenly got lost ,can any one trust this ,if u wish u can take investment but we need investment and profit ,so you can't say all to do ,if u wish u do,they are still trading with our money ,you without thing others telling get investment only ,did you get any money from them to write this ,if u really got withdrew why you not mentioned ,tell how much you got from NexcellFX company ,they are frud no doubt don't any one support NexcellFX company until get back our money

Jathes 12/21/2017

Nexcell fx is fraud company stay away from it

Hello all investors and admin,
Please be aware of this company "Nexcell Fx" it is a big scam. and they have duped me for 35000 USD. They have Modus operandi, they collect your deposits open your account on MT5 starts the expert trading softwares. but there is no option for payout. they ask to deposit 30% of withdrawl money as commission . and then closes your account without paying you any money.
there contacts on website does not work. even web site is down.
They mainly operates from INDIA surat.
Following are the names of the agents
Rohan +919909407507
Runvijay Singh +919662015246
vivek jain +918866713307
aditya +918690022386

and many more

take care.

vikram T 12/21/2017

File case in FPA about scam NexcellFX company

This is logesh from NexcellFX company former staff ,I just wrote my dummy name not real name ,now I am not working with NexcellFX company ,they are not giving our salary asking big target to complete its around 6 crores ,we saw some dupticate acc and duplicate password sawing Clint's and getting money to zahil textile account number ,then we trading with Clint money making good profit ,but our company owner not give back profit ,I fight against them and left from NexcellFX company ,they are scam don't trust ,don't invest ,ask your money back ,now they earn lot from your money ,but just saw your account loss ,then they try to solve just giving your investment only ,don't agreed to get only investment ask your profit too tell others too

Logesh 12/20/2017

Complaints to police

Hi guys,

as everybody knows its a fraud why can't we complaint start complianting to police if everybody start complainting then definitely the company has to shutdown and they are making so much of money with this and we guys are getting loot and they will make others too so pls guys start complaining in every area.

Faiz Ansari 12/17/2017

NexcellFX company totally fraud people

This is jathes who invest in NexcellFX company after received many call from NexcellFX,they saw some account going on profit ,we trust and deposit 800000 inr ,day by day got profit ,but when I asked withdrew they said first pay 30% of the profit ,I asked u take that 30% then give my rest ,they not agreed bec they are world number one fraud company,
NexcellFX company staff friendly told ,yes sir we are trading your money ,really still they are trading from our money when asked withdrew ,they have fake password using that purposely sawing our account in loss ,but really in profit ,we all together planing to go police ,contact with be low numbers they will help others ,don't trust NexcellFX ,don't invest in fraud NexcellFX company, the company will be worldwide so soon ,they can't cheet others
Thanking you

Jathes 12/16/2017

Tradefx-live fraud or real


Is anybody dealing with tradefx live coz i m dealing with. so firstly i started with nexcell and then converted to tradefx and he has given 15000 dollars and web i said about withdrawal he said firstly u have to transfer 30% first then i transfer the whole amount so i just want to know is this fraud just let me know the truth i had started the work with 1000 dollars. Team:

It is most probably a fraud.

Faiz Ansari 12/15/2017

Cheating company

This NexcellFX company is 100% scam ,only deposit ,you can't withdrew from them ,I invest around two month back with $3500 they told ur amount will be double with in two week ,yes its became double ,but when I asked to withdrew our money they told now can't get wait 3 weeks time
There after day by day its starts losses ,when this time when I call no one not pick up my phone ,no reply for emails
But before invest they called me more than 30 time and message more than 50 time when you start trading they staff only thing there salary and commission not thing Clint money or there own problems company thing owner want to built house in Clint's money they will learn good lesson very soon don't invest any one altogether more than 15 members still not get there money this just known don't know really how many chetted by this frud NexcellFX company

Sunil Kumar 12/12/2017

Never trust nexcellfx & cdfx capital forex trading..

Dear All


my lost 2 lakh. They person not pickup phone call & they guy my all number put in black list.Never trust positive comments. They Company person put positive comment he wants good review for company.


Anil 12/11/2017

Nexcell fx is Fraud company

There phone numbers are incorrect. There is no option to withdraw your is big Fraud. Many people from India had been operates from Indian city surat. I have lost more than 70000 USD .

Vikram 12/09/2017

nexcell fraud company

I had a very bitter experience with Nexcell people. They insisted me to open an account. After several reminders from them i sent my documents for account opening, Total forex traders and brokers are full fruad
And 420 and chor they not return anyone amount
Till new total forex traders are chor. Chor. Chor
Chor chor chor chor chor chor in India

These people are scam, Don't trust Nexcell

shubham jain 12/08/2017

NexcellFX is tottay FRAUD company.

invested $8000 with Nexcell, it is a fraud company
I am also one of the victim of this particular company having paid them 8000 dollars now they are over reacting its my humble request to all you people lets go to Surat where they based, they employed so many people but place is only one surat or vapi gujrat, please be together i am already in touch with Surat police to trace their number, just remember one thing if we come forward we can save others money please please please come forward keep in touch on phone whats up etc my no.

SACHIN 12/08/2017

Fraud company

Yes me to have bad experience with this NexcellFX company sure they r fraud my name sharath I invested in Nexcell FX still not returned the capital we plan to file case

Sharath 12/05/2017

NexcellFX is tottaly FRAUD company

NexcellFX is tottay FRAUD company.

We lost Rs.3/-lacs

They promising lot's at the time of beginning, they only talking money from us, and never talk about PAYOUT.

Don't trust on NEXCELL FX team.

Below are the few name of FRAUD person.

Piyush Shah - 8980600826
Vishal Jain - 8401152637
Rohan - 8306972392
Sachin - 8905057542
Karan Shah - 8460371690
Priyanka - 9974401979

There office at VAPI

Crystal Trader
B203-204, Royal Pletuniun,
Near Amba Mata Mandir
GIDC, Vapi,

Account details
A/c No. 201001456852
IFSC - INDB0000023
Indusind Bank Ltd., SURAT

Kirti Mistry 12/04/2017

Froud Nexcellfx & Cdfx Capital Forex Trading Company...

Dear All





Anil Vishwakarma 12/04/2017

Total fraud

Total forex traders and brokers are full fruad
And 420 and chor they not return anyone amount
Till new total forex traders are chor. Chor. Chor
Chor chor chor chor chor chor in India

Yogesh Sharma 11/29/2017

Beware of Scam accounts created by Scam Agents

I don't know whether Nexcell FX itself is fraud or not, but sure that a group of peoples who are probably from Surat are cheating public on their behalf. They have developed a similar fraud platform & synchronised it with Nexcell FX original server. They claim that they have developed an auto trading software by feeding 5/10 years Data. When market goes down it purchase & when goes up it will sale in such a way that you will get profit for sure. They will demonstrate it on a fraud account. As they have already feeded false history of profit booking & platform will be live, you will believe it & pay them. They will ask you to deposit at least $5000.
They did same with me. They demonstrated me on fake Nexcell FX platform but after receiving money opened my account No.2100101729 on CdFxCapital. After showing profit asked me to deposit more money to increase profit. I deposited but suddenly on 6/11/17, my account was disabled. When I contacted CdFxCapital, they replied that "That’s a scam account created by scam agent.. please find that agent who created that account.. this account not belongs to us." When I contacted account opener, he told that there is some problem with platform. I asked him to refund me my principle amount urgently. He told to refund after opening new account & in a couple of days created my account on Nexcell Fx Platform. But with same ID & password I was not able to login on Nexcell Fx original Platform while it was running on Platform created through Team Viewer by fraud persons from Surat. On this Fraud account they feeded heavy loss, & now telling that you don't have any balance with us. We should unite & try to put them behind Bars to protect other peoples. Thank you,

Kumud Gupta 11/27/2017

I invested $6000 with Nexcell, it is a fraud company

I am also one of the victim of this particular company having paid them 6000 dollars now they are over reacting its my humble request to all you people lets go to Surat where they based, they employed so many people but place is only one surat or vapi gujrat, please be together i am already in touch with Surat police to trace their number, just remember one thing if we come forward we can save others money please please please come forward keep in touch on phone whats up etc my no. is 9029464239

together we can take them to right place in police custody

Rehan Bamne 11/21/2017

Fraud Nexcell fx

Hi I m Prakash here I got a call on from Aditi sharma from Nexcell FX for opening a account and also for demo for auto trading forex software which name is meta trader 4,after that Mr Vijay from same company gave me demo and give details about a same after that I invested 4L then Mr Vijay told me for trading event and after that my account showing 83950 balance profits of 77000 usd. Then Mr Vijay says for withdrawal u need to gave us 15% commissions to our agents to get that payout to ur account and I also gave them 8.20L after received Amt mr Vijay gave me confirmations and after that Mr Vijay no picking a call still date I still not get my payout and the cheat me for 1250000 this Nexcell FX and team mainly operates from suraj and they all are fake and fraud all.vijay and Nexcell FX team I want my money back U all cheater

Prakash 11/18/2017

Non returning principle amount

My id 2100101640
I opened my id in Nexcell in September 18th 2017. I invested 1555$ (100000rs) Beginning they told it's a software in which trading works automatically. But after a month asked for the withdraw of my profit what I got they gave different reasons and didn't gave withdraw. After so many calls there is no reply from them. I fed up with the company and told at least return my principle amount. Till date there is no reply from them.

Preetham shetty 11/16/2017

holding our money without wherewithal

This is sathya who open a account with NexcellFX company with 3 lakhs 09.11.2017 ,when we asked before deposit they told any time can withdrew our investment and any time can withdrew the profit
But now after received my profit when I asked to withdrew they told that Saturday 11.11.2017 you can get withdrew but Monday gave call and told that my bank rejected the deposit but when I contact with my bank they told they not rejected
Now again contact with phone and asked to send two days profit as discussed with Mr Abhay 30% of my investment daily
He said OK ,but when I call him another person talking ,after I tried to contact many time via phone ringing no ans
I send email 3 times still not get any favorable reply for my withdrew
Plz asked them to close my acc and deposit the amount 3 days profit 1,89,000
and my investment 3 lakhs totally 4,89,000 to my bank acc
not only that but also asking that holding money 14 days .we cant get withdrawals ,before invest they called many time after now that mean after we deposited even we call no one not pick up phone ,no reply to our email ,
no reply to our whats up messages
thanking you
best regards with

sathya 11/15/2017

I don’t get payout still

Dear I m from india i m waiting for my payout kindly pls help out to get my payout ASAP


Prakash sonsurkar 11/13/2017

bad experience from your end

I am harshad chandan i am having account with you the mobile number 9974402023 i invested sum of $ 312 in your company on 31/8/2017 now no one responding me what is happening no one pick uping the call sorry to it very bad experience nither replying on mail it get cut of please guide me in this matter

harshad chandan 10/27/2017

Return my amount

My account I'd no 310561 & 310467
Company can not realised my deposit and profit
Amount. I am in very problem pls pls return my amount
I'd no 310561 & 310467
My mob no -7894089564

Asish Ghosh 10/09/2017

Return my amount

My account I'd no 310568
Company can not realised my deposit and profit
Amount. I am in very problem pls return my amount
I'd no 310568
Mobile 9587266860

Yogesh Sharma 10/06/2017


I had a very bitter experience with Nexcell people. They insisted me to open an account. After several reminders from them i sent my documents for account opening, but they didn't open a MT5 live trading account, but instead they demanded for my capital investment (USD 5000) in their Bank accounts.

These people are scam, Don't trust Nexcell

John 08/28/2017
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