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Markets Trading Review - is it scam or safe?

Markets Trading Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 0.5 / 8 REVIEWS Markets Trading
Markets Trading is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.



Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type

Min. deposit

Min. lot size

Max. leverage








$5 000





$25 000





$50 000




Markets Trading is a forex and CFD broker that offers the above account types. It seems that most of them offer fixed spreads and are commission free, but trading costs are not disclosed. Besides, the broker does not offer free demo accounts.



Markets Trading Advantages


High leverage levels

This is the only good thing we could say about Markets Trading – an unregulated broker that seems quite dubious, but claims to provide high leverage levels. Although leverage is a bit controversial aspect of forex trading, having the option to use high ratios is nice.


Find a better broker offering high leverage levels by clicking the link below.



>> Brokers offering at least 1:500 in leverage <<



Markets Trading Disadvantages


Not regulated, FCA warning

Markets Trading is owned and operated by Markets Trading LTD, a company registered in the UK with operational address in the Netherlands. However, the firm is not licensed by UK’s financial regulator. What is worse, the FCA has issued a warning against Markets Trading, as the broker illegally targets residents of the UK. Some companies who provide financial services in the UK without authorization run investment scams and it seems that Markets Trading might be one of them.


Lots of negative reviews

As we we did our due diligence research on Markets Trading, we found a number of negative user reviews in various forex forums and sites. Most of the people say they have been sweet-talked into depositing more and more, after which they could not reach the broker’s representatives. So, you’d better stay away from Markets Trading.


Poor presentation

The website of Markets Trading does not inform the broker’s (potentia) clients of two things of utter importance: its trading costs and the platform it uses.


The cost of trading of a forex broker is an important criterion. All decent brokers provide clear information about their spreads and commission fees, while Markets Trading has only specified the typr of spread it offers on various account types (fixed and variable).


MT4 platform not available, no demo accounts

According to the information on its website, Markets Trading offers an “innovative and user-friendly platform", but it does not say which one, and it is certainly not available for download.


Obviously, this broker does not support the industry’s standard MetaTrader 4 platform, which we always consider as a disadvantage. The MT4 is preferred by most traders due to its solid charting, built-in technical analysis indicators, wide range of automated strategies (Expert Advisors), as well as customization options. We suggest that you choose a reliable MT4 broker instead of loosing your time and money with scammers like Markets Trading.



    >> Find a good MT4 broker <<



Comparatively high initial deposit required

Markets Trading requires $250 from traders to open a Micro account. Although such minimum initial deposit is not that high, we consider it a bit too much. The reason for this is that this broker is not regulated and seems like a scam. Most likely, if you deposit with Markets Trading, you will never get your money back, let alone potential profit.





Markets Trading is forex and CFD broker whose presentation is rather poor: it does not disclose its spreads, nor the trading platform it uses. One cannot test its services, as it does not offer free demo accounts. What is worse, this broker is not regulated and appears to be one of the many companies running investment scams. The UK’s FCA has warned the public against doing business with Markets Trading, as it is not authorized to provide financial services in the UK. Besides, many clients of this broker have shared their negative experiences with this broker. That is why we strongly advise you to avoid Markets Trading and any other unregulated broker. It is better to select a forex broker licensed by a reputable authority, such as UK’s FCA, Cyprus’s CySEC or Australia’s ASIC, which impose strict rules and see to their compliance.



>>FCA-regulated forex brokers <<



Here are the strong and weak sides of Markets Trading:




High leverage levels

Not regulated, most likely a scam


Poor presentation


MT4 not available


Comparatively high initial deposit


No demo accounts


Latest news about Markets Trading
No news about Markets Trading. Check back later.
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Scammed by markets-trading Ltd

Beware of this company especially of someone using the name SOPHIE PIERCE!!!they promise the earth but you only get ripped off. You will lose your money I can guarantee that.

I tried to recover my money by taking out a CCJ but that failed as I had an email saying that Markets-Trading ltd had stopped operating in my area (UK)

sydney draper 11/28/2018

MarketsTrading scam !!!!!

Hello to you all,
I like the rest of us was taken in big time "sweet talked" into making quick and easy money
THERE IS NO SUCH THING. I run my own see business and I know how hard it is to make money.
They took me for about 8K in the end always on the NFP every month invest and we ill make you this !!!! I believed them
like the rest of us once I built up good trading balance wanted to withdrawn the 8k then I thought well havent lose haven't won put it down to life experence
then nothing I was approached by another firm who sent me a email saying they were going bankrupt then my "broker" was a South Africa called Daniel Grace he called me to stop investing as I wouldnt get my money back after I thank him for this but now is it I was just "past my sell by date and now no good for them as told them will not be depositing any more money with them
Daniel Grace told me he hasn't been paid his wages and he was told to leave that dat as well
strange situation that I find
well could of been worst
just stick to what I know best in our business and work hard least I know is honest money
take you all hope you down get slammed again

Ste Snaith 09/15/2018

Been scammed

Bottom line. All of them are foreign with 'english' names.
All are liars.
They take your money and it gets deposited in a blockchain account within Sparkasse-Koeblenz bank.
The 'platforms' they use are fake. Everything is fake. This is to keep you interested as it 'looks'as if you are being looked after and making money.
I was dealing with Michael Ivanov - claimed to be of Russian descent. My 'account' manager was a 'Sophie Pierce' definitely not of British origin. Has a thick accent. Another was Ethan Oliver. Also foreign accent. All are fake names and are criminals who live off your stolen money.
None of anyone you deal with can be trusted to put their underpants on the right way.
You will not get your money back.
There is a 'Director' probably a paid front man, named Raphael Shahar Zarmati. Address: 14 Ze'Elie. Ashdon. Israel. He's more than likely being paid to be a decoy front man and probably does not exist either.
Sparkasse is 'meant' to be a reputable bank in Germany. There is obviously someone or a group underground in their getting commissions on all stolen deposits.
They have every excuse in the world why you cannot have your own money. They are high END SCAMMERS. Do not trust them with a piece of A4 paper let alone your cash.

Bridget Kitley 09/01/2018

Login Problem

I cannot log in anymore as the website does not have that option and say that trade stopped in my region, this problem started when I tried to withdrew some of my funds. I don't understand where my money is now and how to get it.

Sulene Höll 07/25/2018

My money seems lost

I have been sweet-talked by Markets Trading to deposit money. The representative called me daily to get me to invest more money. I tried to withdraw my money and have been waiting for almost 5 months and still have not received anything back. I cannot reach my account manager at all and he does not respond to any of my messages. I would recommend that you stay away from Markets Trading as this seems to be a big SCAM!

Jan van der Westhuizen 07/06/2018

Highway robbers

Deposited £250 they tried to get me to deposit all my savings account which luckily Halifax blocked now they will not give me my money back or answer my emails robbing basterds

S Cowperthwaite 07/04/2018

MarketsTrading lure you in - and once they have your money - you can kiss it goodbye!

They also got me to invest the initial $250. Within the same call the account manager persuaded me to move every last cent I had into the account as to create a big "margin". I was promised that my money will not be touched and I would have it back by that Monday. When I wanted to withdraw my money I have put in, the trader, without authorisation, opened new positions which ran into huge minuses. The more I told them that I did not authorise these transactions, the more they told me it is with the "finance office". Currently there is $50 left in that account, which I cannot withdraw, as the platform does not allow me - as requires a minimum of $100 to withdraw.
I have spoken on a daily basis to their "chat room consultants", who blatantly avoids direct answers, can not provide me with real names and made one empty promise after the other.

My "chat from today":
Nicholas - I see you are back from tea again.
Inna rudely transferred me - as she was not liking what I was saying.
I've been told "the nearest time", "before the end of the day" multiple times. None of this has materialised.
What do I believe?
I get no straight answers - and your company took my money - and nobody there is even making an attempt to fix it - just feeding me stories to wait and wait some more.
It is difficult to keep on believing in the integrity of reputability of this company.
It is becoming more and more clear that my money has been "stolen" from me.
Nicholas - I spoke to you yesterday - I told you I trust you to solve this for me. I believed you had integrity and as a human being that has some good in you - hear my plight.
Yet - nothing.
Today you don't even answer me to acknowledge my plea.
Inna told me to withdraw my little $50.54 - which I can't even do - because it states that the withdrawal minimum is a $100. I want all my money back!!!!
Please show some integrity - or do you feel happy that someone in Africa is sitting with all his money taken? As a normal person - you must FEEL and KNOW that is wrong. It is only a person with a disorder that does not have human emotion and the VALUES and MORALS to respect another person's dignity.
When you sleep tonight - does it make you happy to know you have broken someone?
Now I am just being ignored?

Stay away from them - they fooled me - and it costed me dearly.

Izak 06/05/2018

Markets Trading - Do not be fooled by this company

I initially invested $250 in Market Trading and over the course of a week made another $250. I got a phone call each night from a very helpful agent who helped me invest in the right places. I was soon $1000 up! I thought: 'Awesome!"

I then read the reviews on this website. I expressed my concerns with Market Trading who promptly assured me that the people who post negative reviews are just a bunch of whiners who probably tried to initiate trades on their own and lost all their money. After all, their 70,000 happy customers couldn't all be wrong. Just keep investing, they told me. If I could deposit another $1000 I could soon be earning big money.

I then tried to WITHDRAW some money and things got VERY interesting. The first thing you need to know when withdrawing money is that the request has to be sanctioned by your agent. If you think this sounds like begging for your own money, this is because it IS begging for your own money. I received a call from my agent asking what the emergency was and why did I need to withdraw my money so urgently? Yes, you read that correctly. Anyway, I played along and said that I was just testing the system and reluctantly the withdrawal request was agreed. A week later: nothing! I tried to contact my agent, but he was unavailable. I tried talking to the live chat helpline - these guys are total morons (think Parrot Sketch in Monty Python) - but they simply lied and told me the payment was being processed. I had zero hope of ever getting my money back, but then tried one last thing. I emailed my agent and told him I had $2000 which I was mad keen to invest, but the only thing holding me back was my concern over the length of time it seemed to take to make a withdrawal. I got a call back that day from the agent, who lo and behold had 'discovered' that my previous withdrawal request had been accidentally cancelled. The next day I received my money. Almost immediately my agent called asking when he could expect the $2000 deposit. I explained this would be shortly after hell froze over.

The next day an unauthorized trade was initiated on my account and the money that I had left was wiped out! I feel lucky that I at least received back most of my investment. Others are not so lucky. Market Traders are nothing short of criminals. I have no idea how they are allowed to trade and consistently steal money from innocent people.

John Fizz 05/24/2018
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