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Market GBP Review - is it scam or safe?

Market GBP Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 8 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Market GBP
Market GBP is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions

Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Micro $500 1:400 Fixed, from 2 pips
Standard $1,000 1:400 Fixed, from 2 pips
Silver $2,500 1:400 Fixed 1 pip, floating 0.5
Gold $10,000 Upon request Fixed 0.7 pip, floating 0.5
VIP $25,000 Upon request Fixed 0.4 pip, floating 0.3

Market GBP is an unregulated forex and CFD broker. The company is targeting rather wealthy individuals, with the deposit requirements for the different account types. With that in mind, their offer has a lot of issues, which an experienced trader will notice straight away.

Market GBP Advantages

MetaTrader 4 supported
The trading platform offered by Market GBP is solid. MetaTrader has been around for years and is the favorite of many traders. This is due to the supreme charting, speed of execution and low requirements on the hardware. The most unique feature is the MQL marketplace – an online store where you can buy (or get for free) new technical indicators and automated trading robots. MT4 is available as a standalone desktop application, a mobile app and een a web-based interface.

That being said, we weren’t able to register an account at Market GBP, so we can’t show their iteration. Instead, we can provide the way they have implemented it on the website.

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Negative balance protection

This means, that in the case of losing more money than you have deposited, due to force majeure market conditions, Market GBP will not go after you for the additional funds. While this is a positive feature, it is also indicative this broker may be a Market Maker.

Skrill payments accepted

One can make a deposit to Market GBP by Bank Transfer, Credit Card and Skrill. The support of a popular e-wallet will be appreciated.

Up to 1:400 leverage
The maximum leverage ratio provided by this broker will satisfy even the most aggressive traders. That being the case, we would advise caution whenever you trade on margin. Be sure to understand the value of a pip and how much you are willing to risk per trade.

Market GBP Disadvantages

No info on the company, no regulation
Market GBP does not tell potential clients much about the company. We are not even certain where they are registered. While a UK phone number is provided in the contacts section, there are no signs of affiliation with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is very big concern.

Does not accept all countries
As we mentioned in the previous section we couldn’t open an account with Market GBP. This stands true for both demo and real accounts. We thought this may be due to selecting a country which isn’t supported, but the company apparently has an IP detection system.

Tight spreads only for big traders
Spreads at Market GBP are very different for the different types of clients. While the fixed 2 pip offer isn’t impressive by any means, the floating levels provided for those who make bigger deposits are amazing. Keep in mind, these are only claims made by the broker and not actually tested rates. For a comparison of some of the best spreads in the industry, check out our real-time platform.

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High deposit levels
Even the lowest minimum deposit requirement at Market GBP (for the micro account type) is set at $500. This may not seem like a huge amount to some of you, but this is definitely not the case for everybody.


Market GBP is an unregulated forex broker. Their presentation does little to reassure traders of any company reputation. On paper the trading conditions look very nice, but the deposit requirements are quite high. Additionally some countries are not supported.

Still, the biggest concern with this broker is the lack of regulation. This means they may actually be a scam. Most countries have dedicated agencies, which monitor companies in the financial services sector. In the UK this is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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All of the brokers, who are registered with it must follow strict rules. One of them is the segregation of client funds. This means the company, can’t take your deposit and only offer a simulated trading environment. Additionally they must be a part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This mechanism guarantees traders’ accounts against their broker going bankrupt. Coverage is limited to £50,000.

Here are the strong and weak sides of this brokers:

Pros Cons
MetaTrader 4 supported No info on the company, no regulation
Negative balance protection Does not accept all countries
Skrill payments accepted Tight spreads only for big traders
Up to 1:400 leverage High deposit levels


Latest news about Market GBP
No news about Market GBP. Check back later.
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The worst! I jave mi money locked, no way to contact.
Sono entrato con un buon consulente, dopo sei mesi cambiato con una consulente che forniva indicazioni senza criterio, per fortuna io non eseguivo le operazioni senza senso, poi finiti i contatti.
Ne dal tutor ne scrivendo a info, non ricevo più risposte, non riesco a prelevare.

Conclusione Non riesco a prelevare i soldi ne contattarli

Stefano 01/01/2020

lost my investment at marketgbp

Could some an expertise help me recover my money from marketgbp. I invested Road. 00 with them on 2017 December.initial agreement was after a year I will yield some profit and I could withdraw any amount I wish to because I could had accrued enough
but for my surprise u had tried many time to withdraw.but in vain .answers u got was u must wait for approval could any help please .I am desperate as I am on early retirement since 2015 presently I am unemployed

Edward mosimanegape Tamako 11/26/2019


impossibilitato a prelevare, ero riuscito a quintuplicre il mio investimento, hanno tentato di beffarmi chiedendomi un'ulteriore versamento per poter sbloccare il withdrawal, al mio rifiuto di fornire i dati della carta hanno smesso di chiamare. molto maleducati e in malafede

Translated by Google:

unable to withdraw, I was able to quintuple my investment, they tried to scoff at me asking for a further payment in order to release the withdrawal, when I refused to provide the card details they stopped calling. very rude and in bad faith

matt 05/18/2019

Market GBP truffatori

aperto un conto con market gbp, impossibilitato di prelevere. provato a chiamarli : numero inesistente ; provato scrivergli: nessuna risposta.

Translated by Google:

opened an account with market gbp, unable to withdraw. tried to call them: non-existent number; tried to write him: no answer.

Antonio 01/07/2019

Market GBP isn't safe

the GBP market it isn't save for our money, 'cause the brokers aren't really

They convince you by telling that you will double your money by this site and they ask you to deposit some money and start trading.

when your money it is at risk they don't care of it.

There isn't any warranty of our money back and if suddenly your operations stops and you can't see any of them that means that you have lost all your many that you have deposit, and if the profit line finished negative you have to give them more money, and all he operation that you ordered goes negative.

When you ask to get your money back, they don't give it to you and they say that you can't because of the running operation.

So i will recommended to you to don't trust this site and to think twice before doing these things (trading) at any other site.

lakhwinder 11/08/2018

be careful

be careful the promise you everything and seems to be not a scam but in the end did not get my money back like it should be

peter winkler 09/25/2018

Scammer extraordinaire

Fast talking but convincing representatives who made deposit process easy. Gains appeared successful until i wished to make withdrawal - receieved auto reply that this would be processed and notified once completed. No further contact and funds have not been deposited as assured.Do not deal with Market GPB

Graham Caldwell 08/06/2018


Not so much my opinion as fact..they haven't returned my money.
Enticed me with all sorts of claims to help open an overseas bank account and trade on all platforms once i put in a $200 deposit. Try get that money back or get any of the things they claim.
Stay away !!

Nick 07/21/2018

attenzione truffa attention scam

and a broker site dives which switchboard number and 0694800701 chieetemi and I'll tell you all are scammers

roberto 05/29/2018
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