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MB Trading MB Trading Futures Review

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RATING: 2.5 / 16 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz MB Trading


Headquarters: 1926 East Maple Avenue, El Segundo, CA 90245

Country: United States

Regulated by: CFTC, NFA

MB Trading Account Details

minimum deposit: $400

minimum lott size: 10k

max leverage: 1:50 


New FREE ECN Pricing: 

No Commission

No pay for limit orders – this is only available via our Pay for Limits plan. 



Variable spread, from 0.1 pip

Commission: 5 per 100,000 currency units, roundtrip (classic account only)

Get Paid For Limit Orders: customers receive 2 per 100,000 base currency (classic account only)



Real ECN



Bank Wire, Check 



Custom trading platform, Metatrader  


Free Forex VPS

10 lots minimum monthly traded volume required
Windows server



What we think about MB Trading

MB Trading is a U.S. based broker that offers quite lucrative trading conditions: tight spreads, true ECN execution and low commissions. 

Traders can choose between two account plans – FREE EXN or Pay for Limits. The first one charges no commissions, however spreads are a bit wider, while the Pay for Limits comes with tighter spreads, small order routing fees and the possibility to get paid for broadcasting trading signals. 
The current legislative framework in the USA imposes quite a few restrictions on brokers registered with the CFTC and the NFA and this may affect your trading. The maximum leverage is set at 1:50, hedging is forbidden, and scalping is allowed but not encouraged. 
Platform-wise, there's quite the choice available. You can opt in for Metatrader 4 (MT4) but you can also go for MB Trading's custom platform MBT, which comes in the following versions: Desktop, Desktop Pro, Web, Mac, Web, WebLite and LightWave; oh, and we almost forgot MBT Mobile that is available for Android and iOS phones and tablets. If you are worried about figuring out the platform, you can simply check out the video user manuals. 
Developers are not overlooked either – for them there are MT4, and Tier-1 and Tier-2 Black Box VPS plans available either for a fee, or free of charge if certain conditions are met. With MBT SDK traders can create custom applications that access the order entry, account, and position management functionality of the MBT Desktop platform. There's also the MBT Quote API. 
Beginner traders can benefit from MBT World – a trading community where registered MB Trading customers can interact with each other and take advantage of the broker's educational resources. 
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Traders` reviews for MB Trading


Variable spreads as low as 1/2 pip
Typical spreads: EUR/USD -2 | GBP/USD - 4 | USD/CHF -4 | USD/JPY - 3
Commissions: $5 per $100,000 traded, each side; $10 roundturn.








High commission

Huge spreads during news releases

Spreads widen during volatile market

Spreads widen during Asian session 






Slippage during news releases

Slippage during normal market conditions 




No requotes


Market order slippage - MB Trading execute market orders at first price available


Price feed





Suspect of Stop Hunting









User unfriendly

Takes to many clicks to open/close position

No Charts

No Autotrading 




Bank Wire

Bank Wire

Customer service



Representatives always ready to help




Live Chat 














High Commissions

User-Unfriendly Platform

Slippage during normal market conditions

Market Order Slippage

Suspect of Stop Hunting 

The only broker I trust

I really think that MBT should raise its minimum deposit to $10k, they attract new traders that have no idea what they are doing and just go there, spreading negative reviews.

I've been trading with them for 3 years and had zero issues, it's simply the only broker I trust ATM and yes, I do trade for a living

Vygantas 05/17/2013

A MB Trading fan

Have been trading with MB for 6 months and I think they’re great. Company, pricing, service – all excellent. I’m speaking from my own experience.

Tom 06/25/2012

MB Trading is a top broker

So far, I’m pretty happy with the execution on MB Trading – limit orders usually get fulfilled in the trader’s favor, market orders aren’t slipped badly, so I give them a top rating.

I’m not particularly happy with the user interface and customer support but they’re bearable.

Maarten Wijs 05/29/2012

Dodgy as....

When you as a trader put so much effort into learning & crafting your skill it so disheartening when you finally get on top of your system only to taken down by your broker.

That has been my experience with every broker I have tried so far. MB Trading is no different. I was using MBT Pro which I really like (hence 2 stars) but their customer service is poor & arrogant.

I was filling orders with Market+TTO with profitable trades but after a week my upper & lower triggers were dissolved (so no stop loss & take profit). When questioning customer service they asked me place an order, guess what happened next? The order I placed wasn't filled then my platform froze. Mentioned I was trialling them against another broker I was locked out.

Dodgy as. If you are a trader trading in profit I suggest not use do

DuggyFX 01/11/2012

MB Trading is a great ECN broker

Great ECN Broker. MB Trading customer for 2 years and I only have positive things to say: fast fills, fast withdrawals and they always seem to have the lowest spreads. I am also impressed with MBT’s new iPhone app, it’s comprehensive and very useful when I’m on the road.

Wallace Beaker 03/02/2011

MB Trading rollover rates are a bit high but fills are fast

This company is great they don’t mess with your orders at all; fills are fast; they could care less if you scalp or hold overnight. I use Stop Limit + TTO primarily and it prevents me from getting a bad fill while knowing that everything will be handled in terms of entry and exit while I’m away from my machine. If there is one gripe, it’s that rollover rates are a bit high, but I typically close out my trades each day unless I have a nice winner going.

John 03/19/2010

MB Trading client for almost three years now, they recently announced they now have MetaTrader with an ECN - I hope to see it work out, cause this will be the ultimate combination.

Gary Matinez, 10/30/2009

Had high hopes for them. The spreads are low, but you pay based on volume, BUT you also pay on both ends of the transaction. Not cheaper than Oanda by my calculations. Clunky platform clearly not geared to fx trader.

Goonboy, 10/30/2009


MetaTrader 4 software support
ECN Forex broker
Low, floating spreads
Supports trading over the phone


Commissions for trading
Opening an account is a complicated process
Residents of some countries can't open account 10/30/2009

This company is excellent. My fills are fast and software is simple (read someone else say not intuitive). I guess it may not be totally intuitive because it is windows based but if you know windows its simple. I use them for execution of my trades primarily and you cant get better for that. If you certain bells and whistles like news then you have to look elsewhere but for trading they are great. I give them two thumbs up.

emtrade, 10/30/2009

MB Trading platform goes down

System goes down at specific times. If you don't close your platform and start back up, you can't close your trade.

Michael Blosser is the manager. He does not know what he is doing. I had a market order and tried to close it. I did everything to close it but no luck. I called the desk and the rep said my situation was unique. He said he would help as my position was going against me. He came back and told me the status of ANOTHER completed trade! I said that I wanted to close with the profit. He said that I could close it with a loss with his help. IF they mess up your trade, their response is:"What do you want us to do?" I would say, give me my profit back. Blosser always shifts the blame to the internet connection to Al Gore and "global warming."

Stay away from this outfit.

ML, 10/30/2009

Will MBT manage to comply with CFTC $20 million capital requirement?

MB Trading looks good but will they be able to comply with the new CFTC $20 million capital requirement going into effect on May 19th 2009. Firms that cannot comply will be out of business so you wouldn't want to have your deposits with them at that time. As of Feb 28, 2009 MB Trading Net Capital is $15,227,000. First go to to see if your broker is registered, then go to the CFTC website at and download the latest data and make sure that the registered FCM has substantial assets.

P. Thomas, 10/30/2009

MB trading ruined my trading strategy

I had a limit order to buy 1 Lot NZD/USD early in the morning. My order was filled in the late afternoon. I was looking at the P/L and noticed that I had a small profit even though I had a 20 pip profit. I eventually closed the position because I thought I entered it incorrectly. I found out that I didn't. Out of the 100,000 trade, only 1,000 had been filled! This happened so many times that when it did, I would just close all the trades. It ruined my trading strategy because of having one position to work with and lock-in a profit, you have 2 OR MORE to adjust in a fast market. MB Trading & Mikchael Blosser, the meek Chief Trader & his simpleton workers, ie Hugo, will do whatever it takes to keep your money. Nothing positive to say about this company.

Mikie, 10/30/2009

MB Trading offers no swap free accounts

I have been trading live with them for 2 years.
1- Very tight spreads
2- MT4 (to analize your charts only but no live trades)
3- very fast sending your withdrawn profits.

1- No swap free accounts for their muslim customers
2- I have mixed feelings about their customer service (some are good, some bad)

Salem, 10/30/2009

MB Trading for some other entity run stops

I do not believe that there is a broker in existence that has it's clients in their best interest, because they tend to make money off them in one way or another. Small deposit traders are put into in-house pools and not really traded on the real forex market. It would cost to much for them to take small deposits and allow them to be traded on the real forex market. So, small traders are churned till all money is gone. I have watched MB Trading for a while and have notice how they or some other entity has run stops obviously continuously till all funds are gone. It is better to deposit larger funds or only trade when volume is very high. When volume is high it make it impossible for brokers to manipulate your account without it being noticeable. That is why news trades are best and that is why some brokers want let you trade news or try to discourage you from doing so. Now, am I trying to say that BM trading is doing you that way? No! But I am saying that these are well known practices in this industry and I would not count them out. Take it from a X-FuturesForex broker, who helped close down a brokerage firm. Something is fishy.

Doug, 10/30/2009
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