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Markets Broker Review - Is it scam or safe?

Markets Broker Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 23 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Markets Broker
Markets Broker is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit  Maximum leverage Minimum trade size Spreads
Micro $5 000 1:200 0.01 3.0 pips, fixed
Exclusive $25 000 1:200 0.01 N/A
VIP $100 000 1:200 0.01 N/A


Markets Broker offers its clients several account types, depending on the amount of their initialdeposit. All account types provide commission-free trading, fixed spreads, and micro tradeable lots on the industry’s standard MetaTrader 4 forex platform. Exclusive & VIP account holders get some extras, such SMS trading signals & dedicated account manager.


First of all, we find the minimum initial deposit required by this broker high. According to the Account types section on the broker's website, it is $5 000, and the members of the Markets Broker 's customer support team claim that the initial amount required is $500. Either way, we find it high for an unregulated brokerage. For example, one can open an account with IG (holding licenses from UK’s FCA, among others) with just $1.


Besides, the spreads offered by this broker are also high, amounting to 3 pips for the EUR/USD pair , while most brokers provide spreads within the range of 1.0 – 1.5 pips for this pair. What is more, we suspect that this broker uses a Market Maker model, as it offers only fixed spreads, and no ECN trading environment.


The Company. Security of Funds


Update: Currently, Markets Broker claims that its website is owned and operated by Age Capital Payments Solutions LTD, a company registered in the UK. Still, it is not regulated by UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).






AGE Capital ltd.




Markets Broker is a young offshore brokerage, offering online trading in currency pairs, and CFDs on commodities, indices, stocks and precious metals on the popular MT4 platform.


Behind the brand is AGE Capital ltd., a company, registered in Vanuatu. This is an offshore jurisdiction, which offers a variety of tax benefits, however forex brokerages there are not regulated, no matter what they claim on their websites. They follow a simple and low-cost registration process instead.


In addition, capital requirements in this specific jurisdiction are very low, even compared to other offshore destinations, such as Mauritius and Belize: only $2000. Little focus is placed on compliance checking and consumer protection in such zones.


What is more, Markets Broker claims it holds a Category I License in Securities and Instruments and in Forex Investment Business by the Financial Services Board (“FSB”) of South Africa. Our team checked out on FSB’s website and did not find Markets Broker in the list of regulated companies.


So, Markets Broker’s activity is not overseen by any authority and engaging in business with such companies can be extremely risky. That is why, we would recommend you to select a forex broker licensed in UK, or Australia for instance, where regulation is strict and financial watchdogs are on the alert.


Trading Platform


Markets Broker supports the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) with cross-device capability via desktop, web, mobile and tablet.


The platform is easy to use and is equipped with advanced charting tools, a number of technical analysis indicators, wide range of Expert Advisors (EA), as well as extensive back-testing options for them.


Methods of Payment


Markets Broker offers its clients the following payment methods: bank wire transfer, Fast Bank Transfer, via credit/debit cards (Mastercard, Diner’s Club Card, Visa), and e-wallet WebMoney.




Markets Broker is a young forex and CFD broker that supports the MT4 platform.  We would not recommend investing with this broker, as it is not regulated, its spreads and initial deposit required are too high, and we suspect that it acts as a Market Maker. Here are, in a nutshell, the advantages and disadvantages of Markets Broker:


Pros Cons
MT4 platform available Not regulated
  Wide spreads
  High initial deposit required
  Supposedly a MM


Latest news about Markets Broker
No news about Markets Broker . Check back later.
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Big time cheater

Big time cheater and will force you to put money and trade. Very arbitrary trades and than you loose money.

Very polished people, will make you feel good, take your money and run.

Pls avoid such brokers at any cost.

Marcus 05/06/2019

100% scam

This is big fraudster company. They are very sharp in convincing people about their legitimate operation.

They will speak TESLA and other big companies. They try to make you money in the first instance and than you are asked to deposit more and more.

You will lose all money. Their platform - looks good on front - but is nothing but virtual software hosted without any backing.

Guyz complain to your bank, credit card companies. Make it difficult for these fraudsters.

Put your reviews here and on other website.

Marcus 06/25/2018

My wife and I invested $6500 with MarketsBroker, money lost

Good day

My Wife and I invested 6500 us dollars with market brokers after they repeatedly ASSURED us that we would never lose more than our initial investment amount. Long story short, when our balance was showing 37000 U.S Dollars we asked for a draw of 10 000 U.S and suddenly our broker who was ALWAYS available suddenly had moved to another branch and all our money was gone. We have tried to just recover our initial 6500 but with no luck. I DO NOT recommend anyone invest in this company as it feels just like a ponzi scheme.

Guy 11/22/2017

Prepare to lose your money

They called me every other day for about a year, saying how would you like to double your money investing in instagram, Tesla, Snapchat, etc... Finally agreed to invest, started with a 1000 USD and invested on Tesla, lost some money and got it back through Forex, then they started pushing really hard to invest more, they convinced me to invest 5000 US more in Apple before the release of Iphones 8 and X, supposedly was going to skyrocket, I took this money from a company bonus and told the Broker that I could only spare it for a month because I had bills to pay, didn't make any profit on apple, next month the wanted me to put 30k on bitcoin, I said no and submitted a withdrawal request, my broker called me and told me to open some final movements for the two days the withdrawal would take, turned out he starting doing insane commodities investment, I explicitly asked about them being highly unusual and he lied to my face said you'll have your money. nex thing I know, got a call from risk management, saying my portfolio was at high risk and should immediately feed at least another 3k to the account, I was out of money and pissed, lost the 6000 US within a week.
They have absolutely no ethics in their operations, and they won't hesitate in losing your money rather than letting you take it.

Ulises 10/29/2017

Update 3

These scamsters are shameless plug. After loosing my money they are persistent after me t deposit more amount.

They have given my number for free to lots of associate firms in bitcoin, FOB.

Now each of these firms are eager to make money for me. They need little bit of trust and little bit of money.

I have made a formal complain to bank and credit card company. I followed up and ensured that the remark is on their file.

Markets broker, guys wake up, you people have good capability, don't do shady practice, do real work. It will take you long way.

Marcus 09/01/2017

Update on my review

Today I received the call from Markets Broker.
This time there was new freelancer. Very polished, confident and convincing.

He mentioned he works with 75+ big clients and follows Reserach based trades.

He will work along side with me, provide me with education, help me in improving my trading.
my trading.

Catch was deposit $1000. Pls stay away and safeguard yourself.

Marcus 08/22/2017

Markets Broker: Scammers

Stay away from this scammers. They followed up very heavily and asked to deposit $3000.

Very confident and say I have $10,000 opportunity. Why don't you want to make money.

I am 200% sure, you will make big money.
They place crony trades and wipe out your account.

After wiping out, they call again and say I have plan, deposit $10000 more.
Markets are like this, but I am again 200% sure that you will make money.

You will loose all your money and also your phone number will be sold to other scamsters.

Marcus 08/19/2017

Markets Broker: An update on my complaint on June 27

This broker is a classic example of why forex gets a bad name. I deposited money via a so called freelancer named Tony Bryner(maybe a fake name, I don't know) who is linked to them. His signals were poor. Tiny profits and much bigger losses. I requested an urgent withdrawal. Tony eventually said he would process it after Marketsbroker ignored my request. Instead, either he or some lowlife in Marketsbroker decided to place 4 unauthorised trades in my account which wiped it out. He first admitted it, then he denied it. When I deposited, I could contact customer service by phone, but unable to anymore. Plus there appeared to be no negative reviews at the time. Bad timing unfortunately.

Liam 08/17/2017

Markets Broker ignored my withdrawal request, can't get my money back

After depositing money, I requested for a withdrawal. They have since then ignored my emails and calls. To all of you in this thread I learnt from my mistakes so I thought I let you all know. Don't trust any of those scammers calling you. Spread email to potential victims. This is my personal experience with them, it may be different to yours.

Baboucarr Njie 08/15/2017

Stay away as far as you can of Markets Broker

Stay as far as you can, bunch of thiefs....Never trust these assholes ....Just stole 5000 euros lost all in one day, name of a crazy broker who took 20 positions at once.....

LD 07/28/2017

Markets Broker Scam: Do not trust this company!

The monkey will manage the account better than their experts I was persuaded to trust them and I put $ 500 on the deposit. They promised a conservative strategy. In the end, I got back $ 38 for me, the rest of the money was lost. I did not do any operations on my own, only on the recommendations of their Markets broker "expert" Andrei Vorobyov. Do not trust this company! If they call you, say "f**k you" and hang up.

Dmitry 07/26/2017

Seems Like a Scam Company

I invested with this company because they presented themselves quite well initially. I search the web and found that they were owned by Age Capital Payments Solutions Ltd and were regulated albeit in Vanuatu.
After I invested, assurances that were made quickly began to be broken and the stories from the individual brokers did not add up. Three different individuals claim to have worked for the company for years, yet according to Companies House documentation, Age Capital was only formed in August 2016.
I decided not to proceed and requested a withdrawal 2 weeks ago and still I have not received my money despite assurances from their so call compliance department.
To make matters worse, I noticed today on the website that they are no loners owned by Age Capital, but are now claiming to be owned by Marantino Capital Ltd, a company registered in Malta! When I checked out the address provided on Google Maps, I discovered that the address is nothing more than a private flat.
These guys are nothing more than liars looking to take your money and to deliberately provide fake signals.

Keep away from them is my advice!!


Greg Jarvis 07/23/2017


These gangsters in MarketBrokers phone me everyday, no matter how rude I am to them (after initially kindly asking them to take me off their database)

I don't even know how they got my number

james 07/19/2017

potentially fraudulent activity

Goodmorning everyone,
I want to point out the potentially fraudulent activity of the broker (at the beginning of the story - other used brands and and its dealer Alessandro Binci (at least this Is the name he reported ...).

At the end of 2016 I sent a few thousand € to this broker and at the beginning things went very well, as evaluable from the Metatrader4 platform.
Raw material and stock transactions were always positive and sometimes the gains were very strong, so that within a few weeks the invested capital doubled.

The strange thing is that even initially operations lost, at the time of closing suddenly gained thanks to incomprehensible variations in spreads.

Wednesday, June 21, 17, suddenly, always because of the spooky variations in spreads and monstrous swap growth, the account was closed after an attempt to make me pay more money to cover the losses.
I would point out that the swaps have also reached thousands of € on operations, though with lever, of a few dozen

Best regards

Skevin 06/30/2017

Markets Broker: Never received my money

I requested a withdrawal from Marketsbroker almost 5 weeks ago and never received it. I've sent numerous emails to them, but they keep ignoring me. It's not even for a large amount. They claim fast 3 day withdrawals. Well, where is the proof? They are not contactable by phone either anymore.

Liam 06/27/2017

MarketsBroker - Avoid at any cost !!

Hi everyone ,

Please avoid this company!I was advised to open few positions by one of their traders Allen and now I have -$6500.
This company is not trustworthy!!I am still sending email to their manager Victor who keep answering telling me it was not his mistakes !!Seriously !!

Until they fix my issue ,I will advise everyone to stay away because something is fishy with this company!!!

Regards ,


Alex 05/04/2017 stole me!

she stole me $1000 dollar after promise me 80% profit each month liars, its really a lie to all of us clients and take our money.

SG LIM 04/28/2017


Broker NOT authorized.
DO NOT respond to the withdrawal request.
They hold hostage my money (and probably I never will restore them anymore).
Associated companies:
Age Capital Payment Solutions Ltd

Andy 04/18/2017 is a Scam

Company was started in august 2016 by a mexican with 100 pounds capital.

It is not regulated in any country and their office is just a letterbox in a building with over 1000 over companies registered there.

100% Scam!

James 04/17/2017

Avoid at all costs

I would never use a broker that is not licensed in the UK when there is so much choice out there. MarketsBroker do not seem to get the message and keep on spam calling me. Despite telling them on every occasion to remove my details from their database they still cal. I have now reported them to TPS, hopefully that will do something. You wouldn't get these problems with a proper regulated firm.

Joe 04/05/2017

about markerts broker

Platform is stable and withdrawal of funds is reasonably quick

Enrique Wilson 03/07/2017

Forexbrokerz fake and bias

You are completely making the following statement up:

"What is more, Markets Broker claims it holds a Category I License in Securities and Instruments and in Forex Investment Business by the Financial Services Board (“FSB”) of South Africa. Our team checked out on FSB’s website and did not find Markets Broker in the list of regulated companies."

We do not and never have claimed to hold a license from from the FSB and you are using fictional information without any evidence what so ever provided or to be found while searching google.

You bad mouth other brokers in order to promote your chosen list of brokers that you and your site receive commissions from.

Again you should be ashamed of making slanderous, fictitious claims.

Please search other sites to find non bias and fairer reviews about our company and the excellent services including training that we provide to our loyal customer base.

Kind regards, - support 03/03/2017

Our actual trading packages are as follows..

Please update your review to include:

Minimum deposit $500
Free training on all accounts (Min depoist $500)
We adhere to FCA guidelines
We adhere to UK data compliance standards
No warnings from the FCA or any other regulatory bodies
We hold traders funds in segragated accounts
We have a no-slippage execution policy
Expert advisers allowed
Fast 3 days withdrawals

Our reviews on nigger fairer sites beat fxpro's every time, especially with regards to the training that we provide.

Please update your review to be fairer and not so bias towards us.

We also suggest that you should stop the blatant promotion of Fxpro on all of you reviews listed on your website.

You have rubbished the name of multiple brokers on this site in order to fill your pockets with commissions and we hope that you are ashamed of your business model.

Kind regards, - support 03/03/2017

Unfair reviews and promotion of Fxpro on forexbrokerz

We find this review from forexbrokerz unfair and bias.

You seem to promote Fxpro in nearly every review your site lists and we find your review totally bias and unfair.

We suggest that you are purposely making bad reviews to promote a business partner so that you can generate advertising commissions.

Please check other review sites to find more factual reviews.

Please refrain from using our business name in order to make commissions for your company whilst making a largely unfair review.

Kind regards, - support 03/03/2017

This is an urgent message for Bongani

Hi Bongani,

Your telephone number in your account settings doe's not work as you know and we have since contacted you and fixed the situation as you have already since spoke to our trading specialist team.

Please refrain from making impromptu comments in the future as we have done nothing but treat you well and provide you with excellent training and support.

It would be nice if you could update your review below..

Best of luck trading and i hope that you took our advice on the Snapchat IPO.

Kind regards, - support 03/03/2017

I am not ok

The past two weeks i have talking with one of broker abd i started inesting money he helped me with the funding of my account. Then we agreed they call me 19:00 GMT SA time but nothing till this morning, very disappointed my money is there in my account can you please help me to withdraw it coz though i tried calling their technical support i dont find anyone. And i am highly interested in trading with marketsbrokers so sad .....

Bongani 02/28/2017

Perfect support

Havent had any problems with very friendly sales staff. Have recommended them to a few of my mates.

Jerald 02/21/2017

I'm ok with the platform

Been using them for 3 months. Fantastic trading platform. Support has been good too!

Benny 02/21/2017
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