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MarkeTrading Review - is it scam or safe?

MarkeTrading Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 35 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz MarkeTrading
MarkeTrading is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions 


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage On-deposit bonus Spread
Basic $250 1:200 20% 3.0 pips
Bronze $1000 1:200 30% 3.0 pips
Silver $2 500 1:200 40% 3.0 pips
Gold $10,000 1:200 60% 3.0 pips
Platinum $25,000 1:200 80% 3.0 pips
Black $100,000 1:200 100% 3.0 pips


Clients of Forex and CFD broker MarkeTrading can choose between the above account types. The problem is that the only difference between them seems to be that the higher your initial investment, the greater the on-deposit bonus you get. Otherwise, the spreads and the leverage provided are the same.


Note that a precondition for making withdrawals after getting a bonus is to trade 30 times the amount of the bonus plus the deposit amount.


MarkeTrading Advantages


Various asset classes covered, cryptos included

In our opinion, the only positive side of MarkeTrading is the fact that it seems to offer a variety of financial instruments for trade. Clients of this broker are offered many currencies, and CFDs on commodities, indices and stock. There is also a rich cryptocurrency section in MarkeTrading’s web-based platform, however we have better options for those of you who are into Bitcoin and other digital assets:



>> Trade Bitcoin with a regulated forex broker <<



MarkeTrading Disadvantages


Not regulated

MarkeTrading is just another unregulated forex broker, a fact that should be enough for investors not to open an account with it. The brand is owned by Apsilon LTD., a company registered on the Seyshcelles, which also operates Euro Prime forex brokerage brand.


Offshore forex brokers are not under the oversight of any financial authority, no matter what they claim. This basically means they can do whatever they like with their clients’ accounts and money.


High spreads and initial deposit

A spread fixed at 3 pips on EUR/USD is by no means attractive, nor low. The average for the industry is 1.0 – 1.5 pips for this pairs, and some brokers offer even lower spreads. For example, you can trade EUR/USD with an average spread of 1.4 pips with major broker FxPro that is regulated in UK, Cyprus and South Africa.


Besides, with FxPro, you can open an account by depositing just $100, while unregulated MarkeTrading requires $250


No MetaTrader

Unlike most forex brokers who support the MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5, both of which are good and reliable, MarkeTrading offers its services on some unknown web-based trading interface. It lacks any analytics, automated trading options and other features which users of MT4 are used to and appreciate. Here is a preview:



MarkeTrading’s web-based platform. Click to zoom.




An offshore broker with no attracting trading offer, MarkeTrading will hardly tempt any experienced trader. We suppose it targets crypto enthusiasts who are not well-acquainted with financial markets.


Otherwise, we always advise investors to only deal with reliable and tightly regulated brokers, such as the ones licensed by UK’s FCA.



>> Forex brokers authorized by UK’s FCA <<



To sum up the positives and negatives of MarkeTrading:


Pros Cons
Many financial instruments, including Bitcoin Offshore broker
  High spreads
  No MetaTrader
  Minimum deposit not low


Latest news about MarkeTrading
No news about MarkeTrading . Check back later.
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Customer service







Cons - gang of thieves

Dear Victims of Market ( Gang of thieves),

Please be informed that after a battle with my credit card bank who initially refused to implement the chargeback of the fraudulent transfers that Marketing with lies, tricks and promises managed to make it, I have received all my money that these fucking bastards have stolen.

If your bank also refused to implement the chargeback of all the money that theses fucking bastards have stolen from you, yoiu must submitt a claim to your Reserve Bank to obligate your Bank to implement the chargeback.

Regards and luck

Júlio de Jesus

Julio de Jesus 05/10/2019

Regarding comment of Marketrading support

Dear Motherf*ckers,

Your comment is just a trick to blind other victims. If you don't have any Anna that is because you are a fucking liar and crook. The whole Market Trading is a gang of thieves.

Be Hanged

Julio de Jesus 04/22/2019

the worse scammers

These are the worse scammers in history.
They have taken huge amounts of money from me over 2.5 years and will NOT let me withdraw money which is entitled to me. They have ruined my life for ever.
DO NOT make any deposits with these MUTHERFUCKERS!

Arfon Wynne 04/08/2019


MarkeTrading is a scam company. Their professional traders are not traders, they are professional liers. Stay far away!

Matti Lamminen 03/27/2019

Marketrader are theives

I have read Vladimir Bylaskis report of fraud , I am the executor of my bothers effects after his death on 3 January 2019 , I found the exact same thing happened to my brother in exactly the same way the only difference this left a very sick man destitute and led to his early death . I have found emails from them saying they transferred money back to my brother that they had taken without his consent ,needless to say his bank statements show no such thing happened there are then many emails back from my brother pleading with them and telling them it had not been transferred , they emptied his account , he had taken a loan for £5000 and they took that and then anything else he had left leaving him destitute . With a debt of £5000 over 48 months at £144 a month to come out of his disability pension of £500 a month . They started milking him in late October or early November When the physical statement come from the bank I will know the exact dates he was taken into hospital over the next 2 months no less than 6 times with heart fibrillations notebly due to stress he had no gas no electric and no food , he was taken I’ll again on the 19 of December this is the same time they would not contact him he couldn’t access his account with them and no phone number tat didn’t go dead when he rang . He was in hospital extremely ill over Christmas and came home on the 28 th only to be admitted again to hospital on the 31st where he died 3 days later . These people need to be stopped they are theives you need to stop these people and do something .

These fine people are from Botswana , I have a few names too

Gwyneth Couchman 01/30/2019

Regarding comment of Julio de Jesus

Dear Mr. Julio,

We don't have an employee named Anna. Kindly send an e-mail to with your claim and we will investigate it.

Best Regards,
Support Marketrading

Support Marketrading 01/28/2019

Marketrading - Chelsea Hamilton


Last Wednesday, a girl who said she called herself Anna, phoned me to say that she wanted to help me to get my money back from and I said yes I wanted help.

Claiming that they no longer used Skype, she asked me to open a website, which I did not know, and when I opened this site I realized that it was a program to be installed on the computer for screen sharing, this is for others to have access to the my computer.

I realized the intent of the motherfucker and I called her all the names like fucking bitch, etc. and I hung up the phone.

Her voice was very much like the manager's voice that stole my money, Chelsea Hamilton. I'm absolutely sure it was her but she denied that and she said her name was Anna. She was another motherfucker who wanted to steal money from me.

Julio de Jesus 01/20/2019

Watch out for MarkeTrading has made calls today to me from these phone numbers:

00442039369118 – UK
00442039668653 - UK
00441224459000 - UK

Caller is very intrusive to deposit €250.

Edward 01/08/2019

A fakek broker made calls to me from the following phone numbers:

00442039369116 – UK
00442039664879 – UK
0038551276231 – Croacia
0037067633274 – Lituánia don’t appear to be regulated by the FCA . They also don’t appear to be based in the UK and it is unclear if they are regulated elsewhere.

Joao Vieira 01/05/2019

For the Whole Team of Market Trading. co

For the Whole Team of Market Trading. co

This email is just to convey to you my hatred of your disgusting behavior of stealing honest people who believed in your tricks and lies.

On December 3, 2018 I opened an account at Market Tradingo with € 250 euros and it was appointed a manager of my account "Chelsea Hamilton" who phoned me and told me to deposit another € 250 euros to be able to earn a few more pennies. I accepted and transferred this amount, getting € 500 euros to invest in the stock market.

On December 4, 2018, she call me and started with a conversation that she needed to see my credit card account to see if the account was real or fake. Your system is prepared to withdraw money from credit cards and when I saw a picture of my credit card the manager told me that I had to make some transfers to make sure the account was not fake and I was in the conversation. After making two transfers of the values she indicated, she wanted to continue and I told her that it was enough to see if the account was true or false. She immediately threatened me that if I did not comply with her orders, I would lose all the money I had already transferred. She promised that as soon as her boss has given a green light she would transfer back all the transfers made for that purpose. I was in a desperate and hoping that everything would go well I acceded to her request having the transfers stopped only when the ceiling was exhausted and was blocked.

Soon after, she asked me to see my savings account that she also wanted to take a test if it would be true or false and I retaliated that it was enough of transfers. She threatened me again that if I refused I would lose all the money already transferred because they would close my account. Faced with another threat, I showed her my savings account. Suddenly I saw a transfer on the screen of my computer of a value of € 1,897.87 to transfer and I refused. She threatened me again by assuring me that all the money would be returned and I, displeased, accepted. Before hanging up the phone she promised me that as soon as her boss give her the green light she would transfer the money immediately.

On December 5, 2018 sheu called me and I ask her about the money and she come with a story that she would give me a 100% profit and that she would invest all the money that I transferred. I told her that to invest was only € 500 euros and the rest was to be returned because I had to pay the plafond of my credit card and other bills. I told her I was not interested in 100% profit, I just wanted the money she promised to give back. Here I saw that I was dealing with a professional swindler.

And from this day December 5, 2018 until December 28, 2018, the day she closed my account, it was a real war with that motherfucker who robbed me of € 9,366.87.

I will not rest until you, motherfuckers, are going to jail and screwed your ass by your fellow prisoners.

Here below, what your swindler company is:

Marketrading aka 10trading is a blatant scam. Do not deposit money. They will not return your money or trade for you. Their software is in the manner of an online video game, it appears authentic and appears to be trading but it is not. They hold no broker accounts with recognised banks and their scam is simple but effective. They guide their victims into losing trades and go through fake "trial transactions" that are designed to run your money through a "trade" and thereby make it inaccessible to you. They will never refuse to return your money as this will expose them to charges of theft however they will not return your money either, in the hope that you will give up chasing them. If you have given them more, they will have a thousand excuses as to why they need just one more transaction to "validate" your card, pay non-existant commission or some other excuse, they will find it impossible to return your money without the additional deposit. Don't pay them, use a lawyer or recovery company to get money back if you can but don't get in any deeper. These people need to be taken down.

Júlio De Jesus 01/03/2019

Marke Trading - Terrorist Organization

Maximum alert

Everything indicates that the site Marke is a Jihad terrorist organization linked to ISIS. It works as a brokerage firm and has already victimized hundreds of people who believed in the tricks and lies of the supposed managers of their accounts, stealing all the money they had available on their bank accounts and credit cards.

Hundreds of comments on the Forex Brokerz site incriminate this fake brokerage society that has driven them to the despair of running out of money.

The police must investigate and seize these alleged terrorists who must be funding the ISI, arrest them and force them to return all the money they have stolen, including myself.

My account manager has the name "Chelsea Hamilton", which I assume is a fake name, like all other account managers.

Júlio De Jesus 12/14/2018

withdrawal of money


Ms. Chelsea Hamilton phoned me to say that my money was lost on the Exchange and that the company decided to give me € 5,000 bonus so I could get the money back but first I had to write a comment on FOREX BROKER to say that Marke Trading was a serious and honest company and that it gave a lot of money to win to its clients.

This motherf*cker thought that for having managed to steal me € 9,500 euros, I could, with tricks and lies persuade me to put such a comment on FOREX. I replied that I would write such a comment shortly after receiving my money back. She turned off the phone. Now my account shows a balance of € 5.100 and when I click on the withdrawal option, it blocks and it does not give access.

This is the company that wants to be honest and serious when it is clear that it is a Gang of Thieves.

Júlio De Jesus 12/14/2018 aka 10trading scam

Marketrading aka 10trading is a blatant scam. Do not deposit money. They will not return your money or trade for you. Their software is in the manner of an online video game, it appears authentic and appears to be trading but it is not. They hold no broker accounts with recognised banks and their scam is simple but effective. They guide their victims into losing trades and go through fake "trial transactions" that are designed to run your money through a "trade" and thereby make it inaccessible to you. They will never refuse to return your money as this will expose them to charges of theft however they will not return your money either, in the hope that you will give up chasing them. If you have given them more, they will have a thousand excuses as to why they need just one more transaction to "validate" your card, pay non-existant commission or some other excuse, they will find it impossible to return your money without the additional deposit. Don't pay them, use a lawyer or recovery company to get money back if you can but don't get in any deeper. These people need to be taken down.

mike kelly 12/13/2018

Chelsea Hamilton from MarkeTrading is a crook

This crook "Chelsea Hamilton" probably a fake name, is phoning me everyday saying that if I want to recover my money I have to comment on this Forex Brokerz site saying the MarkeTrading is a good company and after that she will transfer my money.

I keep telling her that I only write a comment in favor of her company when she transfers all my money into my account.

I already post on Facebook and Twitter photos of this fake site MarkeTrading and advising everyone not to open any account with theses bastards. They are big crooks e Liars.

Júlio De Jesus 12/13/2018


Júlio De Jesus
segunda, 10/12, 17:10 (há 7 horas)
para chelsea.hamilton, support, compliance

I wonder why, every day, you want to see my bank accounts. The first time you asked me (4/12/18) to see my bank accounts you stole all the money with your tricks and lies and you told me that it was to make sure they were not fake accounts. Since you did not keep what you promised, that is, to transfer my money back to my accounts, I gave you instructions not to invest the money because I wanted it back. The next day (5/12/18) you asked me again to check my bank accounts so that you could transfer my money. I showed you the bank accounts one more time and I did what you told me to do "sell, buy and invest" You wanted to know what was a transfer I made from my bank account and I told you the bank accounts were mine and I had no obligation whatsoever in giving it to anyone.

And basically, since 05/12/18, every day, you asked me to see my bank accounts, with the excuse that it was for you to transfer the money for me. Maybe you're hoping to steal me some more money, huh?
The CD of this song is already worn out. You have to get another CD with nice songs but you can be sure that I will never like your songs whatever they are.

You are responsible for the money that I transferred to Marketrading for € 9,366.87 and I reiterate what I said last week and today: I want my money back and you can keep the profit. It's my gift.


Julio De Jesus

Júlio De Jesus 12/11/2018

gang of robbers

This Chelsea Hamilton, probably a fake name, phone me saying that she was doing everything to help me and she already gave me €5.000 euros profit but She only transfers that money when I write a comment on this Forex Brokerz sayng that Marke Trading did everything to help me and her company is very reliable and gives a lot of maney to its customers. I told her that I could write on the Forex Brokerz only when she tansfers my money back to my bank account but she insisted that I should write first the comment and then she would transfer imediately my money. I told her that I don't trust her anymore and I have to put the phone down becaus I didn't want to have an heart attack.

The whole company is just a gang of robbers.
Júlio De Jesus

Júlio De Jesus 12/11/2018


I have been dealing with for quite a few months now.
Everything seemed fine to start with then they lost quite a bit of my money and asked me to deposit more so they could recover what I'd lost.
The way Richard that's my brokers name was explaining it all seemed ok
But after him promising I would have my money back yesterday the 6th Dec. well I feel like a total fool now. I have borrowed money from my boyfriend and he knows nothing about my trading. I don't think anyone should be allowed to trade like this it should be regulated more so you are dealing with legitimate companies.

Kay Cosgrove 12/07/2018

I am unable to access funds held at

I am unable to access funds reportedly held in a secure wallet at analyst Chelsea Hamilton,having maxed out my credit cards until I am some €24000 in debt, insists I have to open another 'live' account to allow her to continue her system. I am afraid she will trade even more and put me deeper into debt.

She says she cannot effect release of those funds unless I have a credit card account that will allow payments in and out.


Read immediately!

Dear Sir and Madam,

every "Senior Expert" calling you from faking numbers (faking numbers=numbers where you aren't able to call back) have "changed names" (as a stage names). So when you think John is calling, it is just his "stage Name" and he has other real name! So it means, every your movement, go to the police, or just turn even Interpol, if you are scammed by them, is useless for you!

they aren't located in London, and every person calling you as your "Account Manager" which "helps" you make first time Deposit of 250 USD or GBP, also every your "high qualified Trading Experts" are just simple "Sales Agents" in a Call Center, which is not located in London! All this Persons have Maximal 4 Years experience in that field (Sometimes less than 6 month!) and such kind of Call Centers pay 10 to 15 % per sale to your "Account Managers" or to your "High qualified" Experts!

Ex. If your "Expert" charges you with 10 000$, 1000$ as a Bonus gets the Sales Agent, who scammed you! This Amount of money in a Country where this people come from is a good salary (at least from 1 client like YOU!)

So, are you still surprised,that someone asked you to give out your card Information? And later you were charged without your permission? Of Course your "Expert" will do his or her best, to charge your card with maximum what you have available balance on your balance, to catch as much as possible high bonus at the of the month!!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I can't promise you, I can personally help you get your money back, but surely additional Information about this scam company, will help you to win against such companies!

Before you ask, where I have this Information from, it's confidential. But surely I can answer all your questions in details. So contact me please, I will reply you as soon as possible!

Good luck!

Mark 12/03/2018

Scam - taking my money without permission

I have been scammed over thousands of pounds taking my money without permission I have reported it to police and my bank - which fraud team are looking into can anyone help me with their experience.. I want to kill this Tony mailis and a horrible woman called Sandra I am a single mum and they have taken every penny from me

Priya chauhan 11/29/2018

Scammers, Fraudulant, Thieves

I tried to draw out my money because I decided that it was not for me after losing a few trades, but every time I put in for a withdrawal they would just cancel the withdrawal. Before that Howard and Tony were trying get me to deposit more money using my credit card, but I refused to do that. The last time I spoke to Howard he was saying that I need to update my card details to with a different card to be able to withdraw my money, but when I go into the deposit area My card details that I used to make the deposit are still showing on my account, so I said to him it should be just straight forward to transfer the money back to my card. They come up with all kinds of rubbish reasons as to why the money can't be withdrawn. Anyone looking to open an account with please avoid them like the plague.

C Hewitt 11/26/2018

Scammer low life thieves

This are all evil thieves. Low life thieves. They are using all fraudulent names. They use English name for people to believe them. They ruined lives. The ruthless of them all is the evil one called Chelsea Hamilton. What an evil woman in the face of the earth. I cried over the phone for hours with my children and this evil woman just listen and I presume laughing.they are evil. THEY scam you out of your money.evil people.

S t 11/22/2018

Scammers & Thieves

I know someone very close to me who has been scammed by these crooks, a lady called Chelsea will constantly ring them, all started with £250 and all they wanted to do was get their money back, after countless excuses and Chelsea shouting and not letting them speak or explain why they are making them follow these ridiculous steps, such as investing into other coins, having them show her their online banking on skype conferencing has equated them to losing over £6k!!!

Absolutely disgusting behavior and don't understand how people can be so inhumane and act like nothings happened over the phone, it's like they have no soul or conscious. Really hope karma bites them and they get what's coming to them, there's only so long they can keep this up! Scamming innocent hard working people - absolutely sickens me!

D.Richards 11/21/2018


This company not that I believe it is is a theiving load of bastards who lie steal and scam scam everyday

Avoid at all costs

wendy priest 11/15/2018

Scamed by

I open an account with and adter reading this i think i have been scamed by Chelsea Hamilton. They have taken all my money abd are asking me to add more money before they could released my investment. I need some to help me please

E.Tamen 11/13/2018

Help me get my money back.

I saw this on the internet after the article on this money about Bitcoin. I wanted to register but because it wanted me to deposit $250 but because i could not afford i decided not to register but then this lady Chelsea Hamilton rang me with an 020 number which is a london number and told me that she will changed the amount and I can register. I did register with my credit card but before I knew it this Chelsea Hamilton and Jeff Smith have ran a credit card bill for more than £44.000 . I am at my wits end. She keeps saying that my money is in a trade and i need to finish the process. I am without any money can bearly eat or sleep. They dont reply to you email the block your chat live once you start asking questions. I have written to their complains department and nobody has contacted me. This people are scammer. Scrum bag low life thieves. I don't know how I am going to get my money back. I need some to help me please.

E.t 11/13/2018

Claiming back funds

On the 1/11/18 I misunderstood the comments from Chelsea Hamilton of when I stated that she had said my deposits were at risk if I did not complete her process.

I am working with her still to achieve my withdrawal. I have no problem now .

Michael John Merriman 11/12/2018

Changed website design

They have changed the design of their website, different logo, but do not be fooled is all the same.

Robert MAY 11/04/2018

It's a scam

I started with the required £250 which then went to £75 and then £1000.
At first I was told which trades to buy or sell and accumulated a bit of an income. After a while it seemed that my advisor (Blake Griffin) was more interested in more deposits of my hard earned cash, rather than making my trades profitable. In a few days my amount went from approx £1200 down to approx £300, even though I did exactly what my advisor instructed me to do. Surely it's in everyones interest to make more money from trading...not less.

When it comes to withdrawals it is a nightmare. You CANNOT withdraw your money WITHOUT your advisor's authorisation. Even then it takes more than a week before your funds are returned back to your bank account.
I only joined them because of the link from the "Dragons den" advert saying how good it is. Speaking from experience I wish I had never had this bad experience with MarkeTrading. they still have my money and I am still trying to get it back from them. What a scam.

Mrs Miller 11/03/2018

trying to obtain refund

Once again I was called by Chelsea Hamilton and berated for trying to withdraw funds from account.

She said that all my deposits would be lost unless I completed the process to max out my credit cards. Once done she could go to her manager and obtain the closure.

I must see Citizens Advice, It may be necessary to register myself bankrupt.

Michael Merriman 11/01/2018

Go away

The one called Howard is still calling me, they actually believe that i will give them more money.

Howard ... since you dont answer any emails. If the address is where you say it is on the website then expect a visit.

Enjoy your life you thieving piece of scum.

Tony Batkin 10/31/2018

report them

Anyone affected.
Please lodge your crime report here


Tony 10/31/2018

All Gone

You will never get any money out , it is not in your account it has gone as soon as you commit.
They are filthy thieving scummy bastards.
If you have put money in , it is gone ,, get over it ........ or get a ticket and fly to the holding company below and threaten them. is a brand owned by Apsilon LTD, and operated by Apsilon LTD, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, beachMont, P.O Box 1510 Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Tony Batkin

Tony Batkin 10/30/2018

Desperate for answers from

I have repeatedly asked to close my account since 16 October when the promised start up of £250 jumped to £1000 request.

I was told yes I could close but it was necessary to follow the trader's instructions.

Each day I asked to stop and have my money refunded but each time was led through a series of trades.

I am now inches away from bankruptcy and phone calls not answered having parted with €25000 but always told that the money was still mine but in an account.

I cannot contact them My e-mails are ignored and calls not answered.

Michael Merriman 10/29/2018

Deposit Refunded

See my post of 6 October 2018. I have now been successful in obtaining a full refund of the £1500.00 I deposited. Used the "persistent widow" method and it paid off. I think some of these posts are way wide of the mark. Thank you MarkeTrading for my refund. I did not have to employ anyone to get this back for me. Just persist!!

Gary Nesbitt 10/26/2018

Absolute basta*ds

Been still trying to get my funds back by Tony. The lying bastard has just wiped my funds out of my account completely

He is the most evil person I have come across. A liar a cheat and the whole company is corrupt

Remember Tony Karma comes around get ready

wendy priest 10/24/2018

Dont do it

Extremely pushy sales techniques, will guarantee your investment with a non existent insurance , and when your first investment fails they will then ask you for more money to be able to activate the insurance deal.

They will try all tricks and lies to get you to put more money in.
If you have put money in IT HAS GONE, You will not see it again , so get over it and put it down to experience.


T B 10/18/2018

tony mails

This man will ruin your life do not trust any of them from this company they are liars and scammers. They promise you everything and never deliver. They tell you to pay for insurance. Dont believe them at all. Again they are liars and Tony is the worst

he has ruined my life financially and now I have nothing. They even take money without your consent


wendy 10/17/2018 preying on low income earners & fraudulent behaviour

Made an investment of £250 and immediately realised I had mad a mistake and have now been trying for 2 weeks to get it back.

They sent an email stating that withdrawal had been approved and that I would have to speak to their agent to confirm.

'Richard' then called me at 7am in the morning today starting with the statement that 'Paul' had been traying to call me all day yesterday, which he clearly hadn't as no missed calls.

He then told me I had to verify my card by putting a different number in the amount box (which was obviously a balance they were going to take)and re entering my cvv code. When that didn't work he then changed the 'code' to what would be a smaller amount which still didn't work as my limit on that card is lower. He than asked me to provide 2 further cards and details on the website and tried the same trick. At this point I already knew what he was up to and provided cards that don't have high limits that I just use for holidays knowing he wouldn't be able to get the money. Eventually he told me he needed a card with a limit of at least £2k and when I told him I didn't have that (which isn't true) he than accused me of lying saying that I couldn't afford to live in the UK with so little.....

So definitely fraudulent and I am about to report to Barclaycard who I contacted immediately after deposit.

Mark Lampit 10/10/2018

Marketrading / 10trading

This company is a blatant scam. Do not deposit money. They will not return your money or trade for you. Their software is in the manner of an online video game, it appears authentic and appears to be trading but it is not. They hold no broker accounts with recognised banks and their scam is simple but effective. They guide their victims into losing trades and go through fake "trial transactions" that are designed to run your money through a "trade" and thereby make it inaccessible to you. They will never refuse to return your money as this will expose them to charges of theft however they will not return your money either, in the hope that you will give up chasing them. If you have given them more, they will have a thousand excuses as to why they need just one more transaction to "validate" your card, pay non-existant commission or some other excuse, they will find it impossible to return your money without the additional deposit. Don't pay them, use a lawyer or recovery company to get money back if you can but don't get in any deeper. These people need to be taken down.

Mike Kelly 10/10/2018

No money back!

Pay your attention about this broker. I couldn’t take my money back. Many conversations how to transfer my money, but without any action from their side.
Not serious company. 100% fraude!!!

Natalia 10/09/2018 - Withdrawal of deposit

Howard Scott of pressured me until I deposited $5000 in July 2018. After 1 week and daily 8hour phone calls, I realised it wasn't for me and asked for deposit back. Anther 6 weeks went by with the daily calls until I stopped answering. This morning he called to say he needed information of my new card(bank stopped original card and gave me a new one)I gave him all the I formation in good faith only to find out he had tried to take more money from me.can anyone give me the address they are calling from. I am 74 years old but I am going to see them face to face. Please help me find address, I am thinking Romania.

Margaret Tulloch 10/08/2018

disgusted and broken

I have trusted Tony and all he has done is take my money I am left with nothing. I supposedly paid an insurance to secure any loss and I have lost all my money I want it all refunded

wendy priest 10/08/2018

Scam in my opinion

Invested £1500.00 using Visa Credit Card and immediately regretted it and blocked Card & advised Danske Bank who tell me because I dealt directly with Marke Trading they have to debit the Card & CCA does not cover. I have not activated my Account & do not wish to do so. Simply looking for a total refund.

Gary Nesbitt 10/06/2018


I've been scammed bye chelsea there agent above $2000 she conned me not a nice trading company all I an say they are thiefs

Robert spedding 10/05/2018

Total scam

After transferred the £250 to open the account I wanted to close my account after speaking to one of the so called brokers they then managed to on me of a further £1006 money that I was taking my kids on holiday with I am going to ruin this soo called company if I don't get my money back sharpish and spread the word daily on every social sight on how this company rips people of

Dan hilton 10/03/2018

MarkeTrading - 100% scam

Complete scam they have thousands of pounds of my money which most they took without my permission ! As soon as they have your money all contacts ends ! I have emailed hundreds of times with no reply ! One thing I know that someone will pay when I find out where they work from , if anyone has any information on them pls let me know I will make them regret taking my money ! Do not give them any money or bank details ! I have started a procedure through the police to track them down and shut down and convict the crooks ! I spoke to a tony malis ( not actual name ) so looking forward to meeting up with him , I will find these people get my money and make them pay !!!! TELL EVERYBODY DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WILL LOSE EVERY PENNY COMPLETE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Williams 10/02/2018

Marketrading review update

Hi very one, I have returned to this site to update my review on MarkeTrading.
After reading the companies review on this site, I realised that I may have made a mistake in investing my cash into this company by seeing the problems people were coming up against when trying to withdraw funds.
I am, however delighted to say that after contacting MarkeTrading, I was literally guided through the process of withdrawal by Lewis, one of their experienced traders.
Today I checked my bank account after a five day process period and found the refund sitting in my account.
My only conclusion can be that the Broker has indeed fulfilled expectations and therefore my previous statement should be retracted.
If you read this review, MarkeTrading, I can't thank you enough for being upfront and honest with me and wish your company every success.

Ian Francis 09/27/2018

Money not returned

These guys still have my money and are fraudsters

Robert MAY 09/26/2018 100% Fraud

I want to report fraud on my credit and debit cards. I opened an account for online trading with on 05.09.18 and I made deposit of £250 using my credit card and received phone call from 02036958735 was a men, he told me ''congratulations you open account with us'' and asked me ''have you done this before online trading?'' I set no my first time, then he told me ''don't worry someone will contact you in next 30 min to help you to set up your account and to explain how to trade.'' After 20 min received phone call from 02036958745 Chelsea Hamilton. She told me ''I was assigned as your Senior Analyst here at
From now on I will be helping you with everything'' then she told me that today we have to set up my account and show me how to trade, then she set ''its much easy if we do share screen skype chat'' then she told me ''we have to set up your bank cards.'' I asked her you all ready have my credit card details and she set ''you have to add all your bank details in there.'' She set don't worry every body with new account have to do this.'' Then she set that I have to go and press button deposit. I all ready had $250 in my account and I told her why I don't want to make any more deposit's and she set ''you have to listen me and trust me you not gonna lose anything you can withdraw your money any time.'' and I pressed deposit with one of my cards 1 x $500 and 1 with my another card $250 and 5 min later I saw more than $3000 in my trade account I didn't realise that she can control my account and another $2000 been taken from my credit card. Then she asked me to login in to my online banking to finish the settings and I told her my account is personal I don't want to share it. She told me we all ready started and we have to finished, don't worry everybody does it to complete the settings, then I set I can't log in I don't know my pass code and she set ''that's your account you should have access in your online banking,'' then I told her I can call my bank and ask for my pass code just to stop the conversation with her because I realised something is not right. then she told me I'll call you back make sure you pick up the phone. I told her okay. Then we ended the phone and share screen skype conversation. After that I was trying to withdrawal my money back in to my credit and debit card's and didn't work. Also I received few emails from her and the trade company. Please check the pictures attached. I received another phone call after 4 pm the same day and I didn't pick up I was driving, then received email why I don't pick up my phone. I didn't want to speak with her anymore just wanted to get my money back, they told me I can make withdrawal if I send them proof of id, my bank cards and billing letter. I don't want to share it, because I don't trust them. I didn't sign anything and I had send only pictures with my bank card's and still can't withdrawal my money. I can see the money $3053 are still in my trade account but can't take them back. Today received another email that I made another deposit $70 I didn't I blocked my debit card. I don't know what to do now. I will report my situation on as well. I don't know what to do Chelsea Hamilton calling me all the time and trying to cheat and lie. I told them I'm not going to sign and share anything only I want my money back. Also I saw very bad reviews on google for this company. I hope you will understand my writing. Thank you for your time.

Vladimir Bolyarski 09/24/2018

MarkeTrading deposit refund attempt

I was foolish enough to make a low $250 deposit with on 14/09/2018.
I provided all the necessary legal documents required to open a brokerage account and in turn they sent my log in details and a copy of their new member form to sign and return.
Fortunately I read your review before I signed and have now requested the return of my deposit, by once again submitting the relevant documents.
Today I received a couple of phone calls from the company, suggesting I have mistaken their review for another company called market trading.
I patiently explained that this was not the case and refused further conversation to dissuade my actions, insisting on my refund.
As yet, the jury is out as to whether or not I will accomplish this. One thing is for certain, if I do not receive my refund, I will be posting my experience with on every internet platform available to prevent this happening to others.

Ian Francis 09/17/2018

Big scam

Ruthless, avoid at all cost, they only want your money.

Jane 09/14/2018

Pushy and lying

They keep forcing that you put in more money in the name of insurance. And when you refuse; the verbal abuse and emotional blackmail comes on. Do not allow you to withdraw. They tried to trick me into giving them my cvv and OTP so they could process my withdrawal. I refused. I haven't heard from them since and the withdrawal is not happening either. DO NOT AT ANY COST GET INVOLVED WITH THEM!!

Maureen 09/11/2018

MarkeTrading - Ripped Off

Had Invested for two weeks. No help in trading. Made a couple hundred $. I Tried to withdraw some money & was told I would have to make up the number of trades needed to withdraw. Biggest BLATANT SCAM going. Sell Trades on USD/JPY from 1245 07.09.18 44 Losing Trades by 1335 07.09.18. Then told to deposit another £1001.00. Now reported for their insane scam racket. No one would trade 44 consecutive losing trades in less than 1 Hour on the same pair. -10*. Robing
Ba_____eds. Keep well clear. TELL THEM TO ___K THEMSELVES.

Anthony Dakers 09/09/2018

Yesterday they asked me to put 5k in to get my money back

Brian Blackmoore then asked me to put 5k in to get my money back which I did not have. They say if I filled the documents in quicker there would not have been a problem but there was no warning of the consequences and they were well aware of my circumstances. It should not mean I had to go through what I did. He put a bonus on the account then took it away. He wanted me to delete the reviews I had put on here, or post one saying they were rubbish. I said I could leave a better one if they gave me my money back.

Robert May 08/28/2018


In addition to what I mentioned, they ask for more money to recover their mistakes. Manager was more pushy insisting I ring friends to get money. Totally despicable very dangerous and dishonest. Ask for you go prove you have no more money, they want access to everything. Any money you own they think is theirs. I can't unrecommend these people enough, they will ruin you. They waste time. They want me to put 5000 more in to recover lost money. They took everything for one stupid trade that I did not ask for and said it was to refund my money instead it lost me everything

Robert May 08/25/2018

Emotional blackmail

They also accuse you of having 'your monologue' if you protest or complain. They get to know you then take advantage of every situation. They won't let you withdraw money. You have to fill in their documents and if you don't do it quickly enough they penalise you. They waste your time and steal your money.

Robert May 08/25/2018

MarkeTrading Criminals

Cold calling, lied about would get all my money back, did an activity to give me my money back which was a high volume trade, not one I had asked for. I was told to leave it alone. Lost all the money I had, 18000 dollars. Pushy sales technique. Very dangerous, do not get involved.

Robert May 08/22/2018
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