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Markets Cube Review - is it scam or safe?

Markets Cube Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 16 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Markets Cube
Markets Cube is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


 Trading Accounts & Conditions 


Account type Minimum deposit  Maximum leverage Minimum trade size Spread


<$5,000 Unspecified 0.01 lots Target of 2.5 pips
Gold $5,000 Unspecified 0.10 lots Target of 1.5 pips
Platinum $20,000 Unspecified 0.20 lots Target of 1.0 pips
Mega $50,000 Unspecified 0.50 lots Target of 0.5 pips
ECN $50,000 Unspecified 0.01-0.2 lots Target of 0.1 + 8pt. Per lot*

*this is the way conditions are presented by the broker. While there are multiple ways to interpret “pt.” we aren’t certain which one is applied.


Markets Cube is a forex and CFD broker, offering multiple account types, with very different conditions, based on one’s initial investment. Regardless of you believe this policy is fair or not, there are even more troubling things about this company. Read on to see our opinion.


Markets Cube Advantages


Trading with the Sirix web terminal

Markets Cube allows you to trade with the web version of Sirix. This is a platform, which we are generally positive about, although a few others may be considered as better. The charts offered by Sirix are nice, but the key selling point of this package is the emphasis on social trading. The right-hand side column is dedicated to a stream of deals, made by others, who you can chose to copy in the future. Here is how it looks:


The Sirix terminal, offered by Markets Cube

>>Want to trade with and even better platform?<<


Decent number of CFDs

The assets provided at Markets Cube are forex pairs, commodities, indices and stocks. While we have seen much broader offers, this variety will satisfy most traders.


Skrill and Yandex supported

The payment options at Markets Cube include Bank Transfersm Credit Cards, Skrill, Yandex and Qiwi. This lineup targets mostly Russian clients, but some of the options are globally popular.


Markets Cube Disadvantages


Offshore broker, no financial oversight

Markets Cube is owned by Prisma Global LTD., a company registered on the Marshal Islands. They don’t claim to be affiliated with a regulatory agency, which is even more worrying. Trading with such a broker carries counterparty risk.


Only the top clients get tight spreads 

This broker doesn’t mention a minimum deposit, but traders are divided into several groups, based on the size of their accounts. This “steps” between the different levels are rather high, while the trading conditions improve drastically. We would consider a 1.5 pip spread on the major currency pairs average, so one will basically have to deposit at least $5,000 in order to get decent costs of trading with Markets Cube. 


>>Real-time spread comparison<<


Bonus offer comes with a catch

Other than the substantially tighter spreads, bigger clients at Markets Cube will get a bigger deposit bonus. We don’t put this in the advantages section, due to the terms involved with the offer. As the “Terms and Conditions” on this broker’s website state: 


“4.3 The bonus will become withdrawable subject to the execution of 1 traded Lot per5$ out of the bonus.”


A lot (presuming they are referring to the standard MT4 lot of 100,000 currency units) per every $5 sounds insane. That being said, this is only applied to the bonus amount and not the full investment, so experienced traders may see this as an okay offer. Still, a lot of newcomers (who don’t go through the client agreement) may be “trapped” by this clause.


Minimum deposit and leverage not specified

Markets Cube has a very good presentation for an offshore, unregulated company. Still these two factors, which are somewhat important aren’t mentioned.




Markets Cube is an unregulated, offshore broker, which doesn't offer a square deal. Spreads are only decent for the high-end clients and the bonus offer may catch some off-guard. These factors far outweigh the positives we managed to find.


We always try to educate traders about the importance of financial regulation. When dealing with an unregulated broker you only take their word as a guarantee for your investment. This is the reason, why most countries have some financial regulatory agency. In the United Kingdom this is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


>>Compare FCA-regulated brokers here<<


All brokers under their watchful eye must comply with a lot of rules. They feature frequent reporting of client activity, following an order execution policy and complicated procedures to guarantee the security of clients’ funds. The latter group includes segregated accounts (keeping trader’s money in separate bank accounts from the firm’s) and participation in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This is mechanism which will pay back clients in case heir broker becomes insolvent, up to £50,000.


Here are the key advantages and disadvantages of this broker one more time:


Pros Cons
Trading with the Sirix web terminal Offshore broker, no financial oversight
Decent number of CFDs Only the top clients get tight spreads
Skrill and Yandex supported Bonus offer comes with a catch
  Minimum deposit and leverage not specified



Latest news about Markets Cube
No news about Markets Cube. Check back later.
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Customer service










Call to defrauded investors

Dear all, please rest assured that this fake broker is a pure and even not so elaborate scam.
Damaged individuals are welcome to contact Fintelegram, a financial intelligence group that deals heavily with many online scams such as this one. Also be warned of many attempts to lure online trading victims to 'recovery' of their funds, as it is usually just another scam. Sadly, many of them are just an extention of a rip-off broker.
Fintelegram has the necessary information and its European Funds Recovery Initiative can assist in getting your money back. Also, we aim for much more, public alerts and exposing relevant fraud parties.

Mac 10/05/2019

To recover my investment

I happen to be an investor with Market Cube with all necessary information needed. I have been trading with you for the past 8 months without taking or withdrawing any profit. Am not rich but rather from a poor African country. Your brokers from Gabriel a NIGERIAN and Miss. Oliver persuade to invest in that I would make good returns, being poor and an African given me assurance.

I invested EUR 1830.00 bye selling my wife's gold necklace and borrowed money as SEAN SIMPSON was forcing me to add more funds.

I can't imagine what is happening, Sean Simson left to pass me to Gary Mason and to Susan Hunt and I am left without a call or advise to my account as it's at risk. No one from Market Cube is calling me to help. I am losing EUR 1,830.00 which is big money to me. Are you a FRAUD company to cheat the poor and ignorance people from third world country's

Am waiting for your response.

Thank You.

Samuel Alabi Damianus Akwensinie.

Samuel Damianus 09/04/2019

Markets Cube Estafa

Hola a todos, soy Pedro, y estos hijos de p…. me limpiaron más de 34.500 € en sólo 2 meses. Cuando vieron que ya no iba a meter más dinero, me dejaron la cuenta a 0 en sólo unas horas.

Yo ya los denuncié y os animo a todos que lo hagáis. La Policía, y los abogados nos dicen que son parte de una trama, que utilizan muchísimas páginas de inversión diferentes para estafar (Cuando la gente ya empieza a quejarse de una, empiezan co la siguiente y así.), y que una persona sola no puede hacer mucho pero si nos juntamos si. Es increíble que se les permita hacer esto, y si no nos unimos van a seguir estafando a la gente.

Ya hay abiertas investigaciones de la Policía Nacional, y parte de las empresas que hay detrás son: Prisma Global LTD, PayOpt Services LTD, Trade 24 Global Ltd y Markets Cube Global Ltd
Además ahora parecen operar con otra que se llama TRIO SOLUTIONS LTD, registrada en Bulgaria en la calle Petur Parchevhnº 20 aunque a uno de los afectados con el que hablo, dice que tienen otra calle en Bulgaria que incluso se la enseñaron.

MarketsCube, tiene el nº licencia CYSEC 092/08, y esto nos dicen que es muy importante porque si nos juntamos y demostramos que es una estafa, este organismo tiene la obligación de pagar hasta 20.000 a cada víctima si se demuestra que es una estafa.

Un amigo mio es informático y también tiene las direcciones ip desde donde me mandaban los correos,

Saludos y suerte!

Translated by Google:

Hello everyone, I'm Pedro, and these children of p…. I was cleaned more than € 34,500 in just 2 months. When they saw that I was not going to put more money, they left the account at 0 in just a few hours.

I already reported them and I encourage everyone to do it. The Police, and the lawyers tell us that they are part of a plot, that they use many different investment pages to scam (When people already start complaining about one, they start with the next and so on.), And that a single person does not You can do a lot but if we get together yes. It is amazing that they are allowed to do this, and if we don't join together they will continue to scam people.

There are already open investigations by the National Police, and part of the companies behind them are: Prisma Global LTD, PayOpt Services LTD, Trade 24 Global Ltd and Markets Cube Global Ltd
In addition, they now seem to operate with another one called TRIO SOLUTIONS LTD, registered in Bulgaria on Petur Parchevhn Street, 20 although one of those affected with whom I speak, says they have another street in Bulgaria that was even shown.

MarketsCube, has the license number CYSEC 092/08, and this tells us that it is very important because if we get together and prove that it is a scam, this agency has the obligation to pay up to 20,000 to each victim if it is proven to be a scam.

A friend of mine is a computer and also has the IP addresses from where they sent me the emails,

Greetings and luck!

Pedro 08/28/2019

Market's Cube Confidential information

Hello to all the scamed people in this forum. In case you have been scamed by Market's Cube feel free to go to their door with police and ask them for your money back.
They are located in
Metro, bulevard "Knyaginya Maria Luiza" 2, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria 3rd floor with restricted access

keanu reeves 07/09/2019


I invested £20,000 last year with pierce lockhart he was putting it in to a business account so we could trade on amazon but he didn't so
he got another so called expert trader to trade in currencies but it didn't pay off, im asking for my investment back as he miss old me the investment

richard hoult 06/05/2019

Very Persistant

I went on to this website to check as I have been called hundreds of times.
I block and then another number comes up
I dont really trust what they offer - all dreams

Herminia Maria Andrade Rodrigues 05/23/2019

The story of Markets Cube

You receive a call. A lovely lady yes start with steps You say no interest because I have been scammed once for 250 euros by Broker 66. Niiot heard more about it.

He says: market cube recovers the money. It still has to come back. You believe it yourself.

Deposit 220 euros 250 dollars and participate. because within a few months you have guaranteed 2 / 3000euro profit. I strap in again. Market comes across as trusted.

Then it appears during trading that I can only participate in trading money. I strike if the number is taught to me green. I trade on the basis of a trader. My English is not that good, so I don't understand half, but the trader says. "everything will be fine ". I believe him, after more than 4 months I see 220 euros compared to what I had bet that I am now standing at 440 euros in balance, nothing lost. : Well done ", my trader says. You do fantastic things. However, to my question where the promised profit remains, he still owes the answer. Yes invest more Ruud. really not. It doesn't make sense.

He asks more euros to bet, preferably 1000 euros. "Yes, because then you make big leaps", is his answer.

I doubt. 4 months and just 200 profits, I thought. But forget it. It is not a profit, it is nothing. NOTHING AT ALL.

If I listen to my trader, I can't do anything with that 220 euro. It is a bait to join. Only if you have more money can you make a profit. but I don't believe it. I'm going to stop.

Market wants more and more money, but wants to make a profit with my 220 euros .... Ho!

She cannot deliver on what Market promised.

Gives false information and false hope. English would not be a stumbling block, but it is. None of this makes Market Cube a reality.

I will therefore no longer respond to telephones, letters, or whatever. All information goes directly to the consumer association, which has started a large counter-discount with many Dutch people who deposit and keep making no profit or hear nothing anymore. Your talks were wonderful but, “YOU, I said. You have not yet achieved 1 cent of what you promised us participants. Yes, make 250 euros poorer per poorer and make you richer smiling.

What a mentality.

Due to non-compliance with the promised profit of 2/3000, by depositing 250euro, I am scoring

Market among the brokers such as, Broker 66 and Bitcon etc. among the criminal organizations

Market comes to the consumer association in the list of internet scammers who promise a lot but do not deliver. Their game is take people 220 euros off so-called let them play, they promise golden mountains, but give them lead in advance. Lost money in advance

A good faith man who no longer trusts anyone on the internet.


Ruud Rouwhorst 04/30/2019

Constant harrasmnet from call centre

They just wont leave you alone!

I've had 5 phone calls in the last 24 hours and you just cant get them to go away. If you block the public numbers they switch to with-held numbers.

Talk about harassment

Chris 04/26/2019

I lost my money

Markets cube looting people.

Mohammad khan 04/19/2019


I started a 6 months ago, the last time I was working with the '' broker '' George Freeman. He gave me bunch of false advises and was extremely unprofessional. I am so disappointed from that company. Do no trust them.

Ana 04/18/2019

I will not recommend any to this company

Well, i went in with some 14.400 euros.
In a month my account was 39.000 euros.
And where is the moment the shit hit the fan...
They make all kind of problem to pay you some mone back...
I will not recommend any to this company

Henning Jensen 03/21/2019


This company is a scam. They wont give my money back...

Ana Rita Vilar Gomes 02/28/2019

Scammed by Markets Cube

This company is a scam, we have lost all our old age savings since January 2019 €50.000.00 by very persuasive and aggressive traders who persuaded me to transfer €50.000.00 in 4 weeks when I tried to transfer back to my English account was told I could not,

Michael Hildebrand 02/14/2019

MarketsCube - run away!

I was scammed by this site. They contacted me and I was lured into investing 250$ via PayPal... But there is nothing to invest in reality, despite fancy graphs and all the nice scenes and design that make you think is something... They (more people, also your personal "know how" coach)are talking and persuading to invest more and more money (I deposited additional 3000eur via bank wire) and it was still not enough, they wanted more and more in very aggressive way(they proposed credit, mentioned february action, great opportunities, serious talk men to men, etc...). After saying I was 100% sure not to invest nothing more, the "coach" made me invest in something, that collapsed my account and got messages to make deposit, otherwise I will loose everything

("We have noticed that the margin level in your account is below 150%.
Please be informed that if your account reaches the 50% margin level, your open trades will start closing automatically.
Fund your account now in order to protect your open positions".)...

Then I checked some reviews and forums just to find out to be one of many scammed people. I reported them to my bank and police and now here. Br, Ivan

Ivan 02/12/2019

MarketsCube - bombastic scam?!

One tine more:
MarketsCube – a grandiose, bombastic scam! I’m writing about a terrible contrast between its public face (good design) and real activity. What impresses very deep – one thing I would say occurring for the first time in the scamming history – is the fact, that a customer, in that case me, can’t (couldn’t in past and can’t now) get his money from positive balance and with no obligations to the MC: because – the Withdrawal formular after being filled out is just simply blocked! The support answers they would inform my account manager (why?!). He in turn gives a 40 min. lecture where You can’t to push into and feel like a rabbit in front of cobra. And…? Everything remains as it was! And so several times till the balance is quite miserable in comparison with the previous time… Can I recommend this company? Of course not. Rather I’d like to advice the responsible for that sphare institutions to look closer to that phenomenon.

Janis Torgans 01/28/2019

Smells fishy

I've got a call from Spain, talked to a guy with an indian accent and heard a lot of chatter in the background. No doubt he was calling from an office, but to me it sounded like one of those indian scam callers. It's sad that whenever I hear an indian voice i think of scams and I may sound racist, but that's where they're mostly coming from. Don't be naive, don't spend more than you can afford to spend, and don't be greedy. You can easily get distracted by their high money-making potential stories if you are and fall into this trap. Stay safe!

Dominik Borilović 01/10/2019

MarketsCube Withdraw

I order the withdraw of my balance on 25 Set and still not received no value. They informed they ordered the transfer on 26Nov (????) but no transfer arrived to my bank and they don´t send any document (international) that confirms the transfer.

Luis Cardoso Vaz 12/29/2018

Blatant liars

I didn't get suckered by these chaps thanks to this site. I was called, on a Swiss number (NOT their registered Swiss number), by a man who claimed to be speaking from Dublin. They are registered in Cyprus (always a red flag) and when I asked the man where in Dublin he was based, he couldn't tell me. He maintained he was new to the office and that was his excuse for not even knowing the postcode. I asked him what he could see out the window (I lived in Dublin for 9 years) and he said there were no windows in his office. I have to applaud the balls on this guy, to keep pushing and trying to hold me on the phone, but eventually I got bored listening to his lies, and I told him to piss off.

I hope that organizations like this continue to be punished and exposed by sites like this one.

Mel Padden 11/29/2018

rip off

I talked to an agent on the phone who insisted i give my card details to secure my place so to speak, but no money would be taken untill i phoned to confirm on a certain date,now i say it out loud ui feel stupid,but they took the money without my consent and now they wont pay it back to my card.

mark foster 10/15/2018

Another scam?

at the end of July I opened an account at Markets Cube and to where I transferred 5,250 (250+5000) euros.
because I was hospitalized I could not receive telephone calls so the business I did was exclusively at my own risk.
So I take the damage I've had.
Since 25set I have tried to withdraw the balance that I have in my account (5.081,99 eur) and although I returned signed on 26set, all the documents that sent me, did not received any amount.
On 08out (48 hours ago) I sent new Mail to the customer service asking for information about why not return my account balance, and did not have any response.
Faced with these data I can only conclude that the markets cube is just another scheme on the internet, like so many others, to deceive investors.
I strongly do not recommend any investment but rather evade any relationship with Markets Cube.

Luis 10/11/2018


As it was already written. Agressive unqualified managers pushing you to invest more. Stay away from them. They will loose all your money.

Rama 10/03/2018

Markets Cube Location

MarketsCube is serviced by Reliance Media Ltd. and is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dean 09/24/2018

I could toss a coin and bash their results. Not even scamming one subtlely

Why are we encouraged to copy these monkeys ( Experts - more like pick pocket scum )? I could just toss a coin and do infinitely better by luck as not even ONE winning trade on a 50/50 call. OK I did make one profit in all of these countless trades of 3 cents or so. Actually it is tens of millions to one to get it so very very wrong every single time. So this stinks to high heaven. A 50/50 chance on God knows how many trades. Even if there were only 50 trades, you can work it out, We all know the story on an empty checkers board, if the 50/50 chance went the other way and doubled my money every single time like they have got it wrong every time, by the 50th square or so one would have all the wealth there is in the whole world. I have not counted my weeks losing trades as just too annoying and mugged off to see every line in red. What a farce. This is my 4th attempt to find an online honest broker and failed again, at least this time it was no 20K as Stoxmarket did me in for in a week. Seems there are no honest dealers out there. As a young retired trader myself, it makes me sad that people are so stupid that they cannot earn an honest living and still sleep at night.

Lewis Perrin 08/24/2018

Absolutely NOT

Got started with a very arrogant and aggressive broker with a strong Russian accent who was pushing me to invest more and more. Managed to lose half of my capital within a week. Let's hope I'll get the rest of my money back. Bitterly regret it!

Rob 08/23/2018

Markets Cube withdrawal

Good to start with, I was making profit but when I asked for a withdrawal of a few hundred pounds and it had been accepted, but before i got it nearly £7000.00 had gone out of my account and I didn't know where,I spoke to my manager and was told it had gone to a different site and he could not give me a straight answer and told me that because of this it's lowered my margin level and I'd have to put the £7.000 back in to continue trading. I'm now trying to get my money back, so far without any success. ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

mark wilkins 08/20/2018

Markets Cube - So far failure

So far for me it is failure. I have lost money cooperating with one not good account manager. Now I am asking for other account manager. Will update you, how they proceeded. My current account manager is really bad. The next time when I will go to some other broker I will first want to speak with account manager, to know him before depositing money. Will see if they will give me someone better. Otherwise I would trade myself, but they are account type manager type of company. They do not have calculator on their website to calculate required margin and swap. That is the big minus. They offer big bonuses which are not time restricted, which is good. Read many good reviews about them, so we will see if I was just unlucky with bad account manager.

Robert 08/10/2018
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