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MaxCFD Review - is it scam or safe?

MAX CFD Review - Is scam or good binary options broker?

MaxCFD is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Basic Information


Minimum deposit  Min./ Max. bet size Payout % Platform Regulation
$100 $25 / $25,000 Up to 500% (depending on your set-up)  Web-based N/A


MaxCFD is a company providing a service which appears to be a mix between trading and binary options. In essence their trading platform allows a slightly better risk control. However, this is done by changing the amount you are willing to risk (and win) per trade, instead of picking the price levels you are willing to set your stop-loss and take profit to. This is the reverse of how most traders manage their risk.


Trading Accounts

Only one account type is available at MaxCFD. While this is neither a good or bad thing, although many companies treat clients slightly differently, based on their initial deposit.



The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
Chemmi Holdings Limited




MaxCFD is owned by Chemmi Holdings Limited, a UK-based company, which is also associated with Binary Tilt. That being said, they don not fall under any specific financial regulation. While this is common in the binary options world, it does carry a lot of risk. When ever you are trading with an unregulated entity, there is a chance they will simply not pay you back.


This is why most countries have created special regulatory bodies, whose purpose is to protect the interest of clients. One of the most popular such agencies, which also oversees binary options is the Cyprus Securities and Exchanges Commission (CySEC). Keep in mind, this may not be the case soon.


On top of the lack of regulation, MaxCFD has received some negative reviews in popular online forums. 


Trading Conditions


Trading Options: Call/Put “CFDs”. As we described in the beginning, there is a level of control in these so called “CFDs”. We will get into more details, in the trading platform section.

Assets:  Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, ETFs, Pairs, Cryptocurrencies

Expiry times: Unspecified


Minimum Initial Deposit

The minimum deposit at MaxCFD is $100, which is about average for the current state of the industry. That being said, even some forex brokers (who should arguably require more capital) have lowered the entry barrier significantly. For instance, the FCA-regulated industry pioneers ar IG do not have a minimum deposit barrier. 


Min. bet size

The minimum bet size at MaxCFD is $25, which is very high. As it may be obvious for the more experienced traders, this limits the risk management possibilities. Choosing a binary options provider with lower levels, like FinaCom-regulated Grand Capital,  allows you to bet a smaller portion of your account on every single trade.


Payout amount

The payout amount at MaxCFD varies a lot, given the fact you can change a lot of the parameters of any particular trade. The maximum which we managed to achieve, while tinkering with the platform was 1:500.


Trading Platform


MaxCFD offers a browser-based trading platform. It feels like a hybrid between a regular trading platform and a binary options one. Here is a preview:



As you can see, a trader has the option to adjust his potential lost and profit, which determines your payout percentage. As we mentioned in the beginning this is the exact opposite of the process which most forex traders use – they initially determine their stop-loss and take profit levels, and then figure out the position sizing, to fit a minimal portion of their account.


Methods of Payment


MaxCFD provides a few payment methods: Bank Transfer and Credit/Debit Card. We should remind you, international bank transfers can be rather slow. This is why the lack of e-wallet support is a bit of a negative, as some traders prefer using Skrill or Neteller. 




MaxCFD is an unregulated company which provides a service which is a hybrid between binary options and spot trading. While the concept is interesting, we feel it doesn’t allow for proper risk management as the process is done in the reverse to the way, which most traders use. On top of the minimum bet size is quite large. Finally, the company has received a lot of negative reviews in popular forums. Here are the pros and cons of Max CFD broker:


Pros Cons
Some form of risk management Not regulated
  The entire trading principle feels “backwards”
  Very high minimum bet size 
  Complaints in popular forums


Latest news about MaxCFD
No news about MaxCFD. Check back later.
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Max CFD conned me out of USD 20,000

CHRIS ROSE , the so called broker is the scum of the earth!
This company is a TOTAL SCAM.
DO NOT go near them!

MARILYN 03/05/2019


Because of the problem with our platforms Binarytilt/Maxcfd lots of the accounts were lost or blocked!
We are sorry for the inconvenience!
In order to recover your account please contact us on support @ maxcfd . site
Thanks for understanding.

Sean Mueller 12/22/2018

Scammed £4000

I was pushed into parting with £4000,a year ago,have made several attempts to contact the Manager responsible, sent over 100 emails no replies THEY HAVE ROBBED ME

Marina Kendall 12/04/2018

MaxCFD is a scam

Do not under.any circumstances invest a penny they are total crooks and a scam company

Nigel W 10/22/2018

Scammed out of £4250

I have been scammed out of £4250 by this Company,I initially paid over £250,then a
Manager Called Robert Myers called me asked how many Credit Cards I had and what
was their limits,ne took £4000,from one card,and tried others but they would not allow the payments to go thru,the next day I told him I had changed my mind and asked for a refund, he saod too bad ,I have given you a bonus and done a Trade, both I did not authorise,I called my C.Card Bank,and they did a charge back,3 weeks later the money went off my Card again,when I called the Bank, they said MAXCfd had claimed I paid for a service,since then (9 months) I have emailed their
Support,sent letters c/o CEO,tired phoning, but no replies,these people do not
care who they take money from, this is lot of money,and its affected my life,

Marina Kendall 10/02/2018

its a scam

sent my funds to them, very quickly it became apparent this wasn't right. asked for my funds back and that started a barrage of excuses why they couldn't pay it back, and a start to inactivity fines imposed on me. in the end they no longer answered my emails / calls and the final act from them was to lock me out of my account, saying I had the wrong password, despite loads of attempts to reset password it never let me back in.
I lost every penny to these crooks.


Tony Miller 09/22/2018

Refund of money

I have requested to withdraw my funds in June, now I cant get hold of them, they dont answer phones or emails. Total scam.

How can I now get my money back from them

priscilla janse van rensburg 09/10/2018

site not reachable

i can`t singn in my account as it showing that maintanance mode, now it is more than two weeks.

joseph joseph vaniyapurackal 08/29/2018

MaxCFD is a SCAM!

I have asked to withdraw my funds and till date - more than 6 months - they have refused to citing one issue after another.
If their Finance Department is so dysfunctional I don't expect any the management to be any better.
Don't sign up and regret later.

Steven Chen 07/19/2018

Take seriously care when funding with MaxCFD

Dear All,

I have funded a serious amount (more than EUR 100.000) with MaxCFD and its Broker Mike Ross.
The agreement was that Mike Ross (Broker with MaxCFD) should repay the fund latest by July 10th.
By July 9th MaxCFD and its Broker Mike Ross has invested the fund and since then I can't get hold of Mike Ross by phone nore e-mail.
Neither he has sent back the money.
By this I like to protect other people to invest any funds with MaxCFD and its Broker MIke Ross.
If anyone in the community has any experience how to proceed with the MaxCFD and there business behaviour, please contact me asap.
Thanks and kind regards

F. Huster 07/16/2018

FRAUD Company

I deposit € 500.- and they charge me InactivityFee's because I did nothing for 3 months with my account, noweone told me about this ! The biggest problem is that you can't withdraw your money, after 2 weeks it is still pending. If you call them you speak with customerservive what keeps away form the financial department who would call you but never did. When you send E-mails they also keep you satisfied with they past it through but you never see some action regarding they approved your withdrawing. THIS COMPANY STEALS FROM YOU, RIPS YOU OFF, IS A FRAUD COMPANY AND TOTALLY NOT TRUSTWORTHY IN EVERY WORTH WHAT I SAY. IT IS A SCAM COMPANY, THEY STEEL FROM YOU.

Smeets 06/24/2018

Bunch of thieves

I can confirm that maxcfd are bunch of thieves and fraudulent people who are stealing people money by getting fed up with Trying to get thier money and I’m a victim of those people.
I have tried everything to get my Money but never get anything.

Adam 06/21/2018

Won't ever get your money back

Total scam. Be warned, don't attempt using them. There seems absolute no way to get you money back once deposited. They keep throwing compliance issues back, and if you are persistent, they just stop all communication or responses all together.
The support staff has a huge resource turn-over. At the time they were still responding, I had a different guy responding, with the previous agent's mail not active anymore. That alone should have started blinking red light.
Stay clear from them!!!

Marius Auret 05/09/2018

Withdrawal canceled by MaxCFD

Requested 500 dollar withdraw after several excuses my withdraw was cancelled by Maxcfd.
Emailed several times but no reply. Do not invest with these people they don’t pay up.

Colin gilbert 04/26/2018

withdrawal process

MAXCFD ask you to invest and promise you the world, and then just tell you that the amount of money is not enough for any type of service. Then your money will just sit and they take £50 from your acount with no warning for "inactivity" MONTHLY.
They take your money with no ID checks and if fact over the phone.
Then when you try to withdraw is when they get back on the phone with pestering calls and crappy sales talk, again promising you the world, sad people.

Anyway these are the requirements for withdrawing less than £500, after taking hudreds of £'s in inactivity fees. Please read the instructions carefully:

∙ Credit/Debit Card Authorisation Form F-306 - Print, complete and sign. You will need to complete the transaction date and amount of the deposit. [to be completed in own handwriting]
∙ Authorisation Form I-402 -"Compliance Process Form" Print, complete and sign. [to be completed in own handwriting]
∙ Government Certified Proof of Identity: Valid COLOURED copy of International Passport, National ID Card or Driving License (Front & Back) with photograph included.
∙ Credit-Card Images - A COLOURED copy of the front and reverse of the card you used to make a deposit. Front side: the first 6 and the last 4 digits must be uncovered; the other digits should be COVERED! Reverse side: The 3-digit CVV number should be COVERED and the signature should be clearly seen.
∙ Proof of Residence: Either Utility Bill, Local Authority Tax Bill or Bank Statement – these must contain name and current address and should have been issued within the last 3 months.

Please submit COLOUR copies only of your identification documents as scanned images (.jpg, .doc or .pdf) by return email to [email protected]

Please note that all documents must be scanned in full (with all four edges visible).

Walter Dickie 04/19/2018

Beware MaxCFD

In my opinion do not invest with this company, invested €500 on the 27 December 2017, neverfilled in a Authorized Form allowing this company to remove my money from my account. Promised statements never arrived, only telephone calls requesting I invested more money.All effort to get a refund has failed. I have placed, the matter in the hands of my banks Fraud section.
REMEMBER they say they are a REGULATED ÇOMPANY UNTRUE. TO find this
out, look at their Web page, with a small circle on it, stating regulated. Lies.

John Birkett 04/16/2018

I was robbed my whole capital

I deposited Euro 250 but when I tried to withdraw it, they put the withdrawal in pending for so many months. I contacted them by mail many times but standard reply was that they have submitted my request to finance department. Later I noticed that they have deducted Euro 50 three times as inactivity fee. Now I can see only Euro 100 in my account. I am sure the remaining 100 will also disappear very soon.

Sayed Hussein 04/10/2018

How to recover money, my experience with MaxCFD

Hi guys!
Finally, after a really grueling month, I managed to recover my money today (€ 3,000) by wire transfer.
I will tell you my experience.
I opened an Maxcfd account in November 2017 and made a transfer of € 3,000.
I forwarded the required documents and my account was fully verified on December 20th.
After some trade I realized I could not spend time on this kind of transactions and I decided to withdraw my money.
On 22 February 2018 I asked to withdraw the amount from the Maxcfd account.
I was immediately contacted by an advisor, who asked me for more money (€ 2,000) to reach a hypothetical minimum amount without which maxcfd would not have authorized my withdrawal, blackmailing me.
The advisor also tried to ask me the credit card number to debit the amount.
I obviously refused, and I immediately wrote an email asking for explanations.
At this point a series of emails began, written each time by a different referent, which opened a "ticket" asking me to fill in other documents without which my account would not have been fully verified, trying to deny having already checked it in December.
I have also received dozens of phone calls from various London and Liverpool numbers, but I have never responded to them.
I got informed on the internet, and I found out that maxcfd is reported as a probably fraudulent company that is not authorized by the English FCA
In addition, Maxcfd is controlled by the Chemmi Holdings Limited, another company of dubious origin outside the control circuit of the FCA.
At this point I decided to write reporting to everyone the scam I was suffering, asking for help: I reported this fraud to, and
I also have sent my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman at reporting all the details I have of the scam I was undergoing.
In every complaint I always attached copies of my bank transfer and the emails I exchanged with the various characters involved.
I warned Maxcfd to have forwarded my official complaints, writing every time to all the email addresses available to me ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]).
I spoke or exchanged emails with Lena Davis, Steve Lewis, Jessica Black, Dennis Crow, Sandra Bukowski, Grace Paul, James Xavier, Stephy Williams.
I also contacted a law firm (UK) to find out if there were any conditions for a complaint against Maxcfd \ Chemmi Holdings, and there obviously are.
Finally, on March 21th, after tens of emails, Worldcrearing has finally credited my money to my bank account, my nightmare is over!
My advice is this: make all the official complaints, write to all the addresses you have every time and every day, remember also that you are willing to take legal action against not only the Maxcfd, but also the individual advisors with whom you speak or write, keep a copy of every email or record phone calls in which you are blackmailed, and don't be discouraged at the first waste, I took a month to get my money back.
Turn this information on threads, I will copy this answer where I can.
I wish you to recover your money and I hope I have been able to help you.
Good luck!

Dandymas 03/23/2018

Withdrawal - to file a formal complaint against Maxcfd?

I deposited USD 750 and place two trades however; immediately requested the refund of bal USD 727 and have been chasing them for refund for 3 months now with no luck. In addition they keep charging USD 50 per month as inactivity fees. I understand that this is unregulated however; is there any way to file a formal complaint against Maxcfd?

Seetal 03/20/2018

MAX CFD Scam - Please dont invest

I just put money in Max cfd ( SBI and AXIS bank) at same time i put money on GEOJIT INDIA ( SBI And Axis Bank ) in max cfd i lost my money is saying ur trading value is 0. its a big dump . Please dont invest any money in this trading they are cheaters . i did mistake and i lost my money . dont do any one one same mistake its a humble request.



Mineesh 03/12/2018

nor me or anyone else is able to withdraw from maxcfd

ive been trying to get my money back from these guys for ages now they phoned me just after i lost my job i thought it to be a good idea for making extra money till i get a new job then after speaking to them on the phone we ended our conversation just to fund that they cleaned out my bank account not at all doing what i so specifically instructed them to do, now im without money the bank wants to recollect my car all because i couldnt make payments due to maxcfd this is becoming really personal they ignore mh emails and havnt seen my money since im still very trying to get my money ive said that i will write reviews on their poor service it does not threaten them in anyway this is a company that is not afraid of a bad reputation and believe this fact will be used oneday they refuse to give back your money just like me im not at all going to give up been trying for 4 months now to withdraw my money its an ongoing battle with these guys if you value your time and dont want unnecessary challenges DO NOT MAKE USE OF MAXCFD i believe that there is a growing scam of sorts in this company

JeanPierre 03/12/2018

I feel scammed

A really friendly broker Markus Meier convinced me that MAX CDF was a genuine platform to invest for the guy that had limited funds, you know hard working all his life and just looking to do something with a bit of spare cash.

I put in Euro 10,000.00 and for a week or so the balance increased. Then I got the phone call from the broker Markus Meier telling my I had been privileged to be in a trading group normally reserved for investor of Euro 250,000.00 and more and if I wished to continue I would have to invest more, but not to worry as there was another investor who would come in with me so only Euro 125,000.00 extra to put in. When I explained that I could not raise that amount the broker changed his tone completely and started talking about contracts etc. After the phone call I logged in to my account only to find six trades losing heavily and my fund reduced by 10,000.00 euro +. I wish I had read some of these post before as I don't expect to see any of my money returned to me. It seem they are a bunch of thieving cunts!

Russell Batty 03/12/2018

Scam - they wanted £10,000

I invested £200 with this company, I received a call saying that this was a ridiculous amount and wanted £10,000! Because nobody wanted to deal with me I withdrew my money on the same day and it went into a state of pending, It sat there for too long so I tried contacting this company but to no avail. Don't bother using there live chat because no one will answer you no matter what time of day or night. Don't bother emailing or sending a message from their site its useless. I then noticed that I was charge two amounts of $50 for a None active account. Then out of the blue one of their consultants contacted me and I told them of my position, the reply was, yes I can see your account now, I'll speak to the accounting department for you. I have attempted another withdrawal of what's left of my money and guess what, yep its in a state of pending even though it has been approved. I would advise anyone not to invest their money with this company. If you Google MaxCFD here in UK most of the headings say Scam by MaxCFD.

Michael Lee 03/10/2018

MAX CFD scam - email

Here follows an email correspondence today with MAX CFD:
Take a look at the bottom of this link! …… including the rating (top) and comments and experiences (bottom) from a high number of people that have been scammed!
My guess is that you still will insist that you are right?
I have done a few google searches, and the net is full of scam alerts!

All responses from investors concludes that “none” are able to get their money back. So prove me wrong, - and how will you refund me?


From: Sean Mueller [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, March 5, 2018 11:44 AM
Subject: Re: Meeting via VIP department _ Max CFD .

I really cant say that you are right .
you are a bit overwhelmed and i get it .
because if you will hear me out and give me a chance to talk to you . we could developed the status of getting the money back .

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 12:18 PM, bjarne wrote:
Hi Sean

Max CFD has been a sad and shocking experience; - something you have no reason to be proud of.
I wanted to test out your company and your service and guess what; - the very next day after I deposited some money on my account, someone called me from your company telling me that if I wanted to invest I needed to
transfer more money to Max CFD.
That was in my opinion a “no go” point and would not going to happen.

You guys have stolen my money, and I see no point in trying to call me or telling me that I should trust you. It is simply a scam, and you belong in a prison!


From: Sean Mueller [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, March 5, 2018 10:45 AM
Subject: Meeting via VIP department _ Max CFD .

Hi Bjrane ,
I just wanted to say I get where you coming from and i understand why you are so hard about it .
If we will listen to each other we might solve this whole thing so you can see the service you will get from me is different .
It will be vital from you to give me at least one chance .

• Sean Mueller
• Head of VIP department
• Max CFD
20-22 Wenlock Road, London,
England, N1 7GU, United Kingdom
London: +442033185138

bjarne hadland 03/05/2018

MAX CFD scam

I am fortunate enough to have Blood Relations with one of the most Ruthless Brotherhood in the UK where MAX CFD Bosses were on the Firing Line to be Taken away for Questioning, Knee-Capped is a better description. They were moving in closer when MAX CFD decided to pay me my Money. USD617.81. Thank God, because the Brotherhood would have taken anyone related to these Scumbags and it would have broken my Heart if kids were involved. Was not my intentions to hurt anyone but hey, Those that Steals from others deserves to be eliminated according to my Almanac! Happy results for me though.

Robert Rex 02/23/2018

MAXCFD are nothing but scammers!!!

Do not invest money in this company. They are not refunding my money owed to me. They only communicate by phone and use their bully boy antics to try and get you to invest nore money. They try and get you to fill out 2 forms after you have already deposited your money so once you sign those documents then it gives them the free reign to keep your money. I have not signed thise forms as I know thers game and seen other peoples warnings on another forumn. You don not need to fill out these forms for a refund though theybare claiming you do and hence they are not giving me my money back!!! Stay well clear.

Lisa burke 02/23/2018

Worst mistake I have ever made

I have been trying to get my money back since November 2017. Despite having a withdrawal in and a request to close the account they keep asking for repeats of documents which they have already been sent, to add insult to injury they then charged me in January an additional 50 because of inactivity. This company should be shut down immediately before it can hurt anyone else. I am in a very bad financial situation and desperately need my money, but they will not relinquish it, they took it very quickly but don't expect to get it back.
Please there has to be someone out there who can do something about these criminals

Diana Davey 02/20/2018

MAXCFD is a huge scam

MAXCFD are criminals and operate a huge SCAM. After initially joining the trial period with $6K the results were excellent however I questioned how I access the funds which had grown to almost $10K in 4 weeks. This was difficult so I requested my original $6K back before investing further, to see if the return of funds to my account actually worked. It did, but now they refuse to pay my "profit" saying I needed to pay another $50K to be eligible. Yeh Right!! Another support person, Leoh, lied and said the "profit" had been processed and I would receive funds in 2-3 days. Lies!! If this is not criminal and a SCAM then I don't know what is. DO NOT invest with these people! Kristin Johanson was the broker and I will keep posting everyday on review sites until they honor the payment.

nic 02/20/2018


I want my money back, 250usd

Håkan malmgren 02/17/2018

250 cash

i want my money back and have had no replay from them and i would like them to speak to them

julie helliwell 02/13/2018


Just want to get more money from you. dont be fooled they trick you into making more deposits. i tried to do a withdrawal since november 2017 and nothing yet. Then they charge you fees and they say its the system.STAY AWAY from these SCAMMERS. youll never see your money again!

clive 02/09/2018

Trust destroyed

The Customer Service Manager if this firm promised me that he could trade in crypto currencies that would make a swift return - with a few days. He argued that this would give me confidence. He recommended 'Ripple'. Within a few days he had lost me 22% of my account. I queried this and was told over the phone that unfortunately the market loved against sooner than expected and against the recent trend. I accepted that and the caller (an assistant to the Customer Service Manager) and I agreed that no further trades would be posted until the market recovered. A week or two later I checked my account and the losses had risen to over 53% of my account. There were no further trades showing on my account at all. I asked for my funds (the total of what I had deposited) to be refunded. I have heard no more!!!!

Michael G Winwood 02/08/2018


Absolute bu sh t. They take whatever they feel like out of your account.
you cant get your money back even if you haven't used the account.
Closed mine after 6 mins due to too much taken out of my account in the first place. Don't answer calls or email. AVOID LIKE THE PLAUGE


Neal 02/08/2018

MaxCFD Withdrawal Scam

Same story as everyone else. Lots of phone calls from a broker (in my case Jeff Simms) to get me to invest into a premium account. I have been trying to withdraw my money for 2 months now and I am still getting repetitive stalling emails about KYC documents and esign agreements. I think the support staff names are fictitious and the emails are auto generated. Hopeless and frustrating. I am mad at myself for failing for the scam but they were very convincing in the beginning!!!!!
I am trying to get the initial deposits back from my credit card company as its clearly fraud, so far no luck. looks like I stand to lose 5000 EUR.

Graham 02/06/2018

MAXCFD withdrawal

Do not invest with this company. They make it impossible to get your many back

gerry 02/02/2018

Absolute Scam

I have put in a request to withdraw my money from this bunch of liars and firstly had to jump through so many hoops to make them "happy" and have my account verified.....then got email to say it has been verified and now NO Response on emails and no money paid out!!!

Helga Bauermeister 01/31/2018


Re: Withdrawal and close Account
To [email protected]
Quick replyReply AllForwardDeleteActions
Hi Robert Rex,

Thank you for getting back to us.

Please note that we are unaware of the reason for the delay of your withdrawal request, and we are currently awaiting a proper feedback so we may be able to get back to you with an accurate response.

I will be sure to forward your email to the department responsible, so that they may do the necessary.

Kind regards,

Support Executive


...On Tue, 30 Jan at 4:43 AM , Robert Rex wrote: Hi, I have canceled my previous withdrawal from my Investigating Company's Advise and rescheduled for a full withdrawal of all my Money USD617.82. This was on Friday 26 January 2018 and with seven working Days, I would be expe…

Robertrex 01/31/2018

Cancellation and refund

On several occasions I have requested to be refunded after I have decided I have been SCAMED and cannot afford to my HARD EARNED MONEY - I TRUSTED MaxCFD and only to find I have been HACKED AND SCAMMED - I M IN DESPERATE NEED OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY. I have been sent from pillar to post by a number of individuals who claimed to be employed by MAXCFD and have made several delays of which I can notice that the DELAY is intentional to confuse and frustrate me until my email address was hacked and all communac was broken until this date.

Ntonga 01/30/2018

MaxCFD scam

Max CFD are purely scammers. Their strategy is to keep your money for ever. Always very kind at the beginning to catch the maximum of money from you afterwards they introduce bonus which will block you. As soon you ask for a payout, you start to realize how they act. You see on your withdrawal status "pending" and even you call them or email them gradually it is impossible to talk to somebody, you will get no answer at all...This is the way theey act so be careful :-)

vincent Lucas 01/27/2018

MAX CFD withdrawal

13 working days today, 6 working days according to the withdrawal time frame.

Robert Rex 01/23/2018

Still waiting for my Pending Withdrawl from MAX CFD SCAM

Hi continuing my last post 01/16/2018, my question is, why is this Company allowed to operate and rip people off their hard earned money. Where is the Law in the UK? Surely Defrauding, False advertising, or there's gotta be a Law to protect the Vulnerable like me from Thieves like MAX CFD. Can someone shed some light?

Robert Rex 01/22/2018

Investment ScM with MaxCFD

my experience with MaxCFD is very similar to others who have been scammed by MaxCFD. On October 19, 2017 I saw an article/ad on Facebook about investing in bitcoins so I sent back a form saying that I was interested. Within minutes I was contacted by Robert Hunter. This was the beginning of a "bad cop/good cop" script/scenario. Hunter (who seemed to change his name in subsequent calls) was the "bad cop" ...rude, pushy, intimidating, almost threatening, even suggesting that I not discuss this with my wife...not wanting me to think too much about this decision. He said that I had three choices as to the amount to invest...$250, $500, $1000. Under pressure I did agree to $250 which I paid with my credit card. Not long after talking with Hunter I was cLled by Alejandro la Vega...the "good cop" whom I complained about the attitude and treatment by Hunter. In time I noticed that my "investment" had increased in value so I decided to try tom withdraw my money in total. Alejandro explained about all the extensive paperwork that I needed to fill out to get my money. In a state of confusion about this issue Alejandro suggested that he/they could manage my money and invest it further. What would that require I asked...more paper work of course. He emailed me an agreement form which in essence gave MaxCFD power of attorney to deal with my money as they chose. I noticed that the agreement form was poorly worded, misspellings and poorly laid out....not at all professional. Then I began to realize that something was not I did the research on MaxCFD that I should have done in the first place. Not good news...SCAM company!!! Now what to do?? First report MaxCFD to FCA in the UK....then what???

Wilhelmus Wennekes. 22/01/2018

Wilhelmus Wennekes 01/22/2018

Beware of MaxCFD. They are scam

What else can I add to the previous comments? My case is exactly the same. I put a lot of money in the account without searching before for any information about the company, big mistake. I dealed first with Chris Rose, then he dissapeared and Robert Myers showed up telling me that Chris was a bad broker and that the company fired him, that he promised to take care of my money but that I needed to invest 20000 USD more to get access to the premium account with full insurance for any loses. Fortunately I started to think that something very wrong was going on with this traders and told him I wanted my money back. Then he cut the conversation. I didn´t even try to officially withdraw my money but for what I am reading from you guys, looks like my investment is gone. Why don´t we make a group to report this to the police or someone who can help us to get our money back?

Fernando Ruiz 01/22/2018

This is scam company

I have joined and made Us$500 deposit
Ask them withdraw my money over a month ago
They are not doing traction to my account and I think they try steal money from everyone who put money in this company.
I want to find a way that this company’s owner and whoever involved this crime bring them to prison.
Whoever know how to deal with this situation let me know
I will fight them till end.
I don’t care about my money any more..

Sukjin chang 01/21/2018

MaxCFD Scam - trying to make a withdrawal

Funny how all the reviews listed here sounds very similar to what I am experiencing with this Company MAX CFD. From last December 2017, I have been trying to make a withdrawal of USD500 from my account and all that I get so far is first, excuses, the first attempt canceled due to lack of KYC documents of which I have re-sent and since 05 January 2018, I was told to fill in another withdrawal and up till now, still in the Pending Basket, I've sent several emails but have fallen on death Ears everyone in Customer Support including the Two Brokers One Person two different names, first was Steve Lewis and then Ron Thompson have all gone to Ground and haven't answered my Emails. Surely, there is a Watch Dog out there who would investigate Parasite Companies like these and bring them to Justice! Please Help.

Robert Rex 01/16/2018

Max Scam

MaxCFD is a SCAM.Do not go near them. You can never get to withdraw your money.

Robert Haddad 01/12/2018

Share Scam

this company who has a broker named ROBERT MYERS have taken $4000.usd
From my account and stated that I had LOST it then stopped comtacting
me I have continually Told them to cancel my account with them and refund my cash this has fallen DEAF ears I have made a complaint to them but this does not get past the receptionist I feel that they blanking me out hoping
I will go away?

George Barnett 12/15/2017

no payout

Very bad trader support! Quick to take your money and no payout to date.
Traders were quick to call and ask for more investment (which I thankfully did not do) and now that I have requested a payout and account closure..,nothing!

natasha botha 12/14/2017

Failure to refund investment

I invested a small amount of money with this company. The money was deposited into a holding fund. After further investigation into such sites as Scam broker I found that a number of people could not draw their money from the company. I immediately requested the funds be returned to me. So far I have not been successful in getting my money back.

Andrew Taylor Fairweather 12/12/2017

Struggle to withdraw my money from MAXCFD

MAXCFD is a scam I'm struggling more than a month now to withdraw my money.
They are full of excuses!

I really hope there is someone that can assist me to get my money back!

Elsabe 12/07/2017

MAXCFD is a total SCAM

MAXCDF is a total SCAM. I placed a deposit with them to buy a bitcoin; putting in US$4000. The deposit was done within an hour. I realised that i may have made a mistake and wanted to reverse the deposit, which could not be made as it is via credit cards. After searching the web and asking the broker who contacted me, I realised it is a derivatives trading platform which I do not know to work on. I got calls from the broker to "trade"; which I tried. During the calls and skypes, I was asked to put more deposits despite having US$4k in the account. After a month or so, on 29 Sep 17, I executed a payout order to get back my balance (which is now down to US$3.8K). I have sent various emails and I have not been able to get to the customer service since that day to get my deposits back. Its been more than 2 months. The standard response is that they will look into it. In between, i got calls from other brokers to put in more deposits; no mention about my request order for payout.
I am surprised that UK allowed such company to be opened and to take deposits from ignorant consumers. I only know that there are many people in the same position as me. Effectively, they have cheated my money.
I have also sent the letters to the company and to the holding company (Chemmi); which is not operating from the address as stated in their web. So, everything that was said in this review is the same as all other reviews made by others.

Teo Chor 12/05/2017

maxcfd is scam

Maxcfd is scam. I requested how many times to payback my investment money without success.
In short - stay away from maxcfd, you not gone get your money back!!!

ACCOUNT: 2110911

Johannes Meyer 12/05/2017

MaxCFD (BinaryTilt) the modern day crime organization.

Like many of the reviews posted here, I too have lost money. In my case it's 'only' $250, and I too have been attempting to get my money back without success. I have even tried going through my bank to reverse the transaction (on the basis of fraud). The claim failed on the basis that I was fully aware of the T&Cs when making the transaction and had submitted the required ID documentation. MaxCFD aka BinaryTilt, took the trouble to submit a 10 page report back to my bank refuting the claim.... it was well structured and accurate. Of course no mention was made in the report of the numerous refund requests I have made to them.

Conclusion; beware, you are dealing with professional swindlers who know exactly how the banking systems work... and how to rob people of money without being caught. Quite remarkable. Even if I wanted to pursue a civil action against them, I am willing to bet they do not operate out of their registered address: Chemmi Holdings Limited, 47 Churchfield Road, London, England, W3 6AY – Company number: 9870892. A quick search on Google Maps (streetview) shows a company "Multitops Accountants". Who knows where they really are located....

Simon 11/24/2017

MAX CFD is not releasing my Money

I had paid using Credit Card and when I wanted to withdraw part of the money ( Euro 4000 against a deposit of Euro 11250 deposited by me against which they had put a fictitious Bonus of 12750) they are now saying that I have to complete Transactions to the tune of 40 times the Bonus Amount ( website says only 30 times) though I have not signed any such condition nor did they ask for while joining .

Kindly help me to get back my money

Thanks so much

You can file a chargeback with your bank.

Anil Kumar Pillai 11/24/2017

MaxCFD is a SCAM! Stay Away!

I also got the whole bullish talk form Chris Rose the so called "Senior Account Manager" at MaxCFD. I deposited $20,000 with them and the next day realised they are one big SCAM.

Just like with everybody else Chris Rose does not answer phone calls, his head of the finance department Robert Klien is also a fake and the so called customer service department sends the same e-mail saying you will get a reply in 24 hours .... My story started on 16th October.

As far as I am concerned, Chris Rose is not Chris Rose, Robert Klein probably changes his name on a daily basis and I would go so far as to say the trading platform is also a fake.... You are basically chasing a ghost if you give these scammers your money! I am amazed they have not yet been shut down.

And my guess is that none of these brokers have ever been to London in their lives before - they could be anywhere.

Stay Away !!!!!

Marilyn 11/20/2017

Don't use maxcfd

I've had endless crap with Maxcfd. The consultant that I spoke to was Jonathan Anderson, he convinced me that I should try them for 7days and if I'm not happy I could close my account and go on my marry way. He gave me a bonus, this was the trick, according to their terms and conditions you need to do 30 trades per dollar before you are entitled to your money. With a 250usd bonus that works out to 7500 trades, and if you do 3 trades a minute for 8 hours a day it will only you more than 5 days just to be able to draw your money, nevermind the bonus.

They don't contact you after they have your money, they don't reply to emails.
Stay the fuck away from these guys.

Hannes 11/17/2017


they immediately called me after having registered.
the guy introduced himself as my personal broker and asked me lot of personal details to be able to establish a financial plan.
when I said this is not the form of investment I thought it would be and its not fitting for my needs he suggested to close my account.
since then I try to get back my money (already for 6 weeks), seems they´re just messing with me these a....
also found out that they tried to take some money from my creditcard without my approval.
so for me its definitely SCAM what these bastards do.
if you wanna just lose money like in the casino you can invest, if youre looking for a serious broker: forget it!

Peter 11/08/2017


MAC OFF is a complete scam. They do not return your money. Nothing. Beware if you invest money with these crooks you will never see it again. You have been warned.

Henry baker 11/06/2017

Definatly MaxCFD is a SCAM

Reading the complaints I also find my situation to be the same as "Wayne" I have just sent off my 7th email to them regarding my pending withdrawal and of course I receive at (Ticket). When I first registered my interest, I would have received numerous phone calls from them promising me a monthly return between $3000.00 to $4000.00 for as little as $250.00 US. Once I started trading on Bitcoin, all I saw was I instantly lost $40.00 US and never gained at the stroke of Midnight (their time) when it was all over.
I strongly believe that the should be closed down to prevent others losing too so I've decided to create a SCAM file and upload it on social media.

Ross DeBlasiis 11/04/2017

Maxcfd Not returning Funds

I have been trying to withdraw funds form them now since the 18th of September and everytime I e mail I get a reply with a ticket number stating someone will contact me within 24 hours. I now have 12 ticeks numbers allocated to my enquiry and have received, not one phone call.

So do you think they are legitimate business ?



Wayne McGrath 11/02/2017

They don't pay me

I am a new client with Binary tilt and MaxCFD and I want to get my money back, but they only ask me for my doc's that I send them several times. NO WAY
What can I do?

Angel Martin Blazquez 10/26/2017

Do not invest a penny with MAXCFD - SCAM!!!

I am writing this complaining about a company called MAXCFD, an unregistered trading platform company based out of London.

I was stupid enough to deposit with this company (without doing any due diligence) at first with a very small amount $500 and traded a little Crypto Currency for a few days. Without knowing their platform too much, it appears their trading positions stop trading,
regardless of your position at midnight GMT. Although I am a British Citizen, I live outside of the UK. When I noticed this, I called the support desk, which states is 24 hours a day, but is clearly not and is manned by people who know
very little about the product. I was told I would be contacted by a broker/analyst who will explain the situation.

The analyst called me the next day (Chris Rose ([email protected]) and was extremely “bullish” in his sale of the company profile, what they did and how much money they would make me. They wanted me to invest another $5,000.00 with them based on this information. Although I was not prepared to do this and stood my ground, the analyst stated he would put in $2,000.00 if I put in another $3,000.00, siting it was easier and better to make money with this amount of funding. Again, stupidly enough, I deposited the amount, with very little understanding and knowledge of the information on the Internet about how this company not only loses customers funds, but scams and defrauds people out of their funds.

After a few days of research I decided to contact the company and request a withdrawal. I was sent a document to complete for KYC purposes, which I passed (I have the email as proof). The analyst then started to call me and ask why I wanted to close the account and hounding me for more time to make trades and he will help me every step of the way. All I said was that “I wanted to have my payout and close the account”. At this time the analyst started getting very rude and abrupt with me stating that it was not possible that I had to turnover or trade at least 40-60 of my deposit before I was allowed to request a payout (This is by no means normal trading practice) – None of this is in any T’s and C’s on the site at all. I was given 2 options to payout 2, both options that I do not have, Skrill and a CC/DC that I funded with. I did not fund using a CC/DC, so I am unable to request funds back to either of these.

All this has been going on since early October, 2017. Now, their support line, they state is 24/7, it’s not! Their support staff are meant to be in a position to assist, they are not, their telephone numbers, when trying to call,
do not work. I have been receiving calls from the analyst, however, giving the time zone differences (and countless times I’ve explained this) they keep calling between 1am-3am. When I respond to emails, there is no answer. When I try to call the numbers, there is no answer, as all calls seem to be proxied through some different location. No matter what I do now, to try and contact these people, I cannot. It appears I am in limbo with $3,500.00 stuck in an
account that I am not allowed to withdrawal.

I asked for a new account manager - He (Roger Foster ([email protected]), called me 3 times and has failed to respond to every email I have sent back.

MAXCFD is owned and operated by Chemmi Holdings Limited, Company Number 9870892. Owner is Mihaly Tamas FARKAS from Hungary.

At this stage none of my calls are being answered by the Support team nor my emails returned by the "so called" traders.

I try to call the following numbers:

+44 151 808 1427
+44 208 068 9432
+44 203 514 2693
+44 203 514 2683

All calls are either ignored, get a message stating "incoming call tested OK", then a hang up or just simply no answer.

Chris Rose ([email protected]) and Roger Foster ([email protected]) are the 2 "so called" brokers I have dealt with and now, they are not returning my emails and I cannot get hold of anyone on the support line.

All other (registered) trading apps that I have used “do not” impose these restrictions (on withdrawals) on you as a customer.

Learn from our/my mistake - These guys are scam artists, crooks, criminals and will lure you in and never get back in touch with you. It is also very likely you will not see your "investment" again.


Rob 10/26/2017

MaxCFD is a scam

I opened an account with MaxCFD and before I knew it they had conned
me into handing over $20,000.
They then quickly applied a $10,000 “bonus” and another
“2,000” to my account. I did not ask for either of them
And was not told what they were for.
They immediately got me to do two trades to test their system.
When I went to check the terms and conditions they say that for
Every $1 of bonus I had to trade 30 times!! Otherwise my
Initial investment is gone !! In my case that would be $620,000!!of trades
To be done.
Obviously I have not done another trade which basically means
They have robbed me of $20,000!!
There is apparently no way of getting my money back.
They have access to my account and appear to be able to just do what
they want !!
When I researched the company I discovered it is
Not regulated. They are purely a scam !! Be careful.
Any advice from people with similar experiences is most

Marilyn Madella 10/20/2017
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